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New Arrivals
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 **This is my first time doing this so I hope its not too terrible**

    The sun

seemed take its time rising that morning as Jade waited impatiently at the farm entrance

aboard her favorite riding horse retired champion Dark Secret.  Dark tossed his beautiful

black head, looked yearningly at the training track before craning his neck to look up at her

as if to ask, "WHY are we still here?  I have two year olds to train!"
  "Yes, yes,

Dark I know, but the haulers are late with my new horses and I want to be the first to yell

at them when they arrive.  Besides, you've done a great job with your

babies and one workout without you won't kill them," she said.  

"At least I hope not," Jade added in her head as she looked doubtfully at their goofy antics

on the track.  
   Looking back down the road she noticed a slight glint of metal

and caught her breath with excitement as she realized her new horses were almost home! They

had been due in at midnight and now at six in the morning they were finally here! Urging Dark

into a swift canter she met the driver of the truck with a frown and directed him to the

training barn.  
  Once there she dismounted from Dark and handed the riens to a

nearby groom.  Then she stood to the side as the farm manager Dane lowered the ramp of the

large horse trailer and began giving orders to the grooms.  

  The first horse out was

her prize of the entire auction;  Moonshine II.  She was a graceful filly with fine lineage

and as she reached the top of the ramp the glossy chestnut stopped, raised her fine head and

sniffed the air as she surveyed her surroundings.  Seemingly content with the sharp pine

scent and lush grass of her new Washington State home she allowed the groom to lead her down

the ramp and into the training barn among the many "ooohs" and "ahhs" of the staff.

  "That one there is a beauty," Dane commented. "Even if she doesn't do well at the

track she could pass for a show horse!" He added laughing,"What's she doing in our barn?  We

usually only get the uglies!"

   "Not true!" Jade laughingly replied, adding with a

wink that champions are always beautiful and all Cascade Stables had was champions.  "She's

an unraced 2yo daugther of Moonover Boy and a granddaughter of Seeing Starz," she informed

Dane, "I bought her because I think she'll be good on the track but I know she'll be great

as a broodmare.  Bloodlines like that shouldn't go to waste."

    Dane quietly

ignored the comment as he motioned for the next horse to be led out for he had helped her

choose her auction horses and knew all these things already.  Jade merely liked to repeat

facts to herself for reassurance and he had learned she was happier when allowed to

  The horse trailer shook slightly as another bright chestnut

emerged practically dragging his handler down the ramp.  Several grooms moved slowly toward

the colt as his handler jerked on the stud chain a few times to convince him that holding

still was a good thing.  Finally, sides heaving and lathered up, the colt decided that the

several grooms around him were most likely not going to hurt him and accepted carrots and

bits of grain from them nervously as they patted him and talked soothingly.


turned around and glared at Jade, "Who's this basket case?  Got your work cut out for you


  "Oh," Jade said confidently, "this is Worth The Risk, the What's It Worth

colt I told you about.  I know we didn't plan on getting him but I think he has potential.  

I ran into his old trainer while I was there and he told me the colt is just blindingly fast!

 He's amazing and can run forever too.  He only raced once and in that race he got all

freaked out and basically ran his race before ever entering the starting gate.  But don't

worry about him, he's just a scared little boy. Dark will fix him up and by raceday he'll

be a gentleman.  Besides, Risk's only two, babies can only handle so much you know?"

    Dane shrugged as he ran his hands over Risk's legs to assure himself that the colt

hadn't hurt himself during his little escapade.  Satisfied he gave orders for Risk to be

walked around for half an hour, bathed and put up in the quietest stall in the training


  "Well," Dane said as he walked back over to Jade,"it looks like he might grow

into a nice looking horse, but for now he's pretty awkward and spastic.  When do you think

you'll race him next?"

  "Probably not until he's three but we'll see how he

trains.  Dark can work miracles!"

  "You depend on that

horse too much," Dane said shaking his head but he was smiling pridefully as he looked over

at Dark Secret who had been standing patiently tied to a nearby railing and watching the

proceedings with mild interest.  Dane had hand picked Dark at an auction five years ago when

he was a yearling and the gelding had gone on to win 3 GI races including a SC Triple Crown

race and National Champion status.  The six year old black gelding now contented himself by

playing a major part in the training of all of Cascade's young horses.  His calm and

predictable personality was invaluable around the many fractious two year olds on the


  The next horse out was a wide-eyed bay weanling with a bright blaze running

down his face.  He looked so lost and scared by all the violent proceedings of the past few

moements that Jade couldn't help but walk up to him and after a few soothing words and

gentle pats, convinced him to follow her to the weanling barn while her staff unloaded the

rest of the horses.  He walked stubbornly at first but gradually sidled up to her and even

sort of leaned on her as they walked, facinated by everything they came upon.  When they

reached the entrance of the weanling barn they were greeted by a chorus of whinnies from

other young horses which made the bay colt Jade was leading start.

  "Don't worry

honey," Jade reassured the A.P. Indy colt, "they're all going outside in a bit and you'll

have the entire barn to yourself as you settle in.  Then in a few days you'll get to go out

with them and play.  How about that?"

  The colt simply stared at her horrorstruck as

if he had understood her every word and didn't find it the least bit appealing.  Jade smiled

and led the baby into a newly bedded down stall.   The bay clung close to her side, terrified

of his new surroundings.  After half an hour when all the other weanlings had been taken out

of the barn and the little 'Indy colt began to settle down, Jade took the opportunity to go

check on the other two horses she'd bought at the auction that she hadn't had a chance to

see being unloaded.

        When Jade arrived back at the training barn she saw that

Dark had been brushed down and put in his stall and after stopping and  giving him a loving

pat moved on down the aisle to view her new colts Lucky Prince and Major's Flight.  While

walking down the aisle a grey head snaked forward over the top of his stall door and gently

pushed her with his muzzle.
         "Poly, sorry hun, I can't play right now, work

to do," Jade apoligized to one of her favorites, Moonopoly, and continued down the aisle.  

Upon her arrival at the front of the two year old Lucky Prince's stall door the light

chestnut son of Lucky Cigar paused momentarily to assure himself she was no threat before

continuing to munch hay.  He was a handsome and tall son of the great  Lucky Cigar and having

only    raced once before, however unsuccessful, she believed  him to have potential.  

Moving on slowly she stopped at her other new two year old colt Major's Flight.  

Major was by Jazz It Up and out of the great broodmare That's Debatable which made him a 1/2

brother to the farm's prize breeding stallion World Champion What's Debatable.  Major had

raced 3 times with one win and it looked like he would win again if given his head and no

equipment.  As the chestnut colt moved around his stall Jade noticed once again his rippling

muscles under his gleaming chestnut coat and that he was very solidly put together, handsome

although not possessing the delicate beauty characteristic of her other new chestnut,

Moonshine II.

"Yep," Jade said fondly patting his neck,"you're all boy.  Prove that

you're a true That's Debatable baby and win me some championships ok?  Like your brothers

and sister did for their owners."

As Jade moved away from his stall and out the barn

she couldn't help thinking that she was really happy with her new string.   The coming days

would be intersesting as they learned the "do's" and "don'ts" for their new horses but she

had a feeling it would all pay off.

The End