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« on: August 11, 2018, 03:19:22 am »
1. Sock of USA, Artificial Boy, Tropifrench
2.Fair Offer, Chosen, Ming Tea
3. Hero's Honor, Innovation, Hidden Spirit
4. Forever Boundary, Cold Chisel, Lightning Bug
5. Eikestad, Comme des Garcons, Brackets
6. Saffron, Graceful Profit, Laurelin
7.Easy Oscillation, Smiling Account, Old Hollywood
8.Aptitude Witch, Forever River, Lingering Flower
9. Iridescent Rain, There Be Dragons, Hebrides
10. Fraunfeld, Changeless, La Luna
11. Fadden, Sour Skittles, Archon
12. An Educated Guess, Burning Impact, Sonic Command
13. B'tardat, Special Regret, Bright As Day
14. Mnemosyne, High Council, Foolish Frame
15. Great Expectations, Loch of Harray, Bitter Flag
16.Fantastic Phoenix, Latina Mi Amoura, Bungled Conquest
17. Twist of Fate, Social Experiment, Animal Crackers
18. Oscillation Point, Vague Daze, Wizard's Wind
19.Gambling Rain, Cherubim, Tea Reading
20. Good Vibes, Gwendor, Chief Spy
21. Mind Control, Oscillation Here, Ripe Writer
22. Folkvangr, Adventerous Owl, Poppy Watermelon
23.Fierce East, Freemason, Rockette
24. Ember Hue, StrawberryDaiquiri, Pop Champagne
25.Level Veil, Genuine Imitation, Jilted