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How'd You Do? / 4/25
« on: 6 hours ago »

Y'all (3yo, Changeling) in a NW2 Allowance
Femme (2yo, Frankel) in a maiden

Serene Stranger (3yo, Ring of Fire) in a maiden
Ch. Crème Brûlée (3yo, Candidate) in the Fort Marcy Handicap (Gr. 3) - he really prefers dirt...

Also Rans:
Fear Industry (2yo, High Chances) 6th in a NW2 Allowance
Time To Go (4yo, Gotta Go) 8th in the Bula Hurdle Race (Gr. 2)

Anything Goes / Kentucky Derby 2018 (May 5)
« on: April 10, 2018, 06:24:13 am »
Now this is a very well known race, and has a lot of media coverage. In the game it will be on the same day as in real life.

The race is known in the United States as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports" or "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports" for its approximate duration, and is also called "The Run for the Roses" for the blanket of roses draped over the winner. It is the first leg of the American Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness Stakes, then the Belmont Stakes. Unlike the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, which took hiatuses in 1891–1893 and 1911–1912, respectively, the Kentucky Derby has been run every consecutive year since 1875, even during both World Wars.

The FF Kentucky Derby info:


Kentucky Derby (Gr. 1)


10 furlongs




2018 Road to the Kentucky Derby Point Standings - Blood Horse

2018 Kentucky Derby - home page

Kentucky Derby - Wikipedia

Past winners in real life:

  • 2015 - American Pharoah - Time: 2:03.02, track: fast, Triple Crown winner. He is also available in FF as a Famous Real-Life Stallion.
  • 2016 - Nyquist - Time: 2:01.31, track: fast.
  • 2017 - Always Dreaming - Time: 2:03.59 - , track condition: Wet Fast (sealed).

Past Final Furlong winners:

  • 2019 - Ch. High and Dry, Track: Good    Time: 2:02.010    SF: 231. Still a racehorse and he was stakes placed this year.
  • 2020 - GCh.  Magical Debate, Track: Fast    Time: 2:05.140    SF: 215, still a racehorse.
  • 2021 - Ch. Power of Secrets, Track: Good    Time: 1:53.735    SF: 241. He is still an active racehorse, ran once this year.

Any real life favourites? And Final Furlong contenders?

Anything Goes / Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup 2018 (Apr. 29)
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:04:19 pm »
Next race I wanted to write about is at the beautiful Sha Tin racecourse.

The Queen Elizabeth II Cup was first run at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Happy Valley, Hong Kong to commemorate a visit to Hong Kong by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. It evolved to an international event in 1995, with Hong Kong horses competing against those from the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Australia.

The FF Queen Elizabeth II Cup info:


Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup (Gr. 1)


10 furlongs



Note: there are only two FF races in Hong Kong, and the other is Singapore Airlines International Cup (Gr. 1); date: 2022-05-16, Turf, 10 furlongs, 3yo+, $150,000.

Past winners in real life:

  • 2015 - Blazing Speed, age 6 - Time: 2:02.89
  • 2016 - Werther, age 4 - Time: 2:01.32
  • 2017 - Neorealism, age 6 - Time: 2:04.59 - and he is not inbred to Northern Dancer! He doesn't even have him in his 5-generation pedigree, while he is 5x5 inbred to Nothirdchance, dam of Hail to Reason.

Past Final Furlong winners:

  • 2019 - ICh. Starling, Track: Good    Time: 1:58.950    SF: 233. He is now standing at stud.
  • 2020 - GCh. Flying Topaz, Track: Fast    Time: 1:59.680    SF: 100, still a racehorse; 2nd in this race was WCh. Sionnach, now standing at stud in England.
  • 2021 - Ch. Hollywood Wren, Track: Good    Time: 1:53.785    SF: 137. He is still an active racehorse and finished 4th/10 in Dubai Sheema Classic just recently.

How'd You Do? / 3/31
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:49:25 am »
Stakes place!

Glamorous Fog (4yo, Strike It Rich) in the Santa Lucia Handicap (Ungr.)

Satin on Steel (3yo, Magic Cross) in a NW1 Allowance

Also Rans:
Zooming Through (3yo, Ring of Fire) 10th in a maiden

How'd You Do? / 3/24
« on: March 24, 2018, 01:18:35 pm »

Lively Look (3yo, Prince Of Wonder) in a claiming race - successfully claimed from Final Furlong

Water Temple (3yo, Bellagio) in an Allowance
Yay or Nay (3yo, Frankel) in a claiming race
Fool For Flowers (3yo, I'm No Fool) in an Allowance

Also Rans:
Crazy Love (4yo, Daredevil Dan) 11th in a NW3 Allowance - retired
Come Follow Me (4yo, The Fighting Fifty) 6th in an Allowance - retired

How'd You Do? / 3/10
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:31:09 am »
Nice results!

Time To Go (4yo, Gotta Go) in a maiden - her first race ever!

Satin on Steel (3yo, Magic Cross) in a NW2 Allowance
Fool For Flowers (3yo, I'm No Fool) in a NW2 Allowance

On My Own (4yo, As You Wish) in a maiden - also a debut race

Also Rans:
Dainty Twee (3yo, Animal Kingdom) 8th in a NW2 Allowance - I will auction her soon, maybe someone else will get more lucky with her. She is a 2yo stakes winner.

How'd You Do? / 3/7
« on: March 07, 2018, 11:45:07 am »
Not like they're winning anything, but mostly in the money...

Xoxoxo (3yo, High Chances) in a maiden - he seems like a super late bloomer, so this is a very promising 2nd

Crazy Love (4yo, Daredevil Dan) in a NW3 Allowance

La Chunga (4yo, As You Wish) in a NW3 Allowance - retired
GCh. Wonder Woman (6yo, Black Warrior) in a Starter Allowance - best speed figure in this group, but who knows if she's still interested in running

Also Rans:
Zooming Through (3yo, Ring of Fire) 11th in a maiden

How'd You Do? / 2/28
« on: February 28, 2018, 11:37:18 am »
I was away yesterday so couldn't do the claimers... and today I managed not to look what pretty ponies were entered ;)
Meanwhile, our kids are doing okay - some new faces in the group of successful ones:

Satin on Steel (3yo, Magic Cross) in a maiden - I claimed this girl after she ran 20 races as a 2yo for Final Furlong, totally unplaced but I was impressed that she was safe & sound! I don't know why FF was picking her so often. Now, at Clicker Lab she's becoming more successful each time out.

Oh Hay (3yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW2 Allowance - his first time in the money
Leeway (3yo, Formal Occasion) in the Best Turn Stakes (Ungr.) - his first stakes place!

Water Temple (3yo, Bellagio) in a NW1 Allowance - I feel like he can still do better
Rodarte (3yo, I'm No Fool) in a maiden - she has never earned any points yet, but we're patient...

Ch. Crème Brûlée (3yo, Candidate) in the Palm Beach Stakes (Gr. 3) - slightly disappointing that
Ch. Filipendulous (3yo, My Lucky Day) in the La Habra Stakes (Gr. 3)

Also Rans:
Meva Nit d'Estiu (4yo, Created) 6th in a NW3 Allowance - she scored one win on each track... we're thinking of retiring her now
Twelve Monkeys (5yo, Sixth Day) 7th in the Davona Dale Stakes (Gr. 2) - best speed figure though!

Anything Goes / The Grand National 2018 (Apr. 14)
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:55:37 am »
It's coming soon! The FF Grand National is a few weeks later so I'll write about the real one now, so we don't miss it. The Grand National is one of the longest and toughest steeplechase races in the world; in Europe probably only comparable to Velká Pardubická (a steeplechase in Czech Republic). Both races are controversial, as deaths are higher than in other races. There is even a List of equine fatalities in the Grand National. Some within the horseracing community, have argued that the lowering of fences and the narrowing of ditches, primarily designed to increase horse safety, has had the adverse effect by encouraging the runners to race faster. The Grand National inspired a movie titled National Velvet (1944), starring Elizabeth Taylor; it is the story of a 14-year-old horse-crazy girl, who wins a spirited gelding in a raffle and decides to train him for the race.

The FF Grand National info:


The Grand National (Gr. 1)


24 furlongs




Aintree Racecourse - official page

Grand National - Wikipedia

Aintree Races - Twitter

Grand National 2017: One For Arthur wins - youtube video

Fun fact: apparently there is also a Lamb National at Ascot Racecourse! Very pleasing to me as now I am also a yarn addict, planning to spin my first wool soon...

Any plans for the FF Grand National? I have a filly who seems to really like long distance, but I'm not sure if she will be competitive agains the boys. My stallion NCh. Al Mundhir ran in the 2018 Grand National and he finished 4th. The winner of that running, GCh. Keyboard is now retired and the 2nd, NCh. Hogsmeade is standing at stud too; he also earned the 2018 Steeplechase Horse Eclipse Award.

How'd You Do? / 2/21
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:01:28 pm »

Serene Stranger (3yo, Ring of Fire) in a maiden
Cuddly Thought (3yo, Chivalry) in a claiming race

Xoxoxo (3yo, High Chances) in a maiden

Also Rans: - stakes of course! That was a very fast run.
Ch. Puede Que Haya (4yo, Monarchos) 10th in the Gulfstream Park Breeders' Cup Handicap (Gr. 1)
Salamanca (4yo, Bellagio) 8th in the Gulfstream Park Breeders' Cup Handicap (Gr. 1)

How'd You Do? / 2/10
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:44:09 am »

Satin on Steel (3yo, Magic Cross) in a maiden - she ran a whole lot of 20 races under FF ownership as a 2yo but looks like she's just starting to have fun

Thom Browne (3yo, I'm No Fool) in an Allowance

Ch. Crème Brûlée (3yo, Candidate) in the Sham Stakes (Ungr.) - no more whipless running for a while :P

Also Rans:
Ziggurat (3yo, Can't Touch This) 7th in a maiden
Zooming Through (3yo, Ring of Fire) 14th in a maiden
Yay or Nay (3yo, Frankel) 9th in a NW2 Allowance
La Chunga (4yo, As You Wish) 8th in a NW3 Allowance

How'd You Do? / 1/31
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:42:51 am »
Yay, a stakes win!

Ch. Filipendulous (3yo, My Lucky Day) in the Palos Verdes Handicap (Gr. 2) - she didn't have much competition there, lucky filly, but she still could have finished 2nd!

Tipping the Velvet (4yo, Deep Impact) in the Busanda Stakes (Ungr.)

Also Rans:
Ch. Puede Que Haya (4yo, Monarchos) 7th in the Busanda Stakes (Ungr.)

Yes I only entered fillies in stakes today ;D

Anything Goes / Dubai World Cup 2018 (Mar. 31)
« on: January 28, 2018, 08:39:06 am »
Next big race is Dubai World Cup, which we also have in the game, only two days earlier.

The Dubai World Cup is held annually since 1996 and contested at the Meydan Racecourse in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2010, the Dubai World Cup was first held at the new Meydan Racecourse on March 27, on all-weather surface known as Tapeta. However, it was held as dirt race again in 2015 due to the high maintenance cost and being an unpopular condition among American participants. It is a Group 1 flat race on dirt for Northern Hemisphere Thoroughbred four-year-olds & up and for Southern Hemisphere Thoroughbred three-year-olds & up run over a distance of 2,000 metres (about 10 furlongs).

The FF Dubai World Cup info:


Dubai World Cup (Gr. 1)


10 furlongs



Note: there are no active FF stables located in Dubai, and all other locations require air shipping, which is cheapest (and shortest) from England; while the longest (3 days) and most expensive routes are from Lone Star and Aqueduct. There is an energy penalty for air shipments, so plan that in advance.
Real life speed records:
  • 2:01.61 (synthetic) - African Story (2014) since the race has been at Meydan Racecourse
  • 2:01.83 (dirt) - California Chrome (2016) since Meydan was converted from synthetic to dirt
  • 1:59.50 - Dubai Millennium (2000) at Nad Al Sheba Racecourse


Dubai Word Cup - Wikipedia

Dubai Racing Club - homepage

Meydan Racing - Twitter

Are you planning to enter any horses? I'm thinking of one, which was supposed to have a short time off during March, but why not burn up some money. :P

How'd You Do? / 1/27
« on: January 27, 2018, 12:09:44 pm »
Just one out today; and it's less than three hours till Pegasus!

Thom Browne (3yo, I'm No Fool) in a NW2 Allowance - both his parents were best as 4yo's so I hope that he's going to be slowly improving...

Anything Goes / Pegasus World Cup 2018 (Jan. 27)
« on: January 19, 2018, 08:16:53 am »
From Wikipedia: The Pegasus World Cup is an American Thoroughbred horse race whose first running was on January 28, 2017 at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. With a purse of $12 million for its inaugural running, the Pegasus World Cup surpassed the Dubai World Cup as the richest horse race in the world. It is run over the dirt at the distance of ​1 1⁄8 miles (9 furlongs) and is open to horses four years old and up. The Grade I rating has been assumed from the Donn Handicap.

Some links:

Pegasus World Cup - home page

Pegasus World Cup - Wikipedia

@PegasusWorldCup - Twitter


#5 COLLECTED - trained by Hall of Fame trainer Baffert, who saddled Arrogate to victory last year.

#7 FEAR THE COWBOY - At the Oakridge Training Center in Ocala, Fear the Cowboy breezed an easy five furlongs.



#10 GUN RUNNER - 2017 Horse of The Year & Champion Older Dirt Male! My favourite moment of his was winning the Whitney Handicap (2017) with a horseshoe anchor in his tail


#4 SHARP AZTECA - Sharp Azteca worked 5 Furlongs in :58.40 at Gulfstream Park West on January 20th, 2018.


#3 STELLAR WIND - girlpower! Stellar Wind earned an Eclipse Award as champion 3-year-old filly in 2015. She is scheduled to be bred to American Pharoah in 2018.

#9 TOAST OF NEW YORK - I read a touching story of him which I can't find now, but I have this quote from his trainer Jamie Osborne: ""My job is to get them there retaining their desire; as fit as I can get them; as comfortable, as sound, as pain-free as I can get them; and to give them the opportunity to show whether or not the ability still exists.”. There is also a number of videos on his twitter, in which Toast of New York shows his beautiful walk. And conformation.

#8 WAR STORY - War Story worked 5 Furlongs in 1:01.80 at Gulfstream Park West on January 20th, 2018.

#2 WEST COAST - 2017 Champion Three-Year-Old Male! And another horse from Bob Baffert's barn.

Any bets? :)

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