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An optional e-mail would certainly be doable.

(Like everything else, though, I'll add...not sure when. ;) I don't think this would take too long, so I'll try and get it in soon. I know I've said that before, though....)

Foaling Barn / Re: Sakura Springs 2022 Foals
« on: 9 hours ago »
Lovely name.

General/Questions / Re: 2022 Racing Challenge
« on: 9 hours ago »
No problem. :)

General/Questions / Re: 2022 Racing Challenge
« on: March 22, 2018, 12:04:35 pm »
You should be able to, but probably need to do it from your stable account and not the captain's account.

Foaling Barn / Re: Black Storm West 2022 Foals
« on: March 21, 2018, 05:33:51 pm »
Love all those names. Especially jealous of Grimalkin.

How'd You Do? / Re: 3/21
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:21:10 pm »

Expensive Ring (4yo, Starzen) in a NW1 Allowance, seems to prefer sprints
Cassowary (4yo, Joyeux Oiseau) in a NW1 Allowance, breaking her maiden (finally!)
Joyous Lyre (4yo, Chivalry) in a NW1 Allowance, also breaking her maiden
True Arch (4yo, Ace of Hearts) in a NW1 Allowance
Deadly Secret (4yo, Ghostzapper) in a NW2 Allowance
Existential (4yo, Deep Impact) in a NW2 Allowance
Solar Highway (3yo, Unabridged) in a Starter Allowance, breaking her maiden

Blow the Whistle (4yo, Call To War) in a NW1 Allowance
Luminar Amadeus (4yo, Drum Major) in a NW1 Allowance
Clairvaux (4yo, Rock of Gibraltar) in a NW2 Allowance
Behind the Scenes (4yo, Empire Maker) in a NW2 Allowance
Jyotisha (3yo, Galaxy's Zodiac) in an Allowance
Succulent (3yo, Highland Magic) in a NW1 Allowance

Flylikethewind (4yo, Slew O'Scots) in a NW1 Allowance
Hollywood Glory (4yo, TakeMeToHollywood) in a NW1 Allowance
Angel Prince (4yo, Prince Of Wonder) in a NW3 Allowance
Sweetwater (4yo, Eighteen Karat) in a NW3 Allowance
Royal Defiance (5yo, Foolhardy) in an Allowance
Fae Queen (3yo, Candidate) in a NW1 Allowance
Finest Hour (4yo, Foolhardy) in the Flag Down Stakes (Ungr.), his first stakes placing

Cairn (4yo, Monarchos) in a NW2 Allowance
Engagement Chicken (5yo, Eighteen Karat) in a NW3 Allowance
Stare At The Sun (3yo, Foolhardy) in an Allowance
Salamander (3yo, Animal Kingdom) in a NW2 Allowance

Midnight Sun (4yo, Sun King) in a NW1 Allowance
Fight for Freedom (3yo, Robin Hood) in a NW1 Allowance
Ringling (4yo, Ring of Fire) in a NW3 Allowance
Sprinkled Heather (4yo, Monarchos) in a NW3 Allowance
The Good Witch (3yo, Silver Wizard) in a NW3 Allowance
Marni (4yo, I'm No Fool) in an Allowance
Fortunate Star (3yo, Frankel) in a NW2 Allowance

Also Rans:
Paradise (4yo, Gotta Go) 6th in a NW1 Allowance
Copper Fox (3yo, Crystal Rainbow) 6th in a NW1 Allowance
Border Bound (4yo, Take Me Away) 6th in a NW2 Allowance
Faylinn (5yo, Empire Maker) 7th in a NW3 Allowance
Hint of Fire (4yo, Ghostzapper) 7th in an Allowance
Make A Pledge (4yo, Strider) 7th in an Allowance
Guardianofthegizmo (3yo, Bellagio) 10th in a maiden
Knight's Regard (3yo, Chivalry) 7th in a maiden
Explosion (4yo, To Die For) 6th in the Flag Down Stakes (Ungr.)

Foaling Barn / Re: Renaissance 2022
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:08:10 pm »
Me too. :)

Foaling Barn / Re: Denoux Stud 2022 Foals
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:07:37 pm »
Great name.

General/Questions / Re: Changing Stable Name?
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:50:10 am »
You don't - I need to do it manually in the database. (I thought I'd updated all the CW teams' info, but I'll re-check.)

How'd You Do? / Re: 3/17
« on: March 19, 2018, 04:33:34 pm »
Woo, stakes win! I think this is our first in 2022.

Hidden Princess (4yo, Deep Impact) in a NW1 Allowance, her first win since age 2
Abominable Knight (3yo, Sleipnir) in a NW1 Allowance
Rich Mine (4yo, Slip In The Mud) in a NW2 Allowance, nice to see he doesn't hate jumping
Best Point (3yo, Crystal Rainbow) in a NW2 Allowance
Homenaje (4yo, Deep Impact) in an Allowance
Tan Lawyer (3yo, Gotta Go) in a Starter Allowance, his first attempt on dirt
Ch. Akamai (4yo, High Chances) in the San Pedro Stakes (Ungr.), his first win since age 2

Shining Crystal (3yo, Crystal Rainbow) in a NW1 Allowance
Adorable Wealth (3yo, Crystal Rainbow) in a NW1 Allowance
Four Roses (4yo, TakeMeToHollywood) in a NW1 Allowance
Join the Circus (3yo, Take Me Away) in a NW2 Allowance
Ch. Malayensis (5yo, Foolhardy) in an Allowance
Just A Sip (4yo, Candy Ride) in a maiden
Alert West (5yo, Chivalry) in a claiming race
Impresario (3yo, Unabridged) in a NW2 Allowance
Platinum Wings (3yo, Gunningdownromance) in the Swale Stakes (Gr. 3), threw him in on a whim so that's cool

Syvar (3yo, Crystal Rainbow) in a NW1 Allowance
Blushing Credit (3yo, First Born Son) in a NW1 Allowance
Give Me Wings (3yo, I'm Your Angel) in a NW2 Allowance
Expeditionary (5yo, Brigade) in a NW3 Allowance
Pleasant Bell (4yo, Demand the Best) in a NW3 Allowance
Go To Extremes (5yo, Demand the Best) in a NW3 Allowance
At The Summit (4yo, What's Your Point) in an Allowance
Playwithyourheart (4yo, Gunningdownromance) in a maiden
DelightoftheNight (4yo, Sleipnir) in the San Pedro Stakes (Ungr.), also a "what the heck" entry

Don't Be Evil (4yo, Dr. Evil) in a NW1 Allowance
Tam Lin (4yo, Changeling) in a NW2 Allowance
Fireside Chat (4yo, Blue Smoke) in a NW2 Allowance
Pentacle (5yo, Octagonal) in a NW3 Allowance
Mary Celeste (3yo, Ghostzapper) in a NW3 Allowance
Lose Control (3yo, Mantle of Power) in an Allowance
Hideaway (4yo, Clockstopper) in a maiden
Spellcaster (3yo, Aptitude) in a NW2 Allowance
Mischief N'Mayhem (4yo, Monarchos) in a NW1 Allowance

Isle Royale (3yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW3 Allowance
Dropkick Murphy (4yo, Carrowmore) in a NW3 Allowance
Ace of Diamonds (3yo, Ace of Hearts) in an Allowance
Primal Urge (3yo, Gunningdownromance) in a maiden
Celebrity Madness (4yo, Galaxy's Zodiac) in a NW1 Allowance

Also Rans:
Starfall (4yo, Sea the Stars) 6th in a NW2 Allowance
Massive Fall (5yo, I'm Your Angel) 6th in a NW3 Allowance
Enchantment (5yo, Bellagio) 8th in an Allowance
Pirate's Fancy (4yo, Frankel) 7th in an Allowance
Jelly Confession (4yo, Candidate) 6th in an Allowance
Jungle Storm (3yo, Animal Kingdom) 12th in a maiden
Sean Connery (3yo, Edinburgh) 11th in a maiden
Beauregard (3yo, Major's Flight) 6th in a NW1 Allowance
Bonfire Night (3yo, Edinburgh) 7th in a NW1 Allowance
Lady Orlando (5yo, Created) 7th in the Irish O'Brien Stakes (Ungr.)

Foaling Barn / Re: Darkwoods Foals
« on: March 19, 2018, 11:45:09 am »
Lovely colt.

Foaling Barn / Re: Desert Wind's Foals
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:41:24 pm »
Lovely filly, but there's already a Silk 'n Satin.

General/Questions / Re: 2022 Racing Challenge
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:48:15 am »
I'll see if I can add it back in...not sure how quickly that will happen as I've got travel for work coming up.

General/Questions / Re: 2022 Racing Challenge
« on: March 17, 2018, 11:00:40 pm »
Question came up for captains on entering races. I honestly can't remember, so can any previous captains weigh in?

I'm pretty sure that - at some point - the race entry code checked if the horse had enough votes to be entered, and if not it didn't display the horse. It doesn't do this now, but am I just thinking I'd written that functionality because it seems like a good idea, or did it exist at some point?

Attn. Captains
As stated above, the race entry code won't prevent you from entering your CW horses into races that don't have votes for them. On the CW stable page, you should see the tally of votes and whether the horse can be raced or not. If so, feel free to enter. If not, please don't. ;)

Foaling Barn / Re: Ivy Creek's 2022 Foal Crop
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:55:03 am »
Love the names. :)

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