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At the Mountaintop
« on: April 13, 2005, 12:36:05 am »
 Laura walked down the swept

aisle of the yearling barn.  Reina Meadows was a fairly new stable, with only three horses.  

In the yearling barn, a whicker of joy floated to Laura's ears.  She smiled at the silly

yearling filly.  The whole colored bay was always up to something, whether interupting

grooming sessions between Universal and Dark Side, or trying to join in on Universal's

morning workout.  Now, young Hollywood Act was trying to discover what Laura's fingers

tasted like.  Laura decided not to let her know.  

Now, she headed out of the barn

into the evening air.  All the staff had left for the night, so it was just Laura.  She

walked through a tree grove and into the broodmare stalls, to hear Dark Side contentedly

munching on her hay.  The mare was starting to look a tad chubby, as she was in foal to Alley

Cat.  Laura was having fun trying to come up with names.

Leaving the dark grey mare in

peace, she went to see her pride and joy, Universal.  The chestnut colt neighed as Laura

walked in. He neighed wildly again.  

"Hey, easy boy," Laura let the colt sniff her

fingers.  He nickered when he relized it was just Laura.  He was preparing for his run in the

Yankee Affair, and Laura hoped it would be a good one.  

Laura left the stables content, wondering what tommorow would bring.

(this is my first RP, hope it's good!)