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Title: Broodmare Sires
Post by: KindleHopeFarms on May 31, 2004, 09:48:10 pm
 Just a question to pose to

everybody... I'm in a pedigree analyzing mood...
I know there aren't *that* many overall

generations of horses in FF yet... perhaps three at best... but... out of curiousity.... How

do you feel broodmare sires affect our horses?
I'll say that I think I've noticed some

significant individuals... Secretariat copies over from the real world as a fabulous

broodmare sire; my 2 y/o colt Best Kept Secret is really solid.. He's out of a Secretariat

mare... (got a pretty nice sales ring pedigree there RMF!..;)....
Has anyone else noticed

any others?  I'd say Rogue too... but he's a given... and a super-horse besides...;)...

I'm anxious to see how my Hollywood mares do...
Does anybody have any favorites?

wait to see the responses!
Title: Broodmare Sires
Post by: hollyh1125 on June 01, 2004, 12:32:45 am
 I have deff. noticed a trend

with Secretariat broodys...I mean I know that Secret Summer has had some nice babies.  

That's the main reason I decided to lease Summer Lovin'...I'm hopeing that the grand sires

have a good effect too.   I'm thinking that any pedegree with a proven sire has a chance of

passing that dominant gene along.  I think it's just the luck of the draw to see if they

have it or not.  For example...Miss Hayday....I know she's a broodmare, not a sire, but my

concept is that she is a spectacular broodmare.  She passes her gene on to all her babies but

it doesn't seem to be dominant in that her babies aren't able to produce great, great least not yet.  Her gene seems to stop at her offspring and not go on from

there...I see an switched effect happening with the Secretariat lines.
Title: Broodmare Sires
Post by: Andrea on June 01, 2004, 01:07:19 am
 And once Shanthi gets

breeding done, this'll all actually exist instead of just being freaky, unplanned AI ;)  Of

course, generally when we tell it to do stuff cool like have broodmare sires, it stops :-/  

Ah well :)