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Anything Goes / Re: Dubai World Cup 2018 (Mar. 31)
« Last post by willagrey on 1 hour ago »
Ahahaha yeeeah we sent Llwnog back to the states, there is an allowance he might like better. Oh well, wasted shipping fee but we tried! Still going to see how Sunad does as the UAE Derby is less terrifying.
Horses For Sale / Darkwood Stable Auction
« Last post by Wolfhound on 2 hours ago »
I don't have enough time for all my horses so I have decided to bite the bullet and have a sale. Many of my horses only get raced 2 or 3 times a year so I don't get to figure out what conditions/equipment etc. they like. The majority of the sale horses are young enough that they could make decent racers given the right handling and some of the mares may make broodmare prospects. This is my first pass through my stable. I have some not raced this year that I want to try out because I like their breeding. They may also go into the sales anyway. I sort of want to reset my stable and have the time to campaign them more thoughtfully instead of tossing them into the next available race and being disappointed if they fail. Any that don't sell will be retired and there are no reserves.
 Sale starts 16 April.
Comments and Suggestions / Re: Fun Features to Add?
« Last post by Shelbie on 4 hours ago »
Love the idea of moving retirements/deaths to Stable Alerts. I know I've missed stillborn alerts before since these are nearer the bottom of the page.
Comments and Suggestions / Re: Fun Features to Add?
« Last post by Starfish on 4 hours ago »
I find it more reliable to go to my Training Summary page and sort by Injury. That shows all your horses in order of the most recent injury, with anything that happened within the past 30 days in red. I find that to be a quick and easy way to check for any missed Injuries.

As far as the emails are concerned, like Shelbie, I don't want to get daily emails for all my horses workouts for the day. What might be more useful is if we could get emails (or PM's if that was any easier to code) for any Stable Alerts and/or Retirements/Deaths. I looked at my Stable Info page about 3 or 4 times this morning before noticing that one of my retired Broodmares had died. And, as for the number of times I have checked my Training Summary page and seen that one horse or another had had an injury within the past few days and I had either missed seeing the Stable Alert for it or I had seen it on my phone while I was out on the road but, by the time I was at a place where I could do anything, I had forgotten about it, and, the next time I looked, the Alert was no longer there.

Another suggestion, depending on how easy it would be to code - Move the Retirements/Deaths section either into (or right below) the Stable Alerts section.
Comments and Suggestions / Re: Fun Features to Add?
« Last post by Shanthi on 5 hours ago »
An optional e-mail would certainly be doable.

(Like everything else, though, I'll add...not sure when. ;) I don't think this would take too long, so I'll try and get it in soon. I know I've said that before, though....)
Foaling Barn / Re: Sakura Springs 2022 Foals
« Last post by Shanthi on 5 hours ago »
Lovely name.
General/Questions / Re: 2022 Racing Challenge
« Last post by Shanthi on 5 hours ago »
No problem. :)
Foaling Barn / Re: Sakura Springs 2022 Foals
« Last post by faedar on 5 hours ago »
Aaaannnnndddd...another little girl! I'm beginning to wonder what's in the water this year. Lol. XD

NCh. Player (S) x Wish For Ribbons - WCh. As You Wish
10.1h bay filly
This is gonna be a big girl, it looks like, since both of her parents are at or over 17hh. Wistful is her mama's first foal, so no telling how she'll do. Wish For Ribbons never hit the board in stakes races, but she was a fairly consistent runner and did set one speed record, so it'll be interesting to see how her progeny perform.

4 Fillies | 1 Stillborn
Anything Goes / Re: Dubai World Cup 2018 (Mar. 31)
« Last post by Shelbie on 6 hours ago »
This year's DWC races are insane. Where have you people been hiding these horses?! I treated Dubai as a layover and sent 2 on to England; they'd be battered around so hard, haha. Last year's fields were definitely softer.

I'm strangely proud to see so many amazing horses assembled for one day but I'm simultaneously terrified, haha.
Comments and Suggestions / Re: Fun Features to Add?
« Last post by Shelbie on 6 hours ago »
You can already see a day's workouts using the "Stable Workouts" page, if you ask it to display only one date and choose "All Horses." How would an email be different?

9 years of playing and I had no idea this was a thing.

Andy - You can always just back track and check those days. And if a horse is injured their training schedule is removed so they don't risk working while injured. That's usually how I find out if I didn't catch it on the main page (or their name simply being red on the actual workouts page).

If an email option is added, I would prefer it to be that: an option. Nearly-daily emails for 50+ horses worked would drive me batty. I just check periodically, see how their comments have been, update race setting if anything new has come up (ex: running on the lead), when was there last race, and enter or keep working from there. Or send home if the jockey keeps having his pants ripped off. ;)
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