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Author Topic: morning excitement  (Read 1111 times)

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morning excitement
« on: April 17, 2005, 04:56:18 pm »
 Ready Set Go was slowing

down after her breeze, Maryanne smiled, the black filly looked wonderful! Marcos was riding

that day, and had said shae was totally responsive. Maryanne reached out to pet the horse's

nose as they neared the fence. Greg was talking to Marcos, "Probably trying to figure out a

race day plan." she thought.

While Marcos and Greg were talking, Maryanne went to find the

Princess's(Ready Set Go) cooling sheet. On the way to the tack room, Maryanne bumped into

"Are you planning on buying Fantasy Cat?" Janie asked.
"Already did, he should be

here in about a month." replied Maryanne.
 " Whose going to be here in a month?" Greg asked,

walking towards the two girls.
" Fantasy Cat!" replied the girls
"Oh, well I'll be in the

office if you need me."

Maryanne was polishing the Princess's saddle when she thought of

" I just realized you're going to have to share the attention when Fantasy Cat

gets here!" she told the horse. The Princess snorted at the thought. "Don't worry, you'll

still get plentyof attention from me." Maryanne told the filly. Ready Set Go seemed happy

with the answer, and went back to munching her hay. B)