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The Perfact Race
« on: April 20, 2006, 01:23:59 am »
Jei stood rather oddly dressed in front of the track Edea, her closest friend, beside her. Her clothing looked much like a modernized Victorian dress, turned into a two-piece Blouse, and pants. It was black, and light maroon, the same as her silks, and hung loosely against her skin. She had an old, ragged, beat up top hat placed in her head with a plume of maroon flowers, black fathers, and a bow consisting of both colors. Her amber red hair was just above shoulder length, and it seemed to stick out in all directions under her hat. Her shoes here noticeably platforms, and made her 5’5” body look 5’9”. She stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Edea didn’t look much different. Her garb consisted of a white yukata, a Japanese kimono turned into s skirt, with black butterflies. She carried a matching black lace parasol to keep from getting sun burnt. She matched her outfit with a pair off wooden sandals that acted as platforms making her taller. Her sandals made her sound like a horse with a noticeable ‘clop, clop’ as she walked.

Once she had seen what she needed too, the betting amounts so far for each horse. She tapped Edea on the shoulder, and motioned for her to follow. She moved away from the big crowd, and found the groom with her horse. “You know I can’t thank you enough for letting me use him this year.” Jei said smiling as she slid a hand down the horse neck. “No Problem.” Edea Replied “What are friends for.” They both laughed. Jei looked over the gray beast, and smiled. “He better do good, this was your idea.” She changed her voice into a poor mimic of Edeas “let put him in that stakes.” She spoke in her own voice “Why?” She changed back to Edeas again. “Because it says Asia” Edea gave her a push, and she pushed back. “Lets go get some good spots.” Edea grabbed Jei’s wrist, and dragged her to the front of the track pushing up front. “Best spots in the house.” She smiled, and the both looked on as the first race began.

They spend all day watching the races. At lunch they got some food, and looked at the betting again. “No one not a soul thinks Polar Bear will even show.” Jei gave a disappointed sniffle. “Stop complaining you only put him in this race because I said you should.” Edea Pointed out. “Remember ‘because it’s says Asia’ don’t you?” Jei looked the very picture of childish as she pouted. They walked back up front, and watched the rest of the races, cheered for their horses, and enjoyed talk with other owners. Still waiting to see the Race of the day for Polar Bear.

Finally when the last race of the day came to post time, the leaned against the fence look down at the gates. They held their breath, and waited. The gaits opened and the horses took off down the track. They were beasts made for racing. They had a perfect alignment of muscle, and bone that mesmerized Jei every time she watched these beasts run. Polar Bear pulled first out of the gait, and did nothing but gain gorund. Jei began screaming at the top of her lungs. “Come on PB you can do it!” Edea was doing the same “Show them what your made of.” Black Warrior began to gain on Polar Bear but it was to late, the gray beast pulled away to win. Jei grabbed Edea, and began jumping up and down screaming. She couldn’t help herself. It had been the perfect race.