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Questions / Inactive stable question
« on: March 30, 2012, 12:49:26 am »
Moved to Questions
I was wondering if inactive stables (like those whose owners haven't logged in for over a year) would ever be deleted and horses moved to FF? I know we have several standing stallions currently owned by inactive members, but because they're set to approved breedings only, I don't think anyone beyond FF mares are actually getting in to breed to them (and even so, the owner would have had to select the option for FF mares to breed). I just know there are several hundred horses sitting around, and since several are game-bred, they sort of hurt their parents' breeding stats. I know I own a few mares who might look better if their foals had actually raced over the last two years or so.

General/Questions / Retire, or no?
« on: March 28, 2012, 11:30:39 pm »
Cherry Cheesecake is only four, but she's no steeplechaser. She's had 6 starts in SC, and hasn't earned a dime. I can keep experimenting with equipment, but I also think SC is just not her own thing. Ideally I'd like her to hit champion status before joining the broodmare band, but she hasn't hit the board since July (top three not since June). Do you think I should keep trying with her, or retire?

Annual 2yo Auction / 2016 2yo Auction: How'd You Do?
« on: March 11, 2012, 03:46:52 am »
As horses start to sell, the thread must be made ;D

Still have 3 bids out there, but we've so far managed to take home two horses. We really wanted another Holy Bull foal and were very excited to acquire Victoria's Day. She is out of Ch. Worth Avenue, by What's it Worth (P), a MSW who banked $692,100. Victoria's Day is her oldest foal, and Holy Bull's first crop runs this year, so she's a bit of a chance. However, Worth Avenue is a half-sister to Darling Evil, dam of 3 SW's including Ch. Nitemareon Elm St and Ch. Dream Evil so we're really hopeful with Victoria's Day.

We rarely go after yearlings, but Vuela Vuela caught our eye. By Point Given (S), he's out of Ch. Back to Omaha (Omaha (S)), a SW of $268,650. Back to Omaha is half to CashelsPossibility (S) and Back North (S) so we think we have a real runner on our hands (being by Point Given doesn't hurt, either!).

We've spent just $2,500 on the pair; they should make that back at the very least! As mentioned earlier, we still have bids going on 3 others (one of whom we especially like, fingers crossed!). How about you guys?

Horses For Sale / Black Storm Auction
« on: March 01, 2012, 01:39:14 pm »
The Black Storm West Auction began today! There's a mixture of 2-5yo racehorses and two broodmares (one in foal). All have reserves. Male racehorses and Cherokee Princess have reserves set at 5k or 10k, mares are 20k. Broodmares sitting at 20-35k.

Happy bidding!

How'd You Do? / 2/15
« on: February 15, 2012, 11:29:26 pm »
A pretty good day overall! We sent out 4, came home with 5, and four of those 5 brought home checks.

Irish Miss finally came home a winner in a Maiden against 5 others. She now has 4 starts under her belt with a 1-3-0 record.
Red Dog finished 4th/6 in a NW3; we're still trying to figure him out. Might get better with age.
As You See ran 4th/6 in an OA. She tends to run hot/cold, but that was a tough field in general, too.
Spirit of Autumn was in over his head and finished 8th/10 in the Ungr. Hollie Hughes Stakes. Back to the allowances for him!

Finally, we successfully claimed Glory of Love who won his claimer by a head against 6 others. We really, really liked him and he's already made half his claim fee back. He's by Point Given out of the created, silver-ranked mare Awesome Love who has produced three champions, including MSW Master & Commander, a SW, and two SP runners.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 2/4/2016
« on: February 03, 2012, 04:46:32 pm »
1. Alpine Stream - Eternal Irish - Red Dog
2. Not Mine Officer - Won't Be Wild - Fire of Beltane
3. DanceWithTheRavens - Trade Secret - Zulu Dawn
4. Devongate - Vindication - BicBic
5. Jubilation - Blind Date - Lady of Honor
6. Blackburg - Hero's Edge - Mighty River
7. Lucky Native - Zakuro - Breaking Story
8. Alyglamour - Prime Example - Multitasker
9. Golden Cross - Jaunting - Silk Widsor
10. Uncanny Yodel - Adrenaline Rush - Immortal Beloved
11. Prionnsa - Snowline - Cause and Effect
12. Diplomat Star - Spirited Wind - Swift Flame
13. Pomegranate Girl - Isle of Glass - Raindanzer
14. Peace Dove - Bold Bandit - Country Rose
15. Cassandra - Lamia - Gunningdownlove
16. Alvarado - Letmeentertainyou - Booyaka
17. Ringaroundtherosie - Eastern Journey - Twirlaway
18. Le Voyageur - Taj Alriyadh - Caribbean Cartel
19. Kaos - Westpoint - Beth's Our Choice
20. Tempers Flaire - Animal Bar - Dark or Black
21. Daytona Beach - Six Shooter - Leoness
22. Tizlater - Morgan le Fay - Tizlater
23. Exclamation Point - Dark Twilight - Bamboo Diva
24. Sheliak - Arthur's Reign - Laurey Williams
25. Winter War - Eye of the Leopard - Teddy Picker
26. In the Loop - Symmetrical - Surreptitious
27. Riverton Heights - No Contest - Last Drinks
28. Darling Dancer - Adorable Lady - Organized Rebel
29. Rose Will Do - French Riviera - Honest Lady
30. Bolita - It's Only Love - Bold Eclipse
31. DontCallMeSue - Solar Flare - Lady in the Moon
32. Angelic Theory - Shadow in the Dark - Daytona Weekend
33. Jacksonian - Artic High - Salaadim
34. Gallant Affair - Key to Fame - Tizsosudden
35. Breakthrough - Alchaasibiyeh - Luxury of Time
36. Giant Love Song - The Entertainer - Perfect Void
37. Blind Alley - Juliet the Jet - Cinnabar
38. Ace's High - Money Spirit - Fly to Hollywood
39. Highland Royalty - Pumpkin Spice - Future Fire
40. Flaying Highlander - A.P. Goodyear - Major Account
41. Annabel Lee - Fenix - Circle of Trust
42. Irish Miss - Foo Fighter - Henery
43. Zyree - Sardonyx - Doubtful Outcome
44. Mulligan - Tempting Magic - Bold Talker
45. Audacious - Dusty Dream - High Seas
46. Devils Grace - Glory Halleluia - Wanderlust
47. Vivian Leigh - Initforthelonghaul - Hopes Flight
48. Unconditional Love - Southern Plateau - Screen Siren
49. I'm a Diva - Easy to Fool - Dozen Roses
50. Bundeberg - Busker - Silent Thunder

Comments and Suggestions / Broodmare Lease board
« on: February 01, 2012, 05:18:07 pm »
We have the Stallions at Stud board, but I think a "Broodmares for Lease" board would also be really useful. Currently people are posting them in the General Discussion of the breeding forum (which is perfectly fine by me, but the board is initially meant for "General comments or questions about breeding."). Basically I just think it might be cool and helpful if those of us with massive broodmare herds who don't plan on breeding all our mares can post and advertise mares open for lease in a designated forum. And people can maybe "reserve" mares for leases (ex: a mare isn't due until March, but the owner plans on leasing the mare for the following season but doesn't want to until the foal has been born, so the owner can advertise the mare early and see if there are any bites). Plus those shopping for lease mares have one central location to go to.

I know mares are listed on the Horses for Sale page, but we advertise studs on the forum when we have a list of said studs under Stallion Stats. Pre-leasing reminds me of booking breeding slots, in a sense.

I guess I should first ask what people even think of this idea, but I thought I'd pitch it, nonetheless!

Horses For Sale / Two broodmares for sale
« on: January 06, 2012, 07:45:46 pm »
I currently have two broodmares for sale, prices negotiable:

Bet Your Stars
2009 liver chestnut, 16.3hh
10(2): 1-0-0-1, $30,050
1 foal on the ground, unbred for the season
Asking: $12,000

2008 brown, 15.1hh
33(3): 2-5-4-4, $100,550
3 foals on the ground, comes in-foal to NCH. Joyeux Oiseau
Asking: $25,000

Lineage Questions / My Lady's Princess
« on: January 02, 2012, 12:20:06 am »
I realized I had planned ALL my breedings...except for My Lady's Princess, who remains a head scratcher for me. She was never tested beyond 8f, and seemed to do pretty well on both dirt and turf (but Turf preferred). She's a half sister to Government Secret. With her first breeding I sent her to a Rogue stallion since What's it Worth crosses well with that, and her second breeding was to a Man o'War stallion to produce a similar cross as MSW Bright Belles.

My only requirements for her is nothing over 20k, standing within the USA (KY preferred), and a flat runner. Any personal suggestions? My hardest part will be trying to spread out bloodlines (ie I try to not have more than 2 mares visit the same stallion per season, and if I have several foals (4+) by the same stud, I try to avoid him. Don't ask me why).

Foaling Barn / 2016 Black Storm West foals
« on: January 01, 2012, 06:21:04 pm »
2016 Black Storm foals
Updated Apr. 25, 2017. List is of their current names and not the ones they were given upon birth, if a name changed. Excluded are sold foals upon time of last update.

Heights born with - Yearling age (Apr. 25).

Almost Lyrical (Almost Precious) - 9.0hh - 14.0hh
Darjeeling (Sun King) - 8.2hh - 13.2hh
Gyrfalcon (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.1hh - 13.3hh
Highland Bishop (High Chances) - 10.2hh - 15.1hh
Hypothesis (What's Your Point) - 10.0hh - 15.0hh
King of Fools (Long Live the King) - 9.1hh - 14.0hh
King's Legion (Long Live the King) - 9.3hh - 14.1hh
Necropolis (The Fighting Fifty) - 8.3hh - 15.0hh
New World Order (Dark Continent) - 8.0hh - 13.2hh
Personal Revenge (Dark Demand) - 10.0hh - 14.0hh
Political Scandal (Candidate) - 8.2hh - 14.0hh
Sangaree (Black Light II) - 8.3hh - 14.3hh
St. George's Cross (Blue Ensign) - 9.2hh - 14.3hh
Stagecraft (Stagehand) - 9.1hh - 13.3hh
Tashkent (Point Given) - 9.1hh - 15.0hh

Honeybird (Joyeux Oiseau) - 8.0hh - 13.2hh
Lillyofthevalley (Stressed) - 8.1hh - 13.1hh
Loviisa (Smart Strike) - 8.3hh - 14.1hh
Lover's Duel (Nightfight) - 8.1hh - 14.2hh
Magic Lantern (Seattle Sorcerer) - 10.0hh - 14.1hh
Pacific Theatre (Rock of Gibraltar) - 9.2hh - 14.2hh
Peacefully (Celtic Star) - 8.2hh - 13.1hh
Port Elizabeth (Dark Continent) - 9.2hh - 14.1hh
Sagamore Rose (Invasor) - 8.3hh - 13.3hh
Silent Forest (Sixth Day) - 7.3hh - 13.3hh
Silver Swallow (Joyeux Oiseau) - 9.0hh - 13.0hh
Sunshine Text (Golden Text) - 8.3hh - 13.2hh

20 colts | 21 fillies | 4 stillborn | No mares lost!

KEPT (Apr. 25, 2017)
15 colts | 12 fillies

Name Changes

Horses For Sale / Filly for Sale
« on: December 25, 2011, 03:11:28 pm »
I have a 3yo filly for sale, Blue Velvet, by Blue Ensign (B) out of Lady Velvet (B). She's a multiple winner and has run 16(1): 3-3-1-2 this year. She's a half-sister to Ch. Court Games and Bright Velvet, whose only racing-age foal (2yo) is stakes placed this year. I'm hoping Blue Velvet will run well for someone else, or at least be a nice broodmare prospect. Would love to see her sell before the new year!

How'd You Do? / 12/7
« on: December 08, 2011, 05:03:10 am »
A pretty good day for us! Sent out 9 and 7 hit the board.

Painted Sunset and Mulligan ran 1st - 2nd/6 in a NW3.
Sun Godess ran 2nd/6 in her NW3.
Rocket Smoke ran 2nd/7 in his OA. We're really hoping his record over the summer was just a hiccup or something, since he seems to be back in fighting form.

A Knight's Tale, Personable Joe, and Spirit of Autumn all finished 4th (and are all 2yo colts).

Stallion Advertising / Black Storm, 2016: Joyeux Oiseau
« on: December 04, 2011, 04:58:13 pm »
Joyeux Oiseau will be standing for his second season, so please excuse me as I try to remember how bookings work  ::)

NCH. Joyeux Oiseau
15.0hh Flea-Bitten Gray Stallion
9f+ Turf & Dirt Specialist
First foals hit the ground in 2016!

Joyeux hit his best at 4+. Retired with only a single minor injury (limping) in his entire career.
55(26): 17(12) - 10(5) - 4 - 1(1), $3,224,500

At 4
  • 1st 10.0f Dirt Gr. 1 Suburban Handicap
  • 1st 11.0f Turf Gr. 1 Man O'War Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Dirt Ungr. Santa Paula Stakes
  • 1st 13.5f Dirt Ungr. Artax Handicap
  • 2nd 9.5f Dirt Ungr. Empire Classic
At 5
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 International Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Dirt Gr. 1 Doomben Cup
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 2 San Marcos Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 2 Turnbull Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 3 Coongy Handicap
  • 2nd 9.0f Turf Gr. 2 A.D. Hollindale Stakes
At 6
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 Bailey's Irish Champion Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Ungr. San Marino Handicap
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Ungr. City and Suburban Handicap
  • 2nd 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 Tattersalls Gold Cup
  • 2nd 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 Prince of Wales Stakes
  • 2nd 12.0f Turf Gr. 1 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Stud Fee: $5,000
Feb 1A - June My Love [Black Storm]
Feb 1B - Noplaceforamaiden [Black Storm]
Feb 2A - Paint Me Quick [Knight Arrow Farm]
Feb 2B - Novel Advantage [Hello Starling]
Mar 1A - Never Been Kissed [Cricket Hill]
Mar 1B -
Mar 2A - World War III [Black Storm]
Mar 2B - Star Shower [Black Storm]
Mar 3A - Harvard Holiday [Battle Hill]
Mar 3B - Morning Waits [Skyclad]
Apr 1A - Dark Song [Unbound Stables]
Apr 1B - Blues Baby [Black Storm]
Apr 2A - Meant to Be [Black Storm]
Apr 2B -
May 1A -
May 1B -
May 2A -
May 2B -
Jun 1A - Salty Turn [Vaucluse]
Jun 1B - Jezabelle [Black Storm]
Jun 2A -
Jun 2B -
Jul 1A -
Jul 1B -
Jul 2A -
Jul 2B -
Aug 1A -
Aug 1B -
Aug 2A -
Aug 2B -

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / November Handicapping
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:08:44 pm »
Black Storm West

Number of Days Handicapped = 1

Wins 9 x $250 = $2250
Places 2 x $100 = $200
Shows 7 x $50 = $350
Quinellas 4 x $500 = $2000
Trifectas 0 x $1000 = $0

Total: $4800

Annual Foal Auction / Foals for the Auction
« on: November 29, 2011, 05:00:49 pm »
I know it isn't until Sunday and Shanthi is most likely busy with a million other things, but will FF weanlings/yearlings be consigned to the auction by the end of the week? Thanks!

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