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Author Topic: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?  (Read 3070 times)

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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #15 on: August 27, 2006, 12:57:11 pm »

You're not breeding all your mares to Laird?  How dare you?!  ;)

(Though if I had to pick a stud to send multiple mares to, Tiznow would be one of my top choices...he's prettyful)

But my Laird army needs to have some ponies to breed to, and if they're all half-sibs it sort of poses a problem.  However, I now how two qualified studs (High Chances and Dark Continent).  This means I can breed these babies to High Chances for the Laird line and the Laird babies to Dark Continent.  It's a beautiful match. =D

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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #16 on: August 27, 2006, 10:37:17 pm »
All foal names are totally tentative, because I haven't had a chance to check to see if they exist yet.

Musicbox Dancer (tentative name)
Dance For Me   2001   False Promises x Dance At Dawn      | Bronze (1.0) | In foal to Take Me To Hollywood, Due 03/05/11
Dam is 1/2 to MSW Worth my Time, she's a bronze rated Mare out of False Promises. The only other broodmare(at this time) by False Promises is  Gold rated Time for Truth.
Take me to Hollywood , the amazing  son of Worth, is a line you can't go wrong with.

Musicbox Dancer doesn't exist but MusicboxDancer does. She is one of Artful Acres's starter horses. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Seems liket there's going to be a lot of great 2011 foals! ;)

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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #17 on: August 28, 2006, 12:21:29 am »
First breeding for me.  ;)

tentative names: Legerity, Strut Your Stuff
Kelly Do is in foal with Backseat Driver, due on July 2. This year is the first breeding season for my mare and me, and Backseat Driver has bred before, but none fo his foals are old enough to have raced yet, so I have no idea how the foal is going to turn out. Yet, I have high hopes because of Backseat Driver's parents being gold breeding ranking and him being a successful runner. I picked this stallion for a cheap stud with a nice history; he fit perfectly. So I'll keep my fingers crossed on my first foal.

Good luck to Kelly and my first crop!
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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #18 on: August 28, 2006, 03:07:30 am »
A doozy of a breeding season with 16 mares.

Bright Star II (Cross Roads X Shining Bright) will be having her second foal.  Both of this mare's parents are Silver rated so I hope she can follow.  On the track she was fairly consistent, but not great.  She is bred to Go For Dash this year and is due Jan. 9.  Go For Dash is a nice little stud and I hope for a good allowance horse from this breeding.  Foal will possibly be for sale in the future.

Candy Perfect (Northern Slew x Mi'Lady) will also be having her second foal.  This mare spent the later parts of her life as a Steeplechaser with some success, and so has been bred to Lonesome Glory for a Jan. 6th foal.

Cheersfromthecrowd (Running Gold x La Camargue) Is a maiden mare.  I bought her from the auction pre-bred to Red Sunset for a May 6th foal.  She was also fairly sucessful on the track.  Another foal that will likely be for sale (I may need my own auction! :O)

Dark Times (Dark Knight x Wonder Why)  is also in for her 2nd foal (see a pattern yet?)  This mare had endurance on the track, running until she was 5.  She has been bred to The Black in hopes of a good lower grade stakes quality foal.  This foal may or may not be for sale and is due on the 5th of June.

Is She High (Highland Rouge x Is She Kinda Magic) has been bred to No Duplicate for a foal due on Feb 3rd.  She was not remarkable on the track, but Rouge is known for having pretty broodmares.  No Duplicate is a Silver rated stallion whose few foals on the track have had good success.  I will likely keep this foal until I see how it's siblings do.

Key To My Heart (Heart Of Stone x Backstage Pass) is a Silver rated mare (7.3) in foal to Akhetnaten and due May the 8th.  Her 2yo is stakes placed, so we're hoping for some early power with this foal.  May or may not be for sale, depends mostly on gender haha.

Lady's HiPride (ICh. Highland Pride x Smooth Talkin Lady) was way underpowered on the track.  In an effort to create a nicer pony, I have bred her to Planet Hollywood for a Jan 8th baby.  Hopefuly the Hollywood/Highland cross will work out here and we'll have ourselves a nice baby.  Foal will not be for sale.

Last Minute Panic (Captain Jack x Last Challenge) is one of my favorite broodmares right now.  She really proved herself on the track, going from claimers to stakes in style.  She has been bred to the  honorable Crystal Rainbow for a foal due on Jan 6th.

Memento (Flash's Image x Dream On), a bronze rated mare, is in the Select Auction.  She is in foal to my stallion Simply Heroic for an April Fool's baby.

Ch.Pleasant Surprise (Pleasantville x Surprise Me) has been bred to Point Given and is due on April the 9th.  Pleasant Surprise raced sucessfuly until she was 6 years old, this will be her 4th foal.  She has a Worth baby on the track that hasn't raced yet.

GCh. Redemption (NCh. Killing Time x Never High Enough) was my former superstar.  Her dam is Platinum and her sire Silver, so we hope she will follow in the footsteps of her parents.  She has been bred to Devil May Care for a Jan 1st baby.  We pray that the baby comes on time or later, but we will take what we can get from such a nice mare.  Redemption herself is an MSW millionaire.  This foal will certainly not be for sale.

Redwood Honor (Redwood Prince x By Honor Bound) is also in foal to Simply Heroic for a March 1st baby.  Honor was fairly sucessful on the track, and this is her second foal.  The foal was bred by Paul, so even though I own both parents, this is not a homebred.

River Gal (River King x That's My Gal) is a Silver rated mare (4.6) carrying her 9th foal.  This one is by Sneak Peek and is due April 6th.  This foal was also bred by Paul, though I picked out the cross.

Ch. What A Witch (What's It Worth x Midnight Magic) is probably the best broodmare in the barn right now.  She is also in foal to Devil May Care and is due on April Fool's day.  This mare is really nice, her first foal to race this year has been raced lightly, but fairly well.  Hopefuly this will be a nice baby.

Ch. Your Cash Treat (Silhouette x Ch. True Fletchings) is a mare that was MSP on the track and was a pretty nice racer.  I personaly love Silhouette mares, and have chosen to breed this one to Bold Ruler for her first foal.  This should be a pretty nice foal, and is due April 4th.

Yssandra (Yssellen x Essala) is also Silver rated (7.5) and is one of my favorite broodmares.  She is in foal to the venerable What's It Worth for a May 10th baby.  We're hoping for a filly, of course, but a colt is nice too.

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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #19 on: August 28, 2006, 08:31:45 pm »
Our broodmare band is slowly growing. I will not sacrifice quality over quantity. We have 14 foals due next year our biggest crop ever. More will be writen about the horses later but right now I am on my way to a horse show.

GCH A.P Valentino (AP. INDY X REPUNZEL) is bred to Jazz it up
Advance Signal ( Hoist the Flag x Foredate) is bred to Distinct Possibility
GCH.Dream Skipper (Skipping Stones x Dream it) is bred to Magic Cross
Egyptian Pharaoh (King Tut x Queen of the Nile) is bred to Jazz it up
Gold Rush (Mr. Prospector x Rush Home) is bred to Jazz it up
Hidden Chance (Cross Roads x Gimme A Chance) is bred to High On Love
Ch. High Enough (Highland Rogue x Reason Enough) is bred to Jazz it up
Highland Rose (Highland Laird x Wine n' Roses) is bred to Mr. Townsend
Ch. Light My Way (Whats it Worth x Ch. Brighly Burning) is bred to Jazz it up
Prosperous Cheater (Live to lie x Vanity Fair) is bred to Jazz it up
Repunzel (Prince of Dreams x Happily ever after) is bred to High On Love
Ch. Sadie Hawkins (Gallant Fox x NCH.Burning Ember) is bred to Sadler's Wells
Trinity(Big Three x Altan) is bred to Those will do
Ch. True Fletchings (True Blue x Straight Shot) is bred to Take me to Hollywood

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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #20 on: October 23, 2006, 06:08:27 am »
Iron Spur Stables is Expecting only 5 foals this coming season.

first mare was my starter horse , whom has a special place in my heart , I have high hopes to get a mahogany bay foal out of her.

Bay 17.2 ,w/ blaze,RF coronet,LF ermine,LH sock
by Assault (x- Bold Venture 00- Igual)
out of Danzatore(x-Danzig 00-Last Challenge)
not ranked yet (first foal)
IFT - Starzen (by- Black Legend 00- Seeing Starz)
Mahogany Bay 15.2 w/star,snip,LF sock,RH coronet
not ranked yet

possible name- Danzin on a Star  (both)
(due in march)

Dark Act
Black 16.3 , no markings
by Fine Actor (x-Shakespearean 00-Fine Hopes)
out of-Darkened Miss (x-Dark Lord  00- Bright Miss)
(bronze rated mare)
IFT-Fleet Street (by-What It's Worth  00-Fleeting Moment)
16.3 Black w/star,RF ermine,LF ermine, RH ermine,LH ermine
(silver rated stud)

Possible name - Fleeting Shadow  (both)
(due in jan)

Graceful Exit
Dark Bay 16.0 , no markings
by-Speedy Exit ( x-speedy salute  00- exit cue)
out of-Graceful Dancer (x-deadly dancer  00- graceful mover)
(bronze rated BM )
IFT-Black Gold ( by-Black Toney  00- Useeit)
Black 15.0 h , star 
ranked silver

Possible name - Built For Speed  (both)
(due Jan)

Magic Wand
Dark Bay 16.1h, snip, LF ermine, LH ermine
by- Bold Ruler (x-Nasrullah  00- Miss Disco)
out of -Foolish Question (x- Foolish One 00- Out of the Question)
not ranked yet
IFT- Worth The Wait  (x- What It's Worth  00- Rise and Shine)
Dark Bay 15.3, Rh ermine
(ranked Bronze)

Possible name - Worthy Question , Wait and See , or  Shine Down
(due may)

Dapple Grey 16.0 , snip, LF ermine
by- Awesome Again (x-Wild Again  00- Awesome Sight)
out of-Egyptian Pharaoh ( x- King Tut  00- Queen of the Nile)
no ranking yet
IFT-Highland Pride  (x- Highland Rogue 00-Proud To Serve)
Grey 17.0 h, star, snip
ranked Silver

Possible Name-- Pride of the Nile (c) or  Anhkasanamun (f)
(due may)
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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #21 on: October 23, 2006, 06:54:19 am »
Well I have 3 mares due in 2011 so far and here they are:

American Heiress Charlemagne x Miss America
Bred to Akhetnaten NCh.Lucky Cigar x Egypitian Pharaoh
This will be her first foal.  She didn't have a very impressive run on the track but I'm hoping she will make a great broodmare.
Possible Names: American Pharaoh (colt) / Queen Cleopatra (filly)

Dance At Dawn Fire At Dawn x Dance With Me
Bred to Highland Bandit Highland Rogue x Wine n'Roses
This will be foal #11 for this Bronze rated girl.  Her foals include MSW Worth My Time and SP Wildcat.
Possible Names: Dawning Highland (colt/filly)

Peppermint Twist Twistin' x Peppermint Patty
Bred to Rahy Blushing Groom x Glorious Song
This will be her 9th foal.  She is Silver rated and has produced SW and SP horses including Spice It Up, Crimson Twist, Twist 'n' Shout, and Candyland.
Possible Names: Twisted Song (colt) / Singasweetsong (filly)


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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #22 on: October 23, 2006, 04:18:00 pm »
Decided that I would make a much more detailed and updated post for these foals, and especially since our race horse limits are going to go up *does a happy dance* I might be able to keep quite a few more of them. In total Clover Springs Stables is going to have 37 buddles of joy (hopefully) next year or perhaps I'll finally get lucky and one of our mares will have a set of twins. Here's to hoping!  ;D

red = Platnium breeding status
orange = Gold breeding status
navy = Silver breeding status
brown = Bronze breeding status

A Diamond Jewel in foal to, Devil May Care due January 29th.
Diamond, a gold-rated mare has several foals who were multiple stakes winners including the now stallion MSW Crystal Rainbow, Orion's Bell, and Crown Jewels. All of her offspring have been at least winners putting any of Diamond's foals at a good advantage to be winners themselves. As well all three of Devil May Care's foals from 2006 that are currently racing have each won at least one stakes race, two of them being MSW.
Possible foal names: Colt- Hell's Fury, Filly- Indie's Trademark

Affirm It in foal to, Planet Hollywood due April 15th.
Affirm It has previously foaled many great horses including MSW Good To Go, Wild Rumors, and Wouldn'tyouknowit, as well as SW Worth A Fortune and SP Highland Native. All of her foals to date have been at least winners. She is in foal to Planet Hollywood, who's last crop of foals were bred this year in 2010 before he retired. Looking for another stakes winner to add to the band in the barn.  ;)
Possible foal names: Colt- Swave, Filly- Birthmark

Betting Girl in foal to, Starzen due March 8th.
A newer mare with her first foal being born by Irish River last year still has plenty of time to prove herself and see if she will be a great broodmare. Being bred to Starzen doesn't hurt either who is a son of Platnium rated broodmare Seeing Starz. Should be a nice foal.
Possible foal names: Colt- Peter Pan, Filly- Starz in Her Eyez

GCh. Charming Dance in foal to, Ring of Fire due February 2nd.
Charming is the daughter of Mulitple Stakes Producing mare Wind Dancer who has foaled MSW Secretsarebound and Sudden Death along with SW Charming Dance herself. This will be Charming's third foal to date with her first foal, Corset hitting the track in 2011. Being bred to Ring of Fire, will bring in a turf racing element hopefully.  ;)
Possible foal names: Colt- Alexstraza, Filly- One Love

ICh. Clendon Park in foal to, Gimme A Shot due January 8th.
Looking foward to the first foal by Clendon Park in CS this year from a MSW and record setting mare, daughter of Prospector's Gamble who is the dam of MSW Cigar's Gamble and SW Sired by Gimme A Shot, who already has MSW Mission Bay, Long Shot, Crusader, and Athens to his name.

GCh. Dark Princess in foal to, Crystal Rainbow due February 3rd.

Ch. Destiny Awaits in foal to, Foolhardy due April 8th.

Dream Maker in foal to, Magic Glory due March 31st.

WCh. Dreamboat in foal to, Secretary due January 30th.

Ch. Five Rings in foal to, Take Me To Hollywood due February 3rd.

Foolish Question in foal to, King David due June 10th.

Heartsong in foal to, Foolhardy due February 8th.

Ch. Highland Echo in foal to, A.P. Indy due March 11th.

WCh. Highland Grace in foal to, Take Me To Hollywood due June 7th.

Hollywood Darling in foal to, National Post due July 3rd.

Inconsistent Decision in foal to, Secretary due April 8th.

Kentucky Gold in foal to, Gimme A Shot due July 8th.

Knight's Princess in foal to, A.P. Indy due February 3rd.

GCh. Ladylove in foal to, Seattle Slew due April 4th.

ICh. Long Shot in foal to, What's It Worth due February 2nd.

GCh. Midnight Danger in foal to, What's Debatable due May 9th.

Miss Kitty II in foal to, War Chant due May 7th.

Never High Enough in foal to, Foolhardy due May 9th.

Ch. Olympic Colors in foal to, Highland Bandit due June 8th.

Patriot Games in foal to, Irish River due January 2nd.

Rhapsody In Black in foal to, Foolhardy due June 10th.

Secret Admirer in foal to, Foolhardy due January 30th.

Ch. She Whispers in foal to, Gimme A Shot due Fabuary 2nd.

Ch. Smilin' Irish in foal to, Highland Wizard due January 10th.

Speeding Bullet[/color] in foal to, Easy Goer due May 8th.

Swan's Dream in foal to, Jazz It Up due April 3rd.

Ch. Sweet Dreams in foal to, Starz 'n' Stripes due April 3rd.

Vaudeville in foal to, Highland Pride due April 5th.

ICh. What's Your Dream in foal to, Secretary due January 4th.

GCh. Whimsical Whirl in foal to, National Post due April 6th.

Ch. Wild Streak in foal to, Starz 'n' Stripes due January 1st.

Wind Dancer in foal to, Backseat Driver due May 10th.

I'll finish some of these up when I get to work, but leaving a working copy that I can update ;)

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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #23 on: December 23, 2006, 05:15:47 pm »
With Foaling Season imment (and for some already here)... I figured twas time to announce my 1st expected foal crop...

Battle Hill is expecting 6 foals in 2011... not a bad number for our first year...

Due January 29th is Ch. Ante Up. She is leased form Storybook Farm and in foal to GCh. Akhetnaten who's first foal will run in 2011. Ch. Ante Up is MSP and this will be her third foal. I'm expecting great things from this foal. Ch. Ante Up will return to Storybook Farm after her foal is born.

Due March 6th is Time's Healing. She is leased from Windward Farm and in foal to Rahy who just began his stud career in FF this past spring. Time's Healing is out of the Bronze ranked Reine-de-Course (B) mare Tea Time making her 1/2 MSW I. B. Ready. This will be her third foal. Time's Healing will Return to Windward Farm after her foal is born.

Due March 10th is Beyond The Sunset. She was claimed early in 2010 and promptly retired to brood. Beyond The Sunset is a MW with created lines and is bred to NCh. Void. This is the first year for NCh. Void to stand and is Beyond The Sunset's first foal. I'm hoping for an awesome foal from this cross. Beyond The Sunset will visit GCh. Jazz It Up in 2011.

Due March 31st is Bronze ranked Beyond Imagination. She was purchased at the July Mixed Auction in foal to Silver ranked Chef-de-Race (I) Cross Roads who has sired numerous Black Type foals. Beyond Imagination was not raced and this will be her 6th foal, and with the sire being Cross Roads, I have very high expectations for this foal. Beyond Imagination will visit War Chant in 2011.

Due May 5th is Carrie Candoit. She was purchased at the September Select Auction in foal to Unbridled who has sired numerous Black Type foals. Carrie Candoit is SP with created bloodlines, and this will be her frist foal. Carrie Candoit will visit Crystal Rainbow in 2011.

Lastly due on June 1st is Cosmic Ruby. She was also purchased at the September Select Auction in foal to Affirmed who has sired several Black Type foals. Cosmic Ruby is SP and this will be her first foal. Cosmic Ruby will visit FFCh. High Chances in 2011.
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Re: Too Early To Post about Upcoming 2011 Foals?
« Reply #24 on: December 24, 2006, 05:42:52 pm »
Alright, It's about time to post about my babes-

This will be Raceaway's very first foal crop, and we are defiantely excited!  We have two first-time, unproven broodmares bred to a couple nice stallions.  You know we'll be up all night waiting for these foals to arrive!

Wegotthekey is due January 31 for a foal by a very promising new stallion, ICh. Ring of Fire.  Key is a created mare with only a short stint on the track.  It will be Ring of Fire's first foal crop as well as Key's first foal, so there's nothing like a little bit of mystery to add some spice to how this filly will perform!  Key had a decent go of it on the track from June to December her 3yo season, with a win, 5 seconds, and a 3rd in 15 starts, mostly on the dirt.  We would love for this foal to take after it's daddy's legacy on the turf though.  Haven't thought of a good name yet, but I'm open for suggestions!

Fog of Time is carrying a foal by silver ranked stallion GCh. Harvard Bound.  Fog of Time is unraced and unproven, so we really don't know what to expect from her as a broodmare yet.  Harvard Bound did well on the dirt, and only has one foal crop on the track, so we'll just have to wait and see!

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