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Waiting Area / Re: Hello :)
« on: September 22, 2008, 02:57:10 pm »
Hi Danielle and welcome to Final Furlong. I am in two other online Racing games and this is by far the best of them all.

I have a 20 Year old daughter who was born in England (Dartford, Kent, to be exact) and coincidentally, her name is Danielle. I also have a 27 year old step-daughter who was born in Jamaica and a son who turned 18 today who was born in Orlando, Florida. I was born in Jamaica and my wife was born in North Wales, so, as you can see, we are a truly international family.

My father and grandfather used to own race horses in Jamaica many years ago (their last horse ran in the 80's). One of their horses won the 1954 Jamaica Derby and St. Leger. I have been interested in horse racing since my early teens (40+ years ago) but have never personally owned any (maybe one day). We have two dogs, Bronwen, a 3 year old Border Collie and Dakota, a 1 1/2 year old Retriever Mix, both female.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy FF as much as I have. In the year+ that I have been in FF, it has given me a lot of pleasure and is probably the closest I will ever come to actually owning racehorses.

BTW - One way to earn extra money in this game is to try your hand at handicapping (check out the Weekly Picks/Handicapping thread on the Forum). You try and predict the first three home in each race, in order, and earn "money" based on how close your picks come to the actual results. I have been doing it for nearly a year and average between $40,000 & $45,000 each month.

Another thing I have done is look at the horses for sale and go for something inexpensive (<$20,000) that has been consistently in the money but hasn't necessarily won many races. I remember reading a recommendation somewhere, either in this Forum or in one of the other games I'm in, to only look at horses that have a 1-2-3 strike rate of 33%+. By smart placing and by not shooting for the moon too early, I have built up my stables from my two Starter horses to 40 racehorses plus 15 non-racers (one stallion plus a bunch of broodmares and a few yearlings and weanlings) and currently have a 49% strike rate (1-2-3-4).

Anyway, whatever strategy you use, I hope it is successful and that your horses win lots of races (unless they are running against any of my horses ;D!!!)

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/20
« on: September 20, 2008, 04:47:41 pm »
Today's Handicapping
Wins   4   x $250 = $1,000   
Places   7   x $100 = $700   
Shows   13   x $50 = $650   
Quinellas   2   x $500 = $1,000   
Trifectas   3   x $1000 = $3,000   
Total   $6,350

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/20
« on: September 19, 2008, 07:49:26 pm »

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/17
« on: September 18, 2008, 02:28:31 am »
Today's Handicapping
Wins   6   x $250 = $1,500
Places   5   x $100 = $500
Shows   7   x $50 = $350
Quinellas   1   x $500 = $500
Trifectas   1   x $1000 = $1,000
Total   $3,850

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/17
« on: September 16, 2008, 08:33:11 pm »
Here are my picks for Wednesday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   Watertight Alibi
   Blue Fire
2   Snow White
3   Novel Phoenix
   Major Impact
   Razz Attach
4   Peachtree Street
5   Exclusive Saint
   Icy Dice
6   Onceinabluemoon
   Meter Maid
7   Alyssa's Time
   Two Carat
   Seaside Style
8   Biscuit Snatcher
   Blow the Man Down
   Stormy Lady
9   Jefferson Parish
   Midnight Return
   Jack The Jumper
10   Adjudicated
   Beyond Belief

11   Abrupt Edge
   El Limon
   War Wizard
12   Gut Check
   Top o' the World
13   Snoqualmie Ridge
   My Favorite
14   Guestbook
   Arctic Crop
15   Black Roses
   Tough Enough
16   Badge of Honor
   Born To Run
   Lachlan River
17   Timely Fable
   Stay Classy
   Sweet Timber
18   Battle Strike
   River of Fire
    Silk and Ivory
19   Imaflashylil'lad
   Daddy's Little Sta
   Confirmed Account
20   Devilish Intent
    Chorus Line
    Tomb Raider

21   Drowning
   Sea Aflame
    Calling Card
22   Worthy Valentine
    Night Owl
23   Flyby
    Debatable Issue
24   Loot and Plunder
    Celtic Moon
    Scarlet Image
25   Touch Football
26   Hopeless
    High Above Me
   Townsend Success
27   Flower Of War
    December Surprise
28   Love's Image
   Northern Treaty
    Such A Treasure
29   Sunday's Hope
    Western Magic
30   Court Jester
    Easy Going Lady

31   Ami's Gone
    Warren's Nina
    M'Lady Guinevere
32   Rosie's River
   Singapore Legend
   Sun's Glory
33   Thenford Glen
   County Pride
    Paper Doll
34   Dorian Gray
    Tidal Wave
   Water Fight
35   Fancine C
   My Maria
36   Balance The Score
    Foul Play
37   Seminole
    Martian Attack
    Sixteen Stone
38   BluHeart
    No Way to Act
    Bertha's Gold
39   Hephaestion
40   Runfortheroses
    Mr. Doug Magee
    Magic Mix

41   It's All Hype
    Kicking You Out
42   Lightninginabottle
    Classic Starz
43   Shogun Lodge
   Magic Rose
    Wise Robyn
44   Fair Winds
   Pleasant Lady
45   Ministers Daughter
    Delaware Bound
46   Excalibur
    Don't Be Alarmed
    Almost Precious
47   Easy Trick
    Unbridled Delight
    Date With Destiny
48   Djinn
    Dancing Shadow
    Coal Dust
49   Kickitupanotch
    Lord of Luck
    Golden Text
50   Magically
    Easy Desert

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/13
« on: September 13, 2008, 11:33:39 pm »
Today's Handicapping Results
Wins   7   x $250 = $1,750
Places   6   x $100 = $600
Shows   7   x $50 = $350
Quinellas   1   x $500 = $500
Trifectas   0   x $1000 = $0
Total   $3,200

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/13
« on: September 13, 2008, 01:03:52 am »
Here are my picks for Saturday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   Dashing Dreams
Holland Romance
Strike Out

2   Salmarnir
Cup o'Joe
Dead In Time

3   The Big Time
Laundered Money

4   Fortune Teller
Snake Charmer
Thoroughly Blind

5   Pretty Indy
Citation for Truth

6   Box Of Chocolates
Endless Adventure

7   Energized
Rajun Cajun
Greek Justice

8   Easy and True
Luxury Tax
Oh Rhett

9   Aperture
Formal Occasion
Highland Burning

10   Dos Eqkeys
Fortunate Cross
Southern Dispute

11   A.P. Astro
Delaware House
Sir Eloquent

12   Generated
Chasing Stardom
Lonely River

13   Glass Facade
One Step Ahead
Airy Heiress

14   Diamond's Price
Eureka's Castle

15   Ready for Glory

16   Art of Song
More Than A Miss

17   Barely Black
Star of Bertram

18   Treasured Secret
Box at the Met
Bright Halo

19   Up to No Good
Summer of Sam

20   Colosseum
Rock Runner
Star Connection

21   Sonata
Lightning Strikes
Tropical Vacation

22   Dawns Early Sky
Heroic Acts

23   Sheza Dreamer
Flame Surfing

24   Buccaneer
Colors of Fire

25   The River Sings
Royal Decree

26   Sweet Ambrose
Prince Caspian
Storm Front

27   Lady Bandit

28   Classic Magic
Isobella's Sea

29   Cursed
Final Wonder

30   Notos
Tiger With Bear

31   Bid of Darkness
Crown Jewels

32   Alarm Code
Timeless Legend

33   Alcoholic Chick
Heart's Longing
She's A Hottie

34   Without Equal
Fleeting Glory
Laughing Academy

35   Flaming Silk
Sky Heights
Walks on Water

36   My Little Runaway
Come Out To Sea

37   Molly is a Mule
Now I'm Vexed

38   Inscrutable Reply
Moon Seeker

39   Irish Sea
Sunday Prospect
Unsinkable Molly

40   Fly Away
Devil's Game

41   Backyard Fire
Easy Image
The Coast Is Clear

42   Aphrodite
Day at the Dock
Tiger Eats Horse

43   Mi Vida Loca
Near Miss

44   Littleover
Artificial Ideal
Natural Beauty

45   Power Play
Penny Lane
Seven Carat

46   Soviet Nights
Dutch Beauty

47   Unique Opportunity
Leave A Note

48   Velociraptor
Silver Wizard
Knocked Out Cold

49   Find The Meadow
Yogita's Pride

50   Can't Touch This
Run to War
Geneva Convention

How'd You Do? / Re: 9/10
« on: September 11, 2008, 02:22:55 pm »
Our day got off to a cracking start with Gold Edition leading pretty much from start to finish to win his Allowance.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill after that, with the other runners finishing nearer last than first.

Scenic Adventure, one of our two Starter horses, finished 13th/14 in his Allowance.

Ch. Grey Ghost certainly didn't run like a Champion, finishing 4th/6 in his Allowance.

Secret of the Wild, a fairly new acquisition to our stable, who had won once and placed second twice in his his three races for us, and a horse that we had very high hopes for, could only finish 6th/10 in his Allowance.

Hat-trick seeking Special Effect was another major disappointment, finishing 7th/13 in the Grade 1 Joe Aitcheson.

Our last runner??? for the day, Ch. Class Above also didn't run like a Champion. He never looked like getting into the Grade 3 Newcastle Newmarket H'cap and finished 10th/10.

Ironic how our first runner for the day finished first and our last runner for the day finished last ::).

In addition to these, we successfully claimed Intimate Lies, a nice looking 17.1 hand 5YO who has 5 wins in his 13 starts. It will be interesting trying to figure him out as his five wins have been in races as short as 5 1/2 furlongs and as long as 13 1/2 furlongs and he has run well on both Dirt and Turf. Ah, the joys of racehorse ownership!!!

Annual Select Auction / Re: 2012 How'd You Do?
« on: September 11, 2008, 01:45:30 pm »
Picked up one more late addition:-

Ch. Card Trick, a nice looking 5YO son of Cozzene. He has pretty decent form with four wins (including two Stakes wins) and five seconds out of 16 starts, finishing out of the money only once. He cost more than we would have liked to spend but, if he runs anywhere near his previous form, he should make this back fairly quickly.

That makes it five purchases at this auction, so now we are forced to sit on our hands and watch the rest of it. That should make our Bank Manager happy :)!!!

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/9
« on: September 11, 2008, 01:32:58 pm »
Today's handicapping earnings
Wins   12   x $250 = $3,000   
Places   8   x $100 = $800   
Shows   6   x $50 = $300   
Quinellas   4   x $500 = $2,000   
Trifectas   0   x $1000 = $0   
Total   $6,100

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 9/10
« on: September 09, 2008, 06:27:31 pm »
Here are my picks for Wednesday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   Dance Team
Victory Aflame

2   Bug Eyed
Great Crimson

3   Cold Shoulder
Not Only An Act
This Just In

4   Magic Colors
Zippy Tune
Fabulous Mike

5   Prodigal Son
Law 'N' Order
Mystic Gaze

6   Whims and Fancies
Sun Princess
Royal Fountain

7   Last Few Miles
Ready and Free

8   Skipsalacious
District Attorney
Strange Halo

9   Coke A Cola Kid
Count On Me
Name In Lights

10   Gold Edition

11   Mad Love
Always Classy
Opening Statement

12   Good Times Roll
Rose of Sharon
Grey Glory

13   Gilded Honor
Pushin Buttons
Cut the cash

14   Indy's Award
Cigar's Guardian

15   Johnny Heir
Artful Royal
Political Language

16   Velvet Vixen
Excess Attitude
Cajun Tradition

17   Miss Mini Me
Divine Red

18   Ten Point
Notso Fancy

19   Capital Rodeo
Via Crucis

20   Sunset Ante
La Mariposa
Kentucky Wonder

21   Grey Ghost
Day of Wonder
Duke of Orleans

22   Otta be Jazz
Secret Chimes
Cool Kisses

23   Azul Caballo
Echo Valley
Kassidy Kate

24   Secret of the Wild
Phone Lark
King of the Jungle

25   Turn and Run
Have A Hayday

26   Decadence
Alydar Crusader

27   Northern Style
Smooth Coverup
Lunar Lion

28   Western Magic
Unseen Riches
Silver Tiger

29   Alylady
Julie's Prospect
Ain't He A Saint

30   Blackeyed Peas
Jaguar Kisses

31   Intimate Lies
W W Turbo
Distinct Cruise

32   Cool Thief
Storm Overhead
Aces Again

33   Date Doctor
Current Pear

34   Ready Wink Fire
Aspired Ace
Majestic Dancer

35   Rough N' Ready
Indigo Dreams
Fighting Shot

36   Golden Frolic
Tahoe Blues

37   Northern Gold
Nothin' To Lose

38   Celtic Star
Cork Key

39   Soken
Jett Street

40   Roadside Caf

Annual Select Auction / Re: 2012 How'd You Do?
« on: September 09, 2008, 12:11:41 pm »
We had a very good Auction, getting four new additions to our stables.

There were two horses that we were specially interested in, an unnamed weanling filly by our new Stallion, Major's Flight out of Lady of Mystery, a broodmare that has already produced one horse that we own, and Lady of Mystery herself. We were successful in getting both of them, Lady of Mystery for $76,000 and her daughter for $78,000. As a bonus, Lady of Mystery is in foal to War Chant and is due in April of next year.

The weanling has been named Amelia Earhart, after the female aviator who mysteriously disappeared while on an around the world flight. We originally thought of Bermuda Triangle, but, as noted above, that name has already been used in FF.

On a whim, we also picked up two current racehorses for very low prices, simply because they both have pretty decent form and should add to the Starfish Stables coffers. Runfortheroses, a 3YO colt by Whirlaway out of Wine n'Roses, cost us $30,000, and Cryptaware, a 5YO horse by Delaware Township out of Scale House cost us $10,000.

We had three other horses that we had bid on but dropped out of the bidding when their prices went over our limit and two horses that, although we are the high bidder, our maximum bid is less than the reserve and we're not going to increase our bid for them. All-in-all, we think we had a very good auction.

Annual Select Auction / Re: 2012 How'd You Do?
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:49:21 am »

I bought a weanling filly by Major's Flight out of Lady of Mystery. I did a Search Horses for the name Bermuda Triangle and it came back with no match found, however, when I went into Edit Horse Information for this filly and tried to change her name (she was Unnamed), it said that there is already a horse named Bermuda Triangle. I did another search after that and it still came back with no match.

Could you please check into this for me. Thanks.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Re: 9/6
« on: September 06, 2008, 04:35:07 pm »
Another good days handicapping. Not as good as Wednesday, but better than my YTD average.

Wins   11   x $250 = $2,750      
Places   9   x $100 = $900      
Shows   8   x $50 = $400      
Quinellas   2   x $500 = $1,000      
Trifectas   1   x $1000 = $1,000      
Total   $6,050

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 9/6
« on: September 05, 2008, 10:49:47 am »
Here are my picks for Saturday (Starfish horses in red):-

1   Poise
Silver Illusion
Silent But Deadly

2   Imal Of Ma Sheen
Sea Trieste
Dixville Notch

3   Ciggy
Runs With Scissors

4   Assassination
Gum Slinger
Twilight Hour

5   Wild Bear
Bold Bourbon
Not Gonna Wait

6   Pandemonium
Indecent Proposal
Front Page Edition

7   Welcome Back
Ami's Fight
Mizzen To Me

8   Waving Ribbon
Rumors Bout Juliet

9   Canary
Piper Darlin'

10   Secret Dream
Keep To the Code
Backseat Rogue

11   Clum Z
Clueless Puzzle
Razzle Dazzle

12   Silver Sunlight
Triple Slew
Silver Girl

13   Alysong
Red Mist

14   My Dear Watson
Magic 'n' Mischief
Kiss of Indy

15   Matt's Broken Vow
A. P. Speedway

16   Pickpocket
General Custer

17   Phoenix Flight
Crimson Charger
National Enquirer

18   Shawnee Sunrise
Test Me Out

19   Seer

20   Cryptic Sovereign
Fear Factor
Celtic Circle

21   Turbulent
JC's Fancy Excess
Opal Rock

22   Crimson Sign
A Classic Tiger

23   Vertigo
Gone Crystal

24   Mocktail
Willy Gofarr

25   In Thy Name
Badge of Honor

26   Fleet Emerald
No Secrets
Enchanting Foxx

27   Coronado
French Ruby

28   Stay Classy
MY Tonka Toy
Waquoit's Best

29   Stand Tall
Land Rush
Cards On The Table

30   Trade Agreement
Kilburn Kate

31   So You Say
My Place

32   Dangerous Desire
Set A Bet
Lonesome Silence

33   Ami's Gone
What A Flirt

34   Biscuit Snatcher
Sweet Tune
Victory Garden

35   Infamy
Splendid Silence
Madame Justice

36   Ultimate Power
Sunset Crown
Buy an Angel

37   Spanish Castle
Lady of the Night
Golden Magic

38   Beg Your Pardon
Desert Heat
Loopy De Loop

39   Golden Pegasus
Jealous Prince

40   Little Blotto
Burning Prince

41   Gambler's Edge
Stroke Of Dawn
Northern Gentlemen

42   Zig Zag Zip
French Court

43   Pacific Ocean
Alpha Fox

44   Alliedawg
Slam Dance
Olympic Glory

45   Magic Crystal
Three AM

46   Abadia Bertie
Technical Issue
Cinnamon Harp

47   Unique Opportunity
V is for Victory
Silver Slew

48   Bold Love
Irish Mistress

49   Masaki
Shining Diamond
Quiet Rascal

50   Rein Of The Tiger
Lone Island

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