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Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 10/6
« on: October 05, 2010, 02:36:38 pm »
1. Rockinstomper-Glen Gable-Constant Velocity
2. Puzzle Whiz-Juan To Dance-Marble Man
3. Apples To Apples-Tudor Trick-Crooked Crown
4. Chase The Lady-Monoco Magic-General Washington
5. Fairy Glitter-Crawl Space-Fit For Fame
6. Cross Treaty-Aly Bimbo-Sonic Dancer
7. Code Red-Mob Rules-Bold And Brave
8. Crafty Hour-Ryan's Rose-Cusing To The Line
9. Boo Who-Unique Effort-Mark Of A Pirate
10. Unbridled Gold-Laird's Diamond-Crystal Cat
11. Kill The Countess-Bold Gamble-Highlander
12. Mystical River-Seattle Agent-San Quentin
13. Cruella Deville-Puttin On The Ritz-OutlawsPaintedLady
14. Lonesome Man-Scrambled Egg-Diplomacy
15. Tundra-Amnesia-No I Can't
16. High Above Me-Vogue-Subject To lEARN
17. Stag Night-Lady Ironsides-Hot Brown
18. Rock Star-Forset Tiger-Dynamyte
19. Cholocate Factory-Taykarisk-Those Old Stories
20. Nicci-Comedienne-American Record
21. Icy Dice-Imaginemebackwards-Ghostship
22. Spartan Queen-Dark Side Of The Moon-Street Fighter
23. Buy An Angel-Tiger On A Sunday-Iblis
24. Purely Platonic-Exclusive Mint-Dancing Chevron
25. Miss Gingerbred-Let's Boogie Benji-Summer Morning
26. Peep Show-Cinderella Story-Barlagarney
27. Cougar-Swamper-Silecio
28. Matador-Invisible-Ulra Hoopeful
29. Courageous-Almost Famous-Solar Wind
30. Did I Say Sheriff-Artefact-Young Love
31. Shannon's Daring-Masada-Stratocaster
32. Petrified Carrot-Lonesome King-Reckless Moment
33. Unbridled Frolic-Fleet Natalie-A certain Romance
34. Tropicana-Twelve Thirty Two-Atramental Pearl
35. Tea Cup-Rodeo Drive-Martok
36. Sweet Illusions-Hidden From View-Pandora's Box
37. Heartless Junction-God Of Wine-The Dude Abides
38. Seeking Sadler-Emberella-Candide
39. Lethal Evil-Starcast-Flight Line
40. Fade To Black-Splashafrass-Zoolander
41. Speed Of Sound-Palace Sorcerer-Heaveny Debate
42. Number Eighteen-Kharma Cameleon-Song And Dance Man
43. Seventh Vale-That's One-Vociferous
44. Bound To Be Sweet-Lovethatglitter-Time Call
45. Classic Point-Baraccus-Sunday Halo
46. Shy Scorpion-Elaan-Levitation
47. Zen Of Rum-Demand The Best-Signs in The Sand
48. Red Smoke-Encore Performance-Contemptable Dream
49. Ultraviolet-Genoa-Bold Silhouette
50. The Fire Rose-Studious-Sugar Rogue 

How'd You Do? / 9/29
« on: September 30, 2010, 07:39:17 pm »
Scarlet Secret was our only runner to finish outside the money finishing a close 6th in an allowance race over 6.5f on the turf. We'll now look for a dirt race for him over a similar distance.

2yo Crowd Teaser finished 5th in a dirt maiden and still hasn't quite got the hang of the racing game. Older half-sister Just Like Ice finished 2nd in a 10f starter allowance which was quite pleasing as she seemed out of form of late. Hopefully a step up in class now if she stays fit and well.

We managed a 1-2 in an NW2 SC courtesy of Lachlan Steven and Mollycoddle with the gelding just getting the upper hand and his first career win.

Full Moon Rising finished a good third on his first attempt at stakes level in an ungraded race for 2yo. He'll now have a rest break as he's been on the go for a while.

All in all quite a good day for us.

How'd You Do? / 9/22
« on: September 23, 2010, 06:37:37 am »
Good day today

Highland Hero was his usual consistent self finishing 2nd in his SC allowance over 7f. Really seems to like the distance so more of the same for him.

Mayhem casued a bit of an upset by winning a stakes race. She's been tailed off in her last few races so I'm not sure if it was the drop in distance or the change of surface but we're very pleased to see her get a stakes win and achieve champion status  :D

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 9/22
« on: September 21, 2010, 07:49:35 pm »
I've made selections for race day but as a fair few of the races only have one or two entries I thought I'd post them up anyway and if Shanthi feels it best not to include the 22nd in the monthly handicapping total then that's fine with me. I'll probably still get them in the wrong order when there's only two or three runners  ;D

1.Judging Dreams
2. Weyoun-Wrath Of Vulcan
3. Shigatsu Ame-Silkie
4. Madam President-Nefertari-Devil's Angel
5. Painted Sunset
6. Zauberei
7. Dance Of Joy
8. Abdication-Freedom Message
9. Kemenwati-First Prospect
10. Claudia-Lonesome King
11. Thumbelina
12. Grandview-Final Foxx-Edge Of Night
13. Prince's Lady-Star Of Hearts
14. Punctual-Miss Victory-Trobadour
15. Indy Gold-Spyder-Reminiscent
16. My Laird
17. Hopeful Vern
18. Solid Investment-Nightfall-Hot Brown
19. Tiger On A Sunday-Close Connection-Day Of Wonder
20. Hollywood Starlet-Anywhere But Here-Amada
21. All Or Nothing-All Smooth Sailing-Down With Barriers
22. Townsend Wings-A.P.Exam-Worth The Shot
23.Blood Lance-A Little Bit Extra-No Crying Allowed
24. Final Battle-Flag Me Down-Iron Man
25. Video Starlet-Worth A Peek-Bye Sweetie
26. Highland Priestess-Affidavit-Itsakiss
27. Ruby Rocket-Puffing Billy-Preemptive Strike
28. Soultsone-Mary Hill-Keep The Beat
29. Sunset Hills-Cincinnati Chili-Westpoint
30. Seahorse-All Ablaze-Amber City
31. Cougar-Idiot Proof-Peachy Keen
32. Song And Dance Man
33. Canterbury Flames-Rhylo
34. Pure Zen-Custom Example-Always worthy
35. Black Melody-Malurian-Silent Witness
36. Cruella Deville-Yellow Brick Road-Hayley's Comet
37. Northern Coalminer-This Devil Can Run-Ben Nevis
38. Dazzled-Worth A Mint-Lamb
39. Government Cat-Signature Forged-The Chronicle
40. Parallel Universe-Fleeting Light
41. Caughtredhanded-Tangled Up In Blue
42. Taste Of Love-Lucky Danzig-Glasgow
43. Twinkle Toes-Classical Secret-Highland Hero
44. Frappuccino-Ring Of Reason-Vogue
45. Moon Laird-Soft To Touch-Fleet Launch
46. Blue Smoke-Bold Love-Carrowmore
47. Find The Meadow-Ring of Brodgar-Shizzle Fit
48. Worth A Diamond-I'm No Fool-Wallace
49. At Twighlight-High Above Thee-Art Of Deceit
50. Andover Scholar-The Devil's Drink-Temptation Calls

How'd You Do? / 9/18
« on: September 20, 2010, 05:33:57 pm »
Looks like there might be a few races still to run but the ones involving our stable's horses have gone ahead so here's how we did.

Sent out five starting with Lachlan Steven who finished 3rd in his NW1 SC after taking the field along for most of the race. He dropped back in trip after his last start after again leading the field then fading away in the closing stages. Not sure if he needs a shorter trip or whether he's too lit up by all the equipment he's got on. Think we'll try a shorter trip before taking anything off though as he's certainly showing more enthusiasm with the extra gear.

Next out was Dodge the Draft (leased from Cricket Hill) who finished a respectable second in her allowance with a 171 SF.  Now looking for a similar race for her next start.

Having purchased both Levitation and Scarlet Secret in the Select Auction we were hopeful of a good showing from both but they could only manage 8th and 10th respectively behind stable companion Sailor Hat who joined us from a private auction for the grand sum of $1000 - typical  ::) Sailor's now made it two wins from two starts since he joined us and seems pretty verstaile having won on dirt and turf this season at 6.5f, 9f and 16f. Hopefully better luck for the other boys next time.

How'd You Do? / 9/15
« on: September 16, 2010, 06:37:52 am »
Only one performace to note today with Mollycoddle breaking her maiden at the 26th attempt and earning a nice 191 speed figure in the process  :D Very pleased with her today as we were hoping for a win to justify sending her to the paddocks and the slight tweaking of equipment sems to have helped. Hopefully onwards and upwards now.

How'd You Do? / 21/8
« on: August 21, 2010, 04:17:58 pm »
Sent out six and five finished in the money.

Most notable performances came from the 2yos with Dawn Chorus gaining her first win. She's had 11 starts now and will be rested for a while.

Dragon's Legend is also still a maiden but finished a good 2nd today and earned his best ever speed figure so seems to be gradually improving.

General/Questions / Anyone near Saratoga?
« on: August 19, 2010, 02:26:27 pm »
Could anyone offer a resting place for a 3yo filly. Energy langushing on F so she could do with a break. Can return the favour in England at any time if needed.


How'd You Do? / 7/31
« on: July 31, 2010, 04:43:03 pm »
Reasonable day today.

Highland Hero won his SC allowance over 7f.

Dawn Chorus picked up another second in a 2yo maiden.

Sailor Hat finished 4th in his allowance.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 07/21
« on: July 20, 2010, 01:25:04 pm »
Today's Picks

1. Heartbeam-Ethereal Light-Queen Of Stars
2. Lethal Evil-Claim A Miracle-Idiot Proof
3. Sun Spot-Tap Boots-Golden Gryphon
4. Druid-Farsideofthemoon-Sure Bet
5. Big Man In Town-Del Mar Menace-Highway Blues
6. Saphira's Legacy-Thumbelina-Blinding Romance
7. Spring Zeal-Tuff Lula-Classic Sin
8. Light Of Ceres-Broken Smile-Corporate Card
9. Bold Bandit-Winterhart-Midnight Bandit
10. Fatal Fallacy-Danzig's Ticket-Lost Oaks
11. Azure Quest-Sugar Babe-Suddenly
12. Loaded Dice-Townsend Wings-Mythological
13. Winning Secret-Evensong-National Image
14. Darby Doll-Niall Mor-Folk Music
15. Exultation-Snow Melt-Blue Rose
16. Nonsensical-Silver Magic-Dance To The Music
17. Show Stopper-Speculating-Crocodile Tears
18. Snowfire-Magic Fantasy-Crazy Like A Fox
19. Lady Detective-Studious-Flight Of Fancy
20. Double Time-Inuyasha-Stream Of Stars
21. Traviko-Queen's Rogue-Bright Jewel
22. Heroic Acts-Pleasant Novelty-Catalyst
23. High Above Me-Backyard Brawl-Out Of That
24. Blackster-Orkenstorm-Lonely Road
25. A.P.Speedway-Amazing Grey-Waystation
26. Mango Cake-London Bridge-Party Angel
27. Dark Lairs-Highland Dreams-Global Trade
28. Painted Sunset-Gonna Get Even-Silver Knight
29. Dark Cat-Jumping Hat-Ice Chariot
30. Witch Hunt-Swan Song-Honey Spun
31. House Of Lords-Spring Enigma-After Market
32. Paradise Found-Nefertari-Tactical Vixen
33. Dark or Black-Stolen Time-Billionaire
34. Atabella-Swap Meet-Outer Bounds
35. Smoke And Mirrors-Kangaroot-Wimbledon
36. Got Moxie-Call Me Bond-Wise Lady
37. Famtastic Moment-Anaffairtoremember-Whisper Rock
38. Dagnabit-High On Romance-Dragon's Legend
39. Puffing Billy-Classy Treasure-Selective Memory
40. Risk Unknown-Enchanted Godess-Rain Delay
41. Devil May Dream-Flames Of Desire-Leap Of Faith
42. Easy Orders-Kiss This-Onix Moon
43. Fearthainn-Uluru-Gaeldom Lord
44. Native Justice-Collinsville Town-Delaware Bound
45. British Pounds-Splashed With Flair-Crime On The Run
46. Daystrom-Danzig's Gold-Guarenteed Win
47. Magic's First Hope-Urban Posy-Hollywood Mogul
48. Latino Mix-Sputnik-Mystery Star
49. Eighteen Carat-Easy Decision-Almost Precious
50. Reveille-I'm No Fool-Intermezzo

Questions / Deceased Mare
« on: July 19, 2010, 07:50:28 pm »
I noticed one of the mares in the mixed auction passed away on the day before the auction started. In a way a good thing as nobody bid on her but what I'm curious about is having looked at the FAQs horses tend to die from age of 15 onwards. The mare in question (Preppy Indian) was born 2003 so she's only 11. Is there any reason specifically why she might have gone early so to speak? I know it's not particularly important but I'm a bit puzzled  ???

Foaling Barn / Generous Bloodstock 2014 foals
« on: July 05, 2010, 09:03:18 am »
Very excited to see our first ever foal arrive today! Technically bred by Final Furlong as mum was purchased in foal at the mixed auction last year but still glad to introduce

Smitten Kitten

Alley Cat x Burnitup

Dark grey colt standing at 9.1hh

Burnitup has had one foal to race so far, 3yo Traviko who's a winner and multiple placed. She has a booking approved for Spock but I'm not sure if she's going to make it as she decided to keep her legs crossed for longer than I'd hoped for  :(  if not she'll be rested ready for an earlier covering next year.

1 down, 2 to go

How'd You Do? / 6/23
« on: June 24, 2010, 05:46:02 am »
Wow, what a day! Sent out  three and the ponies didn't let us down.

Consistent 2yo Cat's Joy finished a respectable third and picked up another little paycheck. He's yet to win but tries hard, hopefully it won't be long.

Mayhem returned from a little break to take 1st in her NW3 allowance. She's certainly been a great starter horse.

The decision to run Just Like Ice in the G1 Nassau Stakes paid off as she took the hounours becoming our first champion and first stakes winner  ;D Not bad for a $5000 claim earlier in the year.

How'd You Do? / 6/19
« on: June 19, 2010, 04:31:36 pm »
Well, all in all not a bad day. Sent out six and they all came back with paychecks.

Coldenoughforsnow couldn't follow up her win last time out and finished 5th in allowance company. She might have one or two more starts in lesser company before going back to the farm

Ran two fillies in an NW1 SC Mollycoddle and Ice Tiger and they finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Mollycoddle's just come back from a 3 month break so is entitled to be a bit rusty and Ice Tiger was having her first try over obstacles after an up and down season so quite happy with both their performances today.

We then had three of our purchases from the 2yo auction make their debuts with Dragons Legend finishing 4th in an NW2, User Friendly taking 2nd in a fillies maiden and Lethal Evil winning his maiden first time out. Fingers crossed they can all go forward from here.

How'd You Do? / 6/5
« on: June 05, 2010, 04:21:20 pm »
Four out today, two finished in the money.

Cat's Joy finished 4th in his maiden on dirt. Time to try some equipment.

Coldenoughforsnow bounced back from a poor showing in Ireland to break her maiden at her first attempt on dirt so quite pleased with that.

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