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Author Topic: Edgewood Stud's 2015 foals!  (Read 338 times)

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Edgewood Stud's 2015 foals!
« on: April 06, 2011, 03:10:33 am »
Here is a little overview of what we have recieved so far in the nursery.

Unnamed (A.P Indy x Light the Match(Platinum ranked)) 9.3 hand Black Filly
Unnamed (Ch. Magic Cross x Ch. Peace Treaty) 10.3 hand Black Filly
Unnamed (WCH.Double Cross x Ch. Justamatteroftime) 9.3 hand Dk. Bay Filly
Unnamed (WCH. Double Cross x Hope for Gold) 10.2 hand Black Filly
Unnamed (GCH. Highland Laird x High Enough)10.1 hand Grey Colt
Unnamed (CH. Magic Cross x Consequence)10.3 hand Black Colt
Unnamed (CH. Magic Cross x CH. Sadie Hawkins)10.1 hand Bay Colt
Unnamed (WCH. Double Cross x CH. Asia)10.0 hand Black Colt
Unnamed (A.P Indy x CH. India)10.0 hand Black Colt
Unnamed (CH. Magic Cross x Fairy Godmother)10.0 hand Bay Colt
Unnamed (CH. Magic Cross x Highland Rose)10.3 hand Black Colt
Unnamed (GCH. My Lucky Day x GCH. Neverland)8.3 hand Liver Ch. Colt
Unnamed (A.P Indy x Light My Way) 9.0 hand Brown Colt
Unnamed (WCH What's Debatable x Irish Beauty)10.3 hand Liver Ch. Colt
Dior (ICH. Spock x Poltergeist)10.2 hand Bay Filly
First Star (CH. Magic Cross x Ch. Spectacular Queen)10.3 Hand Black Filly
Head or Tails (WCH. What's Debatable x CH. Pennysuprise)11.1 hand Chestnut-Colt
Magic Show (CH. Magic Cross x Showstopper) 11.0 Black-Filly
Sunday Magic (CH. Magic Cross x Gold On Sunday)10.0 hand Black-Filly
Upon Request (CH.Magic Cross x Elm Street Dreamer)10.2 hand Black-Colt