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Stallion Advertising / Devil's Walk
« on: January 19, 2017, 11:07:43 am »
Just as an FYI, not doing bookings (first come, first serve) but Devil's Walk has been retired to stud. His link in my signature.

Nominated for 2022 Breeders Cup. More info on him in Owners Comments on his page.

Crafty Magic has also been nominated for 2022

How'd You Do? / 7/8
« on: July 08, 2015, 11:49:32 am »
 :) a day of seconds! Everyone on the board though

Just waiting on Ch. All That Appeal to get some more stakes wins, he's on 4 now including his grade 1 requirement

How'd You Do? / 3/28
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:18:02 pm »

Normally I am too lazy to write up but I have to brag today as some our future studs did spectacularly well and I've just got to give them a plug!!!

GCh. Quintet earned his new title today by winning the Gr. 1 Dubai Duty Free yay! This is his sixth stakes win and I have no doubt he will be qualified very soon. He loves the Turf and has never been out of the money in 8 stakes starts!

And ultra exciting is that NCh. Devil's Walk won the Gr. 1 Dubai World Cup  ;D there's so many things to mention i'm bursting! This is his sixth Grade 1 win, he is now only 28 points from getting his ICh - he set his 3rd speed record AND he is now #8 on the Overall Money earning list! He's too good to be true and really seems to be getting faster with age.

Our one disappointment was Ch. Make Me Magical only managing fourth in the Gr. 1 Dubai Sheema Classic. I'm being greedy - I know it's a great result considering the class of competitors but I had my hopes very high after his winning streak last year that he would become a Stud. He has not been in the winner's circle for 4 starts now and I believe he may have had a rather short peak period :/  fingers crossed he finds his mojo again - it's silly but it's mostly because I love the Dark Greys lol

Questions / Mares to Broodies
« on: January 20, 2015, 04:43:22 am »
Couple of questions that tie in together

Why do mares have to run  a minimum of 10 races before they can become broodmares? I'm assuming it must be to counter an exploit I haven't thought of.

It's never worried me before but I bought some mares in the CSS auction that need about 4-5 more races to be eligible, one is 7yrs old & one is 6. I'd planned to race them just to get to 10 but I hadn't considered their NE, which is so incredibly low it's going to take a large length of rest at the farm to recover.

So how far into the red can NE go?

Also if I decide to just get their needed races out of the way ASAP and wear the inevitable losses, will racing with such low NE cause them much harm? AND has being worked while having low NE been doing them harm (as it hints at in the FAQ)

Sorry each question made me think of another question  ;D

Foaling Barn / Fox Run 2019
« on: December 22, 2014, 06:02:37 am »
 :o lol ok supposed to be 2019 but we had one born out of the blue today - I was thinking about foals yesterday and looking forward to naming so I must've jinxed myself!

I think he was due around the 3rd of Jan but not too worried though as 2yr old races don't excite me much

Now been named Platoon Pretty happy with this healthy colt as he is by WCh. Brigade (Sadler's Wells) and the second foal out of a leased mare who is by Spectacular Bid -  currently a gold-ranked BM Sire :) yay! Brigade's first crop run in 2019.

How'd You Do? / 8/20
« on: August 20, 2014, 12:07:23 pm »
Pretty nice day


18    11.0f Allowance for 3yo, $65,000    Dirt - Good    2:38.730    Aztec Sorceress        1st
30    12.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000    SC - Good    2:28.780    Daryls Joy        1st
30    12.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000    SC - Good    2:28.780    Stride For Stride        2nd
31    7.5f NW2 Allowance for 3yo F, $40,000    Dirt - Fast    1:44.560    Oriole        5th
36    13.0f NW2 Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000    Turf - Good    3:20.635    Paddy Cake        2nd
40    7.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000    SC - Slow    1:38.210    Dandywine       7th
40    7.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000    SC - Slow    1:38.210    Ch. Saramenha     1st    Four seemed too young to stop running, so thankfully she's taken to steeples
41    9.5f Gr. 1 Beverly D. Stakes for 3yo+ F, $700,000    Turf - Good    2:02.330    NCh. Ishka       1st   Wahoo!  ;D Ishka earned her new title with this win
43    12.0f Gr. 2 Del Mar Handicap for 3yo+, $300,000    SC - Fast    2:38.930    Ch. Fire of Beltane        2nd A good effort, she always manages a place in stakes
44    8.0f Gr. 2 Del Mar Breeders' Cup Handicap for 3yo+, $300,000    Dirt - Fast    1:36.105    Ch. Rising Fast    1st   Earned his new title and became MSW
50    7.0f Gr. 1 Beach Shore Stakes for 2yo, $400,000    Turf - Fast    1:33.295    Outside The Lines        7th   meh

Comments and Suggestions / Couple ideas
« on: August 14, 2014, 09:22:23 pm »
Just been thinking of some things not sure if they're already in the works

On the stable page it would be nice if the unbred broodmares were listed like the entered race horses. As in 'You have X broodmares not bred yet' and the window listing them pops up when you click it. Since I'm not breeding some I have quite a long list taking up space

Also I am assuming most races are based on real ones but could there possibly be some more steeple chase races with big prize money throughout the year (or increased money)? Steeple horses have a diminished earning capacity compared to horses on the flat and I find it a bit of a disappointment whenever I realise that's where their potential is. Maybe I'm just having a whinge about that one but since the beta is in the works I thought I'd try lol

Foaling Barn / Fox Run - 2018 Babies
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:50:29 am »
Got some free time thanks to the holidays!

First day into 2018 and we get 3 new babies all healthy deliveries and best part is one was the first ever foal bred by me arrived!

Down In Flames a tiny (7.2) black colt with some white on his hindlegs, beautiful! He is by created stallion  ICh Can't Touch This and out of created mare Amber Flame. Bit of a wildcard here! Mum did get speed record on turf and dad seemed good on both surfaces but I like the idea of new bloodlines :) Not sure I can come up with a name to acknowledge he's my first ever foal but this one is pretty good

Smokin Indeed another tiny 7.2h this bay girl was bred by Generous Bloodstock. She is by ICh Blue Smoke and out of Golden Indy, mum was nothing special on the track and this is her first foal but I really like the mix of Slew and Romeo

And currently unnamed is a Mahogany bay filly also bred by Generous Bloodstock, she is by ICh Gilded Saint and out of Hero's Wings, (Simply Heroic). Quite possibly a Steeplechase prospect

Horses For Sale / Fox Run Auction
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:31:36 am »
Hi all just thought id add some notes. All the horses currently in the auction have at least good allowance potential.

Moon Eclipse the created mare has yet to field any bids but just won the Gr2 Emancipation Stakes, earned her Grand Champion title and has not been out of the money for her six stakes starts this year.

The filly Aquanita may well be a good investment she is by Magic Glory (Gold Rated) and only matured in September, after which she had a super win.

Thanks all for the bids I have very little time at the moment to be managing racehorses but I wanted them to live out their potential. Good luck!

Questions / Recovery Genetics
« on: September 24, 2013, 10:52:44 am »
I don't know how to search for this so....  is the time of recovery after a race (to go from F energy to A) passed on from both/one parent?

Questions / jockey comments
« on: September 16, 2013, 08:36:00 am »
I tried searching for this answer but these were too many to sift through

I just noticed on one of my horses I had two comments and I don't know what they mean
X refused to run at all
X refused to rate at all

Horses For Sale / Gelding Sale
« on: September 14, 2013, 03:52:22 pm »
Just got too many race horses and i'm hoping to move on some steeple geldings because I've taken in a large amount of steeple fillies and the steeple races are too few between. These boys are all acceptable allowance ponies

Watergate 4yo his record this year is 7-4-0-0-1 ($123,500) and he has won his late two starts.
$10,000 or make an offer

Deign To Tempt 4yo record this year is 9-3-3-1-2 ($81,600) and won his last race
$8,000 or make an offer

Ch. I'm Your Eskimo 4yo has had a stellar year with a record this year of 8-6-1-0-1 ($220,450) won his last 3 races and not below second since using his current equipment
$15,000 firm for new members, at least for now

How'd You Do? / 7/20
« on: July 20, 2013, 12:08:16 pm »
Another fantastic day here at Fox Run and few enough running that I can mention them all too!


Ch. Conceptual 2yo (Long Live The King) was excellent, beating the colts in the Gr1 Nunthorpe Stakes, getting her first stakes win and her champions title

Ch. Devil's Walk 3yo (Nightfight) also did us proud, winning the Gr2 Jim Dandy Stakes, getting his 4th stakes win and putting him into millionaire status. I have high hopes for this boy getting stud qualified now

I'm Your Eskimo 4yo (I'm Your Angel) won his OA and managed to get a speed record

Ch. Hydrogen 3yo (Highland Wizard) won her OA as well, not certain on her equips though

Ch. Belle Esprit 5yo create managed to get her champion title in an OA, think she prefers the longer distances

Straticus 3yo (Simply Heroic) has struggled in his last few races, getting 4th in the Gr 2 Lucky Cigar Stakes

Starseeker 4yo (Starz'n'Stripes) got 5th in an OA, started off well but faded. Think a bit of equips fiddling will get him sorted ......... although I may have switched him to steeples prematurely  ???

How'd You Do? / 6/12
« on: June 12, 2013, 12:19:11 pm »
Pretty light on the wins today but a couple of saving graces

32(8 )-3(1)-8(2)-5(1)-5(1)

Races of interest were:

Conceptual 2yo (Long Live The King) coming 2nd/10 in the Gr. 1 Ascot Fillies Mile not too far behind the winner. She's doing very well on turf

Ch. Devil's Walk 3yo (Nightfight) got 3rd/11 in the Gr. 2 Riva Ridge Breeders' Cup. It was a close race and Devil's shortest race this year, but they were good competition

Ch. Kingston Coup 4yo (Diplomat) got 1st/13 the 8.5f Dirt Ungr. Statue of Liberty, this is her 2nd ungraded win this year and I was a little suprised for a win, she normally prefers 10f plus

Hydrogen 3yo (Highland Wizard) earned her Champion title by getting 2nd/10 in the Gr. 3 Chicago Breeders' Cup Handicap she's a good little runner but was pretty far behind the runner

How'd You Do? / 5/15
« on: May 15, 2013, 03:18:53 pm »
Pretty good day, few shockers though


Conrad and Kingster came 6th and 9th respectively in a NW2 for 3yo's, disappointing

String Theory was 6th in a NW3 for fillies, disappointing she won last time out

Saffron Sky was first in a NW3 Steeple for fillies, she is getting nice SF's, but I reckon a change of equips will help

Tears Of The Moon won a NW3. She is 4 and had no wins until this year. Still no superstar

Ch. Bet On Octagonal won his OA on the dirts, making it 4 wins and 4 places this year for his 8 outings. I like this boy, I bought him because he is 1/2 to Ch. Take A Punt who got me my first stakes win and setup monies. He seems very similiar too, running well on dirt or turf and preferring the longer distances. He also got his Champion title in this race

Starseeker was 5th in an OA...... he is very frustrating

Watergate won his steeples race, he does well on all but Wet tracks. He has only figured out how to run this year

Sadler's Eclipse and Apollo Ocean 3rd and 4th respectively in a Turf OA. Both need different equips

Ch. Ordinarily Yours earned her Champs with an OA win, her SF's are nothing special though

Bonita Montana was 8th in a turf OA for 3yo's, she won her last two races but I tried new equips anyway and it was a disaster

Awaiting Jade was 2nd in a NW3, he has yet to win this year but had several second places. I think he just needs more time

Cry Me A River was 8th in a NW3, she won her first race this year and done nothing since :/

Quest For Victory was 2nd in the Bold Ruler Stakes, pretty happy with this! Coming to realise he prefers the longer distances so we'll take a second considering the race was 6f  :)

Ch. Saramenha just managed to get her Ch. with a 3rd in the Nassau County Breeder's Cup for 3yoF. She seems to do well on the dirt or turf, she has already gotten a second an third in other stakes this year

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