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Impulse Buys...
« on: July 20, 2003, 06:41:33 pm »

    An unfamiliar loud engine sounded in the driveway and Andrea looked up to see a shipping

van pulling into the driveway.  Pushing back from her desk, she quickly headed out to meet it

in the circular drive.  On her way she spotted Sarah and another groom, Abby, chatting while

the cleaned halters.  "Hey, you guys wanna do some real work for a change?"  They laughed and

tossed the halters on the bench.  "Sure.  I heard you bought some rejects for us to play


"They're not rejects, they just weren't ones I'd originally planned on,"

Andrea's tone got defensive.  Behind her back Sarah winked at Abby.  "Rejects."  But the two

grooms headed out into the bright sunlight.  Scott and Johnny were headed towards the trailer

too, from the training barn where they'd been making final preperations for the horses

racing tomorrow.  The loud engine cut off and Andrea could hear a high-pitched whinny coming

from the trailer.  Without waiting for the driver to come around, Andrea and Abby moved in

and started to lower the ramp.  Scott jumped to help them lower the heavy ramp, eager to look

at his new charges.

"So, I know you got the Wood filly you'd looked at when we all

were up there for the auction, but who's this Golden Romance you came home with?"  Andrea

beamed.  "She's three, unraced, but she's got decent bloodlines.  Sire's Romeo and dam's

Klondike Gold.  So that makes her a full sib to Eskimo Kisses and she's related to Casanova,

so she should have some promise.  I just hope she has time to find her niche on the track, I

don't know how well she'll do as a four year-old."

The trailer door swung open and

and solid chestnut filly backed up into the butt bar.  "I'm guessing this is Romance?"  

Andrea slipped into the narrow walk space and unclipped the filly, exchanging the safety

trailer tie for a leadrope.  Grabbing the filly's halter to steady her, she checked the name

plate.  "Nope, this one is Kapu."

"The Wood filly?  Haven't seen the old man throw

many chestnuts.  Her dam musta been homozygous."  "Actually, I don't think so... I think

Wildflower was black, too.  Guess that just makes her the golden sheep."  Scott rolled his

eyes, but took the filly's lead himself as she backed off the trailer, prancing as she tried

to look everything over.  Johnny moved forward to help unwrap the filly's shipping wraps,

ignoring his age in favor of seeing the filly's legs first hand.  Satisfied, he moved on to

check over Romance, who was standing patiently at the end of her lead while Sarah fussed over

her.  The filly stretched down to eat some grass, satisfied with her new home.


she's just a wild one, isn't she?"  Sarah laughed, jiggling the lead to get the filly to

pick her head back up.  Johnny took over her lead while Scott by default had to grab Kapu,

who was still prancing in place.  "The rest are just broodmares, right?"  "Yeah, though watch

who you're calling just.  Those fillies didn't come from

cabbages you know."  Scott couldn't reply as Kapu dragged him off towards the paddock

holding the yearlings.

The broodmares came off much more calmly.  The team had heard

all about Honor and Lass, she'd been planning on purchasing them.  Abby moved forward and

took the leads of the mares, already starting to show with the foals they carried for next

year.  They sighed as the cute bay backed off.  She had nice, clean lines.  "Willing Enough,"

Andrea said in response to their questioning gazes.  "Out of four races she only finished

once out of the top four, all her other races she was first or second, and she missed her

three year-old year.  So she should be a good addition."  

Her voide was muffled as

she disappeared to the back of the trailer and came back out with the final mare, another

chestnut, this time marked by an irregular blaze.  "And this is Miracle.  Nothing too

impressive on her dam's side, but she's by Easy Goer, so I thought she might make a nice

broodmare for foals marked to go to auction."  The grooms nodded and Abby came forward to

take the mare's lead.  Andrea traded her for Enough's lead, taking her new toy mare towards

the broodmare barn.  "Let's turn them out together and let them stretch their legs, then

we'll figure out who lives where and goes out with who."  The three women headed towards the

nearest empty paddock with the four mares in tow.