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Questions / Re: Jockey Question
« on: August 15, 2008, 04:34:11 am »
Shanthi - Just out of curiosity, if you have the Default Racing Options for a flat racer set up with a particular flat jockey, what will happen to those settings if you switch the horse to steeplechasing? Will the jockey remain as the default or will it go to blank? I have a feeling that I have bought a horse in the past that had been recently switched to steeplechasing, and, when I checked their options, they had a flat jockey as their default.

Questions / Re: Selling Issues
« on: August 13, 2008, 09:19:24 pm »

I assume that you are referring to Take Your Chances?

If you are determined to sell her, I'll offer you $20,000 for her. I have a 4YO filly out of the same mare as Take Your Chances (Ch. Sheza Dreamer), so would be interested to see if TYC can follow in her older sisters footsteps (hoofprints).

Let me know.

Shanthi - If SunStar agrees to the sale, do you think that $20,000 is a reasonable offer to make for this yearling? I looked at the prices that a few yearlings sold for in recent auctions and took the average. I see that SunStar is a relative newbie and don't want to take advantage of her (mind you, I've only been active in FF for about 6 months longer than she has!).

I know that Take Your Chances can't be sold until December but I'm willing to wait until then to actually take possession of her.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 8/13
« on: August 12, 2008, 05:19:41 pm »
Here are my picks for Wednesday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   SuchaStar
   Editor's Agenda
2   Aye Chihuahua
   Bright Dixon
   My Premier
3   B A Cowboy
   Strike Out
   Cobbity Classic
4   Alhama
   MY Tonka Toy
   California Concept
5   Northern Style
   General Custer
6   Townsend Success
   Master of Ceremony
7   Whereforeartthou
   Snake Charmer
   Crow Eye
8   The Fool
   Petrified Carrot
9   Ooola
   Little Hellion
   Gallant Cee
10   Rose Marie
   Seattle's Strike
   Swirling Silver

11   Black Baron
   St. Gallen
   Runs With Scissors
12   Heathen King
   Highland Burning
13   Marching Orders
   Bold Gamble
   Crimson Heart
14   Spanish Castle
   Missed Cue
   Slew's Sweety
15   Devil's Game
16   Duke of Orleans
   Fifty Fifty
   Black Ribbon
17   Italian Devil
   Positively Stormy
   Magic Crystal
18   Samhain
   Coco Diablo
    Ain't Misbehavin'
19   Simply Gallant
   Hope's Victory
20   Jumping Jimmy
    Devil's Execution
    Sacred Silence

21   Bid of Darkness
   Quiet Edict
    Dare To Question
22   Seer
    Shy Shy
23   Truth or Dare
    Royal Quick Dash
    Spectacular Fire
24   Star of Bertram
    Ata Boy Harry
    Last Knight
25   Have A Hayday
    Beginner's Luck
    Cross The Line
26   Russian Ruby
    Jet Propulsion
   Strange Halo
27   Timeless
    Senor Danzig
    Dream Sequence
28   Hopeless
   Ami's Fight
    Rocket 'N' Roll
29   AJ Forever
    Georgia Peaches
    Just That Age
30   The Ways of Magic
    Chimi Chunga

31   Window Shopping
    Tropical Vacation
    Lachlan River
32   Starview
   Candy Girl
33   Idylle
   Silent But Deadly
34   Fleeting Glory
   Momma's Gift
35   Tough Enough
   Joan Of Arc
36   Cryptaware
    Lake Buoy
37   Golden Angel
    Memories of Love
    Star of Fame
38   Seattle Dancer
    Flaming Chicken
39   Over the Clouds
   Jeweled Castle
    My Amigo
40   Medicine Trick
    Silver Tree
    Gravity Girl

41   Bombay Day
    Lost Silhouette
42   St. Paddy's Man
    Martian Attack
43   Shogun Lodge
   Magic Rose
    Promised Union
44   Express Yourself
   Subzero Justice
   Cryptic Sovereign
45   All Jazzed Up
    Townsend Secret
46   Djinn
    Crazy For You
    Sorority Sister
47   Sultry Woman
    Fit to be Jim
48   Gilttogo
    Backyard Fire
    Lone Island
49   Broad Account
    Silver Wizard
    Fast Fleet Feet
50   Thingthatgobump
   Run Suki Run
    My Stupid Girl

Wins   12   x $250 = $3,000
Places   5   x $100 = $500
Shows   11   x $50 = $550
Quinellas   1   x $500 = $500
Trifectas   1   x $1000 = $1,000
Total   $5,550

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 8/9
« on: August 08, 2008, 04:39:02 pm »

Questions / Re: Handicapping Issue - Time Zones
« on: August 08, 2008, 02:39:18 pm »
The time on the right appears to be FF time and, at present, it appears to be 4 hours behind EST. I've never paid any attention to it in the past.

I have found handicapping to be a very good source of extra income and a bit of fun, looking at the results of the races and comparing them to my picks. I probably spend about an hour on a Tuesday and a Friday working out my picks and am averaging about $5,000 a day. I have so far earned over $300K this year and fully expect to go over $500k by the end of the year.

My advice to Shirozora is to ignore the FF time, work on the basis that you have to get your picks in by 9pm PST, and have fun.

How'd You Do? / Re: 8/6
« on: August 07, 2008, 04:40:50 am »
Started the day taking six horses to the tracks, returned with seven. Two wins and two thirds from our six runners. Can't complain about that.

Tottenham Hotspur and Minaret both finished 3rd in their 2YO Allowances.

Hollywood Royalty finished 4th/6 in his Starter Allowance, however, the two horses he beat both had DNF's in their running line. He definitely could do with a rest but until Shanthi sets up the FF Stables, it is too expensive to bring him home.

Ch. Night Owl showed why he got his Champion rating in finishing 1st/14 in his Allowance. His 8th career win, unfortunately only one has been in a Stakes race, so his chances of being retired to stud are slim to none.

Tidal Wave showed that he isn't up to Stakes class, finishing 8th/10 in the Grade 1 Whitney Handicap.

Our best performance came with the last of our six runners when Secret Society led from pillar to post to beat nine other runners in the Grade 2 Wonder Where Stakes. I only entered her in this race because her previous Owner or Breeder or whoever had nominated her for it, and, as I didn't have any other horses nominated for major Stakes races, I figured that I'd let her take her chance. She sure came up trumps.

The new addition to our Stable is Sinbad, a 5YO colt. I claimed him because my dad used to own a horse called Sinbad in Jamaica, about thirty years ago. Purely sentimental reasons. He finished 4th/6 in his Claiming race. He has finished in the first four in 11 of his 17 races, winning three times, so hopefully he should quickly pay back his purchase price.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 8/6
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:14:40 pm »
Here are my picks for Wednesday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   WorkingForTheMan
   Tiger With Spots
   Friendly Josie
2   Tottenham Hotspur
   Gold On Sunday
   Opening Statement
3   Mr. Doug Magee
   Instant Mocha
4   Black Cadillac
   Alarm Code
5   Admiral's Princess
   Townsend Fire
   El Cid
6   June My Love
   Dodge The Draft
   A Pharoahs Victory
7   Heyhey Sweetbaby
   Life and Times
   Georgia Overdrive
8   Graffiti
   Count Silver
9   Banana Boat
   Celtic Star
10   Pandemonium
   Molly is a Mule
   Strike Out

11   Scorpions Friend
   Mi Vida Loca
   Slew's Way
12   Little Blotto
   Golden Song
13   Fatal Flaw
   Just As Effective
14   Opulent
   Dark of Night
   Russian Blue
15   Third Dimension
   Prince Caspian
   Bold Frolic
16   Northern Gold
   Gold Ingot
   Jumpin' Jo Gary
17   Dashin For America
   Trace My Lace
18   Scottish Pride
   Splendid Silence
    Holland Romance
19   No Comment
   El Limon
   Fight For Hope
20   Street Sense
    Silver Reve

21   Hashin Out A Song
   Las Vegas
22   I've Got an In
    Still Fleeting
    Absurd Dream
23   Deborah
    Greely's Flame
24   Excalibur
    Stay Classy
25   Dreams of Victory
    Against The Rules
    Battle Strike
26   Thenford Glen
27   Monash Hill
    Beyond Belief
    Bucking Tiger
28   Smashing Magic
    Silent Miracle
29   Magically
    Self Assured
    Klondike Glory
30   DownWithBarriers
    Magic River

31   Revlon
    Polite Refusal
    Glory Daze
32   Southern Artist
   Prodigal Son
   Follow My Shadow
33   Hollywood Royalty
    Pilots Legacy
34   Pacific Ocean
    Political Language
   Sweet Sayings
35   Night Owl
36   Magic Jester
    Wild Logo
   Just Like Ice
37   This Just In
    Irish Gold
    Little Echo
38   Pilots Legacy
    To Boldly Go
39   Matt's Broken Vow
   Worth A Mint
    We Three Kings
40   Boston Wind
    Silk and Ivory

41   My Little Runaway
    Tap Dance
    Estimated Prophet
42   Maybe Memories
    Indy's Award
    Shy Guy
43   War Spy
    Kitten's Award
44   Subzero Justice
   Hard on the Heart
45   Bellagio
    Prince William
    Yes It's Paddy
46   Trippi Flowers
    Silver Watagan
    Devilish Lass
47   Point Of No Return
    April Fooled
    Secret Society
48   Prospero
49   Player
    Easy Decision
    Native Justice
50   Crimson Sign
   Fleetly Wild
    Keep the Kitty

Wins   6   x $250 = $1,500   
Places   11   x $100 = $1,100   
Shows   9   x $50 = $450   
Quinellas   1   x $500 = $500   
Trifectas   2   x $1000 = $2,000   
Total   $5,550

Questions / Tax bug
« on: August 04, 2008, 02:28:00 am »

I know this is a little early to be thinking about taxes for this year, but I was looking at my Stables taxes and noticed that one of my horses appears twice in the list of Racehorses. The horse is Rein of the Tiger. I have a number of horses that appear in both the Racehorses list and the Broodmares list, which is correct, as they raced a couple of times before I retired them to Stud, however, Rein of the Tiger only appears in the Racehorses list, but twice.

The first entry shows him as having earned $295,800 (which agrees with my figures) and that the tax on this would be $29,580.
The second entry shows him as having not raced and with no earnings but with tax of $5,000.

Because of this duplication, the system is showing my Tax owed as $5,000 more than it should be.

Could you please check into this for me when you have a chance. It isn't urgent as Taxes aren't due for another 5+ months.


Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: July Handicapping
« on: August 02, 2008, 02:54:52 am »
Starfish Stables

This Month
Days   9   No Days Handicapped = 9
Wins   78   x $250 = $19,500
Places   60   x $100 = $6,000
Shows   77   x $50 = $3,850
Quinellas   12   x $500 = $6,000
Trifectas   9   x $1000 = $9,000
Total   $44,350

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 8/2
« on: August 02, 2008, 02:52:12 am »
Here are my picks for Saturday (Starfish horses in red):-

1  Harvard Party
Quiet Crush

2  Novel Phoenix
Wild Romance
Townsend Miracle

3  Honest Money
Punch Drunk
Northern Gentlemen

4  Animalz R Us
Isobella's Sea

5  Capriole
Tiger Express

6  La Lune Bleue
No Thinkin Allowed
Shoting To Space

7  Assassination
Smooth Coverup
Painted Native

8  Maybach
Clum Z

9  Hidden Halo
Summer's End

10  Hope of the Nile
Santiago Roja

11  Classical Dancer
Diamond's Price
Cold Hard Truth

12  Sela
Run For Silver
Quite Catty

13  Wild Bear
Yukon Jack
Gracious Princess

14  Horse
Willing To Run

15  Bashir
Crimson Charger
Starz Are Royal

16  Nifty Nell
In Your Head
To The Stars

17  Legally Bay
Gold Digger Gal
See My Side

18  Take Me Away
Dead On Target
Colors of Fire

19  Silver Victor
Lachlan River
Clear Enough

20  Engaging
In Thy Name
Infinite Frontier

21  Worth Believin'
Cat Burglar
Out of Destiny

22  More Than A Miss
Belle Balle
River of Fire

23  Passin' Sandi
Wicked Livy
Chic Swain

24  Tricky Alex
Silver Slew
Scarlet Image

25  Storm Fan
Peace Offering
All The Way

26  Don't Be Alarmed
Spicy Rizzi
Baby Book

27  Unda Dee See
Niall Mor
War Effort

28  Sundance
Sparkling Diamond

29  Aruun
Tiger Net

30  Feeble Excuse
More Than Risky

31  Humble Pie
Box Of Chocolates
Glorious Swift

32  Disappearing Act
Prince of Grace
Day at the Dock

33  Tahoe Blues
Medieval Time
Heroic Acts

34  Storm of Swords
Magic Indy
The Perfect Rose

35  Beyond The Galaxy
Yogita's Pride
Remember Me

36  Native Highlander
Keep Quiet
Small Town Gal

37  Klondike Bar
Universal Tiger

38  Snow Happy
Distinct Silver
Party Boat

39  Ghostly Legend
Ben Jettin'
AcrossThe Universe

40  Artful Expressions
Cinnamon Harp

41  Sheza Dreamer
My Style
Rock and Roll

42  Powerful Fleet
Foolish Pride

43  Playing It Cool
Keria Toon

44  TruPride
Knocked Out Cold
Smoke and Mirrors

45  Gypsy Feet
Timely Fable
Flaming Silk

46  Madd Karol
Unbridled Delight
Clear A Path

47  Dancing Shadow
My Stupid Girl
Lil Miz Charmer

48  Peer To Peer
Silver Wizard
Just Like Me

49  Seattle Prospect
Roadside Caf

Questions / Re: Redeemed Yearling
« on: July 29, 2008, 11:58:20 am »
I couldn't remember if we were allowed to change names of yearlings.  Anyway, she has been renamed to Jive Talking.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 7/30
« on: July 29, 2008, 11:53:02 am »
Here are my picks for Wednesday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   Guns of Summer
   Apples to Apples
   Step With Me
2   Burning Rubber
   Silver Illusion
3   Lucky Ducky
   Dark Wager
   Ideal Ransom
4   Hot Knuckles
   Admiral's Princess
5   Lawdog
   Pirate Saint
6   Glenfidditch
7   Thoroughly Blind
   Lonely River
   Only The Lonely
8   Technical Issue
   Hussel Russel
   Two Times A Royal
9   Affirmed Prospect
   Keep To the Code
   Guiding Light
10   Miss Ter Ree
   Pizza Guy
   Baby Jinx

11   High Society
   Heart Breaker
   Slew's Sweety
12   Native Miracle
   Lost Signal
13   Mr. Monaco
   Runaway Jury
14   Interpol
   Classic Glory
15   Twin Pirate
   Dear Abigail
   La Mariposa
16   Associated Press
   Pure Magic
   Highland Fling
17   Imperium
   Crafty Inn
18   Magic Session
   Legend Enough
    Redwood Moon
19   Malibu
   Treasure It
   Dare To Dream
20   Gallantly
    Star Wish
    Foolish Dame

21   Always In Demand
   Sea Aflame
22   Rocketman
23   King of the Jungle
    Master & Commander
    Ray of Light
24   Gingham
    Excess Heat
25   Purely Platonic
    Academy Award
26   Knight Of Montague
    Ain't in Kansas
   Fairy Glitter
27   Silencia
    Princess Grace
    Awaiting the Dawn
28   Vintage Ice
   Garden of Evil
29   Tell The Tiger
    Jefferson Parish
30   ShesMyCindi
    Yukon Fame

31   Tear Drop
    The Fugitive
    Special Effect
32   Glass Facade
   Sacred Silence
33   Frolic a Little
   King of Dust
    Wild Thing
34   Must Be A Mystery
   Dressed to Kill
35   Alliedawg
   Boom Boom Jackson
36   Horse Whisper
   Fall From Heaven
37   Golden Jazz
    Tiger Eats Horse
    Untapped Talent
38   What's My Future
    Super Flag
    Smooth Halo
39   River of Flame
   Clear Effect
    Pride of the Hall
40   Lovebird
    Cardinal Virtues
    Monkey Hunter

41   Secret of the Wild
    Dirty Harry
    Silver Storm
42   All Jazzed Up
    Magic Flyer
    Gold Edition
43   Soviet Nights
   Gummy Bear
    Hasti Serve
44   Flyby
   Cigar's Queen
   Azul Caballo
45   Arctic Lemming
    Pleasant Lady
46   Simply Glorious
    Polly Anna
    Victory Pass
47   Djinn
    Nuit Noir
48   Long Live The King
    Western Star
49   Seaside Serenade
    Wahoo Jack
    Sounds Impossible
50   Run Suki Run
   Ami's Gone
    Silver Devil

Wins   6   x $250 = $1,500
Places   3   x $100 = $300
Shows   5   x $50 = $250
Quinellas   0   x $500 = $0
Trifectas   0   x $1000 = $0
Total   $2,050

Brother, the last two days have been very poor for me. My earnings for these two days combined is less than my normal daily average. Still, $44K is nothing to sneer at. I guess I shouldn't be too greedy.

Questions / Redeemed Yearling
« on: July 29, 2008, 03:26:00 am »

I redeemed some Activity Points for a Yearling filly, but don't like the name that the system gave her. She is by AJive'n'Ajitter by AllThatGossip and the system named her AllThoseJivers. I would like to change her name to Jive Talking (I used to be a big Bee Gees fan - the youngsters in the game are probably asking Bee Whos???), but, don't remember if you can change the name of a yearling. I did a search for that name and it doesn't exist.

Would it be OK for me to change her name?

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 7/26
« on: July 25, 2008, 07:57:24 pm »

General/Questions / Re: Frustrating colt
« on: July 24, 2008, 07:20:57 pm »
Well, even though I didn't say that in my original post, that is one of the options I would be looking at for the end of his 5yo days. I didn't want to come right out and say it in case he read this, LOL (although maybe that might be a good thing if he knew the fate that awaited him if he didn't start winning some Stakes races!!!)

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