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2014 Foaling Season
« on: December 20, 2009, 09:35:45 pm »
I'm pretty sure a lot of farms have been working away on getting the best crosses possible (myself included) so this is here for everyone to talk as much as they want about upcoming foals (essentially this is a thread for foals that were bred in 2013).  :)

Gimme A Shot x Whirl It (Whirlaway)
Whirl It graced us with a stunning little filly by Jazz It Up, and since No Duplicate is now retired this baby will be Whirl's last most likely. Whirl It is a fairly consistant producer but her two year olds tend to be moody. Gimme A Shot has sired some pretty good stakes winners such as Athens, Long Shot, Mission Bay, and Crusader. He is also a son of the Reine-de-Course mare Gimme A Chance and her only son at stud. I'm crossing my fingers for a filly, since I already have one definite stud prospect from Whirl.

Nightfight x Royalle (Go For Dash)
Royalle lost her Strider filly last year so we hope this foal will make it. Nightfight's first foals will be yearlings as of 2014 so it'll be while before Nightfight proves himself as a sire, but he did have a lot of good mares sent to him. Royalle has done well as a brood, with two winners and one placed. Her Ring of Fire colt starts racing next year. With the collison of Times Ebony and Go For Dash again in this baby we hope the foal will be a SW like Gotta Go.

Alley Cat x Kentucky Gamble (Seattle Slew)
Gamble was purchased from Storybook Farms and she was a slow maturing racer. Still, she won a big G1 stakes and placed in numerous stakes. She is unproven as a broodmare, her first is a yearling by Moonopoly. This foal is the second from the combination of Alydar/Seattle Slew. Alley Cat has only two racing crops but he has sired a SW. Given that Alley Cat was highly successful on the turf and Gamble won on the turf as well, I'm thinking this foal will be a future turf racer.

All Jazzed Up x Deadly Game (Time Bomb)
A foal from two CS homebreds. It is also the first time these two particular bloodlines have been paired. All Jazzed Up is a new stallion on the roster at Clover Springs but incredibly talented, winning grade 1 stakes at two, three, four and five. I expect this foal will be a good turf contender in a few years. Game should bless the baby with good early speed, if Devil's Game is any indication of the foal's ability as a runner.

My Lucky Day x Shining Spotlight (Alveretto)
My Lucky Day has been pretty used lesser than most stallions but this breeding is one that attracted me, and is a personal favorite of mine. I rarely keep My Lucky Day foals, but this baby is one I will definitely keep to race. Shining Spotlight was a hundred thousand purchase from a auction in July three years ago and she is well worth the price. Now, I would have had to pay more given what her foals have done on the track. She has produced a lot of fillies, and just one colt so we're thinking that Shine will give us another filly.

Government Secret x Arabic (Nijinsky)
Arabic is created, and I'm pretty picky on what stallions are matched with my mares so this pairing was not pre-arranged, the stud fee is hardly a factor when I decide on the stud. Arabic's High Chances colt races this coming year, which will be a helpful indicator of Arabic's broodmare potential. Government Secret has been pretty good as a sire, but pretty underused, still a few of his foals have proven themselves to be stakes level racers.

Moonover Boy x Golden Legend (Black Legend)
Golden Legend is a steady colt producer, but with any luck this baby will be a filly. To date Golden's best foal is One Lucky Soul, who has won several stakes this year as a 2yo. However, this is the first time Golden has been bred to a Chef-de-Race sire, and with Black Legend, also a Chef-de-Race sire in the mix, the baby will definitely be a interesting one. Moonover Boy was used lightly as a sire, but he did sire multiple stakes level winners/placers.

My Lucky Day x Whirlagirl (Whirlaway)
The second of four My Lucky Day foals we bred this year. Girl has done fairly well, not as good as most of the mares in the broodmare barn of Tall Oaks but she earns her keep. Most of Girl's foals have won races, if not at the stakes level. My Lucky Day has only just hit his stride in the last two years in the breeding shed, and it looks like Day will have many more stakes quality foals given the mares sent to him (Cross My Heart, Black Flames, etc). The majority of foals from Girl have been colts but we're holding out for a filly.

My Lucky Day x In Absentia (Flash's Image)
In Absentia was the first of only twelve foals from Flash's Image. She has done incredibly well as a broodmare with all six of her racing foals being winners, including her two year old by Secretsarebound. Her colt by Witness will race next year for us. My Lucky Day has already been introduced previously. I'm hoping for another filly, since Tia produces mostly colts and Day is pretty split on good facing colts/fillies.

My Lucky Day x Lil Miss Lucky (Best of Luck)
We got Lily for only a grand a few years ago, but she hasn't produced anything grand just yet. Her Count Me In filly will race next year. This cross is pretty much a wild card but given Day's luck lately with his son One Lucky Soul we're anxious to find out how this foal does in two years.

Seattle Sorcerer x Last Fling (Last Win)
Fling was another thousand dollar purchase, which shocked us considering she had already foaled Calm Winds (MSW). Like a few of our other mares Fling has 100% winners from her five racing foals. She was covered by My Lucky Day shortly after she foaled her Highland Magic filly, which was another reason we were surprised to get her for such a low price considering how in-demand Highland Magic has become. Seattle Sorcerer only has two racing crops (three if you count In Due Time a '09 filly but she was born early), still he has sired one MSW, and multiple winners/placers. I'm fairly excited about this foal.

Rumor Has It x Is She High (Highland Rogue)
I admit I am a fan of crossing mares from top stallions to sons of top stallions and this pairing is just one example of that. I wish I could keep Izzy but FF policy says that once her lease ends she is to go back to Final Furlong so I won't be breeding her to a stallion after her Rumor foal is born. Rumor Has It is one of the lesser known Planet Hollywood sons standing, although he has sired a MSW and all his foals have placed on the board. The odds that he will be a good sire are already there. Is She High was bred to him last year but she lost the foal. I'm hoping for a nice colt to come from Izzy and Rumor.
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Re: 2014 Breeding Season
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2009, 10:14:19 pm »
Foals bred in 2014 or foals coming in 2014?

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Re: 2014 Breeding Season
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2009, 01:37:05 am »
Foals coming in 2014. Sorry I wasn't clear before, I'll fix the subject line.  :)


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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2009, 02:12:19 am »
Alright we have 23 making their way really soon, but instead of posting all I
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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2009, 03:59:19 am »
FFCh. High Chances x NCh. Gotta Be A Natural (Distinct Possibility)

Two talented sprinters.  Gotta Be won over seven stakes, including 2 Gr. 1s.  It seems like she matured around three, so I'm hoping she'll counter balance HC's propensity for being a late bloomer.  This is Gotta Be's first baby, so it makes baby even more special.

WCh. King David x Italy (Alveretto)
A platinum mare and a rock-star on the track stallion.  We didn't breed this baby, but we're super happy to be able to call it our own.  =)

Irish River x Ch. Lone Star (Lonesome Glory)
A full sibling to Ch. Lonely River, and a 1/2 sibling to the up and coming Ch. Demand the Best.  We're hoping for another winning match here.  

WCh. Crystal Rainbox x NCh. Sacred Hill (NCh. Highland Wizard)

I'm really, really liking Crystal Rainbow these days.  I'm so glad that Rainbow Quest was able to sire such a talented son to carry on his lines.  Second foal of a really solid runner--7 stakes wins and she won a little more than 1/5 of all her starts.  Every horse in her pedigree is gold-ranked or better.  How could I not be excited about this one?

WCh. Nightfight x Ch. Saturnalia (Planet Hollywood)
Nightfight, a really solid racehorse with non-Rogue/Worth lines.  Definitely one to be excited about.  Saturnalia is a homebred, one of my first homebreds, giving birth to another homebred.  It's just really gratifying to see homebreds giving birth to homebreds.

Yes, I've been here for a *long* time.   Maybe way too long?  ;-)

ICh. Magic Glory x NCh. Unconditional (Cigar)

I love Lonesome Glory.  I really do.  Magic Glory seems to be really well-rounded when it comes to distance, and I have hope that he can inspire some turf-loving in Unconditional's foals.  Both parents are impeccably bred, so I'm hoping it'll pay off.  

FFCh. High Chances x Barely Black (Black Knight)

Barely Black was really my what-if or could-have-been horse.  She was showing a lot of promise as a 2yo before she broke her leg in a freak accident.  We tried to rehab her, but she never really regained her competitive edge.  I know she's a star, and her preference for dirt led me to send her on a date with HC.  

WCh. Strike It Rich x Fleeting Beauty (Forget It)

Fleeting Beauty has had one super talented foal--MSW, GCH. Striking Beauty, who was by Strike the Gold.  Unfortunately, Strike the Gold has since retired so we shipped Fleeting Beauty all the way over to Australia to have a date with Strike's only son at stud, Strike It Rich, in the hopes that the two lines will cross and make the same magic they did in 2006.  Here's hoping our gamble pays off.

WCh. Strider x Phoenix (From the Ashes)
A gold-rated mare + Strider, bred by Cascade.  Don't count this one out.  

That being said, we're expecting 35 foals (all healthy, please!) with a bunch from our own stallions, which is always thrilling for me.  Dark Continent's first crop will be turning 1 in a couple weeks, and HC's first crop will be hitting the track in a couple months.  2014 is going to be awesome!  
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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #5 on: December 21, 2009, 04:23:26 am »
Distinctive Look (Distinct Possibili) x Harvard Bound
We purchased her in foal but all of her foals are Stakes Place or Stakes Winners so any foal from her would be awesome. She lost her last foal with this crossing but I know that the Harvard Bound and Distinct Possibili cross has had success in the winner's circle. I'm a little concerned as she has lost two foals in the last three years but fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Flip Flop Fly (Worth the Wait) x Turn 'n' Burn (Highland Rogue)
Can't see why a Worth/Rogue baby should be anything less then exciting to watch grow up. Flip Flip Fly is on lease to us so she'll be heading home to give birth there but we are exciting for when her baby is weaned and sent back :)

Loose Thoughts (Unbridled out of Lady Rogue (Highland Rogue)) x Worth My While
Another Rogue/Worth but this time through the dam line. This foal is going to have What It's Worth (I/C), Vanity Fair (B/I) and Unbridled (I) in the grandparents places with the only unranked grandparent earning a GCh. title. It is also going to have Native Dancer, Mr. Prospector and Count Fleet (I) in it's pedigree. So pretty much even though it's a maiden mare I'm really looking forward to the blue blood this foal is going to have.

Endless Dream (Kentucky Dream) x Stressed (Secretariat and Man O War)
A less traditional crossing but after Endless Dream's son, Dylansdream, had a freak accident and broke his leg this year I'm looking forward to any foal by her. Both are fairly small (15.0) so I'm not excepting a giant here. Stressed is new at stud but Endless Dream has proven herself as a broodmare so far so I'm quite happy to take a chance.

Nefarious x Chivalry (Worth)
This is more of a sentimental looking forward to. We lost the foal we had for Chivalry last year so we decided to try again with a different mare. Here's hoping it goes well this year!

16 foals due this year (!!) so here's hoping everything goes healthy and smoothly!


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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #6 on: December 21, 2009, 04:56:06 am »
Let's see.  I have five foals due in 2014, and I'm hopeful they all go well.  

We'll go in order of who's due first...

GetThePartyStarted x Cryptic Ballad - Party is due on the 4th of Jan, so we're keeping a watchful eye on her.  I bought her without realizing at the time that she was already pregnant, mostly because her page said she was due to give birth to a foal she'd already given birth to.  I don't really know much about the cross, but I'm hopeful.  She has two other colts, War Party and Prancing Party, who I recently bought in an auction.

Penny Lane x Moonover Boy - Penny is due on Jan. 7th, so she's being watched closely as well.  She was the first mare I retired to breeding and I did it when I was still too new to really understand what I was doing, but she was a pretty good racer when I did race her.  

Trace My Lace x Moonopoly - Another we're watching closely, her due date is also on the 7th.  She was bought as a 5 year old, and didn't do well in the races I entered her in, so I retired her to brood.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that her pregnancy goes well.

Echo Park x Double Cross - Echo is due on Jan. 30th.  This will be her second foal, last season's foal was by Alley Cat and was our first homebred.  She's another favorite and I really liked this cross for some reason. 

Soleil x As You Wish - Sol is due on May 4, and we're hoping all goes well with her as she's one of my favorites.  

There we have 'em!  I'm so excited about all of them, and we're hoping they all go well, as three of them are first time mothers.
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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #7 on: December 21, 2009, 03:02:05 pm »
It will be Diamond Dale's first foaling season, so I very excited to see what it brings.

I have 4 broodies but only 3 are in foal for 2014.

At World's End (GCh. Backseat Driver) X ICh. Candidate
At World's End was a purchase I made at the Oakwood Auction and a mare that I was eyeing for a while, as she is by the same sire as my colt Velocity.  While Velocity is just starting come around as blooming 4 yr old, I am still sentimental on the Backseat Driver line (and in turn Cross Roads) and I would like to see what I can do with it, breeding-wise.  I'm still not sure Villy is going to make to stud, as he is still just coming into himself and yet to be consistent, so I am hoping this girl can do something. She was in-foal to Candidate when I bought her and from what I can see, the foal should be leaning to a dirt at the classic distances.  She's due in early April, the earliest of my mares

Delaware Market (Delaware Township) X ICh. Devil His Due
Dela is a maiden mare, so this is a bit of a wild card.  She was either sprinter on certain days or decided she wanted to run the marathons.  Devil His Due seemed to go the other way, so we will see what this foal shall bring to the table once it's hooves hit the track.  She will be due to foal in early May

Novel Advantage (Tactical Advantage) X WCh. All Jazzed Up
I like Jazz It Up-- I have one son of his (Backstage Jazz, from Upstage Dancer) and here would be a grand-foal.  Novel is, again, a maiden mare, so it's a bit of a wild card if she will be producer or not.  Novel's foal is the latest to be expected of my lot, with a due date of August.

Diamond Dale Farm

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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #8 on: December 21, 2009, 11:54:18 pm »
I've got seven foals due for 2014. My broodie band seems to be growing at a very quick pace. :)

Holy Bull x Easy Does It
Edie is a created mare, but she has been a pretty decent broodmare, with 4 of 5 foals being winners. The only non-winner of the bunch has only run once, however. This is Holy Bull's first crop, but I was willing to take a chance on him since he was pretty wonderful in real life. Edie is due on the 4th, so hopefully she can hold out til then!

Moonover Boy x Daffodil Lil
Lils was also created. I got her in Color War last year, and this will be her first foal. She didn't race until her 5 year old year, but she ran second in an 8f SC race and then won all four of her races thereafter (all over 11f). Moonover Boy doesn't really need any introduction, but we are hoping the cross will turn into a very nice steeplechaser.

FFCh. High Chances x NCh. Sedaka Century
I am so excited about this foal. High Chances was a monster on the track, and Sedaka was no slouch either, winning 46% of her races and being in the money 79% of the time. She was very successful her 3 and 4 year old years, so I am hoping that it will balance out High Chances late-blooming. Sedaka was strictly a turf sprinter, and as High Chances was a sprinter as well, I am hoping to breed a monster. :D

Almost Home x Gone Punk
Gone Punk never did anything on the track, and so I am hoping Almost Home will give at least a bit of consistency to the foal. The foal will be in his last crop, so hopefully something good will come of it.

NCh. Gimme A Shot x GCh. Electrifying
Electrifying and her foals are very sentimental to me, as she was one of my starter horses. She turned out to be a wonderful starter, winning more than $600,000 on the track and being in the money 64% of the time. Gimme A Shot was a good racer, winning an Eclipse every year he raced. I'm hoping he'll give this foal some stamina, as Electrifying never won over 8 furlongs, and he won the Belmont. I'm very excited for this foal.

NCh. Highland Wizard and Texas Rose
Texas Rose was a consistent racer, never placing below 4th in all 15 of her starts. She was a steeplechaser, and never started on any other surface, so I am hoping Highland Wizard will give her even more of an edge when it comes to that. They both seemed to do their best work over 8f so I am hoping for a nice classic steeplechaser.

WCh. Highland Bandit x River of Dreams
River never did much on the track but she has had 5 winners from 6 runners, with the only unplaced runner being a 2 year old. River has had one other foal from this cross, and he is a stakes-placed Champion, so I am hoping to get another decent runner out of this cross.


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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #9 on: December 22, 2009, 05:27:32 am »
Clover Springs has quite a few foals planned for next year... around 50 (yikes!).  I guess I'm trying to overwhelm everyone with numbers lol  Here is a quick summary:

WCh. All Jazzed Up x Foolish Question (G)
WCh. Crystal Rainbow x Heartsong (S), Reine-de-Course (I/C)
NCh. Highland Wizard (G) x Swan's Dream (G)
WCh. All Jazzed Up x GCh. Dark Princess (S)
FFCh. High Chances x GCh. Midnight Danger (G)
NCh. Void x Dream Maker (B)
WCh. All Jazzed Up x NCh. Nation's Colors (S)
NCh. Bellagio x Rhapsody In Black (G)
GCh. Highland Laird (S) x Ch. Sweet Dreams (G)
NCh. Bellagio x GCh. Whimsical Whirl (S)
ICh. Devil His Due x Ch. Highland Echo (G)
FFCh. Foolhardy x Ch. Youwouldntbelievit (S)
WCh. All Jazzed Up x GCh. Ladylove (G)
WCh. Strider x Speeding Bullet (S)
Holy Bull x Lady In Residence (G)
WCh. What's Debatable (S) x Never High Enough (S)
GCh. Worth My While (G) x Secret Admirer (B)
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Vaudeville (S)
FFCh. Foolhardy x Ch. Five Rings (B)
ICh. Devil His Due x Kentucky Gold (B)
Holy Bull x Venture Capitalist
NCh. Bellagio x GCh. Charming Dance (S)
Octagonal x Hollywood Darling (S)
WCh. Strider x Knight's Princess
WCh. Crystal Rainbow x Ch. Olympic Colors (S)
WCh. All Jazzed Up x NCh. Atlantis (P)
NCh. Seattle Sorcerer (B) x Betting Girl (S)
NCh. Bellagio x WCh. Highland Grace (B)
WCh. Strider x ICh. Clendon Park
WCh. Crystal Rainbow x WCh. Dreamboat
GCh. Must Be Magic (S) x ICh. Long Shot
ICh. Prince Of Wonder x Star Radiance
WCh. Nightfight x ICh. What's Your Dream
WCh. As You Wish x Ch. Wild Streak
WCh. Gotta Go x NCh. Always A Princess
WCh. Crystal Rainbow x NCh. Crucible
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Ch. New Moon
FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood x WCh. Oscuro Arco Iris
WCh. Strider x Ch. Dr. Sweetie
ICh. Witness x Ch. Dreamweaver
WCh. Highland Bandit (S) x Evanescence
No Duplicate (S) x Ch. Filly from Chile
ICh. Dark Continent x NCh. Fingerprints
FFCh. High Chances x Ch. Heartstring
WCh. Nightfight x GCh. Rhiannon
Rock of Gibraltar x Ch. Almost Heaven
GCh. Steal Your Heart x Chicago
ICh. Chivalry x El Nino
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Vancouver Mist
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Aerials
NCh. Bellagio x AffairsOfTheHeart

I've bolded the foals I'll be keeping a close eye on, and lots of good lease / auction prospects ;)
~ Lindsay

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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #10 on: December 23, 2009, 09:25:15 am »
2014 will be RC Bee's first foaling season - we have seven mares, one a lease, and most of them are unproven so it's a gamble. The coming breeding season looks more promising but here are the two I'm most excited about:

Tiznow x What's Honor
Tiznow has been a so-so sire so far but his oldest are only 2YOs and there's plenty of room for improvement. What's Honor is a half-sister to ICh. Chivalry and Ch. Phoenix Tears, so her damline's pretty decent. Not sure what we're hoping for, but we hope we get a good one!

NCh. I'm A Classic x Party For One
The resulting foal from this cross would be a 3/4 sibling to stakes winner Ch. Classic Party, so chances are high I'll get a nice steeplechaser. Whether it'll win a stakes or not is the question...
RC Bee Stables proudly stands: Eighteen Karat, What's It Worth (P)-Heart of Gold (S), by Mr. Prospector (S)
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Re: 2014 Foaling Season
« Reply #11 on: December 24, 2009, 12:11:20 am »
I have 33 due this year, here are the highlights...

NCh Highland Wizard (G) x AP Silver Moon (A.P. Indy (G)) - AP Silver Moon does not have any foals to race yet, but this one will be 3/4 to MSW, MSP, Multi-millionaire to NCh Silver Wizard.

No Duplicate (S) x Flag Unfurled (B)
- Flag Unfurled is one of my starter horses and this will be her 5th foal.  Her first foal is a 3 y/o who is stakes placed.  I'm a big fan of No Duplicate so I'm excited to have a couple of his foals this year since he has since retired.

No Duplicate (S) x Heart's Blood (G) - Heart's Blood is a Reine-de-course mare who is the dam of MSWs GCh Miss Lonelyhearts, Ch Heartache, and NCh Cross My Heart among others.  Very excited about this one!

Akhetnaten (S) x Higher With Fire (S) (Call on Me (B))
- this foal will be a full sibling to MSW Sesen.

NCh Starz n'Stripes (S) x Ch. Liquid Asset (Black Gold (S)) - the same sire/broodmare sire combination that produced SW, MSP Ch. Ethereal Stars.

ICh Stressed x Southern Rose (S) - 3/4 sibling to MSW, MSP, multimillionaire GCh Just For Love, and half to MSW, MSP GCh Turbo Charge.

NCh Highland Wizard (G) x Times Square (Cross Roads (S))
- this is Times Square's first foal, but it will be the same sire/broodmare sire combination as MSW MSP millionaire GCh Spell Breaker.

Irish River (G) x Trouble Ahead (G) - what's not to love about a golden cross?  Especially since Irish River is now retired.  Trouble Ahead is the dam of 8 winners from 8 to race, including MSWs GCh Snowflake and Ch Worth The Trouble.

First ones are due on January 1st, I hope they all make it until 2014!