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How'd You Do? / 8/8
« on: August 09, 2009, 06:22:38 am »
Sent out a few (very fat) ponies today, with mixed results:

3YO Demand Drama finished 7th/10 in her SC NW1.  She continues to run just the same as she did on the the back of the pack.  She's got me baffled - gorgeous, 17.1hh, yet unwilling (unable?) to run.

3YO Isobella's Sea (x Seabiscuit) won her second race of the year (from 3 starts), this time on turf.  It seems she's finally starting to figure this racing thing out...  On a bad note, though, she has a cut now.  Home to rest.

2YO Twirlaway (x Whirlaway) made her debut, finishing 8th/9.  At least she wasn't last?

3YO Playful Breeze (x I'm A Classic) finished 4th/6.  I think she prefers the dirt, plus she probably wants rest at the farm.

2YO Stillwater lease Evensong (x War Chant) finished 5th/6 in her debut.  Again, not last...

4YO I'm a Star, who suffered from overracing under previous owners and has been babied and perhaps over-rested by us since, pulled a nice 3rd/12 against some really nice mares.  3YO Sheza Hornet ran 7th/12 in the same race.  Hmm.

4YO Heroic Acts ran a dutiful 4th/6.  He's ready to come home to the farm.

2YO O Lordy ran 13th/14 in his debut race.  I'm beginning to wonder where they're getting their racing advice...

4YO Gotta Have Faith just didn't even try.  9th/10 and he made his point; he's headed home.

3YO Fly Away and 4YO Premiere Night ran 4th and 11th/11 in their race, respectively.

And last but not least, the reliable 3YO Bold Jewel (x Bold Ruler) made her stakes debut, finishing a solid 4th/14 in the ungraded Estrapade Handicap with a high SF.  I'm not at all displeased.   :)

How'd You Do? / 6/6
« on: June 06, 2009, 06:15:46 pm »
Pretty good day all around:

3YO Sheza Hornet, who broke her maiden her first time out as a 2YO but never managed to find it again, finally did.  She paced the leader for most of the race before overtaking her in the homestretch.  Maybe she just really liked the new equipment we threw on her.  Either way, we're glad it worked, earning her first 100+ SF.

Next, one of our favorite 2YOs, Tizsosudden, made his debut, finishing 5th/14.  Not bad, not bad...especially since he faced some other well bred ponies!  We were afraid that our adoration would cause him to be a complete dud on the track, but this race bodes well.  We'll see what the future holds.

Last but not least, our beloved 6YO MSW Madd Karol ran a rather dismal race, but still managed a 2nd/6 finish.  However, we think she's ready for some rest at the farm and we're *HOPING* she's not just ready for retirement...

How'd You Do? / 5/30
« on: May 30, 2009, 04:44:59 pm »
Sent 7 out after a long rest, with pretty dismal results:

2YO Hello Goodbye (x created) made her debut, finishing 10th/11 in her NW2, SF of 0.   ::)

3YO Isobella's Sea (x Seabiscuit) finished dead last, SF of 32.  She might not have liked the slop; her other dirt start this year was a mellow win on a good track.  She's still got a lot of growing to do, though, so I'm not so worried about her lackluster performances so far.

2YOs Alyglamour (x Alydar) and Jovial Chic (x created) went out in a maiden and finished 3rd and 11th (a.k.a. last), respectively.  This was Allie's second start and second time on the board.  This was Jovi's debut.  Two year olds, ugh.   ::)  We'll teach them to run yet.

3YO Fly Away finished 3rd/6 in his starter allowance.  He was a pretty reliable two year old (shock, gasp) but doesn't seem to be improving into much of a superstar.  More work to do on this fella...

3YO Classic Irish (x I'm A Classic) finished 9th/14 in her allowance, but with a SF of 107.  She tried, but was simply outclassed by some really well-bred horses.  Maybe next time.

And last but not least, 2YO Etta James (x Jazz It Up) was thrown into the ungraded Fashion Stakes for her debut, finishing 7th/10.  Next time we'll enter her a bit more carefully, but we wanted to see how she fared against some really classy, proven fillies.

How'd You Do? / 12/20
« on: December 20, 2008, 09:47:58 pm »
Everyone who ran today returned from a break at the farm, FINALLY...and it showed!

2YO Theatrical Lady had the first run of the day in her NW2, charging across the finish line in the lead with an astounding SF of 115, and setting the bar high for her stablemates.  This girl is just FABULOUS, with her 2YO record now being 4 starts (3-1-0), equally on dirt and turf.  I can't wait for her 3YO year!

2YO stablemate, Playful Breeze, apparently took note, and finished an impressive 2nd/6 in her own NW2 in only her second ever start.  Although she is showing hints of having placeitis ( 2 starts, (0-2-0)), she's still showing plenty of promise.  And with such a strong pedigree, it's no wonder.  Again, she ought to be something to watch next year.

Not to be outdone, 2YO Fly Away wired his NW3 to win by 24 lengths and pulling away, earning a SF of 103.  This brings his 2YO record to 6 starts (2-2-0-2), so he's ALWAYS brought a paycheck, at least.

2YO Lucky Fox also wanted a bit of limelight, breaking her maiden today.  Apparently she liked the addition of blinkers!  Can't wait to see if she'll live up to her pedigree next year.

3YO Flying Feline proved that our hunch was more likely correct.  We bought her at auction after a pretty dismal 2 & 3YO career on the flat, but wanted to see if jumps would inspire her.  She came in 3rd in her first SC start, and today, her second SC start, she finished a strong 2nd with a SF of 87.  Hopefully she'll have a strong 4YO season as well.

3YO Laughing Academy flew into Woodbine and arrived the day before the race...which was probably his downfall.  Whoops.  His 13f race started strong, and he led all the way up to the 10f pole before DNFing to finish 5th/6.  It was a bit of a long race for his taste anyway, but combined with the long trip and short time to rest up, it's no wonder.

Last but not least, our star mare, 5YO Madd Karol was entered to run in the Dream Skipper Breeders' Stakes against some really stiff competition.  She impressed us by finishing a strong 2nd/10, 27 lengths ahead of the 3rd place finisher.  Not only did she bring home a hefty paycheck that will help pay taxes, but she also earned enough points to earn her GCh. title - an Ivy Creek first!!  As much as I can't wait to have little Madd Karol babies running around the farm, there's no way I'm going to squelch her opportunity to shine, so she'll definitely continue running in 2013 as a 6YO barring injury or a sudden refusal to run.

Horses For Sale / Ivy Creek's End Of The Year Sales
« on: December 13, 2008, 08:19:08 pm »
To help raise funds for taxes (so we're not completely dry first year of non-newbie taxes, eep!) and to reduce our herd, we proudly offer the following horses to prospective buyers.

All priced according to quality, but I will consider any/all offers made on these horses and potentially others should there be one from my barn that REALLY stands out to you.  However, there are a lot of sentimental favorites in there, so I make no promises!  It's hard to let some go.

Currently listed for sale:

Ch. Remembrance - Asking $120,000
2008 bay stallion
Sunday Silence {S} x GCh. Cigarette {B} (x Cigar {G})
A brief glance at the overview of his race record will indicate that he's had a pretty solid year in 2012, earning over $128,000 in this year alone from only 6 starts.  His future could potentially go one of two ways - he may continue to improve and potentially make the stud qualificiations if campaigned wisely (away from high-traffic tracks), and if so, he could be quite popular since his sire, Sunday Silence, is now retired with no sons to carry on his line.  "Rembrandt" placed 2nd in 2 of his 3 stakes starts this year, which is pretty promising.  He just didn't get the attention he would need to make this dream plausible.  5YO is not necessarily too old - my best stakes horse blossomed at 5YO and ran undefeated most of her 5YO season.  However, if this route isn't the one you want to take with him, or if you feel his chances slipping away, he could always be gelded and perhaps become an even MORE reliable stakes-level horse.  He's had multiple SF's in the 140's and 150's this year, which is nothing to scoff at.  I really hate to see him go, but I think he'd do better campaigning  on the west coast, Florida, or Europe/Australia, and I don't often send horses that way.

Out of Destiny - Asking $50,000
2007 light chestnut gelding
created lines
He only made 4 starts in 2012, but ran them (1-1-1-1).  However, of those 4 starts, he had SFs of 98, 103, and 129, so again, with a well-thought out campaign, this boy could bring home some big paychecks or, at the very least, be a consistant money-earner.  He's a pretty sure-bet, I've just never been quite fond of his name -  >:D terrible, I know - but thus he's pretty easy to let go.

Swingshift - Asking $15,000
2009 strawberry roan gelding
created lines
Though I adore this horse, he's been incredibly frustrating for me.  I've given him nearly 2 years to mature, gelded him, switched him to SC...and...nothing.  Any move he's ever made on the track has been minimal, and never enough to garnish a paycheck.  But maybe he just needs someone with a new vantage point to see his potential, or maybe just a tad more patience for this super-slow maturer.  Who knows, but maybe someone wants to take a gamble on the handsome fellow.

Blueyesnlevis - Asking $100,000
2009 strawberry roan mare
created lines
At first glance of her race record, her price may seem high...  She really hasn't done much on the track her 3YO year in 2012, running 7 starts with a record of (1-0-0-1).  Her 2YO record is better, though, making me think she was just an early bloomer and is now ready for the broodmare shed.  And she's priced accordingly.  Looking closer at her 2YO record, you'll see that she DOES have talent - she even had a SF of 154 in a race where she beat Ch. Shezamazing by a margin of over 78 lengths.  Given that she's got talent she refuses to use regularly, I think she has the potential to make some stellar babies when crossed with a stallion with a lot of heart...and talent.  She could also be tried on SC and raced for 2013 if she's successful.  Who knows.

Dead In Time - Asking $20,000
2010 mahogany bay colt
created lines
This 2YO boy just needs some time & attention to help get him all figured out, I'm sure...but he's another one who's name I've never really been drawn to, so the poor guy becomes dispensible.  He has decent height and is green enough for there to be a wide world of possibilities to try with this guy to see if you can bring out the fighting spirit in him.  Or there's always gelding...

How'd You Do? / 11/19
« on: November 20, 2008, 05:47:51 am »
Mixed results for us today, but at least most brought home a paycheck (I'm looking at you, Hero):

My 4YO starter horse, My Return, continues to be pretty consistant at the allowance level, finishing 3rd/6 in his NW3 with an impressive SF of 93.  He doesn't like to win, really, but at least tends to finish in the front half of the pack...something that I definitely appreciated more as a newbie, but still can't complain about.

3YO Heroic Acts completely refused to run today, finishing 7th/9.  That is his 3rd time ever not bringing home a paycheck, with one of those being a stakes where he was in over his head.  I wonder if it's that he's way out of shape or just wants to go back to the farm for a bit.  Hmm.

4YO Remembrance also refused to run at all (why were my typical breadwinners on strike today?), though he fared better than Hero at 4th/6.  My guess is that he wants the farm, so that's where he'll be headed.

4YO Bravodora, who was just recently claimed by us to act as a future brood, had the best results of all, coming 2nd/6 in her maiden over fences.  We'll give her another run or two before deciding if she'll run another year (more than likely) or retire in 2013.

How'd You Do? / 5/24
« on: May 26, 2008, 03:23:38 pm »
Was I the only one with something to write about on Saturday??  I hope not!  Hopefully it's just that everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.   :P

Anyhow, FABULOUS day for Ivy Creek.  Seriously, I don't think it could have gotten any better.

First out was 2YO B A Cowboy in a turf maiden, his second start ever and first on turf.  With the dismal conditions (very wet), we had apprehensions...but he apparently LOVED the stuff.  He stormed home in the lead with an SF of 107.   :o  Hopefully it was the turf he loved, not the wetness.  I'm really excited for this boy!  I did NOT expect that sort of result from our 15hh little grey guy.

Our only other runner out today made something abundantly clear: we have a mare who is never, ever, EVER leaving Ivy Creek ownership if we can help it.  5YO Madd Karol (one of our starter horses) won her 11f C. Edmun O'Brien Stakes (G3), beating out some really nice horses.  Better yet, she had an incredible SF of 165 *and* handled the wet conditions with ease.  This continues to leave her undefeated this year, including winning four of four stakes starts.  She will most definitely be aiming at the older mare SC triple tiara if she keeps this up 'til August!  And to think that this time last year she was coming in dead last in the lowest level races!  Thank god we tried her over hurdles, and that she enjoyed it so.

Questions / Color War activity points...
« on: March 02, 2008, 05:33:26 am »
It's no big deal, but I had a curious question...

I joined February 18th of last year, and played the entire year of color war (my first year in the game).  In the FAQ, it says that new members get 100 activity points, but according to my page, I was only credited with 50.  I was thinking it might have been because points were awarded AFTER Feb. 18th, but they weren't - it was Jan. 24th.  Is it a glitch, or what?

And even if it is a glitch, what about the people who join, say, in March (after Color War has started, too late to sign up).  Are they no longer eligible to play Color War for the 100 points (since the END of their first year would be long after their 1 full year had expired if they join in the first available sign-ups)?  Or is it so long as you JOIN color war within the first full year and play the whole game, no matter where the ending date falls in regards to 'first full year' in the game?

General/Questions / Trouble with bookings:
« on: March 01, 2008, 08:45:30 pm »
I have several stable bookings that aren't showing up on my mares' pages (although the intended mares aren't ready yet anyway...they're not showing up on the pages of the mares who ARE ready).

I shipped I Put A Spell On U (# 9672) to Stillwater.  Before shipping, no bookings were showing up at all.  Once she was in-transit, 2 of my other stable bookings showed up, but not the one to her intended boyfriend (TakeMeToHollywood).  Her booking with the reduced fee showed up AFTER you fixed it, but the other stable bookings disappeared.  However, once she landed at Stillwater, all bookings have disappeared again, so there is no button to click to 'Breed This Mare' as there should be.  Silly code.   ::)

Questions / Horse Sale Problem
« on: January 30, 2008, 03:05:55 am »
I tried to mark my horse, Alyclass for sale today, but the sale price wouldn't stick when I hit "Save Horse Information".  Apparently he doesn't want to leave my barn.   :P

How'd You Do? / 1/19
« on: January 20, 2008, 05:40:45 am »
Great day for us today!

First out was 3YO Star of the Show with her first start for us, coming home 3rd/8.  Not a bad start!  We're still getting to know this gal, so hopefully things can only improve!

Up next was 4YO My Return who followed suit, finishing 3rd/8 as well in his race.  He's become really consistantly in the money for some reason, although he's not a fan of the winner's circle.  He was one of my starters.   ;D

Last but certainly not least was 3YO Magic Flyer who led his race wire to wire.  Maybe we ought to think about campaigning this boy in some stakes!  He's pretty good at what he does...  He's only been out of the money once in 12 starts...with 5 of those being wins!

How'd You Do? / 1/16
« on: January 17, 2008, 04:52:47 am »
Not a bad day for Ivy Creek at all...   :)

New purchase, now 5YO Wonderful News, brought home a decent 4th/6.  I'm happy with that.  Now let's see if we can't improve upon that...  (Also, he beat out stablemate Slew Copy, who is currently leased out to hopefully hit 10 races and be retired to brood status.)

Madd Karol, now 5YO, decided to follow her stablemate Keria Toon's example in proving to us wholeheartedly that they wanted another year of racing instead of retiring to the breeding shed just yet.  Just like Keria Toon, Karol came home a brilliant 1st/14.  Woohoo!  As much as I want a baby from her, I can't wait to see what she does on the track in 2012!  SC stud owners beware - when she retires to brood, only the best will do!

Waiting Area / I caved...
« on: February 18, 2007, 07:06:11 pm »
So I've been nosing around the site for a couple of weeks now, and I finally caved & sent my join form in.   :)  That "expected join date" & long waiting list sure are intimidating!

Since there's nothing to do but wait, I figured I'd post a little introduction & get to know some of Final Furlong's players (hopefully!) in the mean time.

Let's see...the basics.  I'm Alyssa, and I'm 21 and live in Kansas City, MO.  I just graduated from Mizzou in December & moved back to my hometown (  I haven't ridden horses in YEARS, namely due to financial restraints and parents who "thought I'd outgrow horses when I discovered boys" (HA!).  Now that a decent salary is a possibility, I'm hoping to get back into riding whenever I finally have the funds to justify it.

As for simulated games...I've been playing in various games since 1997.  It's definitely an addiction.  While I've dabbled in racers throughout the time, I only got serious with them in the last 1 1/2-2 years.  But all those races are entirely randomly run - any horse has an equal chance to win, regardless of pedigree/past performances/etc.  So when I heard of Stretch Drive (many, many months ago), I decided to research it a bit more (and the games that use it).  Thus, I stumbled upon Final Furlong.   :)

I'm excited by the idea of having to "figure out" what's best for each horse, and the chance for winners to be consistantly good (instead of "good" just whenever the luck of the randomizer falls upon him/her).

I do play in one other game, HORSES FOREVER, where I am currently an officer.  That's where my co-op racing stable, MOMENTUM, LTD., is located.

Maybe you've seen me around?

Either way, feel free to drop me a response, a message, or an IM on AIM if you get bored.  I'm online far more often than I probably should be.   :P  And I'll probably be on the forum too often, too, as I read through all the posts (blame all that "waiting" I'll have to do over the next couple of months).

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