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Author Topic: Afterworks  (Read 1165 times)

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Jockey Girl

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« on: June 13, 2005, 03:09:59 pm »
 Maryanne watched Ready Set

Go cooling off after her morning workout. the filly had run a wonderful second in her 2yo

maiden, and still seemed somewhat fresh afterwards. Miracle Giver was another matter,  after

his dissapointing race  was  other options were being discussed.

After the morning works

were over Maryanne was talking to Greg the farm manager about Miracle Giver. "Should we geld

Miracle Giver? Or maybe switch equipment, or maybe switch surface and distance. Maybe we

should switch him to SC!" While Maryanne caught her breath Greg replied calmly"I think we

should go over his performance, and decide whether the race was too long or short, but I

think his equipment is ok. No, I don't think we should geld him just yet. I think we could

try dirt, but not SC for the moment." With that decided Maryanne went off to check on the

horses, then look at Miracle giver's race. "I hope he lives up to his name" Maryanne

muttered under her breath.

Jockey Girl

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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2005, 10:04:13 pm »
 Maryanne stood grooming More

Than High. Prince(more Than
High) was not making the job easy. He had taken away the brush

twice, and had sidestepped at least five times. Maryanne giggled"At least one of us isn't

nervous." Prince snorted as if to say "This racing stuff is easy, why would I the superior

king of the world be nervous?" Maryanne got the light racing saddle and started to put it on

the colt. "Stop it! you want to race don't you?" Maryanne threatend when Prince sidestepped.

When Maryanne finally had him in the walking ring with their trainer Cindy Kentucky Acres'

jockey Melanie Graham came up wearing the farms blue and gold silks. "He looks good." Melanie

said looking admiringly at the colt. "Rember Melanie, keep him in front. This is a short race

so we can't risk coming from behind." Cindy instructed. "I know Cindy. We went over this at

least ten times this morning, We'll do good won't we boy." Melanie said as she got on the

horse. "I hope you do well, maybe he'll go onto two wins in a row!" Maryanne said hopefully.

"Good luck!"
     Maryanne and cindy stood at the edge of their box cheering Prince on.

"Do yo think he can lead wire to wire?" Maryanne asked. "I'm sure he can, we've timed him

at 7f. and he still put in a great time." "Look! Prince is pulling away!" Maryanne cried

ecstastically. "By Golly he is!" Greg said"It looks like Kentucky acres will have it's first

winner." And sure enough, Prince came over the finish line 8 1/4 lengths ahead. As the whole

Kentucky Acres crew made their way down to the winnwer's circle Maryanne ran ahead to grab

Prince before he ran a whole 'nother lap. 'You did great Melanie!" Maryanne told the happy

jockey. 'Thanks, but Prince did most of the work, and he's still full of energy!" Melanie

told the owner. Prince snorted as pictures were being taken as if to say "I told you that I

was the superior king of the world!" Maryanne giggled, they had a long way to go with his

manner lessons.

And if you read my Expectations post you know Prince and Princess are

crushing on each other. So right now he's flirting with his girlfriend. :rolleyes: :P