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Title: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: Shadowfax on May 30, 2011, 08:37:25 pm
This was an idea I saw somewhere.

Which crosses/ major bloodlines have we each got in our herds?
(Any horse in bold is a key sire, up to five generations back)

I own:
Almost Home x Northern Sister (Seattle Slew)
No Duplicate x Captain's Girl
Affirmed x Fairly Even
Spectacular Bid x Trailerpark Girl
I'm A Classic x Gallant Time (Gallant Fox)
Gallant Fox x Ch. Ruby Slippers
Simply Heroic (Alydar) x Happy Hour
War Chant (Danzig) x World War III (War Admiral)
WCh. Strider (Highland Rouge) x Unbridled Passion (Unbridled)

And 7 creates

Thinking on what Cat says: Have I got any good mare lines in this stock?
Opinions please
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: CricketHill on May 31, 2011, 01:11:53 am
Just the highlights from me.  Mares that are gold-rated or above are in red.

FFCh. High Chances: Highland Laird (Highland Rogue) x Second Chance (G)
ICh. Dark Continent: Land Ho x Dark Victory (G)
ICh. Long Live the King: Bold Ruler x Infinity (S)
NCh. Demand the Best: Crystal Rainbow (Rainbow Quest) x GCh. Go For Glory (P) (Lonesome Glory)
NCh. Sacred Hill:Highland Wizard (What's It Worth x Highland Sorceress (G) by Highland Rogue) x Great Things (G)
NCh. Spinning Hill: A.P. Indy x Whirl It (S) (Whirlaway)
NCh. Unconditional: Cigar x My Lady Fair (S) (Highland Rogue)

GCh. Assault By Numbes: Assault x Candle Flame (S)
GCh. Daddys Pride: Highland Pride (Highland Rogue) x Dream Time (G)
GCh. Firmament: Affirmed x Sunset Beach (S) -->full sister to NCh. Brilliant Gold
GCh. Forgotten Road:Cross Roads x Fleeting Beauty (G)
GCh. Go For Glory (P): Lonesome Glory x Demand to Know (S) (Seattle Slew)
GCh. Hollywood Native: Alydar x Ch. Hollywood Silver (G) from the Hollywood Queen (G) female line
GCh. Lonesome Lover: Lonesome Glory x Ch. Hollywood's Lover (S) (Planet Hollywood x Heart's Blood (G))

Ch. 5 O'Clock Shadow: Cross Roads x Cocktails at Eight (S)
Ch. Continental: Class Act x American Chance (S)
Ch. Dodge the Draft: War Admiral x Sweet Escapes (S)
Ch. Fantasies O'War (S): Man O'War x Dixie Fantasy (S)
Ch. Final Tour (S): Captain Jack x Grand Finale (G)
Fleeting Beauty (G): Forget It x Sunset Beach (S)
Ch. Fleeting Lady: Highland Laird (Highland Rogue) x Fleeting Beauty (G) (Forget It)
Ch. Hannah Banana: Highland Laird (Highland Rogue) x Symbolic (S)
Ch. High Intellect: Sadler's Wells x  Race For Time (B)
Italy (P): Alveretto x Promise Land
Ch. Lone Star (G): Lonesome Glory x Stormy Subject (S)
Ch. Lonely at the Top: Lonesome Glory x Ch. Jungle Queen (G)
Ch. Lonely River: Irish River x Ch. Lone Star (G)
Ch. Notanotherhighland: Highland Wizard (What's It Worth x Highland Sorceress (G) by Highland Rogue) x Heart of Gold (S)
Ch. Out of Control: War Admiral x Playing With Fire (S)
Ch. Out of Tune: The Black x Faith Hill (G)
Ch. Saturnalia: Planet Hollywood x Fleeting Beauty (G)
Ch. Slay the House: Spectacular Bid x Slew the House (B) (Seattle Slew)
Ch. Somethininthewater: What's It Worth x Symbolic (S)
Ch. Soupy: I'm Your Angel (What's It Worth) x Cherry Flavored (G)
Ch. Tickled Pink: High Chances (Highland Laird/Highland Rogue) x Ch. Final Tour (S)
Ch. Toast of the Town: Takemetohollywood (What's It Worth x Hollywood Queen (G)) x GCh. Go For Glory (P)

Plus, 8 creates of note.

Looking at this list, I really do think the mare more than the stallion has a much larger impact on whether or not a horse is awesome.  Those who were Grand Champs or better generally had a strong female line, while stallions like Highland Laird/Highland Rouge and Worth had offspring both at the top and the bottom of the list.  Please note that I make no differentiation among those that have earned the same title.  What I should have done is sorted the list according to Stakes Wins/Places or earnings.  A project for another day.
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: hollyh1125 on May 31, 2011, 05:35:45 pm
I took the same approach as Cat.  The results are very interesting indeed. :)

WCh. As You Wish (B) (WCh. Secret Of Love(Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X NCh. Cross My Heart (G) Out of Heart's Blood(G) by Cross Roads)
WCh. Nightfight (B)(The Black X Times Ebony (S))
WCh. Smokin' (Cigar X Dynamite(B))
WCh. Highland Jet (Highland Rogue X Jet Set Go(S))

ICh. Devil His Due (GCh. Go For Dash X Ch. Devils Own (S) out of Devils Trademark(G))
ICh. Eternal Lady (GCh. Highland Laird (Highland Rogue) X Seek For Love(S))

NCh. Carrowmore (Ch. Irish River (Lymerick (G)) X Dark Miss by The Black out of Miss Hayday(G))
NCh. Gazelle (What's It Worth X Seeing Stars(G))
NCh. Cross My Heart(G)(Cross Roads X Heart's Blood(G))
NCh. Hollywood Mystery (B)(Planet Hollywood X Grey Willow(S))
NCh. Set The Sails (WCh. What's Debatable (What's It Worth/That's Debatable (G)  X Ch. Set Sail (S) (Land Ho/Queen Royal(B)))
NCh. Irish Gold (Ch. Irish River(Lymerick(G) X Golden Princess(S) (Pink Princess (S)))

GCh. Flyby (What's It Worth X  Fire Flyer(S))
GCh. Heiress (S) (War Amiral (Man O War)X Lady In Residence(G)(Resident Evil/Lady Temerence (S/RDC)))
GCh. Making Magic (NCh. Those Will Do X Dark Magic(G))
GCh. Bold Love (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X Bold n'Gold (Bold Ruler )
GCh. Devil In Disguise (NCh. Devil May Care ( Devils Trademark (G)) X Ch. Full Of Glory (Lonesome Glory))
GCh. Johnny Rio (WCh. Highland Bandit (Highland Rouge/Wine n'Roses (S/RDC)) X Morning Star (G) )
GCh. I'm A Golden Girl (NCh. I'm A Classic (Class Act) X Golden Flames (S))

Ch. AP. Undeniable (A.P. Indy (Seattle Slew) X Why Not (S))
Ch. Bold Lady (S) (Bold Ruler X Secret Summer(G) (Secretariat)
Ch. Ciggy (Danzig (Northern Dancer) X Ciganna (S) ( Cigar))
Ch. First Dance (Whirlaway X One Last Time(S))
Ch. Flower Of War (Man O War X Crimson Blossom(B))
Ch. Hard On The Heart (Easy Goer (Alydar) X Heartsong(G) )
Ch. Highland Lady (S) (Secretariat (Bold Ruler) x WCh. Highland Raven(G) ( Highland Rogue))
Ch. Hollywood Hopes (G)(Planet Hollywood X Eternal Hope(G))
Ch. Just My Style (S) (Red Sunset X Just My Luck(S))
Ch. Loveem'nrun (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X Trouble Ahead(G))
Ch. Opulent (Ch. Irish River(Lymerick(G)) X Golden Princess(S) (Pink Princess (S)))
Ch. Scarlet Skies (WCh. What's Debatable (What's It Worth/That's Debatable (G)) X NCh. Burning Ember(S))
Ch. Sparkle (Ch. Irish River (LymerickX Summer Lovin'(S) (Secret Summer(G)))
Ch. Summer Romance (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler)X Summer Lovin'(S) ( Secret Summer(G)))
Ch. Swarovski (What's It Worth X Crystal Princess(S) (Rainbow Quest/Pink Princess (S)))
Ch. Chasing Stardom ( Run For It X Shining Spotlight (S) (Rise And Shine (S/RDC))
Ch. Highland Battle (Man O War X GCh. Highland Black (Highland Rogue /NCh. American Black (G)
Ch. Lovely Lady (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X Dark Lady (S) (Lady Temperence (S/RDC))
Ch. Shy Guy (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X Fire Flyer (S))
Ch. Costanza (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X Believe Me (S))
Ch. Crowned In Dreams (Bold Ruler X Dreams Never End (S))
Ch. Fleet Risk (Count Fleet X Risky Venture (S))
Ch. Hollyworth (What's It Worth X NCh. Hollywood Mystery (B) (Planet Hollywood )
Ch. Irish Radience (Ch. Irish River (LymerickX Seeing Starz)
Ch. Keep The Beat (War Chant (Danzig) X Fleet Time (B) (What's It Worth /Fleeting Moment))
Ch. King Indy (WCh. King Indy  ( Bold Ruler) X Indy's Lady ( A.P. Indy ))
Ch. Nightfury (The Black X Ebony Fires (S) (Times Ebony (S))
Ch. Stellar Love (WCh. Secret Of Love (Secretariat/Bold Ruler) X Morning Star (G))
Ch. Winning Secret (Secretariat (Bold Ruler) X Winning Class (S))
Ch. Wizard Joe (NCh. Highland Wizard (Highland Rogue/Worth/Highland Sorceress (G) X Ch. I'm Yours Joe (S) (Second Chance (G) ))
Ch. Jettability (Ch. Irish River (Lymerick X Jettison (S) (Jet Set Go (S))
Ch. Lucky Danzig (Danzig (Northern Dancer) X Make Me Lucky (Cigar))
Ch. Rahy's Star (Rahy X Morning Star(G))
Ch. Video Starlett (Secretariat (Bold Ruler) X Social Butterfly (B) ( Seattle Slew))
Ch. Wizardly Lady Joe (NCh. Highland Wizard (Highland Rogue/Worth/Highland Sorceress (G) X Run Lady Run (B))

Also, 7 other created notables. 

This was teadious but rather interesting.  I had no idea I had so much Bold Ruler and Secretariat in my herd
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: Grace Littlef on May 31, 2011, 06:09:15 pm
I am curious as to mine now, I know I have a few back to hearts blood, and the black, now I'm going to have to see just who I
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: JasonCameron on May 31, 2011, 07:01:40 pm
Gosh I have WAY too many to go through them all!
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: CricketHill on May 31, 2011, 07:26:38 pm
Fine, Jason.  Only post your NCh. or better. ;-)
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: Grace Littlef on May 31, 2011, 08:35:38 pm
 I'm doing all mine except the completely created and I am surprised at how much Rogue blood I have in my herd!  :o
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: CricketHill on June 01, 2011, 02:23:12 am
I knew I had a lot of Lonesome Glory, Rogue and Cross Roads (not to mention Bold Ruler/Land Ho thanks to my boys); but I was surprised to find out how much Rainbow Quest and Planet Hollywood is in my herd too. I totally need to diversify.
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: Shirozora on June 06, 2011, 05:15:01 am
I have too many horses and not enough time to work out how many of each major sireline I have. I do have quite a few racehorses from the What's It Worth line, including a son of the sire himself, as well as a few by Mr. Prospector (and one by his son Mr. Townsend). I'm lacking in Rainbow Quest and Highland Rogue sirelines, though. Absolutely terrible, imo, especially since the What's It Worth son is retiring to stud next year.  I think it's easier to count major damlines (by which I mean high-ranked mares or dams of stallion sons/top-producing mares).

- 2 out of Whirling Diamond (Whirlaway x Diamond Corridor [grand dam of SpectacularDiamond])
- 2 out of Honor Bright (dam of Chivalry) and 1 out of an Honor Bright daughter
- 1 out of Home Fries, daughter of American Chance
- 1 out of Ante Up, daughter of Lady Gambler, granddaughter of Lady Godiva
- 1 out of Hollywood Memories, daughter of Hollywood Queen
- 1 out of a daughter of Patriot Games
- 1 out of Promises Kept, a daughter of Promised Land
- 1 out of Yssandra
- 1 out of Egyptian Pharaoh, dam of stallion son Akhetnaten
- 1 out of Dream Skipper
- 1 out of Sadie Hawkins, daughter of Burning Ember
- 1 out of Legendary Lady, daughter of First Lady
- 1 out of a daughter of Miss America
- 1 out of a daughter of Miss Caroline
- 1 out of Red Sand, a daughter of Sunset Beach
- 1 out of a granddaughter of Cygnet
- 1 out of a daughter of A Diamond Jewel
- 1 out of a daughter of Seeing Starz
Title: Re: Bloodlines and Crosses
Post by: Hilda with Clicker on June 08, 2011, 03:19:04 pm
I have only one broodmare with a pedigree ;) and she finished her racing career recently. But I'm very proud of her baby's lineage. It has no siblings, so quite rare cross at the moment.
The baby's sire is NCh. National Post by Chef-de-Race (I/C) Rainbow Quest, and dam's sire is NCh. Seattle Sorcerer with two Chef-de-Race (I/C) stallions in his pedigree: Seattle Slew and Highland Rogue.
There are also great females in this pedigree: Reine-de-Course (I/C) Nation's Pride - Gold (8.9), Highland Sorceress - Gold (11.2), and Colors Waving - Bronze (2.5).
The broodmare is Pandora's Box (, which came to us from Railbird Racing auction. She is Stakes placed.