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How'd You Do? / 4/29
« on: April 29, 2015, 04:41:32 pm »
Overall a nice day with 8 out of 9 bringing home some prize money.

GCh Danzintothetop (5yo Strider) continued her good run of form to win the Grade 2 Bristol Novices' Chase.

Free At Last (4yo Highland Wizard) won his SA.

Bureaucracy (5yo Almost Home) 2nd in her NW1.

Celestial Game (3yo Foolhardy) 2nd in her NW1 with Seven Burritos (3yo Double Cross) 3rd.

Branwen (2yo Sleipnir) was 3rd in her NW2.

Oryx (5yo Highland Bandit) and Raining on Parade (5yo Gimmie A Shot) were 3rd and 5th in their OA.

Horses For Sale / Broodmares for sale
« on: April 02, 2015, 07:37:03 am »
We have two broodmares available on the sale boards.

Fall from Heaven is a stakes winner by Highland Bandit, bronze ranked and currently in foal to Silver Wizard. Asking $2500.

Showstopper II is also bronze ranked and a half-sister to gold ranked sire Mr Prospective. Currently in foal to Edinburgh, with an approved booking to Al Mundhir. Asking $7,500.

Both mares due to foal next month.

How'd You Do? / 3/14
« on: March 14, 2015, 12:12:21 pm »
Only two out, not an amazing day but both ran well enough.

Hoodwinked (4yo Foolhardy) ran 2nd in her OA. Definitely prefers shorter distance. Earned her Ch title today.

Hilton Flyin High (4yo Worth My While) was sixth in her stakes race.

Also claimed Zombie, a very lightly raced 4yo by What's Your Point out of WCh Highland Grace. Third in her claimer, looking forward to trying to figure her out.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 02/21/2019
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:53:35 pm »
1. How We Roll-Devil Incarnate-Grey Giant
2. Future Plans-Toxic Stress-College Party
3. War of Times-Minty Fresh-Kingpin
4. King of Fire-Macgregor-Winter of the War
5. Only Memories-After The Rain-Egyptian Tiger
6. Black Bess-Octavious Ceaser-Peachy Keen
7. Veil of Mist-Creative Extreme-Kearney
8. Gryrfalcon-Enchantee D'oiseau-Saltire
9. Elmsfield-Smile As I Go By-Lady Her Due
10. Insider-Breego-Sorcere's Time
11. Mountain Pie-The King's Warlock-Smoked Out
12. Hill Dioro-Aly Rouge-Head O'The Class
13. Romantica-Chivalrous Love-Oscillating Ember
14. Nearly Headless Nick-Summer Clown-Ancient Luck
15. Hell's Gold-Moment of Truth-Puma Pants
16. Taste of Freedom-Feel The Fire-Snowy Night
17. Alakazam-Selisha-Halos and Wings
18. Doctor DooLittle-Major Doll-Solemn Hour
19. River Jig-Caliburn-Hirogen
20. Khione-Razamatazz-Brilliant Moment
21. Gimmie A Crwon-Moonquist-Irish Bandito
22. Fleet Kitten-Lasting Drive-Negredo
23. Too Stressful-Western Civ-One Last Whirl
24. Knows No Bounds-Holy Spurs-Highland Valantine
25. Fire Magic-Original Copy-Sleight of Hand
26. Devil Her Due-Vitali-Cullinan
27. Legolas-Classic Wildcat-Against The House
28. Worth The Win-Last Run-High Request
29. Eyrie-Runaway Bandit-Don't Go Bananas
30. Poisonous Shout-Sporty Dilemma-Night Haku
31. Take Me Out-Indigo Lady-Heroic Lady
32. Cool Seducer-Golden Bird-Canary Yellow
33. Holy Ground-Lavender Moneument-Dark Imagination
34. Mud Dauber-Wild Itch-CanIHaveYourNumber
35. Magical Star-Old Fashioned-I'm Bewitched
36. Gene Kelly-Fabio-Endeavour
37. Talosian-Rumor Sky-Tyler Durden
38. Sequin Slippers-Debatable Demand-Harvard Rush
39. Street Gypsy-Native Post-National Point
40. Magic Lantern-Deal With Yourself-Surprise Strike
41. Duck Duck Play-Ichigo Gamu-Affirm This
42. Bald Galloway-Flying Cow-Last Flash
43. Rock of Truth-Brianza-Bowling Alley
44. Smoke Alarm-Winning Legacy-Foolish Queen
45. Exit Poll-Sneaky Syrfer-Devil's Imagination
46. Final Mystery-Star of Wonder-Magic Roundbout
47. Jester's Crown-Lilly's Charm-Debetable Love
48. Diamond Dust-Lucky Lilly-Fare Hawaii
49. Shazam-Hurtadilla-Making A Statement
50. Bear Witness-Crucifix-Legendary Glory

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 02/11/2019
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:01:19 pm »
1. Rum An Coke-Studio Fifty Four-Cat on a wire
2. Nudibranquio-Fitzgerald-Youwantapieceofme
3. Rugar-Raashid-Miss Avon
4. Kid Rocks-Bullseye-Word of Advice
5. No Suck Luck-Assert N Spirit
6. Can's Stop Dancing-Blue Money-Gonna Ba A Star
7. White Queen-Up For It-Full Metal Jacket
8. Colors of the Wind-House of Lords-Violet Hour
9. Holy Matrimony-Bound For Glory-Could Be Art
10. Short and Cryptic-Stardust Titan-Abdul
11. Lucky Night-Ghillies-Friar Tuck
12. Black Tiger-Kite Runner-Druid
13. Such A Gem-Paddy Cake-Athykea
14. Theft-San Marion-Liberia
15. Black Barney-Higgs Boson-Joe Christmas
16. Star Candidate-Circuit Line-Locotus
17. Frat Party-Standing Stones-Moment of Truth
18. Forty Candles-Xcientist-Color By Numbers
19. Don't Pass Go-Planet Hell-Everlasting Spell
20. Setlik-Promise of Night-Exuberant
21. Ring of Death-Return of the King-Break Free
22. Seeking Stardom-What Foolishness-Polished
23. Guesstimate-Blue Skys At Night-Epilogue
24. Pedicure-Last Drinks-Rose From Ashes
25. Bille Holliday-Sword of Damocles-Delphi
26. Only A Kiss-Black Glitter-Foxy Lady
27. A Bridge Too Far-Theme Song-Thump
28. Dreki-Burnittotheground-Robben Island
29. Fallout-Simple Salt-Born Too Slow
30. Eternal Wish-Sun Dragon-Robin's Faith
31. Brightsideoflife-Western Fame-Seafarer
32. Briar Rose-Star Search-Trillian
33. Huckster-Charming Avenue-Burn Notice
34. Tycoon Lamp-Famously-Secret Morning
35. The Dude Abides-Fabio-Ziggy Zoomba
36. Heretic Clergy-Not Just Jazz-Magical Melody
37. Devilish Rose-Back stab-Faraday
38. The Big Secret-Treasure Me This-Magick Symbol
39. Rozalia-Gallent Affair-Anna Karenina
40. Devilish Style-Naivety-Sneaky Reason
41. Highland Skye-Attenborough-Firebreather
42. Hop A Train-Irish Glory-Issue At Hand
43. Thinking of You-Miglia-Chang'e
44. Copper Beach-Charming Scoundrel-Silver N Starz
45. Lonesome Road-Moved By Words-Foolbetty
46. Space Chips-Sin Lux-Indygo Symphony
47. Jester's Crwon-Ultimate Point-Lonely Ness
48. Captain's Pride-Faery's Wish-Vermeil
49. Starfleet Command-Damn U Autocorrect
50. Act The Fool-Secret Handshake-Perfect Speed

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 02/07/2019
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:47:28 pm »
1. Calavera Catrina-Bombs Bursting-Fai D Flowright
2. Beacon of Light-Chhose Me-Mere Magic
3. Amelia's Moon-Yuleanne-Gryrfalcon
4. Sunshine Shadows-Let's Talk-Force of Nature
5. Cleopatra VII-Smart Sweethart-Probability
6. Blazing Apples-Gem's Twist-War of Words
7. Getouttamyway-Sue on Her Broom-Don't Go Bananas
8. Bazyli-Villa Verde-Holy Revelation
9. Princess and the P-Black Betty-Lontaine
10. Promises-Solari-Lonesome Dove
11. By The Campfire-Autumn Night-Fast Frigate
12. Triple Threat-Thereandbackagain-Slapstick
13. Behind A Veil-It's A Deal-Peculiarity
14. Reconnaissance-Surin-Golden Secret
15. Tahrir Square-Prince of Time-Cryptic Cleverness
16. Trois Etoiles-Elusive Heart-Ariadne
17. Smutty Cinnabar-Dark Roads-Rough Holiday
18. Prestidgious-Say Hay Kid-Eishin Newton
19. Millenium Star-Kiss on the Sand-Three Degrees
20. Flaming Parachute-Astoria-The Alchemist
21. Fool For You-Gift of Gold-Epic Proportions
22. Flannel Pajamas-Pressurized-Stag Night
23. Silent Film Star-Amulet-Captain Hook
24. Western Act-Klondike Bar-Himinbiarga
25. Sunset Flight-Flying Phantom-Null and Void
26. Yes Man-Satr's Align-Stressed Image
27. Laird's Last Jett-Shut Out The Light-Macgregor
28. Flying Cow-Noble 6-Kentucky Wildcat
29. Devil's Wizard-Lothlorien-Double The Romance
30. Inca Queen-Gilded Miracle-Rumour At Sea
31. Bold Butterfly-Stop The Fight-Magic Principle
32. Seeing Da Bull-Early Grey-Movement Que
33. Tequila Boom Boom-Flying Free-Drawn to the Flame
34. Skyros-Laser Point-Just One Strider
35. Cold Rain-Fit To Be King-Apt Witness
36. Titania-Dovahkiin-Honey Bee
37. I'm Your Legend-Fighter Pilot-Classic Wildcat
38. Legendary Sneak-Black Coronet-Colour Me E
39. Classical Painter-Popocatepetl-Seattle Passion
40. Afternoon Bound-Indy Twist-Evening In Paris
41. Delian-Oscar Night-Devil Her Due
42. Affecting-Dusk To Dawn-Final Fantasy
43. DashingCornonaRose-Mrs McCool-Cherokee Magic
44. Risky Romance-Give Me A Shot-Winning Legacy
45. Classical Dreamer-Sneaky Surfer-Live A Little
46. Devil's Walk-Calle De Oro-Guilty of Magic
47. Queen Anne's Lace-Every Word-Spurs Park Lane
48. Holy Warrior-Fool's Kiss-Straticus
49. Flying High-I'm A Wild One-Coup d'Etat
50. Starling-Ishka-Magic Spitfire

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 01/31/2019
« on: January 30, 2015, 07:24:37 pm »
1. Veritas-Streets of Gold-Easy Questions
2. Peachy Keen-Natalie's Turn-Still Gallant
3. Debetable Dancer-Could Be Art=Take Me To Venus
4. Dasein-Irish Glor-Seventh Dwarf
5. Sixth Best-Lasting Drive-Highland Musical
6. Dixieland-Brilliant Moment-Wild Irish Rose
7. Summer Solstie-Flagship Mission-King of Fire
8. Minotaur-I've Got An Itch-Fire Eater
9. Glitter Strip-Cashmere Soda-Evening Peal
10. Against The House-Earthly City-All About Me
11. Paddy Gallagher-Love Her Less-Dirt Deals
12. Jellico-Standing Stones-Black Banshee
13. Unusual Heat-Black Lotus-Time to Dazzle
14. Oriole-Cambridge-I've Got A Lullaby
15. Pillow Talk-White Queen-Faux Finish
16. Bold Decision-Mystic Continent-Road To The Stars
17. I'm Not Lost-La Gordita-Final Entrance
18. Calamity Jane-Prince Vivancyv-Zing
19. Faery's Wish-Quit My Ciggy-Golen Stopper
20. Alakazam-Buckets of Rain-Lasting Copy
21. Mr Fredrickson-Water Bill-Amazon Queen
22. Arrogance-Kept Woman-Sunlight Spell
23. Nairobi-La Reina Grey-Andre's Giant
24. Unsuccessful-Electable-Spirit Smoke
25. Holy Smokes-Taste of Freedom-Devil's Art
26. Scottish Brigand-Documentary-Empirical Logic
27. Allotrope-Killing Fields-Icanseetherainbow
28. Hither N Yon-Higgs Boson-Razzle Dazzle Blue
29. Vangoloria-Serena y Dulce-Harvard Belle
30. Spirited Wind-Astrogate-Flamboyant
31. Demurely-Short and Cryptic-Arcturus
32. Stormin Like Crazy-Devil's Deal-Midori
33. High Request-Native Post-Office Affair
34. Tarantantara-Star Spangled-Knight's Honor
35. Golden Peach-Glorious Captain-Rumour Court
36. Jabal Tariq-Carino Mio-The Sting
37. Golden Idol-Girl Fight-Nicole's Majic
38. Argelian-Paid In Carrots-Heaven's Gate
39. Flag Her Down-Beacon of Light-Sabine
40. Lupin-Hubris-Vitali
41. Meet Your Maker-Criss Cross-Tatyana
42. Spread The News-A Mighty Heart-Firm Kiss
43. Exit Poll-Usain Bolt-Repudiate
44. Phenomenal-sorBet-She's Got Leggz
45. Love and Honour-Lovers' Duel-Golden Globes
46. Glorious Victory-My Toni's Pride-Highland Bound
47. Back St Warrior-Bubblicious-Khione
48. Last Orders-Secret Handshake-Velex
49. Night Hawk-Undercover Agent-Windswept Moors
50. Clowning Around-Counting Kisses-The Soldier

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 01/28/19
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:07:20 pm »
1. Algieba Starr-Mysterious Wizard-Swan Valley
2. Gossip Girl-Fight or Flight-Silent Minister
3. Russian Roulette-Youwannapieceofme-Golden Invasor
4. Rock of Ages-Word of Advice-Retor Fever
5. Spinning Halo-Crazy Like A Fox-These Are For Me
6. Lost in Reality-Search For Seattle-Bold Crystal
7. Halpas-Soul Surfer-Gumbo Limbo
8. Little Blue Boy-Swift Taylor-Sweethart
9. Montana Skies-Faith N Blues-Bella Notta
10. Outfromthenight-Seeing Da Bull-Life Line
11. Queen Anne's Lace-Bille Holiday-Bramble Queen
12. Selar-Pagan Baby-Beside The Point
13. Vashiya-LaSalle-No Such Luck
14. Black Barney-Forget Me Knot-Highland Witch
15. Zafirah-Affecting-Catching Fire
16. Take Me Sailing-Reckless Faerie-Dysruptor
17. Live A Little-Hide And Seek-Secret Mistress
18. Bear Witness-Talkofthetown-Sand Castle
19. Pride and Passion-Tir Na Nog-Eridanos
20. Sportsmanship-Fit to be King-Ocean Secret
21. Enchantment Awaits-Enchantee D'oiseau-Vacancy
22. Llwynog-Lonely Ness-Refrain
23. Panamera-Bitooh-Joanna
24. Paradox-Black Watch-LiveLong&Prosper
25. St Patrck's Day-Flaming Arrow-Brimstone Hill
26. Midons-Blue Money-Scarlett
27. Careless Cat-Song of Trinity-The Tessaract
28. Burn-Highland Skye-Coat of Arms
29. Mombs Domba-Itonlytakesamoment-Out of Time
30. Necropolis-Eternal King-Jalapeno Popper
31. Cross Your Path-Egyptian Princess-Comic Court
32. Noddin Off-Lasting Victory-Ranavalona
33. War of Words-Stolen Paddy-Intended
34. Seeking Stardom-Count The Bees-Goreiful
35. Turquoise Freckles-Smoldering-Final Challenge
36. Dark Countess-Rosey Cat-Xanadu
37. Honey Bee-Willow Road-Latte Factor
38. Shown Patience-July Moon-Wedding March
39. Dapper Dan-Latinum-It's A Deal
40. Baroque-Irene Adler-Star Search
41. Devil's Wizard-Robin's Flame-Legendary Sneak
42. Hopeful Lady-Tallonian-Luminoso
43. Every Word-Ephemeral-Blue Skys At Night
44. Biscotti-Yukon Gold-Grid
45. Spock Jr-Raised Honestly-Dreams and Egos
46. Jester's Crown-Make Me Magical-Mondatta
47. Too Stressful-Dior-Chanting For War
48. Song Thief-Fool On The Hill-Void of Colors
49. Worth A Treasure-Inner Peace-Speak Your Piece
50. Oustide The Lines-White Tie Affair-Ministerian

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 01/24/2019
« on: January 23, 2015, 02:37:36 pm »
1.Star Talk- Fai D. Flowright-Big Joker
2. Conquering Queen-Battle of Bull Run-Bournville
3. Volkl's Princess-Machair-Cryptic Cleverness
4. Virago-Sixth Sense-Idealize
5. Hush My Dear-Mysterious Devil-Five Stars
6. Fesek-Prongs-Breego
7. I'llGoIfDingos-Right Now-High On None
8. Secretly Bold-Prospective Fletch-Lucky Night
9. Silver Ferrari-Sherwood Vixen-Classical Painter
10. Como Mola-I'm No Dummy-Knight's Templar
11. Dreaming of Spring-Les Noces-Drat That Cat
12. Tahrir Square-Creative Extreme-Trillian
13. Gimmie Love-Epilogue-Groundhog Day
14. Shazam-Abalone-Black Glitter
15. Return of the King-Whispering Orchid-Viking
16. Motifs-Townsend Salr-Busker
17. She's No Bull-Gotta Secret-Laevateinn
18. Sorcha-Queen Catarina-Watch My Valentine
19. Queen O'Scots-Rakella Prime-Royal Blue
20. Rock of Truth-Spin The Bottle-Little Black Dress
21. No Guts No Glory-Crown Wish-Taking Chances
22. Rising Fast-Next Generation-Venetian
23. Hot Gold-Rose From Ashes-Continual
24. What Foolishness-Sliostream-Hope Fora Blue Sky
25. D'lightful-Thank Goodness-Star Crossed Lover
26. Make a Statement-Classic Fifties-Dancing Count
27. Dark Warlock-Warriors Wildcat-Eyrie
28. Little Opoly-Vegas Starz-Sunshine Shadows
29. Heated Debated-Aly's Flame-Sure Bet
30. Bay Count-Turkish Delight-Eustral Herria
31. Small Town Debate-Vote For Me-Bold Miss
32. Laird's Last Jett-Follow Your Dreams-Eternal Flame
33. Silver Levis-Crystal Queen-Lasting Subject
34. Chivalrous Love-Heroic Lady-One Dark Night
35. Oscillating Ember-Prospective Chance-Honeybird
36. Appasionata-Road To War-Quaelor
37. Robin Magic-Dances With Wolves-Burning Time
38. La Rioja-Cleopatra VII-The Mad House
39. Devilish Roase-Silken Toush-Elusive Heart
40. Pass With Care-Legends Come Alive-Royal Promise
42. Runaway War-Apt Witness-Ziggy Zoomba
43. Taking Vegas-Bet On Octagonal-Bravado
44. Kitana-Rio de la Plata-Callo Lily
45. Smoke Alarm-Foolish Queen-Wait For A Rogue
46. Back St Flight-Djali Zwan-Embellished
47. Polly Gone-Classic Fires-Five Rivers
48. wonziT-Sienna-Final Victory
49. Exoskeleton-Gang of Thieves-Scattered Mercury
50. Starling-Lovespell-Tiger Stripe

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 01/14/2019
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:15:46 pm »
1. Bullseye-Dr Oops-Issue At Hand
2. Nudibranquio-Legolas-Almost Dark
3. Life Lessons-All For Laird-Seattle's Dawn
4. Dovahkiin-Silver Crystals-Somebody Like You
5. Moment of Truth-LaSalle-Fight or Flight
6. Feel The Fire-Final Answer-Highland Jazz
7. Titania-Tinker Bell-Feel That Fire
8. Forever Hollywood-Silver Medal-Spectacular Gold
9. Star Candidate-Shah Jahan-Seing Da Bull
10. Quit Mooning About-Little Laird-The Love Bug
11. Ellenai-Moving Blackwards-La Reina Grey
12. Miglia-Engram-Bristol
13. La Gordita-Joanna-Highland Dancer
14. Coming Unwired-Maquis-Steve Irwin
15. Hawk Eye-Swell Time-The Deputy
16. Lucky Starlett-Cleopatra's Deman-Scribe
17. Queen Anne's Lace-Triple Step-Silver River
18. I'm Bewitched-National Bound-Flying Phantom
19. Repudiate-Bravado-Magick Symbol
20. Sine Lux-Mairin's Lass-Tottenham's Way
21. Mondatta-Uninspired-Daisy Cutter
22. Catch The Rainbow-Enchantment Awaits-Nevermore
23. Dark Roads-Star of Wonder-Straticus
24. Alicia Moore-Fairytale Stories-Emma Lou
25. Ducati-Test of Faith-Secret Fire
26. My Charmer-Elton John-Impressive Star
27. NoOneOfConsequence-Sands of Egypt-Lonesome n Seattle
28. Xcientist-Null And Void-All The Way Mae
29. Double The Romance-Minotaur-Marcus Aurelius
30. Queen Consort-Grease Lightning-Jet For Gold
31. Joe Christmas-It's About Time-Bright Lights
32. War Chest-Sign of The Cross-Beautiful Basic
33. Smokin Star-Mrs McCool-Run on Zag
34. Eternal Reward-Klondike Bar-Devil's Horns
35. Bethlehem-Mud Duck-Pick A Gift
36. Formal Driving-Roulette-Lasting World
37. You Done It Again-Popocatepetl-Take Me To De Lune
38. Beacon of Light-Fire Spirit-Daralhorra
39. Certain Death-Nicole's Majic-Barracouda
40. Affecting-White Wand-Foolish Pleasures
41. Coat of Arms-Counting Crows-Hermionie's Fire
42. Tarantantara-Gold Hunter-Robin's Arms
43. Beata-Midons-Harvard Strike
44. Time Paradox-Earthly City-Butterfly Dust
45. Silver Ferrari-Tinseltown-Slip In Quick
46. Final Mystery-Copycat-Trezene
47. Jester's Crown-Five Rivers-Lasting Move
48. Gabriela-Iconic-Ocean Park
49. Inner Peace-Gambler's Lucck-Wilded Knight
50. Mobile Emitter-Dancing Mone-Sionnach

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 01/10/2019
« on: January 09, 2015, 01:37:45 pm »
1. What's The Script-First Sign of Autumn-Secret Information
2. Summer Solstice-Slo Burn-Acting Prospect
3. Frederick IV-Echo of Battle-Kingdom of the Sun
4. Timey Wimey-Black Draft-Regal Statistics
5. Cut Glass-Quealor-Wonderland Madness
6. Heretic Clergy-Good Is A Given-Peachy Clean
7. Cool Water-Brighton Rock-Trapeze
8. Take Your Pick-Stich in Time-Five Stars
9. Documentary-Summer Clown-Mr McFlirty Pants
10. If Angels Sang-Behind A Veil-Boston Tea Party
11. The Big Secret-Spirited Wind-Egoista
12. IB Shining-God of Wine-Locotus
13. Faery's Wish-By My Lonesome-Excessiveness
14. Sociologue-Atlantus-Steal The Scene
15. Snip of Sanity-War Powers-Flawless Dancer
16. It's A Deal-Triple Threat-Gleipnir
17. TheLaughOfMedusa-Apt Witness-Captain Crunch
18. Brianza-Smutty Cinnabar-War Burn
19. First Film-Great Britain-Mind The Gap
20. Hurricaine-Pagan Baby-Taps
21. Ulterior Motive-Lesss Than Regreted-Not So Fast
22. What's My Motive-Sky Diver-Felix The Cat
23. Risky Romance-Theft-Golden Sparkle
24. Smart Kitten-Fibbertigibbet-Matches
25. Hurtadilla-Talking Point-Debutante
26. Brightsideoflife-Lost In Reality-Fury Order
27. Raised Honestly-Tahrir Square-Armed Debate
28. Longevity-Count Jack-Wishthebestforyou
29. Stressful Reality-Strawberry Fields-Devil's Deal
30. Whatever You Like-Secretsarewonders-Egyptian Tiger
31. I'm Your Legend-Candy Corn-Briar Rose
32. Kimberlite-Chaos Star-Pillow Talk
33. High N Wild-Shadowrack-Zing
34. El Carino-Don't Pass Go-Dark Crown
35. Highly Diplomatic-Ziggy Zoomba-Fabio
36. Watch Me Be Gone-Amulet-Star Spangled
37. Paul Revere-Loch Leven-July Moon
38. Rusty-Gem's Twist-Daywalker
39. Sixth Best-Rock of Ages-War Warning
40. Storm Surge-Gaeldom Lord-Cut A Rug
41. Thump-Hot Charm-Sangaree
42. Tattered Wings-Who's My Daddy-Against The House
43. D'lightful-Desert Mirage-Classic Dreamer
44. Flaming Text-Appointed Conquest-Meet Your Maker
45. Lady Katy-Silver Dreams-Devine
46. Lonesome Road-Searchlight-Doppleganger
47. Glorious Victory-Government Archives-Espirt d'Escalier
48. River Star-Crystal Warrior-Sienna
49. Epoch-Danger Zone-Something Borrowed
50. Starfleet Command-Fool on The Hill-Diamond Dust

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 1/7/2019
« on: January 06, 2015, 04:46:00 pm »
1. Perfect Alibi-Oracle Mood-Hello Seattle
2. Void of Space-Grimoire-Obliviate
3. Walkman's Rock-Seeking Stardom-Power Hour
4. Girl on Fire-Battle of Bull Run-Mutara Nebula
5. Light Year-Leave Me Alone-Habla con Ella
6. Burning Secrets-Bright Stride-Flim Flam
7. See Through-Mr Fredrickson-Amazon Queen
8. Miss Wild Rocket-Asser n Spirit-Final Entrance
9. Tap Your Heels-Spectacular Flight-Magician
10. Jabal Tariq-Worth A Million-Farsideofthemoon
11. Wait For A Rogue-Jenkata Nebula-Theme Song
12. Runaway Bandit-Wait For Me-The Poseur
13. Stay Away-Grand Love-Slippery Rose
14. Tower of the Winds-Little Valli-Speed Week
15. Zabaleta-Atlantic Exit-Monarch
16. Trezene-Scottish Pride-Knight's Gold
17. Falsehood-Quit My Ciggy-First One Home
18. Off The Charts-Warrior's Wildcat-Alister
19. Ocean Secret-Warning Sign-Crossover
20. Dark Spell-Indy's Kitty-Tiara Tango
21. Nightcross-From The Shadows-Frigg
22. Time For Bells-Last Drinks-Oh So Famous
23. Slipstream-Pyrrhic Victory-Come Again
24. Fabulous Fairy-Angelius-Final Redemption
25. Spooked-Spell Song-Hoodwinked
26. Hopes And Fears-Romantica-Skara Brae
27. Voodoo Priestess-Cigar Flames-Volkl's Princess
28. Lasting World-Grid-Western World
29. Astrogate-Film Editor-Out of Class
30. My Toni's Pride-Blackjack-Sylviianel
31. Eternal Rock-Moon Creek-Devilish Style
32. ASuccessfulSplash-Glass Tiger-Red River Cowboy
33. Bravado-Spark of Silver-Run Woodee Run
34. Xanadu-Front Page News-Spyder
35. The Bra Collector-Medieval Romance-Classical Painter
36. Lasting Drive-Silent Play-Seattle Passion
37. Tatyana-Addictive-At The Beeeep
38. Do or Die-Beaulated Success-Black Betty
39. MiLady De Winter-Carrowmore Lake-Dark Winged Dove
40. Viking-Don Peppe The Man-Immortal Rose
41. Runaway Scout-Allotrope-Killing Fields
42. Flying Cow-You're So Vain-Delphi
43. Saltire-Spacetime-Devilish Dream
44. Clowning Around-Almost Dazzled-Moon Flood
45. Escape Pod-Get Some-Overnight Success
46. Calle de Oro-Llwynog-Super Choice
47. Coquette-Polished-Carry The Day
48. Fly to Heaven-Fool's Kiss-Holy Warrior
49. Eulogy-Perfect Speed-Crown Treasure
50. Life After You-Iotians-I'm A Wild One

How'd You Do? / 1/3
« on: January 03, 2015, 12:59:10 pm »
Lovely start to the new racing year. Four runners out and everyone in the first two.

Ch Danzintothetop (5yo Strider) won the ungraded Ruthless Stakes. She's now having a little holiday.

Homebred Bramble Queen (3yo Long Live The King) won her NW2.

Forever A Warrior (3yo Black Warrior) was 2nd in her NW3.

Bournville (3yo TakeMeToHollywood) was 2nd in his NW1.

We also claimed Global Warming (3yo What's Debatable). She's half to NCh Painted Raven. She finished 7th in her claimer. As she's a June baby we've sent her to the farm and she'll be back out later in the year.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 01/03/2019
« on: January 02, 2015, 03:05:53 pm »
Been a while since I've done any handicapping so we'll see how this goes!

1. Unsuccessful-Moon Glitter-Pippin
2. To The Sea-Pekea-Stari Most
3. Gone To Vegas-Bidaboo-Shock Value
4. Vitali-Jumpstyle-Slew O'Rainbows
5. Rich Duchess-Fierce Knight-Silencio
6. Math Whizz-Risque-Brighton Rock
7. Tahrir Square-Villa Verde-Clever Account
8. Return of the King-Counting Crows-Sofonsified
9. Could Be Charmed-Such A Gem-Raspberry Kisses
10. I'llgoifdingos-Bramble Queen-Simple Lady
10. Lasting Leisure-Bazyli-Sweet Fire
12. Bound For Glory-Montana Skies-Tha All You Got
13. Fast Frigate-Higgs Bosson-Liberia
14. Search For Seattle-Patriotic Lady-Winning Tiger
15. Dealing Rumors-Mistletoe Time-War Effort
16. Sneak A Moment-Highland Musical-Lucky Halo
17. Crown of Stars-Gotta Gun-Any Gievn Cloud
18. Cameo Way-Wise Prospect-White Picket Fence
19. Chivalrous Heart-Yes Secretary-Stolen Paddy
20. Alycus-Highland Force-Sir Cross
21. Waiting For Spring-Spin The Bottle-Sneaky Reason
22. Moved By Words-Yes It's Quiet-Sherwood Vixen
23. I'm Too Fast-Thrill A Sec-Arrogance
24. Bronton-Hoburn Washbourne-Oceanus
25. Hyde Park-Exhilaration- Taste of Freedom
26. Seerevac-Lasting World-Cambiasso
27. Overweening-Full of Promise-Highland Lord
28. Worth A Treasure-St Patrick's Day-Yukon Gold
29. Patricia-Successful Deputy-Midori
30. Briar Rose-Shyster-Comic Debut
31. M is for Murder-Velocity-Born Too Slow
32. Dangerous Devil-Kid Rocks-Grey Gus
33. Silver Ferrari-Broad Moon-Watching You
34. Polar Account-Global Warming-Midnight Stage
35. Gift of Fire-Chang'e-Wild Highland Rose
36. Gift of Gold-Live A Little-Fool For You
37. Olivia Grace-Street Charm-Summa Cum Laude
38. Serene y Dulce-Vangaloria-Catch The Rainbow
39. Dapper Dan-Star Candidiate-Wicked Laird
40. Down The Toliet-Giant Debate-Stressful Lady
41. Magic Memory-Sabine-Classic Boo Boo
42. Billie Holliday-Ephemeral-Larkspur
43. Can't Fool Me-My Girl Barb-Cause To Wonder
44. Exit Poll-Usain Bolt-Bayou King
45. Sin Infierno-Dark Sorceress-Break Free
46. Sand Dune-Hope Floats-Such A Fool
47. Queen Caterina-La Reina Grey-Millennium Star
48. One Wish-The Soldier-Incumbent
49. Garito-Desertification-Void of Colors
50. Bear Witness-Golden Idol-Prince of Troy

Foaling Barn / Generous Foals 2019
« on: January 01, 2015, 08:27:28 am »
A perfect start to 2019 with the safe arrival of a healthy colt today. He wasn't due until the 5th so a little surprised to see him but very glad mum kept her legs crossed until today. This is the first time we've had a foal born on New Year's Day.

Let's Celebrate
8.h bay colt by Ring of Fire out of Ch User Friendly (What's Debatable). First foal for his SW, SP dam. Bred on the same cross as ICh First Born Son. Mum will be bred to Demand The Best next.

Hope everyone has a very happy and successful foaling season :)

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