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Bluberi Farms

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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« on: December 03, 2004, 03:28:29 am »
 It's December and we all

know what that means start checking out your babies to race next year.  I feel I have a

fairly decent set of horses this year.  So here they





16h, bay w/ blaze, LH ermine
Sire: Cigar

Dam: Native Princessa (Native Dancer X I'm A Princess)

Out of an unproven dam, but by

the sire of MSW Lucky Cigar, MSW

, MSW Cigar's Gamble, MSW

Take Me Away
, and MSW Black Magick.  With this

cross how can we go wrong?


17h, black w/ blaze
Sire: Cross Roads

Lady Gambler (Ultimatum X Lady Godiva)

Out of dam of SP Ante

, but by the sire of MSW Cross My Heart,

MSW Backstreet Driver, MSW Double

, MSW Street Wise, and MSW

Ring of Fire
.  With a family like this we hope to get a nice race horse on the


**Keep A Secret


16h, chestnut w/ blaze, LH Coronet

Dam: Make A Promise (Make Me A Deal X Promises Promises)

Dam is producer of

SP And Ham, and he's out of sire Secretariat.  He has produced

MSW's Secret of Love, Secretary, Government Secret.  This will

probably be the foal this mare needs to give herself some




15h, Chestnut w/ blaze, LH sock
Sire: Storm

Dam: Ready And Willing (Ready or Not X Willing to Try)

Dam is producer of

MSW Ready to Rumble, and this filly is out of unproven Storm

Cat.  Maybe this will be the kick Storm Cat needs to get his lines looking good in the game




16h, Dark Bay w/ blaze
Sire: Seattle

Dam: Counterstrike (Counter Current X Ready To Strike)

Dam is producer of

SP Moonstruck and SP Lucky Strikes.

Sire is producer of MSW's Midnight Danger, Slew O'Scots, & Seattle

.  I'm looking forward to this cross.  I'm really big fan of Seattle

Slew and this foal is only 1 of 3 I bred for this




16h, Light Chestnut w/ blaze, RF Coronet, RH

Sire: Secretariat
Dam: Fondly Yours (Yours Forever X Odds N Ends)


is the second foal for Secretariat in my barn.  Fondly Yours has produced SW

Ghost Your Good
winner of the 2006 8-furlong Kuntucky Oaks.  This could be a

great cross we'll see come race time.



15h, Dark Bay w/ blaze
Sire: Seattle

Dam: Tarheel Sugar (Tarheel Tiger X Sugar Sugar)

Here's the 2nd Slew baby!!  Dam

has produced a couple of winners and a couple of placed foals.  This is only her 6th foal to

hit the track.  Look for great things as an older


Steel 'n'


16h, Grey w/ blaze
Sire: Highland Pride

Easy Livin' (Easy Street X Gimme A Chance)

This will be the dam's first foal of racing

age.  Sire has produced WMS High On Love, SW Art

of Magic
, and SP Song of Pride.  This should be a

nice cross, or atleast we hope so since he's the only yearling the farm has bought this year

to add to the race line up for 2009.



15h, Dark Bay w/ blaze
Sire: Seattle

Dam: True Fletchings (True Blue X Straight Shot)

Dam has 1 foal of racing age who is

placed.  This is the 3rd foal in the barn by Slew.  I'm so ready for these boys to grow up.  

Should be an interesting cross.

That's all of them!!!  Tell me what you think, heck I

might even sale a couple.



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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2004, 05:11:17 am »
 Brief, will update


Central Park
Highland Bandit x Pardon Me


Very nice looking filly. Great lines being 1/2 to a number of stakes performers.

Loving Highland Bandit.

Cerulean Sands
Man O'War x

Harada's Treasure

One of the kinda yuck ones... Is 1/2 to two stakes horses though. Man

O'War might lift her a little.

Jazz It Up x


I really like this colt. Think he might be an SC'er though. Dam was stakes

fourth. Comes from a very solid granddam line... Jazz It Up rocks my


Danzig x Striking Resemblance

Nice colt.

Was going through a bit of a Danzig phase. Dam line solid. Champs like Sneak Peek and Double

Cross pop up. Dam is a Highland Rogue. Could be good.



Danzig x Best Bet

Nice filly. Danzig again. Best Bet was stakes

places, as are her first two foals. The third is a winning 2YO which is good in my books.

Looks a promisinig type. Probs a 3YO though.

Worth My

While x Destiny Awaits

Nice filly. Mum was stakes placed. She also has a MSW in Mood Ring.

Worth My While is doing alright for a young sire. Looks cool.

Give The


Highland Bandit x Just One Thing

Looks promising. She's a Highland

Bandit and from a decent enough dam line. We'll see.



What's It Worth x Reason Enough

Isn't this a sexy filly?! Worth

daughter from Reason Enough. 1/2 to my baby Barchetta. Worth a better sire then Indy so I'm

looking at this one thinking oh yeah! Bring on 3YO year. Maybe next year she'll have some

success but that Worth blood would have to counter her dams...



Heza Gallant Gent x Jacket Required

Bit of a random filly. Dam is a

Class Act daughter so she's okay in my books. She's half to Harvard Bound. Part of Daddy's

first crop so we'll see.

Monash Hill
Starz 'n' Stripes x

Just My Luck

Nice sorta colt. Starz has grown on me a bit this year. Not enough to warrent

me to wet my pants, but enough. Mum has had a couple of nice foals. This one will be fun to

play with.

What's It Worth x Sister Sage


your fillies away from this colt! Full bro to Worthy Sage, a SW. Love Worth. Sister Sage is a

nice broodmare. She's got a heap of stakes performers and is half to someone who won stakes

but he got deleted. Can't wait for this one.

Tit for Tat

For Dash x Eternal hope

Nice filly. Even if she sucks I'm not going to sell her. 1/2 to

some good horses and Go For Dash isn't doing too bad for himself. All foals in the money

outta five. Looks nice.

Man O'War x Celtic


Providing Man O'War doesn't go bung out on me, this colt should be good fun.

Dam is MSP and mum of Celtic Glory, MSW. She's also 1/2 to that wickedly cool stud Irish

River and another MSW called Ghostly Poem. I like this boy and think he has tonnes of

potential. Providing Man O'War likes me...


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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2004, 06:14:54 am »
 Hmmmm well here are my

yearling babies. :)  I might consider selling a couple of them if people are interested.  

I'll put those to consider in Italics. :)

A.P. Masterpiece

(A.P. Indy X Harmony)
Cute little colt.  I'm interested to see how he runs.  We all know

that Indy has been a successful sire on the track.  He's half to a couple of winners and SP


Blue Legend (Black

Legend X Rhythm n' Blues)
Very nice colt who i'm glad is back in my barn.  His retired

sire has produced MSW's  Back in Black, Starzen, and Eternity. Along with many SW and

winners. He's half to two SPers and a SWer.  Stakes quality colt who should live up to his


Cigars Ash (Cigar X

Redwood Holly)
Nice big filly with a lot of potential.  Cigar has proven to be a great sire

and has been pared with an uproven mare here.  Could be a nice prospect.

Hifly (High Demand X Fire

We have winners on both sides with this huge colt.  He's got winning potential in

his blood for sure.

HighlandEnterprise (Jazz It Up X Highland

Royaly bred colt with size to match.  Sire has produced MSWer's Jazz'ed, Major's

Flight, and Sign Of Times.  He's half to MSW Wild Ebony and SW Bold Ebony.  He's going to

be a fun one I think according to his breeding.  

Just Royal

(Jazz It Up X Her Highness)
My second Jazz colt who is half to a couple of winners and a 2

year old who didn't do half bad this year.  I'm going to look forward to racing


Key To Glory (Lonesome

Glory X Key To My Heart)
Very cute filly.  Her dam's first foal to race this year was a

winner and hopefully she will be too.  Lonesome Glory has already proven himself as a sire so

hopefully the match is good.

Ozemandius (I'm A Classic X

Joey Three Socks)
Half to placed Black Warrior who was the first foal to race on the dams

side.  His sire's first crop of foals are racing next year so we'll see how they


Scarlet Skies (What's Debatable X Burning Ember)

filly has got some awesome potential.  She out of a muti-millionaire dam with many titles to

her name.  She's half to 3 winners already and hpefully she'll be one to and take after her

mommie.  Her sire's first foal crop is racing next year so i'm hoping she get's the best

of both worlds.  

Set The Sails (What's Debatable X Set

First filly of a muti-winner dam and by a very a successful stallion.  First foal crop

for both mother and father.  Guess we'll see.

Style Street

(Fleet Street X Just My Style)
First colt of a Muti-stakes placed mare and sire only has one

racer so far.  We'll have to see how he fares next year for sure.


(Kentucky Dream X Winning Class)
Big filly who I hope does well next

year.  She's half to SP Cutlass.  Her sire really hasn't done much as a sire but maybe

she'll be an exception.

And last but not least!!!

CDS's First


Sea Acoral Image (Seabiscuit X Momento)

sized filly with a lot of potential.  Her sire has proven himself with many MSWer's SWer's,

SPer's, and winners.  And her dam is a new mommie with only one raceing foal.  We hope that

she'll give CDS a good name next year since she is our first.  Yay! It's happening.



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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2004, 07:11:46 am »
 Well I dont have NEARLY as

many yearlings as you all do. LOL

Check It Out
15h, Grey w/

Sire: Chief Inspector
Dam: Wonderifyou'llkissme (Wonders Pride X Kiss

'n' tell)

Sire has had some nicely placed foals both of his dams racing foals are

winners. I look forward to seeing how this little guy turns out!



16h, Grey w/ Blaze, LH Coronet
Sire: Who Says
Dam: Only

Illusions (Only Me X Now Ya See Me)

Sire has had some nicely placed foals, dam was

unplaced in the races however she has had some success with foals, interesting cross. I hope

for the best out of this guy.

17h, Grey w/

Blaze, LF Coronet, RH Ermine
Sire: Silver Secrets
Dam: Believe Me  (Don't You

Believe X Love Me)

This big boys grandpa is secretariat which will hopefully carry out

some success in the races. Both dam and sire have some winners in their foals, this guy

should be a nice racer

Natural Luck
16h, Dark Bay w/

Blaze, LH Ermine
Sire: Planet Hollywood
Dam: Natural Disaster   (Disastrous

Results X Mother Nature)

My only boy whos not grey!  :D I love his sire, he's had some

HUGE success with his foals, all his dams foals have been winners so far. This guy should be

a star in the races
Kim - Semiahmoo Stables
Proudly Offered at Stud
ICh. What's Your Point - Multi-Stake Winner, Multi-Stake Placed, Multi-Millionaire, Gold Rated
WCh. I'm Your Angel - Multi-Stake Winner, Multi-Stake Placed, Multi-Millionaire, Silver Rated
GCh. Ace Of Hearts - Multi-Stake Winner, Multi-Stake Placed, Millionaire
NCh. Sunday Paper - Multi-Stake Winner, Multi-Stake Placed, Multi-Millionaire


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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2004, 02:38:44 pm »
 OK nothing to overwhelming

but we have a few that were purchased for a big price that I am hoping will earn their


Class Act

Class ACt x Distinctive Look.  Sire

does overly well for not having the stock that some others have. Has sired Champions in the


Fallen Queen

Bold Ruler x Fall from Grace.  

Sire's best progeny is the freak King David and the dams only foals to race are winners.  

Her first foal is a Stakes Winner so we are expecting big things and for 750,000 we need to

earn that money back with her.

Fast Fleet Feet


Street x Risky Venture.  Not expecting great things but would like to be


Highland Gamble

Highland Pride x Chance It.  

Not really bred to win early and he is hopefully my future SC champ.  



Cross Roads x All for you.  Should be a decent runner and the sire

has had a good amount of success.  

Mystic Song

I'm A

Classic x Phantom Melody.  This filly has a special place in my heart and a special place in

my check book.  Commanded around 150k.  This is a freshman sire who had great success on the

track and the dam has produced a MSW Townsend Phantom who is the pride of Agostino Stables.  

Look for her to make an immediate splash.



Go for Dash x Seductive Girl.  Has a nice family line to fall back on.

Dam has a pretty nice 2yo in Courtyard Seducer.  Should be a runner.



Worth My While x Question Authority.  What a break we got here.

 We bought this nice little colt before this years races started.  He would have brought a

huge price because Worth My While is having a very good year as a sire and the Dams only Foal

to race is a MSW at 2.  At the beginning of the year we thought he was just another yearling

who will race under the blue and gold silks of Agostino stables but after seeing the success

of his half brother we are looking for him to follow suit.

Well there they are for now

but more will be added because of the upcoming auctions.



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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2004, 12:19:49 am »
 Well, I just researched my

two randomly, cheaply bought yearlings:

Black Light - Sire is Black Satin, who's oldest

racing crop is three, three of five have won, all placed, one of the two year olds has

placed...he also has a broodmare daughter who's oldest foal is two and placed. Dam is

Majestic Light, her oldest foal is two and placed. Damsire is Magic Man, he's produced a

stakes-placed filly in Magic Girl, second in the Ungraded Rare Treat Handicap. So, not all

that impressive, but I didn't pay much for him.

Broken Promises - Sire is False Promises.

Best offspring is Golden Fiddle, third in the Grade 2 Adirondack Stakes as a two year old.

False Promises has also sired: Promise Land, dam of Promises Kept (Tulip Stakes). Dam is

Dreams of You, and don't have much to say there.

Probably not future superstars, but one

never knows in the racing game.


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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #6 on: December 04, 2004, 04:15:49 am »
 WOO-WEE, can't resist a

thread like this one....EVER. ;) Yes I know, my stable isn't exactly known for having

superstar 2yo's but hey, they're pretty to look at and I usually have plenty of very fast

3yo's....maybe its the food I'm feeding. Or maybe they JUST DON'T WANT TO GROW UP! lol

hehe Who knows. Not me. Shanthi??? ;)

SOOO....hey, just noticed, all my 2yo?s are fillies

next year except one. Huh.


Mi?Lady) -filly
CUTE! What with her distinctive bald face and shortness (15h) I just thought

when she was born: ?WHAT A LITTLE MUFFIN!? PLUS, she was born on Valentine?s Day!! What more

could you want??? LOL, hence the name. Should give some trouble on the track being by top

class sire Cross Roads and out of Mi?Lady which makes her ? to SW Studly


(What?s It Worth x Backstage Pass)

Hot little item here. Worth is the top sire in FF, and Backstage Pass has been a very

successful broodmare (heck, she even has a race named after her!). Through Backstage is ? to

near SC TC winner Back In Black as well as SP Crowd Pleaser.


(A.P. Indy x Promise Land) -filly
A.P. Indy has been a very nice sire and

Promise Land has had success as a broodmare. In fact Promise Land?s first foal, SW mare

Promises Kept just sold for 3 million in the recent Select Auction. Other than Promises Kept,

Promise Land has also foaled SP Northern Barbarian (who set a 2yo track record) and SP The

High Land.

GAZELLE (What?s It Worth x Seeing Starz)

WOWZERS! HOT HOT HOT filly!! I?m sure she?ll do jack squat her 2yo year like a couple

of her siblings but after that: YUMMY! By FF?s #1 sire and out of Seeing Starz, producer of

MSW Starz Afire(highest point earner OF ALL TIME); MSW Starz ?n? Stripes(near 2yo Triple

Crown winner); MSW Starzen and MSW Strider(who just won the Canadian Triple Crown). Dam also

has a GI race named after her-I think she deserves it. ;)


(Rainbow Quest x Chance For Slew) -filly
Tall filly by steller sire Rainbow

Quest and out of SP Chance For Slew.


Debatable x Phoenix) -filly
Part of the first crop to race for WCh.What?s Debatable and out

of Phoenix who has produced MSW Ray of Light. Looking for only good things from this filly.

JADED (What?s Debatable x Hope?s Dream) -filly

BIRTHDAY?.so I had to (obviously) name her after myself. Now if you look at the definition of

jaded in the dictionary it says??to become weary or dulled.? so hopefully she doesn?t live up

to her name! Lol; this will be WCh.What?s Debatable?s first crop to race so fingers all

crossed here that they?ll be some fast little babies! All of SW Hope?s Dream?s 3 foals to

race have been winners and Hope?s Dream herself was a former Older Mare of the Year.

LADY ADMIRAL (War Admiral x Duece?s Wild) -filly

filly by War Admiral and out of Duece?s Wild making her a ? sister to  SP Wind of Miriah and

MSP ShezaWildDevil.

RAISE THE PLANET (Planet Hollywood x High

Stakes) -colt
Only 2yo colt I?ll have next racing season unless I buy another of course. By

hot sire Planet Hollywood and out of High Stakes which makes him ? to SP Seattle


SKIP IT (What?s Debatable x Dream Skipper)

Very nice filly. By freshmen sire WCh.What?s Debatable and out of Dream Skipper(also

has a race named after her), hence ? to SW Moonopoly, MSW Queen and SP Street


WHAT?S THAT ABOUT (What?s Debatable x Try Try Again)

By freshmen sire Wch.What?s Debatable and out of Try Try Again. Try hasn?t really

produced anything remarkable, maybe this foal will be different.

A few of these yearlings

will be headed to the FOAL AUCTION so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Edgewood Stud

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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #7 on: December 04, 2004, 04:50:18 am »
 I know how all of you are

feeling. I have not a couple of 2 year olds. Most I have ever had since I started the game.

Some will be sold and some will be kept as replacements.


(A.P Indy x Egyptian Pharaoh) Nice looking dark bay filly that

should mature to about 15 hands. Sire has sired such horses as A.P Valentino, A.P Fantasy and

Indy 500. Dam is the dam of the great Akhetnaten, Nefertiti,Anubis and Exodus. Should be a

nice cross to watch for in the future.


(A.P Indy x Trinity) Another nice looking yearling that is sired

by A.P Indy and out of a up and coming broodmare prospect at Edgewood Stud. Dam has foaled

such winners as A.P UNO and SYMBOLIC only two foals of racing as so 100% winners to date. The

naming reason he is bay with a bald face. So he is something mighty


Golden Text-Colt
(A.P Indy x Gold Rush) Also

sired by A.P indy can anyone tell I like A.P Indy? Anyhow Gold Rush has foaled such horses as

WESTWARD HO, NATIVE GOLD,SHE WHISPERS. Looking forward to this cross and what might come out

of it.

(A.P Indy x Repunzel) Full Sibling to A.P

VALENTINO. This colt is something I have been waiting to mature and race. I guess we will see

on race day if he will live up to his sister reputation.


(Man O' War x Promises Kept) What a beauty. She is a recent

purchase at the select auction. I couldn't help but buy her as a broodmare prospect for

later on. Promises Kept has foaled such horses as Untamed Horizans. Man O' War has sired

many winners to date. It will be another exciting race day in the two year old filly races.

Rarely does Edgewood Stud by another yearling so you know this is something


(What's It Worth x A.P

Valentino) You know what they say, save the best for last. With the power house sire "What's

it Worth" and the dam although unproven as a broodmare "A.P Valention" this will be something

to see in the months ahead.

Thanks for looking! See you at the 2 year old races.  

Take Care, Edgewood Stud


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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #8 on: December 04, 2004, 05:19:07 am »
 Mwhahaha! Time to see if the

monsters I've sold will come back to bite me in the bum! Here are my yearlings to turn to

2yo's come next year (my fav's first):


(Highland Bandit x Midnight Danger) - colt
1/2 to SW's Validancer and Oscuro Arco Iris.

I'm expecting some BIG things from this Bandit foal within the next couple of years.


NATIONAL HERO (Rainbow Quest x Nation's Pride) -

FULL sibling to MSW Nation's Colors and National Post. 1/2 to SW's Highland Limits

and Valedictorian. Need I say more?


Hollywood x Doubletake) - filly
I LOVE the looks of this filly! Not only is she a Wood

daughter (who I've had excellent luck with in the past little while), but she is also 1/2

sibling to MSW Sneak Peek and Double Cross. Yummy!


(Gimme A Shot x Patriot Games) - colt
This guy is a FULL sibling to the filly who has taken

the track by storm in her 3yo year, MSW Long Shot. Besides that, she is still 1/2 sibling to

MSW Six String and Void who was the BC SC Classic winner this year, and SW Five Rings. Not a

bad line at all from this guy ;)

BELLADONNA (I'm A Classic x

National Emergency) - filly
Just because her dam has lines to Nation's Pride I decided to

purchase this filly off of Central Coast Lodge. I hope my hunch is correct


DETOUR (Cross Roads x Swan's Dream) - filly
This filly

is 1/2 sibling to legendary horses such as MSW In Watercolor and Highland Grace. Enough said

there as well. ;)

EVANESENCE (Seattle Slew x In Effect) -

I got this filly very cheaply from the mixed auction this year. She is 1/2 sibling to

SW Love Among Ruins and Mocashment. I'm hoping that she'll do well on the


FINGERPRINTS (Rainbow Quest x Ladylove) -

Ladylove was a stakes winner in her racing career, and Rainbow Quest well everyone

knows what kind of foals he likes to throw out so here's to hoping!


TRIAD (Secretary x Harmony) - filly
Harmony has produced

some nice winners and a SP in Rainshine, but Secretary has sired MSW American Rhapsody and SW

Sudden Death. Should be interesting ;)


Up x Whimsical Whirl) - colt
Whimsical Whirl was a stakes winner in her racing days, but has

yet to throw any foals with real promise. Jazz It Up has had some very nice foals lately

including Jazz'ed, Major's Flight, and Sign of the Times. Here's to hoping he's going to

be like them :)

NEVER WORTHY (What's It Worth x Never High

Enough) - colt
Dam has thrown 2yo MSW Redemption as her only racing foal to date, so this

looks like an excellent combination with Worth bloddlines mixed in with Rogue bloodlines.

I'm keeping my eye on this colt ;)


Pride x Sweet Dreams) - filly
Her dam has thrown MSW What's Your Dream who has exploded

onto the turf track this year. I can't wait to see what this little filly can do as Pride

has already sired MSW High On Love and SW Art Of


DIAMONDONTHEINSIDE (Worth My While x Shining) -

I decided to keep one of my Worth babies to see just exactly how they would do on the

track. This boy is named after the album 'Diamonds on the Inside' by Ben Harper. I'm

hoping he'll shine on the track for Clover Springs next


AIR (Fleet Street x Wind Dancer) - filly
Dam has

produced SW Charming Dancer and Sudden Death plus several winners as well. Fleet Street's

first racing foal is unplaced so its hard to tell just how this filly will fare until she

hits the track next year.

DAYBREAK (Rainbow Quest x Blue

Light) - filly
Blue Light was a stakes placed mare and will be the first foal to race for

this dam. Rainbow Quest needs no introduction so we'll she how she runs when the time comes.


BANNER RAISED (Highland Wizard x Wine n'Roses) - colt

1/2 sibling to the great racer and stallion Highland Bandit. We'll see just what exactly

happens when different Rogue blood is mixed in here. Hopefully something good ;)


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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #9 on: December 04, 2004, 11:42:40 am »
 I can't wait for these

little guys to get racing!

Broadway (Class Act x C'est La

Vie) - colt
Dam only had the chance to get three foals out, the only one to race is a

winner.  Everyone knows Class Act, sire of such MSWs as I'm A Classic, First and Only, and

Witness.  Can't wait to see how he turns out.

Crack the Code

(Conspiracy Theory x Mumbojumbo) - filly
Cute filly with a nice little bald face.  :)   Sire

has sired SW Royal Assault.  Mumbojumbo is an unproven daughter of Lymerick, dam of MSWs

Irish River and Ghostly Poem and SP Celtic Princess.  Lymerick also has a race named after


Don'tsayaword (Silver Secrets x Don't Give Up) -

Silver Secrets is sired by the great Secretariat.  He has one SP foal, Silver Hero.  

Don't Give Up has two winning foals.  May not be a superstar, but she still may surprise


Loot and Plunder (Seabiscuit x Hooligan) - colt

little guy who's 1/2 to SP High Jinx.  Sire has had MSWs Revolution and Untamed Horizons,

SWs Smooth Sailing and Go Overboard, and SP Cutlass.  

Paint the Town

(No Duplicate x Freedom's Call) - filly
This cute little filly was named

for her blood bay coloring.  She's half to SP Magic Girl, and sire has had MSW Not Very Nice

and SP No Way to Act, so she has potential.


(Highland Bandit x Princess Holly) - colt
This huge guy (17.2h) also has potential.  His

sire is Highland Bandit, who is sired by the great Highland Rogue.  Highland Bandit has sired

MSW Highland Paint and SW Highland Storm.  Princess Holly is MSP herself and has foaled SP

Cassanova.  Pickpocket is her first foal to race since 2004, so hopefully he can make his

mommy proud.

Proletariat (Secretariat x Whirl It) - colt

bought this little guy off Jason, so that must mean he'll be the best 2yo ever.  :P Still,

he has some really nice lines on both sides.  Whirl It has two SW foals in Give It A Whirl

and Spinning Hill.  Secretariat has three MSWs and many more stakes winners/placers.  He

should be good.

Trafalgar (Fleet Street x Stellar Event) -

Another little filly I bought from Jason.  Stellar Event has foaled SP Stellar's

Pleasure.  Fleet Street, by What's It Worth, is a MSW Millionare but unproven as a sire.  

Don't really know how she'll turn out.  

Yay, my yearlings aren't so bad this year.  I

certainly hope they'll run well for me.
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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2004, 11:23:42 pm »
 Long list here for

Storybook... If you're curious in a horse, feel free to make an offer, though most of the

one's we're willing to part with have been consigned to the foal auction (foal names in


Amberdrake (What's It

Worth x Lucky Pricess)  16h Bay Colt.  First foal of Lucky Princess who's out of Pink

Princess, a proven broodmare.  Worth needs no introduction.  Should be a good investment for


Apple Jack (Captain Jack x Ladybug) 15h Bay Filly.  

Captain Jack's had several winners and a pair of SP foals, while dam Ladybug has had a

winner and SP foal out of 2 to race.  AJ's 1/2 to SP 2yo Lady of the Night on her dam's


Believe In Love (Secret of Love x Believeitornot) 15h

Black Colt.  Born on Valentine's Day, what other name is there for this colt?  Sire Secret

of Love won 6 stakes, over 6 million dollars, and over 1000 points in his 3 year career.  

He's also thrown 2 MSW and 2 SW in just 3 crops of foals.   Dam Believeitornot has thrown

nothing worse than a winner in her long career and her youngest 2 foals have been having

success, Bill is 1/2 to 3yo SW Believe In Me.


(Assault x Take Account) 17h Bay Filly.  A late filly, born mid-June, but sire Assault has a

SW 2yo this year named Domestic Dispute and dam has MSW Take Me Away and SP Hollywood Magic.  

Once this filly matures, we'll be hoping for big things for her.


(Jazz It Up x Sugary Lips) 17h Chestnut Filly.  We know, her name's

not the best, but that's what you get when your non-horsey fiance' names horses...  :)  

Jazz It Up won 3 races, 1/2 a million dollars, and almost 500 points in his career and has

been a phenomonal sire with 3 MSW and 2 SP foals out of only 7 to race.  Sugary Lips

contributes a MSW herself, McJagar, as well as a 2yo winner, Je t'aime.  Hopefully she'll

be fast enough you guys won't make fun of her too much


Fortuna Major (Planet

Hollywood x Lady Godiva) 16h Bay Filly.  Sire Planet Hollywood has almost too many Stakes

quality foals to count, and all of Lady Godiva's foals to race are winners with the

exception of her 2yo, who's placed.  Should be at worst a great allowance level


Impirius (Cross Roads x Rain Cloud) 16h Dark Grey

Colt.  Sire Cross Roads has many MSW and SW among his foals and dam Rain Cloud has produced

2007 Derby winner Hollywood's Mistake.   One of the cutest of my foals and hopefully he'll

give his mom another Derby winner in a year and a half...


(War Admiral x Lady Caroline) 16h Grey Colt.  Sire has

2 SW including 2yo Heiress.  Dam produced SP Carolina Inferno along with 3 other winners.  

Again, at worst we're looking at a consistant Allowance horse here, with the potential to

break into the Stakes.

Kentucky Gamble (Seattle Slew x Luck

of the Draw) 15h Chestnut Filly.  Sire has 3 MSW to his name and dam Luck of the Draw has

thrown MSW Knight's Luck, SW Northern Luck, and SP


Kerowyn (Rainbow Quest x Easy Miracle) 16h Red

Chestnut Filly.  Sire Rainbow Quest has long been a favorite of mine with quite a few MSW

including SBF bred Crystal Rainbow.  Easy Miracle has only one foal to race so far.  A bit of

an unknown quantity, but with RQ blood, how bad can she


Lingo (Hope to Succeed x Street Talk) 14.3h Grey Colt.  

Our pony boy.  Hope to Succeed won 6 races and over 3 million in his career and has MSW

Always A Princess and SW Royal Success among his first crop of foals to race.  Street Talk

has a special place in our hearts having thrown MSW Street Wise and SW Rumor Has It for us.  

We're looking forward to this guy taking his big brother's place for us as Street Wise

prepares to retire soon.

Curtain Call (Planet Hollywood x

Play Time) 15h Blood Bay Filly.  Formarlly known as "On Broadway" until I decided that 3

variations of Broadway running around next year would be too confusing ;), she's another

Hollywood foal out of Play Time, 2 time SP producer.  1/2 to Sailor Venus and A Time For War.

 (Potentially for sale)

Seattle's Hope (Seattle Slew x

Hope's Crossing) 16h Bay Filly.  Another Slew baby out of a Cross Roads x Eternal Hope mare.

 Hope's Crossing was a multi-winning mare and her 1/2 sister Last Hope has been throwing

some nice foals, so I'm interested to see how HC's first foal to race


Secret Flame (Secretariat x Fire de Flame) 16h Chestnut

Filly.  I'm always a fan of Secretariat babies and how can you not like the dam of Turn

n'Burn who went 2 for 2 in Stakes his 4yo year.  Secret Flame is also 1/2 to SW Firebrand so

look out for this girl.

Shetan (The Black x Second Chance)

17h Black Colt.  The name was an obvoius choice ;).  The Black has some nice foals, including

4 MSW and Second Chance has been on a roll herself.  This big boy is 1/2 to MSW High Chances

and Steal Your Heart.  Yumm!

Silent Spring (Sunday Silence x

Heart's Blood) 15h Black Filly.  Sunday Silence doesn't have many foals at the track, but 2

out of the 8 are Stakes Quality and you just don't get a better dam than Heart's Blood.  

Silent Spring is 1/2 to MSW Cross My Heart, MSW Heartache, SW Hearts Awhirl, SW Miss

Lonelyhearts, and SP Hollywood's Lover.  Hmm, now that I've looked at that list, maybe I

should rename her something with "Heart" in it before she turns 2... At any rate, we're

looking forward to seeing how our newest Heart's Blood foal does.  (Note:  I just went in

and renamed her to Heartstring, so we'll see how she does!)


(Lucky Cigar x Brandywine) 15h Bay Colt.  Sire Lucky Cigar won every

stakes he was entered in and 5 MSW's carrying on his legacy including My Style, Set For

Luck, and Silver Screen.  Dam Brandywine through 2yo monster MSW Atlantis and currently has

MSW Everclear running around.  Look for Southern Comfort to continue this mare's


Special Gift (Highland Wizard x Willing Enough) 15h

Black Filly.  Highland Wizard is out of the peerless Highland Sorceress and had a stellar 3yo

career.  His first foals are currently 2yos and have been doing a fair amount of winning.  

Willing Enough was herself a multi-winner, finishing worse than 2nd only once in her 7 starts

and her first foal, Worth The Work, is currently SP.  This should truly be a special


Spell Breaker (Highland Wizard x Cross My Heart) 17h

Black Filly.  Another Wiz foal, this time out of our MSW mare, Cross My Heart.  Dam CMH won

over 2.5 million dollars in her career and this is her second foal to reach the track.  First

foal, As You Wish, is a winner even as a 2yo.  This is the first time the Heart's Blood line

and the Highland Rogue lines have mixed so this should be an interesting filly to


Storybook Love (Lucky Cigar x Ifyoulovedme) 16h Bay

Filly.  Another Lucky Cigar foal, what can I say, I like him ;).  Dam Ifyoulovedme never

finished worse than 3rd and finished 3rd in her only stakes start and is out of

Ifyoucouldseemenow, making her 1/2 to 2 MSW.  Ifyoulovedme's two racing foals are SP Good

Point and SW Wherethere'ssmoke.  Storybook Love is therefor a 3/4 sib to Wherethere'ssmoke

so... yeah... yum ;)

Summer Rose (Highland Bandit x Summer

Lovin') 16h Blood Bay Filly.  Sire Highland Bandit won 10 Stakes in his career and went

undefeated in 7 stakes his 3yo season.  His first foals raced in '08 and he already has MSW

Highland Paint, SW Highland Storm, and SP Highland Miss to his name.  This is her dam's

first foal to race.

Tsunami (Cross Roads x Calypso) 15h Dark

Bay Colt.  Sire is again, the well-respected Cross Roads and dam Calypso was MSP and her

first foal, SW Temptation, is a full sib to Tsunami.  Again, looking forward to this foal.

So, that's SBF's massive herd of 2yos...  Quite a few that'll be very interesting to

see out on the track once we finally manage to figure them all out!



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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #11 on: December 05, 2004, 06:47:53 pm »
 Seeing as I was just going

through my yearlings one last time before their 2 y/o debut in only a couple months, this is

a perfect post to add to! Organize my thoughts and get them down on paper, ya know. lol

Anyway, here they are...

[Any non-homebreds are in italics]



Cross Roads x In Absentia
16h Dark Bay Colt
He's one of those

"We'll see" foals. Not crazy about him but am definately hoping I will be. Sire has many

winners, SP's, SW's, plus MSW's Cross My Heart, Backseat Driver, Double Cross, Street

Wise, and Ring of Fire. Second foal out of unraced dam whose first foal has placed so


Bus Seven Survivor
Secretary x Belle De La Sud
16h Red

Chestnut Filly
I doubt I will ever sell this filly simply because of her name. You see, I am

a proud survivor of Bus Number 7. (The bus tipped over into a ditch. Huge drama. Trust me.)

She's only the 3rd foal of now hugely popular MSW sire Secretary who's first two foals are

MSW American Rhapsody and SW Sudden Death. She's the first foal out of her


Classic Starz
I'm A Classic x Starz Afire
16h Bay

Okay. I got coned (SP? lol) into this match by Jason. lol This colt is in MSW I'm A

Classic's first batch of young'uns. MSW Starz Afire will hopefully prove herself as

valuable in the barn as on the track. First foal Stormz Afire (by Storm Cat) has only placed

so far. Very dissappointing but I'm positive he's just a late developer. I am. Positive,

that is. lol


Silence x Bank Robber
17h Dark Bay Colt
Sunday Silence has never been very big on my list

but I decided to give him another shot. Bank Robber's second foal.

Hometown Quarterback
Starz 'N' Stripes x Moment In

15h Chestnut Colt
Starz 'N' Stripes is one of my babies I will never give up on.

He's now not only a MSW but a MSW sire with The Patriot. (Shouldn't have sold that colt...

should NOT have sold that colt! lol) First foal of the dam.



Jazz It Up x Dixie Fantasy
15h Dark Bay Colt
MSW Jazz It Up sired

MSW's Jazz'ed, Major's Flight, and Sign of the Times. Dixie Fantasy's foals haven't done

much except SP Fantasies O'War. She just needs to be crossed with the right stud. Hopefully

Jazz It Up is him.

Mr. President
Starz 'N' Stripes x Fist

17h Bay Colt
Hoping this baby will take after his daddy and his 1/2 siblings through

his mama. First Lady is the dam of MSW's Government Secret and The First as well as SW's

Lady Love and Legendary Lady.

Oh Rhett
Planet Hollywood x

17h Black Colt
I'm a Planet Hollywood loyalist. And why shouldn't I be?

He's sired MSW's Shesanaturalactor, Atlantis, Void, Dreamboat, and Hollywood Mystery.

Georgiaonmymind is the dam of SW Victoryonmymind but hasn't been crossed with studs as high

of quality as Planet Hollywood until now.



Seabiscuit x Golden Flames
16h Red Chestnut Colt
I'm hoping

Seabiscuit's quality will overcome Golden Flame's previous breeding record. He's sire of

MSW's Revolution and Untamed Horizons.



Sheza Lady
Heza Gallant Gent x Rise And


Southern Twang
Man O'War

x Hail To Beauty

Star Baby
Rainbow Quest x Meteor


The Fighting Fifty
Starz 'N' Stripes x Kiss of


The Queen's Gent
Heza Gallant Gent x Queen's


Three Mississippi
Heza Gallant Gent x


What's It Worth x Snowcapped

Sorceress Edea

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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #12 on: December 06, 2004, 02:22:45 am »
 Well, it seems that I missed

out on yearlings this year, I am in desperate need of some more. Here are my two


Black LegendxBostonian
16h Bay

Since I don't know lines very well, I couldn't tell you what I think of this filly.

So I'm just going to hope she turns out well. Her dam has had no foals run yet, this filly

being the oldest (with her twin bro). Her sire has had a nice ammount of stakes winning

horses, and some stakes placers too.

Untamed Desire

ManxStormy Subject
15h Bay Colt
Again, I know nothing about any lines on FF, so I can only

hope he will make something of himself. His dam has produced two SP's and one SW out of only

3 foals to race so far. His sire has produced only one SP horse out of 8 that are at racing


Rainbow Ranch

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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #13 on: December 06, 2004, 04:17:20 pm »
 Here are my 2yos for next


Cat Song
Storm Cat x Goforburst (Highland


Dam was a multiple winner, just shy of becoming a champion. This will be her first

foal to race.

Debatable Move
What's Debatable x Move Boldly

(Easy Street)

A daughter of WCH What's Debatable. First foal of dam to race, dam was a

multiple winner.

Eye of the Tiger
Boldness Shows x Rising

Star (Bold Ruler)

Dam was unraced, but has produced MSW Western Star, SP Movie Mistress,

and winner Hollywood Premier. Eye of the Tiger is her seventh foal.

Field of


Lonesome Glory x Highland Lover (Highland Rogue)

Sire has produced

5 SW, 2 MSW and 3 SP horses so far. Dam is a daughter of Highland Rogue, she was not raced

but has produced such champions like, SW What a Lover, MSW High On Love, SP Highland

Surprise, and her 2yo Ghost is stakes placed


Seabiscuit x Delicate Subject (Hot


Dam was a multiple winner, her daughter Delicate Luck is stakes placed and she's

had winners Dutchess II and Cut to the Chase. Seabiscuit has so far produced 2 MSW, 2 SW, and

a stakes placed horse.

Fleet Goddess
Fleet Street x Goddess

of Luck (Luck's My Game)

Dam was a multiple winner, dam first foal is stakes placed, her

2yo is a winner.

Highland Fling
Highland Pride x Botany (Mad


Mare was infoal at auction to Highland Pride, who has produced many winners and

three stakes horses. Dam has had winner and a stakes placed horse so


I'm An Angel
I'm A Classic x Angelic (Simply


Dam is 1/2 to MSW Revolution, she was a multiple winner, this will be her first

foal to race.

Just Cause
Boldness Shows x Just For You

(What For)

Full sister to this foal is a winner, dams first foal by Storm Cat is placed.

Dam was mulitple placed.

Midnight Street

Fleet Street x

Midnight Magic (Midnight Dynasty)

Midnight Magic has produced MSW Must Be Magic, SW Art of

Magic, and three winners.

Newport Native
Highland Wizard x

Native Dreams (Northern Slew)

Dam was multiple winner, this will be her first foal to


Out of Africa
What's It Worth x Out of the Bid (Out

of Time)

Africa is half to MSW Bitter Sweet, and SP Bid for Victory from the damline.

half to countless other stakes horses from dads side :D



Starz 'n' Stripes x Bitter Sweet (Sweet And Sour)

Dams first foal

is stakes placed, dam has won several stakes and is a grand champion. Sire has porduced a

number of winner and MSW.



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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #14 on: December 07, 2004, 03:12:39 am »
 Man, I can't wait.

Everyone's 2YOs are looking nice! :)


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The Up and Coming....Future Champions
« Reply #15 on: December 07, 2004, 04:58:25 am »
 I love this time of year...

the yearlings are prancing about in the paddock... and they all look so fabulous guys... very

droolable! Here's my 11 up and comers... Spectacular Secret and Point Well Made are both

consigned to the Foal Auction...:D

A.P. Cigar (A.P Indy X

Cigarette [by Cigar] 16h, dark bay, colt: I can't wait to see this guy on the track. This

feels like a cross with real explosive potential, and it's my first homebred foal from

Cigarette. Can't wait. Crossing my fingers for a stallion prospect!


The Stars
(Cross Roads X Secret Fleet [Count Fleet]  15h, grey, filly: I

bought this little girl at auction. She's only the second foal out of her dam, but her

dam's pedigree really drew me. Secret Fleet is a Count Fleet X Secretariat cross...

beautious! And who doesn't love Cross Roads, being that he's the third leading sire by

earnings... and she's a little girl!

Aly's Affair (Alydar

X Formal Affair [Black Tie Affair] 15h, dark bay, colt: Not sold on the name yet....

hmmmmm....But, this little guy is a 1/2 to Formal Cigar.. and I've had pretty consistent

foals of Alydar.. so I'm excited. He definitely should be a solid


Golden Quest (Rainbow Quest X Heart of Gold [Mr.

Prospector] 16h, chesnut, filly: If this one turns out to be like the last one Jason sold me,

he'll probably kick himself.. ;)  I'm excited for a filly, and her breeding is stellar. 1/2

to Alygold.

High Point (Point Given X High Bidder [Easy

Street] 17h, bay, filly: One of my boys has become a grand-daddy! First foal of the mare.

Hold Your Breath (Sunday Silence X Rhapsody In Black [Knight

in Black] 16h, dark bay, colt: 1/2 to American Rhapsody. And I will forever have faith in

Sunday Silence. This boy should be a whole lot of fun!


(Planet Hollywood X Devil's Trademark [Company Trademark] 16h,

chestnut, colt: Looks like mom! Plus, with as much as I gush about 'Wood, he's a favorite.

Very excited about this little colt. 1/2 to Devil May Care and Devil's


I'm All Starz (I'm A Classic X Starz Awhirl

[Whirlaway] 16h, chestnut, colt: VERY excited about this little boy. From the classic Starz

family, with the added touch of Whirlaway... ;) It should be interesting too: Starz Afire's

2007 colt is by the same daddy....

Machiavellian (What's It

Worth X That's Debatable [Fine Hopes] 16, black, colt:He's tied for my favorite of the

year. Full brother to What's Debatable. 1/2 to Set in Her Ways and Major's Flight. Want

this boy to be a stud SOOOOO bad! He's so pretty... :P


(Planet Hollywood X Ifyoucouldseemenow [Tunerup] 16h, bay, colt: Full

brother to MSW Shesanaturalactor. He's tied for my favorite of the year too. It would be

incredible and terrible if they run against eachother. Again wanting this boy to make

stallion hood soooooo bad... ;)

Steal My Heart (Highland

Bandit X Sailor Venus [Planet Hollywood] 16h. dark bay, colt: Can one ever have too many

stallion prospects? He's the first foal of the mare, who was my first really contender in a

lot of ways before Actor. Cannot wait.