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How'd You Do? / Re: 11/15
« on: November 17, 2008, 06:40:24 am »
So, I sent out 6 as I try to get back into the swing of things, fully (now that the weather has turned chilly and is forcing me to spend more time indoors).  I was pleasantly surprised at the results, given my horses have just been getting fat & sassy at their given tracks, for the most part.

3YO Catonahottinroof ran a disappointing 5th/6.  I don't know what's up with her - she's got decent height (16.2hh), so I doubt she's STILL immature...yet she's not ever done anything of interest or made any serious moves in any give race.  She pretty much sticks to the back of the pack.  She'll probably be heading to the SC tracks soon, for lack of a better idea.

3YO Flying Feline made her debut at SC, and had more success there than she'd ever had on the flat, finishing 3rd/6 with a SF of 49 (her highest to date).  I'll take it!  Let's hope it's the first of many improved runs.

3YO I'm a Star finally, FINALLY perked up to run home 3rd/7.  She had a SF of 85 after having nothing but 0's since January.  I gave her a good long rest, but apparently she wanted more, which my brief drop in activity happened to provide.  I'm glad to see her starting to get some of her old (stellar!  100+ SFs, SP) form back.  I purchased her with the hope of being able to rehabilitate her.  I didn't know if she'd suddenly just gone "over the hill" and fell off the cliff into the has-been category.  I'm glad to see my suspicions of exhaustion being the more likely culprit confirmed.  Can't wait to see what this girl is capable of.

3YO Laughing Academy either hated the wet track or the 2 month rest...because he ran dead last in his race, in stark contrast to his 102 SF win in his last outing!  Boo.

5YO Madd Karol, my absolute favorite "never-gonna-let-her-go" mare, ran an impressive 2nd/14 in her allowance as I try to bring her up to form for the Breeders' Series SC F/M.  She's ranked #1 in that category thanks to her undefeated first half of the year (which of course is no longer the case).  There are some tough cookies in the qualifying list, though, so we'll see.

Last but not least was 5YO Out of Destiny, recently gelded, who ran a game 3rd/10 against some tough company, earning him a SF of 103!   :o  Good boy!

General/Questions / Re: 2013 2yo Superstars
« on: November 17, 2008, 02:20:50 am »
I've currently got 11 yearlings to look forward to starting next spring.  Most are of created lines (thanks to activity points), but we do have some we're super excited about:

Alyglamour is a pretty 14.1hh light bay filly out of our own broodmare (not bred by us, though), silver-ranked The Cover Girl.  This makes her 1/2 to SW Ch. Undercover Girl (G2 winner) and SW Ch. Cover Story, with all her other 1/2 sibs being at least winners.  Her daddy (if you didn't already pick up from her name) is the silver-ranked stud, Alydar.  Seems like a pretty reliable cross!  Oh yeah, and her 1/2 sis, SW Ch. Undercover Girl, is by Easy Goer...son of Alydar.

Bijou Replica has always been tiny - she's a 13.2hh black filly of created lines - my first ever activity points reward.

Cheating Jazz stands a pretty impressive 15.3hh and is bay.  She's out of bronze-ranked Prosperous Cheater.  Though she doesn't have any stakes-level babies, all of the runners are winners, which is a plus.  Cheating Jazz is also by the well-known sire, silver-ranked GCh. Jazz It Up.  He's thrown many, many MSW, which again, we hope is a good sign.  We hope she's raring to go by March!

Hello Goodbye is a 15.1hh flashy blue roan filly of created lines...we'll see.  At least she's decently tall so far.

O Lordy is a 15.0hh flashy blue roan colt of created lines.  Again, a crapshoot.

O Mercy Me (purchased after O Lordy got his name...and I didn't have the heart to change either 'cause I like both and hope at least *one* might get studdified...ha) is a smaller 14.0hh black colt of created lines.

Softspoken is a 15.2hh light grey filly with lots of chrome - she's of created lines, but here's hoping her decent height so far helps her out.

The one I'm perhaps MOST excited about is Tizsosudden, a dark grey colt with lots of chrome standing an impressive 16.2hh already.   :o  He's a monster.  He also happens to be out of bronze-ranked Sudden Success, making him 1/2 to SW Ch. Image of Success and SP Ch. Explosive Success, with all other 1/2 siblings being winners at least.  His sire is none other than Tiznow, the yet-unproven sire in HF, but well-known in RL.  Who knows how he'll turn out, but I have high hopes for this boy.

Another of my more anticipated yearlings to race will be Twirlaway, a 15.0hh light chestnut filly.  She is out of silver-ranked Fondly Yours, making Twirlaway 1/2 to SW Ch. Ghost Your Good, SW Ch. Cordially, SP Secretly Yours, and SP It's All Yours.  Her only 3 other siblings are all winners, with Twirlaway being Fondly Yours' last foal and the baby of the family.  Her sire is none other than silver-ranked Whirlaway (gee, I make the sires too obvious with the names, don't I?), who has produced several MSW, SW, and SP foals to date.

Unique Style is a dainty 13.1hh mahogany bay filly out of created lines.  She looks like she'll probably be one of the late bloomers of the group, but we'll see.

Last but not least is Va Va Voom, a 14.0hh brown filly of created lines.  Lots of mysteries this year!

Waiting Area / Re: Hi!
« on: November 16, 2008, 03:17:15 pm »
Tehehe, another Alyssa!
Welcome to the game.  If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask.  Be warned, though: this game is HIGHLY addicting!   :P

Annual Select Auction / Re: 2012 How'd You Do?
« on: September 09, 2008, 05:16:16 am »
I finally got to participate in the Select Auction, although I kept myself on a very limited budget...
I'm incredibly pleased with both of the lovely ladies I got to bring home.

First, I was happy (and surprised!) to be able to snag The Cover Girl, a 1997 silver-ranked broodmare from created lines.  I was especially hoping to get her because I currently own her weanling daughter by Alydar, Alyglamour.  Hopefully the cross turns out to be a good one, too, because The Cover Girl is in foal to Alydar's son, Alley Cat.  Looks like this will be my first dam & foal-to-race combo come!  Even though Alyglamour isn't a homebred, it feels almost as such since I bought her as a weanling and named her...

Next up was another pretty gal, Always A Lady, a 1996 silver-ranked chestnut broodmare from created lines.  She was purchased mainly for her pretty name, pretty markings, and 'cause she's in foal to Giant's Causeway, who is a pretty stud.   :P  She's due January 1st, though, so I sure hope she holds her baby in for a while!

How'd You Do? / Re: 8/20
« on: August 21, 2008, 07:26:54 am »
After two racedays where NOBODY did anything worth mentioning (I don't think any even brought home a 5th place paycheck, but I could be wrong...  Perhaps they were mad at not getting to run as often as usual?), we FINALLY had a great day:

Only had time to get one entry sent out, and that's only because we've been eyeing this race for her since springtime.  5YO Madd Karol has been uber consistant this year, and today's efforts were no different.  She broke fast, then was caught in a 4-way dead heat at the 10f pole before really digging in for the final furlong and winning by a margin of over 32 lengths.  And this was no ordinary allowance, either - today she ran in the G2 Set In Her Ways Stakes, the first leg of the older mare SC triple tiara.  This brings her 2012 record to 8 race (7 stakes) starts...with 6 (5 stakes) wins and 1 (1 stakes) place.  She doesn't like dirt in her face, which is fine by me!!

Next, we also successfully claimed 3YO Trick Cat, a cute lil' mahogany bay.  Not to be outdone, he also ran to win his race.  This was his second SC start ever, and I'm happy to say that, thus far, he's been undefeated.  Let's hope he keeps it up!

How'd You Do? / Re: 8/6
« on: August 07, 2008, 05:47:30 pm »
We sent out 3 runners yesterday, with mixed results:

2YO Dead In Time finished 7th/12 in his maiden race.  Bleh.  2YOs.   ::)  He LOOKS mature, but doesn't run like it.  Who knows.

2YO Lucky Fox finished 4th/6 in her NW2 allowance.  At least she brought home a paycheck.

2YO Name In Lights continues to be one of our more reliable 2YOs, breaking his maiden today in his NW1 allowance.

How'd You Do? / Re: 8/2
« on: August 07, 2008, 05:32:41 pm »
Sent out lots of ponies that day, but I didn't have time to post as I was house-sitting, so here are the belated results (in no specific order):

3YO Catonahottinroof continues to be frustrating, coming home 4th/6 in her NW2 Allowance.  She stands 16.1hh, so I have a hard time believing she's just immature, yet she prefers to come in near the back of the pack with only one exception (a place) to date.  Maybe she wants fences?  I hate to give up on her, though, because she's friggin' cute, and I love the name.   :P  Worst case scenario: she'll be put up for lease in hopes someone else might be able to work some magic with her.

3YO Heroic Acts fared much better, winning his starter allowance handily.  He'll be sticking with allowance level races, as he is much more reliable there, and, as a gelding, he's got nothing to gain from the "SW/SP" titles anyway.

5YO Trial By Fire continues to be a consistant money-earner, finishing 2nd/7 in his race. 3YO Highland Treasure ran in the same race, coming home 5th/7, but we partially expected that as this girl LOVES dirt but ran on turf today.  We'll be looking for a nice dirt sprint for her next outing.

Dainty little 2YO Isobella's Sea surprised us a bit by coming across the wire 3rd/6 in her second outing.  I don't know if it was the turf or the wetness or the added F8 - or all three - that she liked, but yay for her!

5YO Keria Toon was the highlight of the day, winning the ungraded Osunitas Handicap at Del Mar (and finally becoming a stakes winner AND gaining Champion status!)  Yet again, I'm glad I didn't retire her this spring!  Can't wait to see what she can do from here on out.   :)  3YO Must Be Royal ran in the same race as Carrie, but she was quite a bit behind her finishing 7th/10.  She's still young, though, and we're hoping she just needs more time to mature.  She's got plenty of time (and stellar breeding)!

Our other 5YO mare, Madd Karol, had a rough time of it today.  She came home 5th/10 in the ungraded Yaddo Stakes, which is a marked difference from her other races this year (she was undefeated in 2012 in all but her last two races...and is a multiple G2 winner).  She'll be shipping home for a long rest to hopefully prepare for the older mare SC triple crown...  Hope she gets back on track in time!   :-\

5YO Out of Destiny came home 4th/6 - this boy is the definition of inconsistant.  He's had super-high SFs in some races, winning easily...and then runs at the back of the pack for others.  He even had a SF of 391 once  :o (although it looks like the code may have been on crack that day, judging by the SFs of all his competitors).  Maybe he just needs some equipment to keep him focused...and maybe he just needs to be gelded.  *gulp*  We'll try the equipment changes first...

3YO Premiere Night proved he's not quite ready for stakes company, coming home 8th/10 - his first time out of the money.  At least I have a consistant allowance pony!

The biggest upset of the day came from 3YO Santiago Roja, a mare who's shown (once) that she does HAVE talent, she just prefers not to use it...  Today, she came home 3rd/6.  That makes it her second time in the money in 16 starts.  This girl needs some motivation, I just don't know what will work for her.  Stablemate, 3YO Swingshift, came home 5th/6 in the same race.  Hey, at least he wasn't last.  That's all we hope for when we send him out.   ::)

3YO Star of the Show finished 3rd/6 in her allowance, which isn't too bad for her lately.  Paychecks are always appreciated.

How'd You Do? / Re: 7/30
« on: July 31, 2008, 05:43:52 am »
Sent three out today, with mixed results:

First up was 2YO Waterpearl, who came in dead last, 6th/6.  She broke her maiden her last time out, on a good turf track with no equipment...and today she had blinkers on wet dirt.  Hrm.  Could be any number of things, so we'll keep toying with her.

Next out was 3YO Kiasport who ran an impressive 3rd/7 against a tough field in her allowance.  She prefers shorter distances than today's 7.5f, but she still ran gamely, so we're happy.  She continues to be consistant - that's all we ask.

Last but certainly not least was 3YO Magic Flyer who continues to shine, winning the G2 Arlington Handicap by over 11 lengths and bringing home (I believe) our largest purse to date.  That leaves him a mere 4pts away from his GCh. title, which will be the first for Ivy Creek (assuming he reaches it, ha)!  It also brings him up to 4 stakes maybe we ought to aim for that illusive G1 win before he fizzles out?  Either way, he makes me very happy, even if he ends up never reaching such a lofty goal as that...

To Do List / Re: Budget Discrepency
« on: July 22, 2008, 06:21:55 pm »
Wow, thanks Shanthi.   :)

To Do List / Re: Budget Discrepency
« on: July 21, 2008, 03:47:31 pm »'s that the budget USED to be correct...before taxes at the end of the year.
On the budget page, it shows that we were CREDITED with the amount (instead of charged), although we all-too-painfully know that the money did indeed get taken from the account.  That's the reason for the discrepancy.
Nothing big, nothing too I doubt it will get fixed anytime soon.   :)

I, too, am coming up on about a year and a half, so I've had a few auctions so far...

2011 Annual 2YO Auction

(My goal was to get the maximum number of horses - 3 - for the minimum I went for the horses no one was bidding on)

Kiasport - ($1,000) She's now a Ch., SW, and MSP...she's earned $285,100 so far.

Santiago Roja - ($1,000) Had one stellar win with a SF of 101...but has refused to run at all in any of her other 14 starts so far...but she's earned $23,250, and we're hoping that, since she obviously has the ABILITY to run, she might someday produce foals that also have the DESIRE to run with the right sire.

Swingshift - ($1,000) A complete dud thus far, prefering to come in dead last in all of his 9 starts, even after a switch to SC and being gelded.  He's resting in hopes that, since he's a late July baby, he just hasn't matured yet.  He's only 15.0hh, so it's possible.

2011 Annual Mixed Auction

Rodeo Cowgirl - ($1,000) Was purchased to be a brood and was promptly retired; she just produced her first foal, Notmyfirstrodeo, by Temptation...she's currently in foal to Strider.

Alyclass - ($3,000) Sold him February of this year, and ended up with a profit of $24,375 despite him being inconsistant.  He passed hands again, then joined the FF horses when his owner disappeared, I'm guessing.

Oh So Sharp - ($36,000) Was a broodmare when purchased, and just had her second foal (first for us), Oh So Proud, by Highland Pride...she's currently in foal to TakeMeToHollywood.

2011 Annual Select Auction

(Threw out a few bids, and quickly realized I was too much of a cheapskate to continue, ha.)

2011 Annual Foal Auction

Song Of Singapore - ($10,500) Only two starts so far, with nothing worth mentioning.
Alyglamour - ($1,000) Still a yearling.
Demand Drama - ($10,500) Only two starts so far, and again, nothing to note.
Twirlaway - ($15,500) Still a yearling.
Hello Goodbye - ($5,500) Still a yearling.

2012 Annual 2YO Auction

Name In Lights - ($15,500) 3 starts so far, with one 3rd and two 4ths, earning $6,350 so far.
Sheza Hornet - ($35,500) 3 starts, broke her maiden and two 4ths, earning $12,500 so far.
Fly Away - ($15,500) 3 starts, broke his maiden, one 2nd, and one 4th, earning $16,050.
B A Cowboy - ($20,500) 3 starts, broke his maiden and one 3rd, earning $13,500.

To Do List / Re: Another "Horse"
« on: July 16, 2008, 08:11:24 pm »
What about just "Call Me Horse"?  Or "Just A Horse"?

Annual Mixed Auction / Re: How'd You Do 2012
« on: July 15, 2008, 05:33:48 am »
I came out of the auction with 5 new ponies (surprisingly!), so I'm beyond pleased.   :D  Spent a lot less overall than I thought I would have to, too.

In the end, we came home with 2 weanlings, 2 yearlings, and 1 new broodmare...which isn't half bad!  I was originally aiming to get some more runners, but once the bidding got underway I found myself pulled towards some neglected babies...and getting some steals as a result!

As far as weanlings go, we picked up a lovely blue roan filly, Long Kiss Goodbye.  She's from created lines, so who knows how she'll turn out...but I just loved the name and couldn't resist.  She was a steal at $1,000.

Next weanling was Affirmed daughter (yay!  I'd secretly hoped to get one of his daughters someday) who was previously unnamed - now titled Afterglow.  While at first glance her pedigree may seem a bit lackluster in the big scheme of things (her dam is bronze-rated, although Affirmed beefs that up with a silver-ranking), two of her three half-siblings to hit the track have been pretty impressive, with the third still being a green 2YO.  She is 1/2 to SP Debut Performance (x Class Act, 4YO stallion, Gintara Lodge) and MSP Murder By Numbers (x Run For It, 3YO filly, Snowbird International).  Her 2YO half sibling, Encore Performance (x Sneak Peek, Gintara Lodge), has only had 2 unplaced starts...but she's only a July baby.   :)  Can't wait to see this one grow up!  She's definitely one of my most exciting acquisitions from this auction.  I think I got quite a good deal on her at only $11,500.

As for yearlings, we started out with a handsome black colt, O Mercy Me, whose pedigree I created.  He's from FF lines, though, so who knows if he'll know how to run.  I just couldn't resist the name as it was one of my favorites.  Paid a little more for this fellow than some, but only slightly at $3,500.

Our other yearlings is also from created lines.  Formerly named Off Beat, Unique Style is a pretty little mahogany bay gal.  Here's hoping that she, too, can excel without a blue-blood pedigree.   :)  Either way, I think it's safe to say she was a sound investment at only $1,000.

And last but not least, we rounded out our little band of newcomers with a pretty black broodmare, D'licious.  She's already had two foals - a yearling colt by Almost Home and a weanling filly by Count Fleet - but she's unraced and therefore a complete gamble.  I just liked the name (and the possibility of themed D'____ names, ha).  She's headed to meet Cat's pride and joy, High Chances, for a date.  ;)  I think I got her at a price that's more than fair, even though she was the most expensive purchase at $20,500.

How'd You Do? / Re: 7/9
« on: July 12, 2008, 02:32:03 pm »
Pretty good day for Ivy Creek:

2YO Fly Away wired his race to break his maiden - he clearly loved the addition of blinkers.

We successfully claimed 3YO Laughing Academy, who came in only 4th/6 in his race...his worst start of the year, which isn't half bad (hey, paychecks can never be bad!  :P)  Hopefully with some tweaking we might be able to make him more consistant.

And last but not least, 3YO Magic Flyer won the G3 Poker Handicap, bringing his total stakes wins to 3.  He's got a long way to go, but I'm still hopeful for this boy because he sure has some grit.  He's never placed below 3rd in a stakes race - if nothing else, he's one of our most reliable money-earners!

How'd You Do? / Re: 7/5
« on: July 06, 2008, 11:33:11 pm »
Didn't send any out yesterday, but brought one home.  I notice that my successful claims tend to come in waves...  Yesterday we successfully claimed a dainty (but determined) 2YO filly, Theatrical Lady, who stands 14.3hh currently.  Don't let her size fool you, though - she's got grit, which she proved yesterday by winning her claiming race by over 27 lengths.  That brings her 2YO record to 2 (1-1-0), which is certainly impressive!  She also had a SF of 95 in her first start, which isn't too shabby!  Can't wait to see how this girl matures.   :)

Also worth mentioning, although it wasn't regarding today's races...  We had another successful claim while I was away on vacation last week - another 2YO filly, though a full 2 hands taller, who also won her claiming race.  Waterpearl broke her maiden her first time out, which is a really promising way to start out.  Hopefully she'll only improve from there as she gains experience.  What a way to celebrate the Fourth & a great conclusion to a vacation.

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