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General/Questions / What to do with her
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:25:13 am »
I'm at a loss as to what to do with my filly, Ch. Daytona Weekend. She was fantastic at 2 but apparently that was her prime year. I rested her Oct-Jan 2016, then for a month in March, and from May to July. I put her through the jump trials and her reports aren't great. I keep experimenting with equipment and nothing. If she were older, I'd retire. She just seems so young!

What would you do?

How'd You Do? / 9/15
« on: September 15, 2012, 04:33:49 pm »
Sent out 5 and only 2 did anything at all. Not what I needed after paying a BC nomination.

I am happy that my 2yo, Candied Roses (What's Your Point), ran 2nd/9 in his Maiden after an equipment change.
Ordinarily Yours finished 3rd/6 in a NW3.

How'd You Do? / 9/12
« on: September 13, 2012, 02:05:04 am »
No wins, but a really good day with 5 of 6 hitting the board!

Jade River, whom we're leasing from Rainee Thoroughbreds, made his first start with us and ran 2nd/7 in a NW3.
Rocket Smoke ran 2nd/8 in an OA.
A Knight's Tale came off a long break to finish 2nd/8 in his OA.

Temple Maid (2yo, Worth My While) was 4th/14 in her NW2.
Field of Diamonds ran 4th/6 in a NW3.

Only flunk was Irish Miss finishing 6th/8 in a NW3.

How'd You Do? / 8/15
« on: August 16, 2012, 12:01:12 am »
Now that's what I like to see! 7 of 11 hit the board including a stakes highlight!

Massacre won his OA after a long rest and is now 2 for 2 at SC.
Jade Fox ran 2nd/6 in her OA over a grueling 15f.
Glory of Love ran 2nd/6 in his NW3.
Temple Maid (2yo, Worth My While) finished 3rd/10 in a NW2.

Ekosian somewhat came back into herself with a 4th/9 in an OA.
To Alaska managed a respectable 4th/8 in his OA (he much prefers dirt, but a turf race was all I could find and he'd been sitting for awhile).

Highlight of the day was Glorioso running 2nd/10 in the G1 Sword Dancer Invitational.

Questions / Negative after taxes
« on: July 30, 2012, 01:46:36 am »
Since I couldn't find this under the FAQ, unless I missed it, what happens if you go into the negative after taxes? I've been slowly selling horses to both cut back on numbers and to get rid of those not earning their keep and have another 13 in the youngstock auction this winter but I'm still at a super scary -$400,000 after taxes. I presume you have to keep selling until you're no longer in the negative once taxes have been collected, but how long are you allowed to be in the negative until bad things happen? Just trying to plan ahead if my ponies can't earn me that 400k+ come new years.

How'd You Do? / 7/28
« on: July 28, 2012, 04:27:12 pm »
Finally a good day! We went weeks with extremely poor finishes, to the point where there really wasn't a point in posting a report, haha. Today we sent out 8 and half hit the board. Luckily almost all of our also-rans are 2yo's.

Red Dog was our sole winner today, beating a field of 10 in an OA.

Jade Fox whom we purchased from the Mixed Auction ran 2nd/7 in her OA, losing to a MSW.
Anne Boleyn showed her old form and ran 2nd/6 in a NW3.

Macau against 7 others in a Maiden in his first start since we bought from from the Mixed Auction. Still figuring him out.

Horses For Sale / Black Storm Auction
« on: July 12, 2012, 03:45:11 pm »
Hopefully this is the last minor clear out. All have reserves of 5k to cover the consignment fee. I'm trying to sort out my herd and these guys got the axe. There might be a few more if I can make myself let go, haha.

August Burns Red, Ch. Turn n'Burn (S) x Ch. Three Spectacles, by Spectacular Bid (S). 2yo filly.
Entered to race this Saturday. Three Spectacles is a MSW and half to SW Three Secrets and bronze-ranked Seattle Triple, dam of Ch. Holiday Rock. This is her oldest foal.

Brilliant Melody, Silver Charm (B) x Blowin in the Wind (G), by West Wind (S) 2yo filly.
Probably just a late bloomer since Silver Charm's oldest crop is 2, so it's still to be seen how he is as a sire in the long run. She's half to two MSW's: ICh. Soft Whispers and Ch. A Mighty Wind.

I'm Your Devil, WCh. I'm Your Angel (S) x Jezabelle (B), by War Admiral (S). 3yo gelding.
Might make for a nice project horse for someone. half to SP War Letters. His dam, Jezabelle, is out of gold-ranked Devil's Trademart, making her half to NCh. Devil May Care (S).

Into the Sea, GCh. Go for Dash (S) x Jazzify (B), by GCh. Jazz It Up (G). 2yo colt.
Half to SP A.P. Goodyear who is 7 points from her champion title. Jazzify is out of Reine-de-Course Affirm It (S), making her half to MSW's GCh. Wild Rumors (S), Ch. Wouldn'tyouknowit (B), and Ch. Good to Go. Also half to SP Ch. Highland Native (G).

Perelandria, GCh. Highland Laird (S) x Ch. Mercury Rising. 2yo filly.
Sire needs no introduction. Perelandria is Mercury Rising's second foal.

Spirit of Autumn, NCh. Lasting Spirit (B) x Autumn Melodies (G). 3yo gelding.
Half to MSW GCh. Autumn Cat.

How'd You Do? / 5/26
« on: May 26, 2012, 04:29:59 pm »
Not too bad! Sent out 7 and three hit the board, including a win from one of my 2yo's!

Our only 2yo of the day, Temple Maid (Worthy My While) won her NW1 over turf. Looks like she likes the wraps!
Red Dog won his NW2 by 2-1/2 lengths against a full field. He seems to like it long, no matter what the surface.
French Riviera finished 3rd/6 in a NW3.

Field of Diamonds was 6th/11 and will be shortened up next time; On Dove's Wings needs more distance and finished 7th/14, Spirit of Autumn was 7th/11 and has been sent home to rest, Rocket Smoke was 5th/14 and definitely needs a longer race.

How'd You Do? / 5/5
« on: May 05, 2012, 04:24:14 pm »
Not too bad. We sent out 18 and 7 came back with checks. Most of our 2yo's flunked.

War Letters (Nightflight) won his NW2 over dirt against a full field.
Kindred Romance (Gunningdownromance) managed a 4th/14 in his debut in a NW1.

Irish Miss and Spirit of Autumn finished 2nd and 3rd/6 in an OA. It was just a little too long for Irish Miss.
Red Dog and On Dove's Wings ran 2nd and 3rd/6 in their NW3. Red Dog really surprised me since he has yet to show a liking for turf, but apparently if there's a lot of ground to cover, the surface doesn't matter!
Finally, the big highlight of the day was Glorioso winning the G1 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic. Lets hope he can keep it up!

Weekly Picks/Handicapping / Race Day 4/18/2016
« on: April 17, 2012, 03:55:24 pm »
1. DiNozza - Dance World - Cross Your Heart
2. Superconductivity - Gold and Gems - Watch and Wager
3. Bombardier - Bimbo Magic - Foolever
4. Warm Whispers - Inn River - Wicked Angel
5. Nightwatchman - Sheza Firework - Pie in the Sky
6. Tomahawks - Hold Him In - Mighty Meister
7. River Sprite - Kitten Heels - Driving Miss Daisy
8. Adomnan - Sionnach - Hogsmeade
9. Cassandra - Golden Spirit - Dreams of Glory
10. Stolen Minx - Shevraeth - Unrequited Love
11. Syrah - Lonessome Blues - No Quarter
12. Refraction - Enunciation - Goldschlager
13. Devil's River - Icanseetherainbow - Windsong
14. Deep of the Night - Can't Beat Me - Dark Spy
15. I'm Your Devil - Sydney Ellen - Jett Black
16. Ringaroundtherosie - Starsfallonalabama - The Falconer
17. Daphnis - Voodoo Priestess - Sunlight Spell
18. Keep it Close - Heroic Damsel - Highest Estimate
19. Gunningdownglory - Rose Garland - Vivian Leigh
20. Darknight - Marathoner - Crack the Bell
21. Careless Whisper - Quick Lemon - Tempting Magic
22. Portofino - Matins - Javasong
23. Unconditional Love - Key Biscuit - Through the Fire
24. Road to Ensenada - All Ablaze - Sheza Swan
25. Scarecrow - House Rules - Laquilon
26. Silver Sword - Ipso Facto - Set for Ireland
27. Raise a Light - Sorcerers Fling - Ready to Pounce
28. Tragic Kingdom - DashingCoronaRose - Peaceful Journey
29. Star Talk - DanceWithTheRavens - Kingdom of Heaven
30. Antagonist - Fight on Go - Toughness Asure
31. Belfast Belle - Danzfever - Secret Surprise
32. Buy a Degree - Gone Wild - Baraccus
33. Big Joker - Eagle Look - Affirmative Answer
34. Silver Fox - Grandstanding - Sea of Gold
35. Blue Moon Dancer - Giant's step - Justaanotherrunner
36. Bandit's Cowboy - Kaneseatt - Meiner Ether
37. Mauiluv - At Twilight - Saving Grace
38. O Say Can You See - Fleet Hope - Harry the Hero
39. Morgan le Fay - Wise Lady - Lycosion
40. Uncharted - Sorcha - Crownette
41. Anglesite - Yougottaloveme - Kentucky Wildcat
42. Drum Major - Sweet Illusions - Silver Cross
43. Magic Moment - Makin a Buck - Diamond Jim
44. Melodramatic - Roxy Roller - Twirlaway
45. Star Spun - Take Me Higher - Dr. Caton
46. Black Melody - Daily Special - Clumsy Heart
47. Johnny Rio - Persuasion - Jazz Dancer
48. Unique Style - Hollywood Cigar - Exit Stage Right
49. Mission of Love - Sorcerer's Wonder - It's a Girl
50. Billionaire - Run Jenny Run - Jagged Stone

Horses For Sale / May Auction
« on: April 13, 2012, 02:22:45 pm »
My goal right now is to reduce my broodmare band and acquire more money-makers (aka racehorse who roughly know where the finish line is and can reach it in a timely manner), and since I don't need 30 weanlings next year -- namely because my budget will keel over again -- I'm forcing myself to sell broodmares in foal AND a few racehorses.

Artistic Tendancie, 2012 liver chestnut mare, 15.1hh
Charm Bracelet, 2009 gray mare, 15.3hh
Her Ladyship, 2007 flea-bitten gray mare, 15.0hh
Island Hopping, 2008 bay mare, 17.1hh
Pepper Bomb, 2013 flea-bitten gray gelding, 14.3hh
Sheza Swan, 2012 grey mare, 15.2hh

Bold Personality, 2011 red chestnut gelding, 15.1hh
NCh. Boldness Shows {B} -- Personal Care {B}
All half-siblings who have started are winners.

Cherokee Freedom, 2013 light gray mare, 16.0hh
Boldness Shows {B} -- Cherokee Freedom {B}

Cape Cod Rose, 2008 chestnut mare, 15.2hh
Oldest foal is an unraced 2yo by Highland Magic set to race tomorrow (Apr. 14). Comes in foal to Dark Demand.

My Valentine, 1999 blood bay mare, 16.1hh
Create -- Always Be Mine {S}
Half to MSW NCh. My Style, SP Ch. Sunset Highway, SP Ch. A.P. Forever, and Secret Admirer (dam of MSW GCh. Sudoku and Ch. Countess).
Dam of SP Ch. With All My Heart, Ch. Cheatin' Heart. Two year old ran 4th in debut this year. Will come in foal to Joyeux Oiseau.

Questions / Inactive stable question
« on: March 30, 2012, 12:49:26 am »
Moved to Questions
I was wondering if inactive stables (like those whose owners haven't logged in for over a year) would ever be deleted and horses moved to FF? I know we have several standing stallions currently owned by inactive members, but because they're set to approved breedings only, I don't think anyone beyond FF mares are actually getting in to breed to them (and even so, the owner would have had to select the option for FF mares to breed). I just know there are several hundred horses sitting around, and since several are game-bred, they sort of hurt their parents' breeding stats. I know I own a few mares who might look better if their foals had actually raced over the last two years or so.

General/Questions / Retire, or no?
« on: March 28, 2012, 11:30:39 pm »
Cherry Cheesecake is only four, but she's no steeplechaser. She's had 6 starts in SC, and hasn't earned a dime. I can keep experimenting with equipment, but I also think SC is just not her own thing. Ideally I'd like her to hit champion status before joining the broodmare band, but she hasn't hit the board since July (top three not since June). Do you think I should keep trying with her, or retire?

Annual 2yo Auction / 2016 2yo Auction: How'd You Do?
« on: March 11, 2012, 03:46:52 am »
As horses start to sell, the thread must be made ;D

Still have 3 bids out there, but we've so far managed to take home two horses. We really wanted another Holy Bull foal and were very excited to acquire Victoria's Day. She is out of Ch. Worth Avenue, by What's it Worth (P), a MSW who banked $692,100. Victoria's Day is her oldest foal, and Holy Bull's first crop runs this year, so she's a bit of a chance. However, Worth Avenue is a half-sister to Darling Evil, dam of 3 SW's including Ch. Nitemareon Elm St and Ch. Dream Evil so we're really hopeful with Victoria's Day.

We rarely go after yearlings, but Vuela Vuela caught our eye. By Point Given (S), he's out of Ch. Back to Omaha (Omaha (S)), a SW of $268,650. Back to Omaha is half to CashelsPossibility (S) and Back North (S) so we think we have a real runner on our hands (being by Point Given doesn't hurt, either!).

We've spent just $2,500 on the pair; they should make that back at the very least! As mentioned earlier, we still have bids going on 3 others (one of whom we especially like, fingers crossed!). How about you guys?

Horses For Sale / Black Storm Auction
« on: March 01, 2012, 01:39:14 pm »
The Black Storm West Auction began today! There's a mixture of 2-5yo racehorses and two broodmares (one in foal). All have reserves. Male racehorses and Cherokee Princess have reserves set at 5k or 10k, mares are 20k. Broodmares sitting at 20-35k.

Happy bidding!

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