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Analysis of Worth Studs (updated)
« on: December 14, 2012, 06:25:07 am »
It's been almost 2 years since my last analysis of the boys, so it's time for an update. I'm going to do my best to be candid, impartial, and stick as close as I can to the facts.

I imagine my stud fees may be off. Please correct me where I'm wrong.

We've lost almost all of the senior stallions from my last post--NCh. Highland Wizard, WCh. What's Debatable, and GCh. Worth My While.

Established Studs

NCh. Sneak Peek (B): Even though Sneak Peek's first foal hit the ground in 2008, his first large crop wasn't until 2010. It is worth noting that a sizeable percentage (roughly 20%) of his foals who are eligible to race have not hit the track. I'm not sure what percentage of his foals have been raced by Final Furlong, but I imagine it's much larger than a private stud.  Anyhow, 61 racers of which 7 (11%) are stakes winners or better and 3 (5%) are multi-stakes winners. He has produced no millionaires. Not surprisingly, his foals tend to have a good 4yo year and a decent 3yo or 5yo year. His standout foals include: GCh. Private Party, Ch. Encore Performance, and Ch. Ingenue.  He stands at FF for $5,000.

ICh. Worth the Wait (B): It's hard to draw long term conclusions on Worth the Wait, because so many of his early foals are so lightly raced. If I had to make a judgment, I would say that his foals tend to have a one- to one-and-a-half year peak period. Nonetheless, his best runner to date, GCh. Princess Kaiulani, had a decent 3yo season and has improved much as a 4yo. His most successful foals appear to favor endurance and long classic distances on the turf. Only 3 of his foals (all 2yos) have not hit the track. Of 47 foals to race, he has produced 6 (13%) stakes-winners or better; 2 multi-stakes winners (4%), and 1 millionaire. His current 3yo crop looks pretty well-managed, and should be worth watching. Notable foals include: GCh. Princess Kaiulani and Ch. Waitinonthedevil. Stud Fee: $10,500

FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (B):  I would say that his foals probably fall into two categories--those that do well as 3yos and then decline as 4yos--ICh. Toast of the Town, for example. These foals tend to be retired before their 5yo season. Then you have ponies who have done little as 2yos, 3yos, and sometimes even 4yos suddenly perk up and win as 5yos--Steve McQueen, Blockbuster, and Ch. Subtitled. His current crop of 3yos look to be more successful than his previous crops. His foals seem to have a preference for jumps, though this may have to do with the fact that horses tend to be much older when they're finally thrown over jumps. So jumping may coincide with finally hitting one's peak. Turf is favored over dirt. TakeMeToHollywood's stats are similar to Sneak Peek's--5 of 71 foals are stakes winners or better (5%); 1 multi-stakeswinner (1%) and 1 millionaire (1%). Notable foals include: ICh. Toast of the Town. Stud Fee: $10,000

FFCh. Foolhardy (P): Foolhardy's production stats are really off the charts--nearly 40% (18 out of 46) of his foals are stakes-winners or better. In fact, only 4 of those are just SWs--the other 14 are MSWs. Half of these (7) are millionaires. His foals tend to appear to mature as 2yos or young 3yos and generally have a strong 3yo season, though some continue to do well as 4yos. Foals seem to prefer turf over jumps and dirt. Distances favored tend to be sprints and classics. Though, this may be correlated to the fact that 2yos can only run sprints. Notable foals include: FFCh. I'm No Fool(Studified), NCh. Daredevil Dan (studified), GCh. Cuckoo, GCh. Take Me Higher, GCh. Filibuster, and GCh. Got Moxie. Stud Fee: $100,000

ICh. Candidate (G): His production stats are also quite good. Nearly 30% (8 of 28) of his foals are stakes winners or better. All but one (i.e. 7) of these foals are also MSW. 2 are millionaires. His oldest foals are 4yos, but as far as I can tell their 3yos season tends to be their strongest. Candidate foals seem to have a strong preference for dirt. They don't seem to have a favorite distance though. Notable foals include: ICh. Kowhai, NCh. Madame President, Ch. Super Tuesday, Ch. Candide, Ch. Devil's Price, Ch. Apprintice, and Ch. Spin Doctor. Stud Fee: $15,000.

WCh. I'm Your Angel (S): Another stud with decent production stats. 20% (9 of 45) foals are stakes winners. All but 2 (i.e. 7 or 16%) are multi-stakes winners. He has 3 millionaires (7%). His foals seem to peak randomly at 2yo, 3yo, and 4yo. What I find a bit interesting is that his best foals (NCh. Soupy, GCh. Beau Espirit) have one spectacular season and then just peter out. His decent foals, however, have multiple decent seasons. Foals seem to either prefer dirt OR turf. They seem to prefer sprints and classic distances to endurance. Notable foals: NCh. Soupy, GCh. Beau Espirit (studified), GCh. Angelsite, GCh. Gabriel, Ch. Deep Blue Sea, Ch. Lumberjack, and Ch. I'm Your Demon. Stud Fee: $15,000

Ch. Tryst of Fate (S): I really can't develop this much further than my last edition because only 5 of his 48 foals have raced, none of which have raced since 2014.

That's all for today. I'll add Gunningdownromance and Chivalry later.

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Re: Analysis of Worth Studs (updated)
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 05:43:49 pm »
I love reading these! I'm a big fan of Worth Studs. I was sad to see What's Debatable retire.
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Re: Analysis of Worth Studs (updated)
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2012, 08:20:18 pm »
Thanks Cat. Very informative.