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Test Results
« on: November 21, 2004, 12:50:28 am »
 The results of the Color War

Test are as follows:

Green Team: 76.5
Red Team: 84.75

1. What is the longest winning streak (number of races) in FF?  Please state the name of the horse and number of wins.
Highland Raven - 19 wins
10/10 10/10

2. What is the longest winning streak (time) in FF?  Please state the name of the horse and the dates of the first/last wins.
Highland Raven - January 2000 & July 2002
10/10 10/10

3. What horse holds the title of FFCh.?
Starz Afire - 1600 points
10/10 10/10

4. Name 3 sets of rivals - rivals must have raced in at least 5 races together, with each horse coming in 1st at least twice, and the other coming in 2nd.  (i.e. Horse A wins race 1, with Horse B in 2nd; Horse B wins race 2, with Horse A in 2nd; Horse B wins race 3, with Horse A in 2nd; Horse A wins race 4, with Horse B in 2nd; Horse A wins race 5, with Horse B in 2nd).
Killing Time & Valid Wager & Moonover Boy, Highland Bandit & Fleet Street, Worth The Wait & Worth My Time, etc.
3/10 10/10

5. Name 3 broodmares who have at least 2 millionaire/multi-millionaire foals.
Doubletake, Miss Hayday, Highland Dreamer, Seeing Starz, Nation's Pride, etc.
10/10 10/10

6. Name the top speed record holders (in number of records currently held) for all categories (Stretch Drive vs. Wire-To Wire, Male/Female, Flat/Steeplechase).
Male Flat (SD): Worth the Wait holds 2 speed records, one for 9f and 10f.
Go For Dash holds 2 speed records also, one for 6f and 12f.
Male Flat (WTW): Alley Cat holds 3 speed records, one for 8f, 10.5f, and
Double Cross holds 3 speed records (9f, 9.5f, 12.5f)
Female Flat (SD): Highland Raven has 4 speed records, one for 7f, 8f, 9f, and 10f.
Female Flat (WTW): Highland Paint holds 3 speed records, one for 5f, 5.5f, and 6.5f.
Twilight Embers also holds 3 speed records for 9.5f, 10f, and 12f.
Male SC (SD): All of the record holders in this category have set one record.
Male SC (WTW): Magic Glory holds 4 records, one for 7f, 7.5f, 10f, and 12f.
Female SC (SD): Crimson Princess holds 2 records, one for 8f and 8.5f.
Female SC (WTW): Jazz?ed holds 4 records, one for 8.5f, 10.5f, 11f, and 12f.
7.5/10 8.75/10

7. Name the stable(s) to own and breed the most Triple Crown winners
Stillwater Farms: bred Worth My Time, Highland Bandit, Highland Pride, Highland Wizard
0/10 0/10

8. List the highest and lowest SF figures received in Grade 1 stakes to date.
Twilight Embers - 177, Indy 500 - 6
10/10 10/10

9. Name the horses who have had broken legs.
Mr. Townsend, Fleeting Dreams, I'm A Dreamer
6/10 6/10

10. Name 3 SW horses who were owned/campaigned by members in their first year of playing (must name the horse as well as the stable in question).
I'm A Classic (Central Coast Lodge), Hearts Awhirl (Cirque Du Soleil Stables), Domestic Dispute (MJM Racing), Moonover Boy (Cascade Stables), Valid Wager (Clover Springs), etc.
10/10, 10/10

BONUS: Name the 2 previously undefeated Virtual Racing horses who both finished 3rd for the first time ever on the same day.
Highland Sorceress & Cross Roads
0/10 0/10

Totals: 76.5/100 84.75/100
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Test Results
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2004, 02:06:01 am »
 Yay! Go Big Red! :)


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Test Results
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2004, 03:54:19 am »
 Crap! I knew the bonus was

H.Sorcerous but i couldn't remember if the other one Cross Roads or Planet Hollywood-oops!