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Comments and Suggestions / Suffolk Stables
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:29:24 PM »
Hi all-Just letting you know that I haven't been active recently due to a rash of health issues.I guess I'm getting up there in age.Hope to do better soon.Thank you. :)

Horses For Sale / Auction
« on: July 18, 2014, 06:58:01 PM »
I will be auctioning off many of my horses.The older one's will have no reserve and most of the others will have a nominal reserve with possibly a few priced higher. Mat of Suffolk Stables.

Questions / Auction
« on: February 01, 2013, 08:41:45 PM »
Hi-I am unable to set up an auction.

General/Questions / Nomination Problem
« on: March 22, 2009, 11:32:01 PM »
Hi Shanthi-on 1/18/09 I nominated my 5 Stallions for the Breeders Cup-as of now they still show as not nominated.I nominated Count Me In twice by mistake as I thought he hadn't been nominated.I looked at my Stable Budget and saw I was charged $600,000 for the 5 nominations and Count Me In twice.I know your busy so when you have some time I would appreciate it if you could fix this.

General/Questions / Unable to Breed Highland Native
« on: April 02, 2008, 12:39:31 PM »
I'm unable to breed Highland Native.When I try to do it an error comes up after I click breed this mare.Thank you.

General/Questions / Breeding Malfunction
« on: August 23, 2007, 02:15:22 PM »
When I try to breed Robin Hood to Storms of Faith "error in facial markings" comes up instead of the breeding taking place.

General/Questions / Steeplechase
« on: August 11, 2007, 02:21:55 PM »
Is there a way to test a horse in Steeplechasing without making him/her a Steeplechase horse forever?

General/Questions / Missing Weanling
« on: July 22, 2007, 07:33:56 PM »
Hi-Storms of Faith's foal still at Final Furlong's stable.

General/Questions / Fitness & Energy
« on: December 17, 2005, 01:41:57 AM »
I'm not sure what's going on.I go to the  E&F  page and it changes constantly.
Egyptian Queen was  A-A earlier this evening and now she's  C&B. I had to scratch two horses because of this.

Annual Foal Auction / Bid on Horse
« on: December 13, 2005, 07:58:01 PM »
I bid 100,000 on Semaj Rekas and didn't get him.It was an auction so I was wondering wht. Thanks.
Suffolk Stables  :cry:

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