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How'd You Do? / 12/26
« on: December 26, 2012, 11:48:14 am »
Not TERRIBLE but not great either. Sent out 7 and 3 hit the board.

Red Dog was 1st/6 in his OA. He's been a lovely, consistent horse all year. I have high hopes next year.
Magic Lable ran 2nd/9 in her OA.
Vuela Vuela (2yo, Point Given) was 3rd/11 in his NW3. He likes going long so I suspect next year will be better.

How'd You Do? / 12/12
« on: December 12, 2012, 02:56:17 pm »
Sent out 9 for a 0-1-2-3 return. Not bad, earned enough to pay for a successful claim I didn't need but he was shiny.

Rocket Smoke was 2nd/6 in his OA.

We successfully claimed Warsec (2yo, Point Given) who finished 3rd/6.
Magic Lable was 3rd/13 in a OA.

Salle Le Peletier (2yo, I'm a Classic) ran 4th/11 in a NW2.
A Knight's Tale was 4th/6 in his OA.
Anne Boleyn was 4th/6 in a NW3.

Stallion Advertising / NCH. Joyeux Oiseau and NCh. French Ruby
« on: December 03, 2012, 02:15:30 pm »
NCH. Joyeux Oiseau
15.0hh Flea-Bitten Gray Stallion
9f+ Turf & Dirt Specialist
First crop arrived 2016.

Joyeux hit his best at 4+. Retired with only a single minor injury (limping) in his entire career.
55(26): 17(12) - 10(5) - 4 - 1(1), $3,224,500

At 4
  • 1st 10.0f Dirt Gr. 1 Suburban Handicap
  • 1st 11.0f Turf Gr. 1 Man O'War Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Dirt Ungr. Santa Paula Stakes
  • 1st 13.5f Dirt Ungr. Artax Handicap
  • 2nd 9.5f Dirt Ungr. Empire Classic
At 5
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 International Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Dirt Gr. 1 Doomben Cup
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 2 San Marcos Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 2 Turnbull Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 3 Coongy Handicap
  • 2nd 9.0f Turf Gr. 2 A.D. Hollindale Stakes
At 6
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 Bailey's Irish Champion Stakes
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Ungr. San Marino Handicap
  • 1st 10.0f Turf Ungr. City and Suburban Handicap
  • 2nd 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 Tattersalls Gold Cup
  • 2nd 10.0f Turf Gr. 1 Prince of Wales Stakes
  • 2nd 12.0f Turf Gr. 1 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Stud Fee: $5,000 LFG, $500 LFG to gold/platinum mares
Multiple Mare discount: Breed 3 mares get the third for free!
Feb 1A - Black Storm
Feb 1B - Blondontherun [Stillwater]
Feb 2A - Northern Sister [Whisperwood]
Feb 2B - Dobara [The Grey Stable]
Mar 1A - Black Storm
Mar 1B - Says You [WildOracle]
Mar 2A - Don't Let Go [Generous Bloodstock]
Mar 2B - Justwaitandsee [End of Time]
Mar 3A - Black Storm
Mar 3B -
Apr 1A - Black Storm
Apr 1B -
Apr 2A -
Apr 2B -
May 1A - Black Storm
May 1B - Black Storm
May 2A -
May 2B -
Jun 1A - Unbridled Delight [Darkwood Stables]
Jun 1B -
Jun 2A -
Jun 2B -
Jul 1A - Black Magic Lady [Freedom Acres]
Jul 1B -
Jul 2A -
Jul 2B -
Aug 1A -
Aug 1B -
Aug 2A -
Aug 2B -

NCH. French Ruby
Lit de Justice (G) -- Ch. Ruby Slippers (G)
16.3hh Chestnut Stallion
Steeplechase specialist both sprinting and going long.
First crop arrives this year.

62(39): 12(8 ) - 7(6) - 6(6) - 9(6), $2,386,100

At 4
  • 1st 8.5f SC Gr. 1 Vosburgh Stakes
  • 1st 7.0f SC Gr. 2 Sparkford Chase
  • 1st 10.0f SC Gr. 2 Dunston Handicap
  • 1st 9.0f SC Ungr. Stymie Handicap
  • 2nd 16.0f SC Gr. 1 Morningstar Stakes
  • 2nd 15.0f SC Gr. 1 Secret of Love Stakes
  • 2nd 9.0f SC Gr. 2 Champion Hurdle
  • 3rd 16.0f SC Gr. 1 Meadow Brook Stakes
  • 3rd 12.0f SC Gr. 1 Hard Scuffle
At 5
  • 1st 7.0f SC Gr. 1 Breeders' Cup SC Sprint
  • 1st 10.0f SC Gr. 2 Dunston Handicap
  • 1st 10.0f SC Ungr. Spectacular Bid Stakes
  • 2nd 14.0f SC Gr. 2 Independent Novice
  • 3rd 20.0f SC Gr. 1 Ascot Gold Cup
  • 3rd 14.0f SC Gr. 2 Pillar Steeplechase
At 6
  • 1st 8.5f SC Ungr. Whirlaway Stakes
  • 2nd 7.0f SC Gr. 2 San Rafael Stakes
  • 2nd 10.0f SC Ungr. Spectacular Bid Stakes
  • 3rd 14.0f SC Ungr. Hurricane Bertie Handicap
  • 3rd 12.0f SC Ungr. Fred Cappy Capossela Stakes

Stud Fee: $15,000 LFG, $10,000 LFG to gold/platinum mares
Feb 1A - Folk Music [Coleman Branch]
Feb 1B - Sunday Star [Darkwood Stables]
Feb 2A - Final Salute [Generous Bloodstock]
Feb 2B - Black Storm
Mar 1A - Black Storm
Mar 1B - High Dollar [Marshall Creek]
Mar 2A - Black Storm
Mar 2B - Doubles [Hello Starling]
Mar 3A - Hello Goodbye [Freedom Acres]
Mar 3B - Fairy War [Coleman Branch]
Apr 1A - Black Storm
Apr 1B - Black Storm
Apr 2A - Black Storm
Apr 2B - Black Storm
May 1A - Song of Love [Eleven Racing]
May 1B -
May 2A -
May 2B -
Jun 1A - Black Storm
Jun 1B -
Jun 2A -
Jun 2B -
Jul 1A - Cee's Classic [Semiahmoo Stables]
Jul 1B -
Jul 2A -
Jul 2B -
Aug 1A -
Aug 1B -
Aug 2A -
Aug 2B -

How'd You Do? / 12/1
« on: December 01, 2012, 02:19:12 pm »
A great day for us! I swear these come in waves.

Eteelya won his NW3 by 4-1/2 lengths. Very happy!
Jade River won his NW3 going away by 8.
Hot Nurse found the winner's circle again and took her OA.

Paris Song (2yo, A.P. Indy) ran 2nd/5 in his NW3 trying 8f+ for the first time.


How'd You Do? / 11/28
« on: November 28, 2012, 11:49:31 am »
Mostly ouch.

Jade Fox ran 1st/6 in her OA.
Red Dog ran 1st/6 in his OA.

Legal Strategy was 2nd/7 in an OA.

Massacre managed a 4th/6 in an NW3.

5 also-rans including an injury.

How'd You Do? / 11/17
« on: November 17, 2012, 01:06:20 pm »
Well...that was typical. Two really good days and then everyone went on holiday without notice. Sent out 10 and only 2 hit the board (ouch!).

Glorioso ran 2nd/6 in his OA.
War Letters bounced back from a bombing in the BC Juv. Turf to run 3rd/11 in an OA, trying dirt again.

How'd You Do? / 11/14
« on: November 14, 2012, 01:20:34 pm »
I think shifting to a slightly different approach in training has helped my kids. Not as "Wow!" as last meet's results, but still better than what I've been getting pre-training change.

Macau ran 2nd/8 in his NW3.
Irish Miss was 2nd/13 in her OA.
Rock Stardom was 2nd/9 in his OA.

Paris Song (2yo, A.P. Indy) was 3rd/12 in a NW3.

French Riviera went unclaimed in his 30k claimer with a 4th/11 in a OA.
A.P. Goodyear managed a 4th/14 in her OA.

And five also-rans including a mare who I'm sure will be heading to the broodmare band next year.

How'd You Do? / 11/10
« on: November 10, 2012, 01:41:32 pm »
Holy crap, things are looking up! Sent out 10 for a 2-5-1-0 return.

Red Dog showed his old form with a 1st/8 finish in his OA.
Nindalf (2yo) won his Maiden against a full field.

Vuela Vuela was 2nd/14 in his NW1. Looks like he wants distance!
Ordinarily Yours was 2nd/13 in her OA.
Rocket Smoke ran 2nd/6 in his OA.
A Knight's Tale was 2nd/8 in the same OA as Red Dog.
Legal Strategy ran 2nd/14 in an OA.

Field of Diamonds was 3rd/12 in his NW3. This guy is driving me nuts. On one hand, he's consistent (has hit the board 13/20 times this year) but he has only 1 win to his name. Period. Maybe at 4!

Also-rans: Belfast Belle (11th/13, OA) and Magic Lable (7th/14, OA).

How'd You Do? / 11/7
« on: November 07, 2012, 01:30:55 pm »
This new run time is so weird but I love it, haha. Nice thing to see before classes (unless we did terribly then not so nice).

Candied Roses (2yo, What's Your Point) has finally found his stride and has now won 2 in a row!
Glory of Love ran 3rd/6 in his OA.

Three other kinda slipped off the board but 2 are 2yo's so I'll excuse them.

How'd You Do? / 10/27
« on: October 27, 2012, 04:37:38 pm »
My kids don't seem to realize that straight lines = cash = keeping their butts.

Paris Song (2yo, A.P. Indy) ran 3rd/12 in an OA after a long break. His stablemate, Perfect Gentleman (Worth My While) was 4th.
Irish Miss ran 3rd/8 in her NW3 after a long break.

Also-rans: Field of Diamonds (5th/6 NW3), Macau (6th/9 OA), Rock Stardom (6th/14 G3 Sport Page Stakes), French Riviera (7th/10).

How'd You Do? / 10/17
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:27:43 pm »
My kids DO possess the capacity to run straight!

Candied Roses (2yo, What's Your Point) finally broke his maiden in a NW3. I think he's been waiting for the distance races.
Eteelya won his NW3. Considering he hasn't hit the board since June, this made me very happy!
Rock Stardom took his OA. He's now won 4 of 9 starts this year. I think I'll try him in a stakes next time.


How'd You Do? / 10/13
« on: October 13, 2012, 07:05:48 pm »
Only sent out 2 but it was a good day!

Macau won his Maiden against 6 others.
Rocket Smoke ran a very respectable 3rd/11 in his OA.

How'd You Do? / 9/22
« on: September 22, 2012, 04:48:54 pm »
Pretty awesome day! Sent out 8 and 6 hit the board.

Witch's Point ran 1st/6 in a NW3. She's now won her last 2 starts.

Anne Boleyn was 2nd/8 in her NW2.
Jade River ran 2nd/6 in a NW3.

Candied Roses (2yo, What's Your Point) managed 3rd/8 in a NW3.
Belfast Belle was 3rd/6 in a Starter Allowance.

Crack the Bell was 4th/8 in an OA.

Also-rans: Magic Lable was a lackluster 9th/14 and has been shipped home; Sun Godess was 11th/14 in her OA and came back with heat to boot. Been trying to sell her (I'm pretty sure she's ready to make babies, but I don't want her for my broodmare band) so I've lowered her price some.

General/Questions / What to do with her
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:25:13 am »
I'm at a loss as to what to do with my filly, Ch. Daytona Weekend. She was fantastic at 2 but apparently that was her prime year. I rested her Oct-Jan 2016, then for a month in March, and from May to July. I put her through the jump trials and her reports aren't great. I keep experimenting with equipment and nothing. If she were older, I'd retire. She just seems so young!

What would you do?

How'd You Do? / 9/15
« on: September 15, 2012, 04:33:49 pm »
Sent out 5 and only 2 did anything at all. Not what I needed after paying a BC nomination.

I am happy that my 2yo, Candied Roses (What's Your Point), ran 2nd/9 in his Maiden after an equipment change.
Ordinarily Yours finished 3rd/6 in a NW3.

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