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Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 9/12
« on: September 11, 2018, 09:50:15 pm »
Race #1: Seven Kingdoms - Emerald Eyes - Jitterbug
Race #2: Cherry Bomb - Silent Saint - Roane
Race #3: Bama Breeze - Restless Warrior - Halbarad
Race #4: Zelda - Dublin Lass - Cygnet River
Race #5: Emjolras - Gutsy Honor - Milky Way
Race #6: Classical Truth - Drifitng Voyager - Ripped Jeans
Race #7: Naive Shore - Lay Hands On - Sobar
Race #8: Mexican Spice - Flawless Shore - Bedtime Story
Race #9: Beyond the Horizon - Ethbaal - Pottermore
Race #10: Rake - Sultan - Sackville
Race #11: Justicar - Cherry Blossom - Bachman
Race #12: Ask Around - Mutnofret - Better Metal
Race #13: Heaven - Born Lukcy - Naught to War
Race #14: Dark Sunrise - Cataclysm - Cold Chisel
Race #15: Cynar - Grish - Sail the Sea
Race #16: Fernandez - Pryde's Myner - Night Watch
Race #17: Silken Blitzen - Ease My Mind - France of Frankel
Race #18: Beach party - Oban - The Explorer
Race #19: Flirt - Visvim - Folklore
Race #20: Lady Amanda - Rabbit Ears - Ered Luin
Race #21: Cipher - Centaurian - Blu Stage
Race #22: Invasion - Good Vibes - Rose THorn
Race #23: Kalina - Gnagara - Silver Bullet
Race #24: Darkness Falls - Minor Deer - Falkirk
Race #25: Honey Bee - New York Express - Iron Elegance
Race #26: Brief Scene - Amazing Blessing - Sweetheart
Race #27: Spot Kirk - Joes Birthday - Earl of Mar
Race #28: Ensign - Fosse Way - Clochan
Race #29: West Nile - Dundee - Smoking Room
Race #30: I'm No Mystery - Poppy Watermelon - Chihiro
Race #31: San Marino - St Patrick - Lucifer
Race #32:  Imaginary Fiesta - Oakenshield - Anchors Aweigh
Race #33: Lonely Measure - Fine Trick - Zooming Through
Race #34: Off the Record - Joyous Iris - Cider with Rosie
Race #35: Come Monday - Wise Invention - Rampant Angle
Race #36: Gambler's Ensign - Wrathful Name - District Nine
Race #37: Petition - Bloodstone - Anon
Race #38: Cammando - Grey Fantasy - Wrathful Thread
Race #39: Gossip Rag - Starwatch - Cayuga
Race #40: Lively Look - Midnight Blue - Stars Over Hollywood
Race #41: Looper - Outrageous Thread - Pell Mell
Race #42: Mademe Pele - Ballad - Strider Hiryu
Race #43: Radiant - Glamorous Fog - Bachata
Race #44: Barolia - Cabaret - Over the Moon
Race #45: Aristocracy - Expressions - Liguria
Race #46: Bells Beach 0 Long Time Coming - Unscripted
Race #47: Godsmack - Etch A Sketch - Aristry
Race #48: The Good Dr - Seduction - Don't Trip
Race #49: Charlotte's Web - Watching Moonbeams - Classy Broad
Race #50: Deep Silence -  Clouded Vision - Life Imitates Art

General/Questions / Happy Retirement, Silver Wizard!
« on: August 06, 2018, 12:58:18 pm »
Silver Wizard has been retired from breeding this morning. We bought him from The Grey Stable auction early last year for only $5k, which was a huge bargain. I was really excited to have a stallion join the farm, and Silver Wizard was a great addition. He retires with 210 foals on the ground, and with 26 foals due for 2023! We're looking forward to his last crop. Recently, Shelbie did a great Stallion Spotlight on him, his accomplishments on the track and how his progeny are doing, so I won't go into details here.

Currently, his 2yo crop has 5 winners out of 18 racing, and we have one entered in a stakes coming up this week.

Join me in wishing him a happy retirement with lots of carrots and just enjoying being a horse.

General/Questions / Stallion Spotlight April I: Irish Gold
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:41:59 pm »
Stallion Spotlight: April I

NCh. Irish Gold
2010 chestnut Thoroughbred stallion, 16.1hh
Irish River (G) x Golden Princess (S) [Created]

Bred by Cirque Du Soleil Stables, Irish Gold won 12 of 67 lifetime start with career earnings of $2,487,150. 54 of the starts were stakes races in which he was on the board in 22 of those starts. During a career span of 5 years, Irish Gold set 4 speed records on the turf at 10f, 12f, & 13f. His notable wins include Arlington Classic (G1), Singapore Airlines International Cup (G1), Lockinge Stakes (G1), Santa Catalina Stakes (G2), Sandown Classic (G2), Jaipur Stakes (G3), and Launceston Cup (G3).

Fun Fact: Irish Gold is the only standing stallion that is a twin! His twin sister, Ch. Opulent, is a MSW and is currently a silver-ranked broodmare. She won the Irish Oaks, placed in the BC Juvenile Turf Fillies and has over $1 million in earnings.

Irish Gold has had no injuries. Of his offspring we sampled, I found limping, a bowed tendon (x2), overheating, and swelling.

His sire, IRISH RIVER, Gold-ranked (5.4), had 153 foals, 46 stakes winners and 24 MSW’s with 16 millionaires. These millionaires include ICh. Twilight Embers, GCh. Spirit of Spring, GCh. Irish Flyer, GCh. River of Hope, GCh. Celtic Moon, GCh, Naiad, GCh. Irish Discovery, NCh. Eureka Stockade, and GCh. Cuchulain . He has 1 platinum-ranked daughter, 2 gold-ranked daughters, 8 silver, and 8 bronze. Currently, his actively standing stallions, besides subject stallion Irish Gold, are Carrowmore & Exit Poll.

His dam GOLDEN PRINCESS, Silver-ranked (10.9), produced 11 foals, 10 winners, and 3 multiple stakes winners. In additional to Irish Gold, she produced MSW Ch. Opulent (Irish Gold’s twin) and MSW Ch. Daily Special. Through her daughters, she is the granddam of Ch. Foolbetty, Ch. Ultimate Craving, & Ch. Nightly Feature. She is by a created stallion out of Pink Princess (G) who produced MSW GCh. Irish Flyer & NCh. Always a Princess. 

 At the time of this post, he is Bronze-ranked (2.9). Irish Gold has sired more than 132 foals from 6 crops with 27% starters, 60% winners, 14% stakes winners and 3% multiple stakes winners. His average earnings for foals is $68,843. Some of his highest-earning offspring are Ch. Ardaigh, Ch. Kilkerney, Ch Irish Cream, Not Roan, Shillelagh, Glossy Gold, Golden Monkey, & Solid Gold. Currently, he is unranked as a broodmare sire, and he only has 1 daughter retired to brood with her first foal due by Naval Commander in 2023.

Out of 65 stallions w/ started offspring:
  • 22th in highest winning percentage of offspring
  • 41th in offspring earnings
  • 17th in highest G1-placed offspring
  • 11th in G1-winning offspring

Leading Earners
  • CH. ARDAIGH  ($274,250). Winner of Poker Handicap (G3), Sho
  • CH. KILKERNEY  ($227,850) Winner of Whimsical Stakes (G2).
  • CH. IRISH CREAM ($214,000) Winner of Bouwerie (UNG) and Correction Stakes (UNG). Placed in True North Breeders’ Cup (G2) and showed in Kelso Breeders’ Cup (G2). Set a speed record for 6f dirt.
  • NOTTA ROAN  ($194,500) Placed in San Luis Rey Handicap (G2).

Foals for Thought
Of his 5 SW all had their best year at age 3 and 4.

Breeding Suggestions: Matching successful line crosses
  • Of his 5 SW offspring, lines include Brazen Remark, I’m A Classic, Magic Glory, Almost Home, and Crimson Lad 
  • Looking at his SP offspring, lines include Must Be Magic, Omaha & Created.

* * *
Irish Gold currently stands in Florida under ownership of Gant’s Farm for $15,000.
He does not require approval to breed to and is not Breeders’ Cup nominated.

General/Questions / Stallion Spotlight March I: Gunningdownromance
« on: March 02, 2018, 02:51:41 am »
Stallion Spotlight: March I

ICh. Gunningdownromance
2007 chestnut Thoroughbred stallion, 15.0hh
What’s It Worth (P) x Seek For Love (P) [Created]

Bred by Stillwater Farms, Gunningdownromance won 18 of 46 lifetime start with career earnings of $10,995,350. 40 of the starts were stakes races in which he was on the board in 30 of those starts. During a career span of 3 years, Gunningdownromance set 1 speed record on the dirt at 6.5f. He is a 2-time winner of the Breeder’s Cup Classic (2010 & 2011) as well as winner of the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes and UAE Derby as a 3 year old.

Gunningdownromance had an impressive career so I’d like to take the time to highlight that!

AT 2
At 2, he was a Triple Series winner and won all 3 major 2yo races, the Champagne Stakes (G1), the Futurity Stakes (G1), and the Hopeful Stakes (G1).
He also placed in the Highland Bandit Breeders' Stakes (G1), National Stakes (G1), Planet Hollywood Breeders' Stakes (G2), and Sanford Stakes (G2). He then showed in the Champagne Classic (G3).

AT 3
Gunningdownromance hit the usual Derby trail as a 3yo, after coming in 2nd in the Florida Derby (G1), he won the UAE Derby (G2) & Derby Trial (G3). After an impressive start, he also went on to win the Kentucky Derby (G1), the Belmont Stakes (G1), the Travers Stakes (G1), and the Breeders’ Cup Classic (G1).

Other notable victories include the Underwood Stakes (G1), San Diego Handicap (G2) and Cadbury Tasmanian Derby (G3). Also as a 3yo he placed or showed in Spectacular Bid Breeders’ Stakes (G1), Whitney Handicap (G1), Jerome Stakes (G2), What’s It Worth Breeders’ Stakes (G2), and Cross Roads Breeders’ Stakes (G3).

AT 4
At 4, Gunningdownromance again won the Breeders’ Cup Classic (G1), as well as the Woodward Stakes (G1) and the Lonesome Glory Breeders’ Stakes (G2).

Gunningdownromance seemed to hit his best stride at age 3, with his most earnings coming in that season at $6,341,350. At 2

He frequently ran and won against future stallions Devil His Due, Player, Robin Hood, Stressed, Nightfight, Strider, Mr Prospective, Bellagio, and Sleipnir.

He is also 9th Overall in Top 10 Money Earning Horses in the Final Furlong Hall of Fame!

Gunningdownromance had one in his career. He suffered from swelling (LH) in 2010.

His sire, WHAT’S IT WORTH, Platinum-ranked (9.6), had 127 foals, 73 stakes winners and 49 MSW’s with a phenomenal 37 millionaires. These millionaires include FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood, FFCh. Foolhardy, WCh. I’m Your Angel, WCh. Worth My Time, WCh. What’s Debatable, ICh. Worth the Wait, ICh. Candidate, ICh. Chivalry, ICh. Worth the Risk, ICh. What’s Your Dream, NCh. Arda, NCh. Black Warrior, NCh. Beautiful Dreamer, NCh. Fleet Street, NCh. Highland Wizard, NCh. Sneak Peak, GCh. Worthy Sage, GCh. Worth My While, GCh. Fine Notice, GCh. Fanfare, Ch. Olympic Colors, and many more. He has 11 gold-ranked daughters, 18 silver, and 19 bronze. By far one of the most famous sire of sires next to the Highland line, he is the sire of retired stallions Highland Wizard, What’s Debatable, Worth My While, Worth the Wait, TakeMeToHollywood, Tryst of Fate, I’m Your Angel, and Black Warrior. Currently his actively standing stallions, beside subject stallion Gunningdownromance, are Candidate, Chivalry, Eighteen Karat, and Express Yourself.

His dam SEEK FOR LOVE, Platinum-ranked (10.9), produced 12 foals, 11 winners, and 3 multiple stakes winners. In additional to Gunningdownromance, she produced MSW ICh. Eternal Lady and MSW NCh. Bandit’s Love. Through her daughters she is the granddam of GCh. Dancing Shadow, Ch. The Confessor, Ch. Foolever, and Ch. Shady Lane. She is of all created lines.

 At the time of this post, he is Silver-ranked (4.0). Gunningdownromance has sired more than 222 foals from 10 crops with 59% starters, 70% winners, 21% stakes winners and 11% multiple stakes winners, including 4 millionaires. His average earnings for foals is $162,115. Some of his highest-earning offspring are GCh. Aficionado, GCh. Ghost Hunter, GCh. Risky Romance, GCh. Stage Romance, and GCh. What is Love. Currently, he is unranked as a broodmare sire, but he has 23 mares retired to brood.

Out of 65 stallions w/ started offspring:
  • 8th in highest winning percentage of offspring
  • 7th in offspring earnings
  • 12th in highest G1-placed offspring
  • 3rd in G1-winning offspring

Leading Earners
  • GCH. AFICIONADO  ($2,145,050). Winner of Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile (G1), Spring Champion Stakes (G1), Juvenile Steeplchase (G2), Blue Diamond Prelude (G3), and Historic Stakes (G3). Set a speed record at 8.5f on the turf.
  • GCH. WHAT IS LOVE  ($1,292,600) Winner of Irish Two Thousand Guineas (G1), SA Oaks (G1), Rampart Handicap (G2), and Tattersall’s Cup (G3).
  • CH. SKIP TO ROMANCE ($1,285,950) Placed in Breeders’ Cup Classic (G1), and Jerome Stakes (G2).
  • GCH. STAGE ROMANCE  ($1,312,000) Winner of Seeing Starz Breeders’ Stakes (G1), Sunshine Millions Oaks (G1), Test Stakes (G1), Brandywin Breeders’ Stakes (G2), Tempted Stakes (G3), and San Miguel Stakes (G3). 2019 2 Year Old Filly Eclipse Award Winner and 2020 Springer Eclipse Award Winner.
  • GCH. GHOST HUNTER  ($816,600). Winner of Peter Pan Stakes (G2) John F. Feehan Stakes (G2), and Geelong Cup (G3).

Foals for Thought
Of his 14 MSW, 1 had their best career year at age 2, 12 at age 3 and 4, and 1 at age 5.

Breeding Suggestions: Matching successful line crosses
  • Of his 14 MSW offspring, lines include Highland Rogue, Ghost I'm Good, Lonesome Glory, Red Sunset, Secretary, Whirlaway, Brazen Remark, Rainbow Quest, Magic Glory, and Highland Laird. 
  • Looking at his SW & SP offspring, lines include Affirmed, Highland Rogue, Lonesome Glory, Rainbow Quest, Black Satin, Planet Hollywood, Point Given, Conspiracy Theory, Crimson Lad, Almost Home, High Chances, and Jazz It Up.

* * *
Gunningdownromance currently stands in New York under ownership of Desert Wind Farm for $15,000.
He does not require approval to breed to and is Breeders’ Cup nominated.

Horses For Sale / Denoux Stud Auction
« on: January 26, 2018, 08:37:35 pm »
It's already started but I still have some broodmares & racehorses available! Some have reserves but most aren't over $5k. Except Ivy Smith who is $10k (Painted Raven's stud fee).

Still some great horses for pretty cheap :D

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 1/17
« on: January 17, 2018, 03:43:51 am »
I did this many... does that count?

Race #1: Cherubim - Always Regal - Vice Admiral
Race #2: Wishful Stage - Black Wish - Let It Go
Race #3: Indian Ink - Just A Sip - Mexican Spice
Race #4: Stars at night - swatch - hartford court
Race #5: arrogant heat - acclaim - alchemist
Race #6:  hung up - blue moon shining -
Race #7: Alone at the Altar - The Good Witch - Levinas
Race #8: Hidden Princess - Sudden Feeling - Rainbow Rock
Race #9: Arista - Forevermore - Known Brick
Race #10: Diamantina Lakes - Belaxine - Give Me Wings
Race #11: Transwarp Drive - Sex Kitten - Dixieland
Race #12: Mamma Mia - Watch In Awe - Hobgoblin
Race #13: Doodles Fire - Powerful Man - Dream of Giants
Race #14: Lit from Within - Rabbit Ears - Tauto
Race #15: Wicked Nurse - Valuable Leopard - Giddy Value
Race #16: DNesh - Cruise Control - Cheerulla
Race #17: Dontleaveyourpost - fire spirit - color power
Race #18: Crown Fire - Falkirk - Moontrance
Race #19: Cipher - Moonduster - Moonsotrm
Race #20: Caberte - Mellori - Fiernza

General/Questions / January Stallion Spotlight II: Gilded Saint
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:13:35 pm »
Stallion Spotlight: January

2008 dark by Thoroughbred stallion, 17.3hh

Bred by Final Furlong, Gilded Saint won 17 of 82 lifetime start with career earnings of $3,826,950. 56 of the starts were stakes races in which he was on the board in 24 of those starts. During a career span of 5 years, Gilded Saint set 10 speed records once on the dirt, and the rest at steeplechase with most of his victories coming at the endurance distance for steeplechase.

His notable G1 victories include Ascot Gold Cup (2013), Breeders’ Cup SC Endurance (2014), Townsend Prince Breeders’ Stakes (2012, Joe Aitcheson (2013), Secret of Love Stakes (2013), Hard Scuffle (2014), Meadow Brooke Stakes (2014)Gilded Saint seemed to hit his best stride at ages 5 to 6, with his most earnings coming in his last season at $2,371,000. At five he hit the board 65% of the time, and 57% at six. He also won the Eclipse Award for Steeplechase Horse in 2014.

He frequently ran and won against future stallions Doodles and French Ruby.

He holds 10 speed records one at 6.5f on the dirt, and the rest on the steeplechase track ranging from 12-20f. Fun fact! While looking through his speed records because I was curious, he once won a race, the Ascot Gold Cup by 199 3/4 lengths! I would say that’s a record!

Gilded Saint had no injuries in his career.

Out of his 7 SW & MSW foals, less than half had career injuries, and 4 had no injuries. Of these, 2 had heat (at 4) and 1 had a cut & limping (at 2 & 4 respectively). Of those foals with injuries, 2 of their dam’s also had a career injury, while 1 did not.

As a created stallion, I will be taking a closer look at his foals and the backgrounds of the mares who produced MSW/SW/SP foals.

At the time of this post, he is Bronze-ranked (3.2). Gilded Saint has sired more than 150 foals from 7 crops with 48% starters, 68% winners, 9% stakes winners and 5% multiple stakes winners, including 2 millionaires. His average earnings for foals is $135,845. Some of his highest-earning offspring are GCh. Spiritofsaintlouis, Ch. Star Shine, Ch. Indy Saint, Ch. Inevitable, Ch. Sultana, and Ch. Hawkeye. Currently, he is unranked as a broodmare sire, and only has two mares retired to broodmare duty.

Since he did better as a 5 and 6 year old, most of his offspring are considerably young, so I only see these stats improving, especially when his younger offspring move to steeplechase races.

Out of 65 stallions w/ started offspring:
  • 12th in highest winning percentage of offspring
  • 15th in offspring earnings
  • 25th in highest G1-placed offspring
  • 33th in G1-winning offspring
  • 3rd in percentage of SC offspring

Leading Earners
  • GCH. SPIRITOFSAINTLOUIS  ($2,890,450). Winner of Breeders' Cup SC Endurance (G1), King George VI Chase (G1), Pillar Steeplechase (G2), Queen's Vase Stakes (G3). Speed record at 10f at steeplechase. Successful at 5 and still running.
  • CH. STAR SHINE  ($1,495,000) Winner of Breeder’s Cup SC Sprint (G1), San Clemente Handicapt (G2), and Doomben Roses (G3). Most recently won the Ruthless Stakes (Ugr) on 1/2/22 as a 5yo.
  • CH. INDY SAINT ($842,650) Winner of Highland Sorceress Breeders' Stakes (G1), Amazon Princess Breeders' Stakes (G3), Northern Dancer Stakes (Ugr). All stakes wins have been on the turf at 3 years old, and she just turned 4 this year. Lots of promise from this mare!
  • CH. INEVITABLE  ($716,850) Winner of Regret Stakes (G3), and on the board for Dream Skipper Breeders' Stakes (G1), King George VI Chase (G1), Santa Margarita Handicap (G1), Secret of Love Stakes (G1), and Breeders' Cup SC Distaff Endurance (G1).
  • CH. SULTANA  ($317,050). Showed in San Luis Obispo Handicap (G2), but has 7 wins over fences, and set speed records at 10.5, 15, & 16f at steeplechase.
  • CH. HAWKEYE ($312,050). Winner of Joe Aitcheson (G1) and placed in Best Pal Stakes (G3). Did a sample size of Gilded Saint offspring that were at least winners of more than 2 races, and this guy looks to be his most successful 2yo. He managed a stakes placing and a win, and won $73,300.

Foals for Thought
Between 7 foals, all either SW or MSW, 4 had their best career year at age 3, and 3 at age 4. Many are still running at 5 & 6 though.

Breeding Suggestions: Matching successful line crosses
  • 3 of his 4 MSW were by created lines, with 1 being by an AP Indy mare. He also has a SW by a Seabiscuit mare.
  • Looking at his SP offspring, lines include Sunday Silence, Giant’s Causeway, Gallant Fox, Irish River, with 2 coming from created mares.

* * *
Gilded Saint currently stands in Florida under ownership of Iron Spur Stables for $10,000.
He does not require approval to breed to and is not Breeders’ Cup nominated.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 1/13
« on: January 13, 2018, 02:13:50 am »
I'm not sure whats worse, handicapping 2yos or fresh 3yos lol

Race #1: Hideaway - Unique Pleasure - Ubasti
Race #2: Rainshadow - Jackadaw - Sound Bite
Race #3: Fae Queen - First Impression - Heaven
Race #4: Majorly Reckless - Flylikethewind - Golden Goose
Race #5: Brawny Locket - Summer Days - Coastal Cake
Race #6: Spellcaster - Heart of Destiny - Effigy
Race #7: True Arch - Royal Wedding - Zero Dark Thirty
Race #8: Blue Horizon - Almost Prideful - Lunar Phenomenon
Race #9: Unmasked - .38 Special - Smokin Joey
Race #10: Elegant Ruler - GracieofOrangevale - Political Crisis
Race #11: To the Nines - Black Scene - Give Me Equity
Race #12: Watching Moonbeans - Touching the Dark - Chalcedony
Race #13: St James - Neutral Zone - Rubicon
Race #14: The Best Time - Nights Dream - All American Star
Race #15: Platoon - Matter Antimatter - Cape Cod
Race #16: Ragged Jumper - Thunder Theory - HW Jones
Race #17: Maria Von Trapp - Chasing My Tail - Final Moment
Race #18: Stolen Candy - 1961 Double Team - What a Jewel
Race #19: Radiant - Remarkable Fuel - Tenacious Warrior
Race #20: Hollywood Lights - Idran - Mary Celeste
Race #21: Scuttled - Hollywood Power - Nyx
Race #22: Waiting For Night - Burning - Alderaan
Race #23: Take Me Home - Agnostic - Billy the Kid
Race #24: Most of All - Way with WOrds - Clear Wire
Race #25: Breathtaking View - Make Me Magical - Worth the Hope
Race #26: Livia - Charming Officer - Kinder Bueno
Race #27: Jazzed Belle - Arent I A Doll - Courtship Rituals
Race #28: Llwynog - Monster Ballad - Hi Fi
Race #29: Lady Orlando - Harare - Cliff Diving
Race #30: Dixie's Gemeni - St Patrick's Day - Moon Charm
Race #31: Glowstick - Scottish Bandit - The Awful Darling
Race #32: Tahrir Square - Murcielago - Cearrbhach
Race #33: Private Dancer - Muireartach - Steel Panther
Race #34: Highland Velvet - Fire Ruler - Destrier
Race #35: Tosca - Winner Take ALl - Unintended
Race #36: Sainthood - Sublime - Scorpion King
Race #37: Huge Ink - Caring Veil - Jaded Gate
Race #38: Summer Showers - Kendal - Dreamscape
Race #39: Nereid - COme on You Spurs - Freemason
Race #40: Glimmer Boy - Aberdeen - Suspicious Text
Race #41: Silver Touch - Finger Paint - Celebrity Madness
Race #42: Ensign of Arc - Ask Me Anything - Smart Dove
Race #43: Material Lawyer - Fancy Note - Lowly Condition
Race #44: Ember - House of Cards - Notting Hill
Race #45: Flipendulous - Ekina -ANger Management
Race #46: Joyous Laughter - Pureblood - Keeping Time
Race #47: Can You Imagine - Pop Rocks - Mountaint's Glory
Race #48: Benaren - Torah - Fanclub
Race #49: Wild Inferno - Coco Major - Dream of Wembley
Race #50: Little Miss Zapper - Drums Please - Runaway

Foaling Barn / Denoux Stud 2022 Foals
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:18:55 pm »
NCh. Lord Nelson x Eastern Journey - GCh. Simply Heroic (S)
8.2h dark bay filly
First foal for SP Eastern Journey. She also foaled a couple days early! Named after a cigar brand my husband and my dad (and me!) like since Lord Nelson is by Cigar.

1 Filly | 0 Colts | 74 due this year

Anything Goes / Happy New Years Y'all!
« on: January 01, 2018, 04:01:29 am »
We've got about an hour to go here, but its a New Year in FF!

Yes, I'm totally lame and playing sims on NYE, but my husband and I are being totally chill on the couch. We're sipping some prosecco, I have red beans and rice simmering on the stove, and we're watching the NYE shows. I'm in some comfy clothes on the couch, playing sim games, and just enjoying the time off!

How'd you spend your NYE?

Hello 2022! (or 2018 in real life ahaha)

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 12/20
« on: December 20, 2017, 12:06:11 am »
Race #1: Fairy Lights - Celtic Sprite - Ching Shih
Race #2: Hourglass Riddle - Lovesick Blues - Yana
Race #3: Stormy Sky - Eternally - Get Happy
Race #4: Callgirl - Harpsichord - Wildling
Race #5: Old Actor - Tacky Princess - Happy Moonbeam
Race #6: Impartial Brick - Silent Vein - Cold Devil
Race #7: Flashy Side - V Gate - Glimmer Boy
Race #8: Long Hold - Fleur Delacour - Fear Nothing
Race #9: Hollywood's Luck - Lake Como - Major's Silk
Race #10: Iridescent - Gambler's Ensign - Little Bird
Race #11: D'Nesh - Tanzania -  Siege
Race #12: Secret Charm - Thunder THeory - Hillsborough
Race #13: Political Assassin - Falkirk - Rebel Spurs
Race #14: Black Rose - Twin Towers - Mother Teresa
Race #15: Eclatant - Canadian Club - Dance of Fire
Race #16: Utopia - Prospective Flight - Sudden Feeling
Race #17: Bachata - Amacuzac - Night Vogue
Race #18: One Giant Leap - Mexican Spitfire - Grand Finale
Race #19: Pointless - Mozart - Caravan
Race #20: Quick Sketch - Tavana - Mysterious Devil
Race #21: Yuznow - Luminist - Hidden Cove
Race #22: Creme Brulee - First Seal - Vanbrugh
Race #23: Languid Song - Gorgeous Page - Precious Moment
Race #24: Color Run - M'Pella - Easy Play
Race #25: Matchmaker - Glory's Mystery - Investiture
Race #26: Notre Dame - Tell Mama - Infatuation
Race #27: Goldfinch - Dazzling Fiesta - Yay or Nay
Race #28: Navy Mountain - Burning Lamp - Brawny Voice
Race #29: Glossy Devil - Hoppipolla - Royal Post
Race #30: Seek Justice - Ventriloquest - Bele
Race #31: Two Gold Rings - Broadway Bound - Rich Belle
Race #32: Tunes of Glory - Katherina - Wild Aptitude
Race #33: Legendary Rocket - Tour d'Eiffel - Closed on Sunday
Race #34: What's That Girl - I'm Yours - Trojan Horse
Race #35: Gosh Darnit - Great Unknown - King of Saxony
Race #36: Bouncing Raider - Redjac - Manatee
Race #37: Magic Jewel - Strut - Caring Opinion
Race #38: Queen Bee - Melody Wisp - Maribymong
Race #39: Pharoah's Treasure - Like an Arrow - Loves Not Gone
Race #40: Infinity Gauntlet - Royal Wish - Seattle Juliet
Race #41: Pixie - Sparkler - Beautiful Motion -  Dr Good
Race #42: Turning You Down - Arabian Fire -  Santa Claus
Race #43: Dragon Emperor - Annapolis - Colonial
Race #44: Scrabble - Sahreen - Drifting
Race #45: Farpoint Station - Wedding Chorale - Kilbeggan
Race #46: Theragen - Bloody Mary - Tainted Love
Race #47: Bandito - Mariachi - Wolfsbane
Race #48: Bamma Slamma - Ask Me How - As you Rise
Race #49: King's Guard - Sea Salt - Wild Night
Race #50: Franco Classico - Prince of Spurs - Phantomized

General/Questions / December Stallion Spotlight II: Strike It Rich
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:32:44 pm »
Stallion Spotlight: December

WCh. Strike It Rich
2006 chestnut Thoroughbred stallion, 17.2hh
Strike The Gold (G) – Black Swan (G)

Our second Stallion Spotlight for this month is silver ranked, Strike It Rich. At 15, he is one of the older stallions still around and only one of 6 whose first crop was in 2012 or earlier. Bred by Stillwater Farms and currently owned by FF, Strike it Rich won 17 of 59 lifetime starts, 16 of those stakes races, with career earnings of $2,780,400. During a career span of 3 years, Strike It Rich was most successful running sprint distance and didn’t seem to mind what his hooves were running on. He was untested over fences, but still had success at the classic distance and even won a stakes race over 10f.

His G1 wins include the Goodwood Handicap and the Omaha Breeders' Stakes; G1-placings include the Melair Stakes, Two Thousand Guineas, Goodwood Handicap, July Cup, Lighting Stakes, and Victoria Racing Club Stakes. Strike It Rich seemed to hit his best stride at age 3 and 4, earning over $1 million each season. At three he hit the board 70% of the time and at 4, he entered all stakes races, hitting the board 73%

He frequently ran against other future stallions such as Nightfight, What’s Your Point, The Fighting Fifty and Gotta Go and beat Count Me In, Prince of Wonder, Black Warrior, Chivalry, Candidate, and Dark Continent.

In his last year racing, Strike It Rich had 2 injuries: Heat (RF) in May and Overheating in September.

His sire, STRIKE THE GOLD, by Alydar (S) and a created mare, sired just 17 horses. 6 became stakes winners including MSW Strike It Rich, MSW GCh. Striking Beauty, MSW Ch. Iglesias, SW Ch. Gold Fever, SW Ch. Gone to Dust, SW Stroke of Luck. From his 5 daughters, 2 are silver-ranked, 2 bronze, and one is currently unranked. A bronze-ranked broodmare sire, his grandfoals include MSW’s Ch. Catch Phrase, SW Showoff, SW Secsy Star, SW Ch. Canaryinacoalmine, and SW Ch. Su Vida Loca.

His dam, BLACK SWAN, was a black type broodmare, producing all winners from 12 foals with 6 stakes winners, 5 multi stakes winners including GCh. Endless Flight, Ch. Knight Errant, Ch. Dark Laird, GCh. Swan Song, and Strike is Rich, a millionaire MSW. Average earnings for her foals is $517,125. 6 of her daughters are now broodmares, with 1 gold-ranked, 1 bronze-ranked, and the rest unranked.

At the time of this post, he is Silver-ranked (3.9). Strike It Rich has sired 222 foals from 10 crops with 44% starters, 64% winners, 16% stakes winners and 7% multiple stakes winners. Some of his highest-earning offspring are NCh. Billionaire, GCh. Boundless Train, Ch. Payday, GCh. Rich Belle, Ch. Flota de Indias, Ch. Platinum Edition, Ch. Putitonmyaccount

Currently he is unranked as a broodmare sire. Of his daughters with started offspring he has 1 stakes placed and 2 winners but most of his grand foals are yearlings and weanlings.

Out of 65 stallions w/ started offspring:
  • 17th in highest winning percentage of offspring
  • 13th in offspring earnings
  • 16th in highest G1-placed offspring
  • 7th in G1-winning offspring

Leading Earners
  • CH. STRIKE IT LUCKY ($2,205,650), Notable stakes placings include: won Travers Stakes (G1), placed Queensland Derby (G1), placed Dubai World Cup (G1), showed Belmont Stakes (G1), placed Whitney Handicap (G1).
  • GCH. BOUNDLESS TRAIN ($1,678,550), Notable stakes wins include Santa Maria Handicap (G1), Kelso Breeders' Cup (G2), Lexington Stakes (G3), Pucker Up Stakes (G3), Modesty Handicap (G3).
  • NCH. BILLIONAIRE ($1,649,300), G1 wins include St. Jame’s Palace Stakes, Woodford Reserve Turf Classic, Dubai Duty Free. Currently holds a turf speed record at 10f.
  • GCH. RICH BELLE ($1,098,00), Notable stakes wins include Ballerina Stakes (G1), Bold Ruler Stakes (G3), Honorable Miss Handicap (G3), George C. Hendrie Stakes (G3).
  • CH. PUTITONMYACCOUNT ($558,500), Notable stakes wins include Angus Armanasco Stakes (G2), Adrian Knox Stakes (G3), Tramway Handicap (G3). Currently holds a turf speed record at 8f.
  • CH. SPLACHEE ($439,650), Notable stakes placings include: won Lockinge Stakes (G1) and placed Vessels Stallion Farm Distaff (G1). Currently holds turf speed records at 8f and 9.5f.
  • CH. EUPHORIA ($389,150), Noteable stakes placings include: won Racing Post Trophy (G1), placed Visionary Stakes (G1), showed Toorak Handicap (G1), showed Stan Fox Stakes (G2).
  • THE KLONDIKE KID ($384,450), Notable stakes placings include: won Del Mar Futurity (G1), showed Golden Slipper Stakes (G1)

Foals for Thought
Between 16 foals, all either SW or MSW, 9 had their best career year at age 2 (25%), 4 at age 3 (44%), and 5 at age 4 or older (31%).
His most successful foals have been mares by:
MSW - Abracadabra, Crimson Lad (x2), Secretary, Worth The Wait, Mr. Prospector, Rainbow Quest
SW - Sneak Peek, Planet Hollywood, Cross Roads, Moonover Boy, Highland Magic, Flash Image

Breeding Suggestions: Matching successful line crosses via sire
  • Strike the Gold daughters have produced a MSW or SW from the following sire lines: What’s It Worth, Akhetnaten, Rock of Gibraltar, High Chances, Ring of Fire, Devil His Due

Breeding suggestions: Matching successful line crosses via dam
  • Black Swan had 5 MSW by Alydar (Strike the Gold’s sire), Crimson Lad, Highland Laird, What’s It Worth and a SW by The Black
  • Black Knight broodmares have also produced SW & MSW from High Chances, Holy Bull, Bellagio (x2), Hidden Destiny, King David, Red Sunset, All Jazzed Up, Nightfight,  

* * *
Stike it Rich currently stands in Kentucky under FF ownership for $15,000.
Being FF-owned he is not BC nominated, but he does not require approval to breed to.

Starting next month Shelbie and I will feature non-FF owned studs. I had only noticed after I had already started this write up.

Please share your own foals and successful crosses below.

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / 12/2
« on: December 02, 2017, 12:47:21 am »
finish later

Race #1: Moncler - Jawbreaker - Storm Charm
Race #2: Elope - Lorde - Sackville
Race #3: Cabaret - The Awful Daring - Sepia
Race #4: Roalind - Early Pass - Warm Analogy
Race #5: Green Jade - Normal List - Lose Control
Race #6: Demonic Minute - Vague Writer - Agreeable Coast
Race #7: Chortle - Fear Nothing - Oh My Lord
Race #8: n/a
Race #9: Spiritual - Brazen Hussy - Ilse Royale
Race #10:
Race #11:
Race #12:
Race #13:
Race #14:
Race #15:
Race #16:
Race #17:
Race #18:
Race #19:
Race #20:
Race #21:
Race #22:
Race #23:
Race #24:
Race #25:
Race #26:
Race #27:
Race #28:
Race #29:
Race #30:
Race #31:
Race #32:
Race #33:
Race #34:
Race #35:
Race #36:
Race #37:
Race #38:
Race #39:
Race #40:
Race #41:
Race #42:
Race #43:
Race #44:
Race #45:
Race #46:
Race #47:
Race #48:
Race #49:
Race #50:

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / November Handicapping
« on: December 01, 2017, 04:02:53 pm »
I think I only missed one day this month! This will help with the fact that I'm totally in the hole for taxes lolol

Days Handicapped:  8

Wins: 250 x 73 = $18250
Places: 100 x 47 = $4700
Shows: 50 x 59 = $2950
Quinellas: 500 x 28 = $14000
Trifectas: 1000 x 24 = $24000
Total: $63900

General/Questions / Breeding matches
« on: November 09, 2017, 01:07:42 am »
So in light of Shelbie's "let's get the board more active" post, I'd like to pick people's brains about how they select which stallions to breed their mares to.

I'm a newbie, and while I did search the forums extensively in my research, I'm still not entirely sure what changes may or may not have been made. (Because impossible to keep up with those since this game started)

Right now, I've kind of been relying on what my broodmares have produced previously. So if they have a foal that was a winner/stakes winner/MSW/etc from a certain stud, I go there first. Sometimes that leads me to a dead end (retired stallion/no stud qualified offspring, etc), which leaves me with little ideas what to do.

One thing I did do for the mares I bred this year (for a 2022 foal) was look up mares from the same sire as my mare, and see what they well crossed with.

I don't expect deep dark breeding matching secrets to be revealed but some guidance would be amazing! I made a small spreadsheet of my mares and their racing preferences (if any) and if they had a SW/MSW by a certain stud. This has helped if I'm familiar some studs, but after buying 3 yearlings from Sunday Paper and finding out he's a later blooming SC guy, I obviously have a TON to learn LOL (Also, not complaining because I don't mind waiting with the 2yos but ahaha had I known, maybe I wouldn't have bought 3!)

Any tips?

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