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My old Kentucky home.....
« on: August 03, 2003, 06:42:26 pm »

              Kerry barely held back the tears of relief as she pulled up to the KindleHope

Gate. The leaves were dripping of autumn: splashes of vibrant reds, yellows and oranges

softened the country to a watercolored canvas. She put the mountaineer in park, and hopped

down from the driver's side. It even smelled of late fall. Thank god there wasn't any snow

yet. She buzzed the gate open, and ran her hand over the farm's seal. It was good to be

back. She'd been gone for too long. The job she had taken in New York with a marketing firm

for an opera company had kept her farther from the barn than she expected. There were some

small 'perks' though, in hindsight. Those 'perks' nickered to her as she returned to the

truck and trailer. She'd picked up a few imports, and decided to bring one of the broodmares

out of retirement. The New York extention of the farm, KindleHope at Winterglen, had turned

into more of a retirement facility. Or, at least, many of the retired from KindleHope had

ended up there.

   She accelerated up the cobblestone drive, and stopped next to the

stallion paddock. No Duplicate was galloping full tilt across the field, and stopped abruptly

next to the gate to greet Kerry with a rich, baritone nicker. She giggled and continued up

the drive, as No Duplicate began to prance after her. He was stunning, and by far, her

favorite. If only he was as successful in the breeding shed as he was on the track. She

sighed and prayed a little as she pulled around the courtyard circle. Kevin, the barn

manager, emerged from the main barn, flanked by two stablehands. He ran his hand over the

silver hood of the truck and leaned against it as Kerry climbed down. He smiled and shook his

  "What kind of nags did you bring back for us this time?"

shot him a playful glance and chuckled.
  "We've got some good names on this

trailer. At least in pedigree anyway..." She unlocked the trailer gate and dropped the ramp.

She slipped under the partition, and snapped a lead to the first halter.  Spectacular Star

was the first off: a pretty and delicate grey mare by the late Spectacular Bid.

want to give her a chance to prove herself. She's got a good daddy. I'm stallion hunting

for her for next season."

   Michael, the assistant trainer, emerged from the house

with a cup of coffee and a sleepy demeanor. Kerry handed him the mare and laughed when he

reached the trailer. Star politely followed Michael on the long walk to the broodmare barn.  

   "I've got a good feeling about the next one. She's a cute one! Always A

Princess.." The little chestnut filly by Hope To Succeed bolted from the trailer, nearly

colliding with Kevin. He held the filly until a stablehand came to take her.


"She's a little skiddish...." He chuckled, "But I'm hopeful."

   Kerry grabbed the

next weanling and lead him off.  

   "He reminds me of No Duplicate. He's stunning,"

She said, with a twinkle in her eye. "Citation's Prince."

   "He's beautiful. By

Citation?.....I can't wait to run him."

   The sweet little colt looked around,

taking in everything, his ears flicking back and forth. After kicking Prince out to pasture,

Kerry paused.

   "I've got one more. A colt.... but... this might take a little

finesse. He's a bit of a handful. A son of Black Legend." The little colt began to paw while

she was clipping the lead to his halter. Kevin opened the partition on the slant load

trailer, and Black Crimson exploded. Michael dropped his coffee, on his return from the

broodmare barn, and ran towards the colt as he flew off the trailer. As soon as they were off

the ramp, Kevin grabbed the colt, Michael opened the gate and the three let him go in the

paddock next to the farm stallion.

   "Maybe Duplicate will teach him a thing or two

about manners." Kevin teased. Kerry put the leads back in the truck, and closed the trailer.

They stood, watching the little colt tease the much larger stallion through the fence.

   "We're glad your back. Your coming with us to the track next week for the

Month's races, right?" Michael asked.

   "It's nice to know the boss-lady's in

town," Kevin teased, with a hint of sincerity cutting in his voice. "We were worried when you

didn't make the annual sale. I thought things were gonna fall through here....."


"I did I... things weren't working out like I thought they would.... But I'll be

there for the November races. We've got a couple shots at a stakes win, right? I wouldn't

miss it for the world."