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« on: December 15, 2004, 05:03:41 pm »
 I beblong to a resendency in

another game that runs a couple of contests that possibly could be modified to work here.

They are pretty popular there.

The first one involves everyone. We have about 70-75

members so the number match up somewhat. The stables are divided into divisions based on

points the stable earns. your horses earn points by finishing 1-5 in a race and for money

earned every $100 or $1000(whatever earns you so many points.the contest is run

every 3 months. The divisions are adjusted each time to keep the competition on a more equal


The second involves teams. Two stables team up. Every week for 10 weeks eah

stables picks one horse that is racing that week that it thinks will do the best. They earn

points based on finishing from 1-5.

The reason I brought these up they could e modified to

stand on there own here, but probably be better modified to fit into color wars. It would be

tricky balancing stable srength. however having everones satble able to contribute on an

individual basis might make some people a little more active in the competition by feeling

more a part of it. Even though I joined a team after the last set of questions were due. It

was fun searching for the answers.

And by the way Shanti you spend far to much time here

:D  Every time I visit you seem to be here :P  Live a little have some fun ;)  :lol: