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Author Topic: Those tricky 2yos  (Read 1873 times)
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« on: January 01, 2005, 07:53:59 PM »

 Yeah, yeah, I know.  GOT's

don't mean much here.  However, I would LOVE to see the *special* ponies that my most

obstinate of 2yos will be chasing.  I mean no offense by anything I say, and know full well

that even the most grumpy of 2yos can win...eventually.  If you bred any of these, you have

my full apologies, but I do poke fun at my ponies for my own amusement.  

That being said,

shall we take a look?'

target='_blank'>Catlike--Ornery, PMS'y and a royal klutz.  The only difference between

this horse and me is the fact that the bugger seems to be a boy.  How sad!  I'm sure we

could've bonded over some Bloody Maries and some good girl talk.  We're too much alike.  

And no, I did not name him.   :P


target='_blank'>Chicken--I'd peg this boy as a sprinter that has a slow recovery time.

 He looks good, otherwise.  I'm hoping he becomes a stud, simply to see who will breed to

this big, handsome Chicken.  

href='' target='_blank'>Danny

Boy--All I will say is that I like the second to last line:  "When racing, this horse

does not take requests. Don't even try."  I just keep thinking of him as some sort of

obnoxious DJ.'

target='_blank'>I'm A Believer--A precocious filly.  This girl was running in a

steeplechase before she was born.  AND she came in 2nd.  Talk about mad talent.  

Unfortunately, the Grumpy Ol' Trainer is lying to me again, saying that she only MIGHT be

good at steeplechase.  Heck, if a little unborn foal can beat the big scary grown horses,

she's gotta be a natural.  If I have to rename her due to her sharing a name, I choose

"Gotta Be A Natural".  Oh yeah.

href='' target='_blank'>Not

Nuts--I'll wager that this one might be the best of the bunch.

href='' target='_blank'>Out of

Tune--1/2 to King David.  I have a feeling she won't be eclipsing him any time


These are the ponies that struck me as slightly above/below average based on their

GOTs, and my sleep deprived and twisted mind.  What about the rest of you?  What does YOUR

trianer say?
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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2005, 09:18:22 PM »

 you know, Cat, i started to

write a story about Chicken a couple of weeks ago...however, i don't see myself finishing it

anytime soon.  maybe if i finish it, i'll post it here.  it's not very good.  


here are my horses' GOTs:

href='' target='_blank'>Broadway:

pretty average, though he seems PMS-y...also not very smart traffic-wise.  

href='' target='_blank'>Crack The

Code: not looking good for this little girl.  the good thing is that she looks like a

SCer and is good with traffic.


target='_blank'>Don'tsayaword: my thick-headed numbskull.   <_<  other than being

really stupid, she looks pretty.

href='' target='_blank'>Loot and

Plunder: another ornery one.  again, doesn't seem to be that bad except for that one


target='_blank'>Paint the Town Red: yep, another one that doesn't take requests.  none

of them want to run for me!  other than that, seems average to me.


target='_blank'>Pickpocket: this horse has great lines, so hopefully his GOT will be


target='_blank'>Proletariat: one of my better ones.  love the name, too.


target='_blank'>Trafalgar: a little inconsistant and ornery, but other than that she's


oh well...i never look at GOTs anyway...
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« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2005, 09:37:44 PM »

 Oh!  If you do write a story

about Chicken, do post it.  Even if it's partially done, I'd love to read it.  Heck,

anything about chickens would be interesting to read, because who writes about chickens?  I

mean really!!

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« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2005, 11:05:42 PM »

 unfortunately, I won't let

myself post it until it's finished.  however, i can tell you that it's called "A Horse

Named Chicken."  it's about your horse and Peacock meeting on Shanthi's farm.  It's kind

of like a children's story for adults.  it's not that good, though, but i'll try to finish

it as soon as possible.
Sunrise Racing Farms

Home of Red Sunset, sire of MSP Just My Style.   Standing for $1,000 LFG in 2010 (last season!)

Check out Red Sunset's MSW grandson: Style Street

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« Reply #4 on: January 01, 2005, 11:12:44 PM »

 Ooh, Peacock gets to be in

it, too!  Yay, Peacock!  :D
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« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2005, 11:16:30 PM »

 Yay 2yos! hehe. Lets see how

my guys look'

target='_blank'>Check It Out -- Looks like a sprinter or SC. Looks a little

in-consistent and clutsy though

href='' target='_blank'>Cool

Breeze -- Looks like she'll be a decent racer, maybe SC. Looks like she could be a great

racer, of course with her lazy days

href='' target='_blank'>Deceitful

Mirage -- I'm really really liking his GOT! The only not so great comments were on his

mood, he should do well'

target='_blank'>Disbelief -- Looks inconsistent, maybe a SC. Not sure, will have to do

alot of experimenting. Hopefully his lines will shine through

href='' target='_blank'>Flying

Colors -- I really like his GOT, hes got good bloodlines as well. This guy should

definatly be successful'

target='_blank'>Rainforest -- He looks unpredictable. He's got good bloodlines

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« Reply #6 on: January 01, 2005, 11:21:54 PM »

 I've only got two  :D'

target='_blank'>Courtship - About average, I'd say a definate steeplechaser.


target='_blank'>Electrifying - Kinda ify, unpredictable, who knows what'll happen.

Looks like he'll have good and bad days
« Reply #7 on: January 01, 2005, 11:58:11 PM »

 Gosh do I really want to go

through all mine though... yes, yes I do :D Here's how Clover Spring's 2yo's look for the


target='_blank'>Air - Looks like she'll do ok on the breaking and pack fronts, but

endurance could be a problem. Might be a late developer.

href='' target='_blank'>All Jazzed

Up - Looks great in speed, endurance, and competition. Could be stubborn and hard to race


target='_blank'>Athens - Seems to have a fairly well balanced GOT, but could be a bit

on the stubborn side. Seems good endurance and pace-wise.

href='' target='_blank'>Banner

Raised - Don't know what to think about this colt. Half of his GOT seems good, the other

terrible. Good old off-days, not much heart, and chestnut means stop lines ;)


target='_blank'>Belladonna - I really don't like the look of her GOT at all. Seems

pretty negative and doesn't seem to have any endurance, and is stubborn. Sounds like a

aprinter if anything.'

target='_blank'>Daybreak- Looks like a very nice GOT for this filly... but I hope the

endurance line is lying to me ;)

href='' target='_blank'>Detour -

Doesn't seem to have too bad of a GOT, pretty balanced and ok on the endurance front...

sounds like a closer though.


target='_blank'>Diamondontheinside - I don't like the look of his GOT at

. Seems like another sprinter here. *sigh*


target='_blank'>Dreamweaver - Seems like a GOT on the bad side more than the good.

We'll have to see come race day for this filly.


target='_blank'>Evanescence - Looks like she might have some promise. Good endurance

and pack handling, I'm just hoping some of the other lines are lying! ;)


target='_blank'>Fingerprints - Great looking endurance, heart, and pack ability. She

might not make a bad filly if the GOT isn't lying.

href='' target='_blank'>Highland

Outlaw - Now I really like the looks of Highland Outlaw. It

seems he may mature late, but his endurance, heart, speed, and pleasing/listening factors all

seem to be very good. I'm keeping an eye on him.

href='' target='_blank'>National

Hero - Doesn't seem like a very good GOT, but his full sibling National Post had one in

basically the same way. You can just never tell sometimes...

href='' target='_blank'>Never

Worthy - Was hoping for a bit of a better looking GOT on him, and I'm hoping it's lying

in some ways.'

target='_blank'>Walk of Fame - Doesn't seem too bad, but only racing will tell how

she'll do.

And that is all of my 15 2yo's for this year,

I really do thank Shanthi for raising the racehorse limit.  :P And if this is any indication

of how reliable GOT's sometimes are look at Foolhardy and Highland Grace's


Foolhardy: (fairly good)
Are you sure this horse isn't part rocket?
This horse

will pass a few in a heartbeat.
This horse can really move!
This horse can handle most

This horse has quite a few off-days.
If you don't train this one for 'chasing,

you'll be making a mistake.
This horse runs like a sprinter, but it's hard to say.

horse really isn't that interested in running.
If you're lucky this horse will be in a

good mood on raceday.
This horse can slide through spaces that are far too small for


Highland Grace:
Ready for action, most of the time.
This horse is cut out to be a

dressage prospect with that fine extended cant-…err…I mean gallop.
This horse

would win under a hand ride!
This horse has bags of stamina. A good sign.
This horse

usually puts in a good effort.
This horse might do well at jumps.
This horse takes time to

find their running stride.
This horse doesn't have much heart for racing.
Egads! This

horse is ornery as they come.
This dimwit thinks the rear end of a chestnut means


So yeah... sometimes they can lie... but distance seems to be a pretty major


Sorceress Edea
« Reply #8 on: January 02, 2005, 01:43:21 AM »

href='' target='_blank'>Early

Warning - This filly seems kinda lazy, and the GOT doesnt say much about distance, or

much about going over fences O.o. Also a bit ornery, and one of those with the

chestnut-butt=stop sign'

target='_blank'>Easterner - Twin NO.1. This little filly has a pretty good GOT, she

looks like a sprinter that would rather do what you want than bite you, which is good.

href='' target='_blank'>Polar

Bear - This colt looks like a lazy sprinter, immune to the crop and a bit pushy. He's

one of them without traffic sense.

href='' target='_blank'>Roxie

Heart - This little filly has nice lines, and if I go by her GOT she's a natural born

steeplechaser. And she should make a nice one too if the old man is telling the truth.

href='' target='_blank'>Untamed

Desire - I dont know what to say about this colt, his GOT contradicts its self. He doesnt

have much traffic sense and won't listen very often. Hopefuly his GOT is all wrong.

href='' target='_blank'>Westerner

- Twin NO.2 (can you tell by his name?) This colt is a sprinter who might go the distance..

how does that work exactly? Either way, it seems hes got a good attitude, and just like his

sister he can slide through spaces too small for him.

Well, there are my 6 two year olds.

I didn't know I had that many, honestly O.o
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« Reply #9 on: January 02, 2005, 02:04:39 AM »

 The sprinter/stayer line is

where they want to be during the race, and the endurance line is how much stamina they have.  

(As explained in the FAQ)
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« Reply #10 on: January 02, 2005, 03:57:49 PM »

 Well both of my 2yo's notes

look really good to me.

What's That About - What's Debatable x Try Try Again
This horse

breaks pretty sharp!
This horse is cut out to be a dressage prospect with that fine extended

cant-?err?I mean gallop.
This horse is quite quick on their feet.
This horse could run all

day, if you asked.
If you're lucky, this horse will run well for you.
This horse is part

deer! Train him for the jumps immediately!
This horse is definitely a sprinter.
This horse

likes competition all right.
Super sensitive, this one. Will fly with just a little

enocouragement and slow down just as fast.
You think he\'s boxed in, then all of a

sudden he\'s the one that\'s blocking other magic.

Almost A

Star - Almost Home x Starfire
Ready for action, most of the time.
This horse can keep up

with most of them.
Trouble with horses like these is getting them to stop!
This horse might

go the distance for you.
This horse will run well with good treatment.
This horse might do

well at jumps.
This horse is definitely a sprinter.
This horse likes competition all

Warn the starters when this one enters the gate.
This horse can slide through spaces

that are far too small for it.

« Reply #11 on: January 02, 2005, 06:12:10 PM »

 Well, I'm looking at


Black Light - I'm not putting an apprentice up! Doesn't take requests and has PMS.

Not to mention having no endurance. But jumps with the best of them. Somebody might be being

switched early ;-).

Broken Promises - also looks like a steeplechaser who's hard to train

with no endurance. I'm spotting a trend here. Steeplechase sprinters. Meh.

Greek Fire -

has that wonderful 'extended canter' line. Otherwise, not sure what to make of it. Go me

for choosing names I like.

Groupie - is part deer. What IS it with me and

steeplechasers?!? And he has that lovely Quarter Horse line.

I give up. Three of the four

have GOTs that indicate sprint steeplechase. What's with this?
« Reply #12 on: January 03, 2005, 04:07:59 AM »

 Alright I've found some

time to sort through my 2 year olds and here's what I've found. ;)

href='' target='_blank'>A.P.

Masterpiece - Looks like he's going to like to run the distance in a wide open field.  

He likes to run but starting out may be a problem.  Looks like a cutie though.

href='' target='_blank'>Blue

Legend - Cute little horse who might like to run this year.  He doesn't seem to have

much sense but if he get's his feet under him in the start he might not be half bad.

href='' target='_blank'>Devil His

Due- Moody guy who looks like the jumps might suit him best.  He's good with traffic but

might need distance to catch anyone.


target='_blank'>HighlandEnterprise -  I love this boys GOT.  Seems to like to run in

front of the field and keep an eye on his competitors, but quick when he's getting closed

on.  A mile comes easy to him so maybe he's my Triple hopeful.  He's very trusting and

loyal with clockwork consistancy.  I just hope he really does get a jump on the rest or relys

on my jockeys directions because his traffic ability is zilch.

href='' target='_blank'>Just

Royal- He seems to be a bit moody but maybe if we let him alone his heart will run his

race.  He also has clockwork consistancy and has those tight jumping tendons.  He's also

pretty powerful so lets hope that luck is on his side and their aren't to many accidents

when he's stuck in the middle of the field.

href='' target='_blank'>Key To

Glory- Cute little filly but a big BAD GOT, lol.  Luckily she likes to be on the lead

cause she isn't to interested in running.  She's a slow breaker but lets hope that her

stamina and powerwill carry her through the race.  She's horrible in training sessions and

her traffic sense is, well, that of a 16 year old.  


target='_blank'>Ozemandius - Well this guys GOT is rather vague.  He might be fast, he

might be good at the jumps.  It's hard to say what his running style is and he seems to run

well in workouts anyway.  Well guess we'll just have to wait and see!

href='' target='_blank'>Point

Taken- I like this guys GOT.  He's not as loyal as HighlandEnterprise but he's got the

athletic ability I think.  He usually on his toes, runs well with the field, and has a ton of

power being able to win under a hand ride (what does that mean, anyway?).  He doesn't have

much stamina I fear but hopefully his effort over rides that cause he usually puts in a good

effort.  He likes to run in the lead and likes his competition but lets hope they don't get

to close cause he might have a crash.

href='' target='_blank'>Scarlet

Skies- Big nice filly who may get a little PMSy.  She's a good breaker and passes horses

with ease.  She's got a good turn of the hoof and her stamina looks versital.  Very good

with her traffic so I'm hoping her moodiness won't effect her heart and athletic


target='_blank'>Sea Acoral Image- CDS's first and only homebred this year looks like a

nail bitter.  She's not to fast but has explosive potential.  She's has good effort and

good stamina but the rest is rather average.  

href='' target='_blank'>Set The

Sails- What a pretty girl she looks to be such a sweetheart.  She is usually on her toes,

runs well with the field, and would win under a hand ride.  She's got stamina to spare and

is a beautiful eagar beaver and wants to please like there's no tomorrow.  I just hope she

doesn't get behind a chestnut though.

href='' target='_blank'>Style

Street- Another nice one.  He's on the top of his game, will pass a few in a heartbeat,

would win under a hand ride, and has bags of stamina.  He likes to be on the lead but has

quite a few off days and doesn't seem to be interested in running. Who knows!!??

href='' target='_blank'>Winners

Dream- Big beautiful filly with a pretty average GOT.  We have to be extra rewarding

towards her in training sessions and her athletic ablility is rather good but her mind might

get in the way of that.

Well that's all13 of em'.  Nice little bunch i think.....well

hopefully. ;)    

Bluberi Farms
« Reply #13 on: January 04, 2005, 04:36:13 AM »

 Alright here's what I've


Cigar's Native----Cigar X Native


This seems to be a nice colt.  He seems willing to please, but then

again he has his stubborn, pigheaded, boy times as well.


----Cross Roads X Lady Gambler----Stallion

He'll probably be a nice

sprint horse, maybe a little PMsy.  He's willing to learn it just may take him a little

while, maybe as a 3yo over jumps.

Gone To Gold----Easy Goer

X Gold 'n' Glitter----Filly

This little mare seems to be pretty easy going, she'll

probably make a nice allowance mare, but I don't ever figure her for more than


Notta Cat----Storm Cat X Ready And


Well if we can get this little lady to settle down, she'll make a nice

3yo prospect.  Maybe a late 2yo.

Rocket Fuel----Jazz It Up

X Rocket Fast----Stallion

With this colt's daddy who wouldn't smile.  At 17hands he's a

giant and quick at that.  We here at the farm have been watching him grow aver the last few

weeks and we really like what we see.  He has all the potential to be a great


Steel 'n' Tell----Highland Pride X Easy


Out of another champion sire.  This grey man is probably the farms

next favorite after Rocket.  Even thoug hhe wakes up on the wrong side of the bed some days

he has all the potential I believe to be a champion.

I'm so happy with this years

2-year olds.  I believe I have a much better set of babys this year.

Good Luck ALL!!!!!  


« Reply #14 on: January 04, 2005, 07:43:27 PM »


Whats It Worth x Lucky Princess

Well this guy looks like he will need some

Blinkers so he can get outta the gate a little quicker.  Other than that the breeding is

there to be something special.

Distinctive Act- Class Act x Distinctive


This guy appears to be a chaser, at least by GOT


Fast Fleet Feet - Fleet Street x Risky


Has a really nice GOT.  I went a little name crazy on him.  Appears

to have some ability

Filly From Chile- Bold Ruler x Fallen


 Its always nice when your best prospect seems to have the GOT to

match.  This filly has my two fav lines, This horse 'll pass a few in a heartbeat.

horse would win under a hand ride!
So we will see come april when she makes her debut what

type she is.  Heres a drink for hoping.

The others will be talked about later including a

nice little filly that is half to Townsend Phantom former Belmont winner
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