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Author Topic: My 1st Suggestion  (Read 640 times)

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My 1st Suggestion
« on: November 02, 2008, 03:48:00 am »
OKAY I have been a member since early this summer and I feel the need for a suggestion (sorry, I know there are a lot of them).

Maybe this already exists somewhere but I cant find it.  I think it would be helpful if a guide was created that contained a summary of all the jockeys comments and what they mean.  I have found some explainations in the previous posts after lots of searching and was suprised to find that some did not mean what I thought they meant.  I would also like to know the "differences" (if any) between the comments.

For example:

Is "know like the back of my hand" any different than "get along OK" comment or do they mean basically the same thing

How about "did poorly" "seems tired" and "out of steam". Does each one have a special meaning or are the different levels of bad, or just the same thing said different ways for variety sake?

I understand: "dumped me", "get along OK", "don't know well", and "dream to ride".
And I think I understand the "refuse to rate".  However I still can't find enough info on the following:
"could carry more weight" (fatter jockey?? why??)
"ran out of steam" (this seems obvious but I've had a really fit horse lacking steam after a
2 mile walk) 
"has devils temper" (also seems obvious but is this something fixable or do I need to adjust for it or just ignore it)   
"likes running off pace" (no clue at all)

Anyway a page of comments would be nice, for me and any newbies.  It might bring people up to speed faster and cut down on the number of posts on the subject.  I would volunteer but as you can see I am definitely NOT qualified.  Everyting else is great and I am enjoying playing.

OH...also more women jockeys would be nice.  (It seems like the real world male/female ratio is higher,or it probably will be in 2012)