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Author Topic: Vaucluse's 2014 Foals  (Read 500 times)

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Vaucluse's 2014 Foals
« on: July 03, 2010, 12:17:07 am »
Well figured I might as well get these guys and gals all up! I've just listed them below in alphabetical order. Names unfortunately aren't my specialty due to a lack of the good old artistic / creative gene!

WCh. Strider x GCh. Kamaole Sands
10.2h chestnut colt
DOB: April 20

Third foal of his dam. First is off on her first start tomorrow and is also a 3/4 sibling to this boy (she's by High Chances). This colt is actually marked for Cricket Hill.

Billy Elliot
ICh. Count Me In (B) x Dancing Girl
10.3h brown colt
DOB: March 1

Break It Off
ICh. Ring of Fire (S) x Ch. Dashing Illusions
10.3h black filly
DOB: February 8

Chasin' A Dream
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Ch. Hope's Dream (S)
10.2h black colt
DOB: February 24

1/2 to MSW Ch. Volkl and SW Ch. Tempestad

ICh. Chivalry x Highland Gold (S)
9.3h bay filly
DOB: May 2

This filly is a 3/4 sibling to MSW NCh. I'm No Fool (by Foolhardy), one of this year's most successful horses.

NCh. Starz 'n' Stripes (S) x Flute
11.1h black filly
DOB: January 2

NCh. Lasting Spirit x Five Star Hotel
10.3h dapple grey colt
DOB: March 19

Desert Mirage
Point Given (S) x SpritofArabia
10.0h chestnut filly
DOB: April 10

WCh. King David (B) x GCh. Allure
12.0h brown colt
DOB: April 1

Unfortunately we lost one of our favorite mares when Allure had to be let go following complications during the birth. She was a fabulous mare who came into her own as a 4-Y-O winning three grade one races.

Fai Presto
WCh. Gotta Go x Presto Slew (S)
10.1h dark bay colt
DOB: April 10

1/2 to MSW GCh. Kickitupanotch

NCh. Highland Wizard (S) x Ch. Catwoman
11.1h grey colt
DOB: May 5

Halle Berry
FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (B) x GCh. Peer To Peer
9.3h black filly
DOB: May 7

Into The Mist
Ch. Irish River (S) x Misty
10.2h brown filly
DOB: April 4

Ivy Rocket
GCh. Harvard Bound (S) x Rocket Fast (S)
11.1h chestnut colt
DOB: February 12

1/2 to MSW NCh. Rocket Fuel and SW Brilliant Success

ICh. Ring of Fire (S) x Last Hope (S)
11.0h black colt
DOB: February 3

1/2 to SW Ch. Last Act

Lady Day
WCh. All Jazzed Up x Starz Aflame
10.0h chestnut filly
DOB: April 15

Lady Ella
WCh. All Jazzed Up x NCh. Mark My Word
11.1h bay filly
DOB: February 13

Very happy with this filly. She's out of one of my favorite mares who won a Breeders' Cup race in her heyday.

Leading Man
WCh. I'm Your Angel (B) x Ch. Starswept
10.2h dark bay colt
DOB: March 17

Maasai Miss
ICh. Dark Continent x Mumbojumbo (G)
11.1h liver chestnut filly
DOB: March 5

1/2 to MSW GCh. Meet Virginia, SW Ch. Crack The Code and SW Ragazzo

ICh. Prince Of Wonder (B) x Ch. Contradiction
10.2h dark bay colt
DOB: March 6

NCh. Cryptic Ballad x Facetious
10.1h dark grey colt
DOB: June 2

Miss Vivian
ICh. Alley Cat (B) x Ch. Silver Screen
11.0h bay filly
DOB: March 18

National Dream
ICh. Gunningdownromance x NCh. American Rhapsody (B)
10.2h chestnut colt
DOB: May 9

Ol' Blue Eyes
WCh. All Jazzed Up x Brilliant Success
11.3h bay colt
DOB: March 1

ICh. Prince Of Wonder (B) x Bank Robber (S)
10.2h chestnut filly
DOB: April 3

1/2 to MSW GCh. Bashir, SW Ch. Corruption and SW Ch. Ethereal Stars

ICh. Stressed x Sweet Sayings
11.0h bay colt
DOB: February 4

ICh. Devil His Due x Ch. Immortal Diva
11.0h bay colt
DOB: February 8

Sea Spray
ICh. Magic Glory (B) x Ch. Salty Turn
10.1h bay filly
DOB:: May 1

She's Outlawed
NCh. Robin Hood x Forever Gone
13.0h bay filly
DOB: January 2

Smilin' Princess
ICh. Prince Of Wonder (B) x Ch. Smilin' Irish (B)
10.3h chestnut filly
DOB: March 31

So Audacious
FFCh. Foolhardy (S) x Ch. High Times (B)
11.2h bay colt
DOB: March 4

Spin Doctor
ICh. Candidate (B) x Ch. Art Of Magic
12.1h blue roan filly
DOB: February 1

Giant's Causeway (S) x Dark Love (G)
12.1h dark bay filly
DOB: January 14

1/2 to MSW Ch. Pitch Black, MSW Ch. Egyptian Love, MSW Ch. Wallace, SW Ch. Mystery Lover and SW Ch. My Love Is Magic

What's Your Goal
ICh. What's Your Point x Ch. Coal Dust
10.3h grey filly
DOB: April 6

GCh. Worth My While (G) x Ch. Call My Name
11.2h bay colt
DOB: January 2

When You Wish
WCh. As You Wish (B) x Ifyoulovedme (S)
12.2h bay filly
DOB: January 30

1/2 to MSW GCh. Wherethere'ssmoke and SW Casino Royale

Witness Protector
ICh. Witness (B) x The Princess (B)
9.3h chestnut filly
DOB: June 3

We have been a tad unlucky with deceased foals this year. We've lost three in total plus the mare that passed away.

WCh. Strike It Rich x Truely Seattle

WCh. Nightfight x Ch. Unshakeable

ICh. Prince Of Wonder (B) x Finest Flyer

19 fillies
18 colts
TOTAL: 37 foals
(four more expected)


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Re: Vaucluse's 2014 Foals
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 07:49:21 pm »
Another filly arrived.

Ch. Irish River (S) x Ch. Harvest Moon
8.1h grey filly
DOB: July 7

Named her after a pan-Celtic goddess of rivers.

20 fillies
18 colts
TOTAL: 38 foals
(three more expected)


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Re: Vaucluse's 2014 Foals
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2010, 02:41:19 pm »
A filly and a colt arrived safely today.

Seduce To Succeed
NCh. Hope To Succeed (S) x Seductive Jester (S)
10.0h blood bay filly
DOB: July 8

1/2 to SW Magic Jester

WCh. As You Wish (B) x Ch. Best Bet (G)
9.2h dark bay colt
DOB: July 8

1/2 to MSW Ch. Medal of Honor and MSW Ch. Zabara

21 fillies
19 colts
TOTAL: 40 foals
(one more expected, three stillborn, one mare deceased)
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Re: Vaucluse's 2014 Foals
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2010, 08:21:02 am »
And our last foal for the year has arrived - a stunningly well bred filly.

FFCh. Foolhardy (S) x WCh. Highland Jet
9.0h dark bay filly
DOB: July 11

I'm so glad this foal is a filly given her dam was only on lease to us for one year. She's a classic Highland Rogue-What's It Worth mix with two outstanding performers for parents. Highland Jet won 15 stakes and over $5.1 million in her time. I'm very happy with Foolhardy as a sire - he is the sire of my champion 3-Y-O colt I'm No Fool. Here's hoping this girl does well on the track! She probably won't fire until her 3-Y-O year, but we can be patient!

And with our breeding season finally complete, we've finished with:

22 fillies
19 colts
TOTAL: 41 foals
(three stillborn, one mare deceased)