IRC Server Rules - Please read all of these rules before joining the chat! By joining the chat, you agree to follow all rules listed.

Final Furlong Web Chat

Shanthi should be in the chat whenever she is online, though she may not always be available to chat. Type /whois Shanthi, click on the "Status" button at the bottom, and check any line 4 lines from the bottom that might say Shanthi is away: (with some sort of away message) or just Shanthi: and a message. If that's present, she's probably not available for chatting. If, however, it just says Shanthi has been idle 190 minutes (or something to that effect), then she should be around, and just be patient and she should say's just a question of noticing that someone has joined the room. :-) (Another option is to Private Message her, using /privmsg Shanthi and then your message).
Enjoy chatting!

Basic Commands:
To change your nickname: Type /nick newnickname (Replacing "newnickname" with whatever you would like to change your nickname to, obviously.)
To view info about a user: Type /whois username (Replacing "username" with the name of the person you want to view info for.) You may need to switch to the Status window to see the info. Click on the Status box at the bottom to do so.
To send a private message: Type /privmsg username yourmessage (Replacing "username" with the name of the person you want to send the message to, and "yourmessage" with whatever you would like to tell them.) Note: Your nickname must be registered in order to send private messages.
Other basic commands can be found here.
Registering Your Nickname: (Required to send private messages)
To register your nickname: Type /msg nickserv register password email (Replacing "password" with the password you would like to secure your nick with, and "email" with the e-mail address you would like associated with your nick.)
Once your nick is registered, you must identify yourself to use it when you sign on.
To identify your nickname: Type /msg nickserv identify password (Replacing "password" with the password you registered to your nick.)

Other IRC Clients
If you would like to use another IRC client to connect to the chat, the server is, using port 6667, and once you connect you would type /join #FinalFurlong into the console window.

Mac IRC Clients

Windows IRC Clients
Trillian (Also handles AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)