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Anything Goes / Re: Horse riding again
« Last post by Equestriana on Today at 01:01:22 AM »
Sounds like you are having a great time getting back into it!

I went 2 times in the past couple of weeks, first time in about 6 years. The instructors were really great and so willing to work with my difficult schedule (I work out of town alot). They've decided to put me on a different horse every lesson so that I can just call and ride if one of those horses are available. They have quite a large lesson string, all the horses have beautiful turnouts, lots of space, all looked quite healthy and happy.

I worked on my W/T/C, positioning, 2-point, etc. I want to start jumping and cross country again. Loved it! I've got 2 more lessons booked and can't wait :)
Anything Goes / Re: Horse riding again
« Last post by Hilda with Clicker on Yesterday at 04:53:01 PM »
As for my bad experience - there were a few, including falling off a horse and breaking a collarbone, dealing with a horse that was trying to kill everyone around her (but she was lovely when ridden...), seeing horses abused by others (e.g. lungeing in the midday summer heat until the horse almost fainted, or making a horse canter in circles for so long that he was unable to get up the next morning), and I also tried to volunteer for some organizations which seemed to have a hoarding problem... buying lots and lots of horses (saving them all from slaughter) but then being unable to care for them properly... and blaming everyone else for not offering enough help.
Also stables where horses had very little or no turnout... (while being given high energy food if it was a "sport stable"), bad hooves, old/dirty/broken/harsh equipment... riding very young or very old horses... usually because of too much or not enough money ;) and misinformation :P

I've been also strongly into natural horsemanship for a while, which was keeping me from riding and more into groundwork. But after that I had no contact with horses at all. Now I'm back because I found these nice stables, but I still think that most horses don't get enough groundwork, and many people don't know how to do it, or they try to rush it. Even Dolgano - this horse that I was riding recently - could benefit from some groundwork as he doesn't like having his girth fastened. It's not a big issue but a few sessions could make him really relaxed about it.
How'd You Do? / Re: 5/20
« Last post by Wolfhound on Yesterday at 02:58:09 PM »

Ch. Wild Night (4yo, Nightfight) in an Allowance

Drumroll (3yo, Drum Major) in an Allowance

Plentyn Cael (3yo, Changeling) in a NW1 Allowance

Painted Devil (2yo, Painted Raven) in a NW1 Allowance

Watercolour Dreams (3yo, Doodles) in the Sir Barton Stakes (Ungr.)

Also Rans:
Starthorne (3yo, Sea the Stars) 9th in a NW1 Allowance
Queen's Flight (2yo, Major's Flight) 6th in a NW3 Allowance
Tranquil Star (3yo, Highland Magic) 7th in an Allowance
Anything Goes / Re: Horse riding again
« Last post by ivycreekfarm on Yesterday at 01:10:17 PM »
What a lovely horse!  It sounds like you had a great experience.
When I used to take dressage lessons, I always had to fight the ponies to TRY to get them to hug the walls instead of cutting corners.  It's funny what personality can do!
Your comments have me curious as to what your bad experience was.  I can definitely see how that could ruin things.

I'm excited because I am supposed to go on an all day ride (haven't done that in YEARS) on Saturday as part of my belated bachlorette/hen party (since we only had a little over 2 months to plan and a party just never lined up with everyone's schedules).  Thankfully, it will be on horses I've ridden before as it is up at my friend's new home (same place/horses as the photo I shared).
Anything Goes / Re: I got MARRIED!
« Last post by ivycreekfarm on Yesterday at 01:02:02 PM »
Thank you to you both.  I definitely feel blessed that the day turned out so perfectly.
Anything Goes / Re: Horse riding again
« Last post by Hilda with Clicker on Yesterday at 11:29:02 AM »
So I had my "May ride" about a week ago ;) and it was at the same place again, because I had some friends to visit in that area. And I got the same horse, so it was walk/trot again, and some cavaletti. He was very laid back as usual, which I enjoyed, but eventually I agreed to take a whip because he was leaning to the walls of the arena - so that my stirrup was touching the wall quite often. It was probably because the ground was levelled a few days before so he thought that he's supposed to go like that - the whip helped and it also made him more alive ;)
Here you can see a video of him when he was still a showjumper, under his owner:
I think his laid back attitude was already showing three years ago :D and she is around my height so he is really "a little" taller than I wanted... but of course personality matters!
I do like this horse but next time I'll probably try one of the two stables that are closer to my home.

There were two other women riding with me, who also "came back after a long break"... and all of us had some scary stories to share, including the instructor... incredible how this stuff is building up over the years. Note to self: *do not ride crazy ponies at wrong places owned by people who don't care*... haha... which is why I quit riding for five years, and I'm back to it only because I found some good places now.
Anything Goes / Re: I got MARRIED!
« Last post by Hilda with Clicker on Yesterday at 10:42:44 AM »
Beautiful, and good to see you! Congratulations  ^-^
Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 5/20
« Last post by kierangallagher on Yesterday at 12:05:10 AM »
Win - $250 x 8 = $2000
Place - $100 x 5 = $500
Show - $50 x 8 = $400
Quinella - $500 x 4 = $2,000
Trifecta - $1,000 x 4 = $4,000

Total = $8,900
How'd You Do? / Re: 5/20
« Last post by joe0605 on May 20, 2017, 05:59:48 PM »

16(4)-1-3(1)-3-1(1) $232,350

Educated Fool (4yo, Foolhardy) in an Allowance

Fierce East (3yo, Lucky Streak) in a NW1 Allowance
.38 Special (4yo, Gunningdownromance) in a NW3 Allowance
Ch. Calloway (5yo, All Jazzed Up) in the Prince of Wales Stakes (Gr. 1)

Dream Machine (4yo, Black Warrior) in a NW3 Allowance
Miracle Son (3yo, Frankel) in a maiden
Last Demand (5yo, Dark Demand) in a claiming race

Dark Debate (3yo, Dark Demand) in the Preakness Stakes (Gr. 1)

Europa (4yo, Tryst of Fate) in a maiden
Drinking Game (5yo, Void) in an Allowance
Ch. Stormy Price (4yo, Rock of Gibraltar) in the Ascot Gold Cup (Gr. 1)

Also Rans:
Fabled Lands (4yo, Giant's Causeway) 6th in a NW3 Allowance
Rosalind (4yo, Galaxy's Zodiac) 7th in a maiden
Neon Avenue (5yo, Chivalry) 7th in an Allowance
Ch. Hidden Stagehand (7yo, Stagehand) 6th in an Allowance
Wayfaring Power (3yo, Mantle of Power) 6th in the St. James' Palace Stakes (Gr. 1)
How'd You Do? / Re: 5/20
« Last post by imagine on May 20, 2017, 02:51:43 PM »
Significantly better than recent race days!

Poised Iris (3yo, Strider) in a NW1 Allowance. Recently claimed from FF.
Hopestein (2yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW3 Allowance, breaking her maiden at the first attempt.

Total Diva (3yo, Giant's Causeway) in a NW3 Allowance
Comes The Night (5yo, Nightfight) in a NW3 Allowance

To Dare Is To Do (2yo, Tottenham Hotspur) in a NW1 Allowance
Ambition (3yo, High Chances) in an Allowance

Darkness Falls (3yo, Candidate) in an Allowance
The Eye in the Sky (4yo, What's Your Point) in a maiden

Also Rans:
Jaded Silk (3yo, Lasting Spirit) 6th in a NW3 Allowance
On A Jet Plane (3yo, Gotta Go) 6th in a maiden
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