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Amy Livingston

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« on: August 03, 2006, 07:44:31 pm »
It was still quite early in the morning as Shadow Creek's trailer came roaring to a stop in front of the Racehorse Barn. Amy hopped out of the truck ad slammed the door shut behind her. Misha opened the door of the farmhouse and looked out. When she saw who it was, she smiled and walked down to greet her sister.

"Where were you so early?" Misha asked

Amy just looked over at the trailer and smiled.

"You didn't! You bought a horse? How?"

Amy shrugged and walked over to the back of the trailer. She lowered the ramp and disappeared inside. A few seconds later she led out a stunning bay gelding with a bald face.

"Misha, meet Sands of Time," she said softly.

"No, it can't be. Not the Sands of Time who won his allowance yesterday? You're kidding. How did you? How could we afford him? I'm confused," Misha stammered.

"The very same. Let's just say that John of Jo-San Farm made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Oh we afforded him just fine. $15,000 was our max amount remember? Oh and Tata of Futuro Farms, a friend of mine, is giving Lil' Prince to us as a birthday gift for me. He's raced 6 times, earning one 1st and one 4th. Not bad, I think," Amy replied coolly.

Sands of Time reached out and nipped at Misha's hair. The two sisters laughed and began to lead him into the barn. As they walked past Malia's stall, the filly reached her head out and nickered softly. The two horses touched noses.

"Looks like Malia has a new friend. She won't be so lonely now," Misha said, laughing.

Amy nodded and lead the gelding into the stall across from Malia's. He was already sporting his new leather halter with Sands of Time engraved in a gold plate on the left side and Misha slipped a gold engraved nameplate into the slot on his stall door. Amy unclipped his lead shank and put it away. Then she grabbed a haybale and tossed it into the haynet in the stall. She turned the gelding's automatic waterer on and gave him one last pat before she and Misha walked out of the stall.

"I think we should call him Time. Or maybe Sandy. Or Dusty," Amy thought out loud

"I like Time the best."

"Me too," Amy said and playfully punched her sister in the arm. The two farm dogs, Shadow and Red ran up and greeted the two. Amy patted each dog on the head and the foursome started walking back up to the farmhouse, as happy as could be.
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Re: Expansion
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o, I got mentioned, *feels proud* ::)

Amy Livingston

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Re: Expansion
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Amy Livingston

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Re: Expansion
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Amy quietly drove her trailer onto the premises of her stable and parked it. She slowly walked up to the farmhouse and unlocked the door. "Misha?" she said softly. A clang came from the kitchen and the two farm dogs leaped out of the way of the falling cup. "Where were you? I was scared to death," Misha demanded. "I have a surprise for you. Follow me." Amy grabbed her sister by the wrist and pulled her along. Once they got down to the barns, Amy stopped. "Well, what? I don't see anything!" Misha said angrily. A jolt rocked the trailer as it's inhabitant kicked at the metal walls. Misha rolled her eyes and whispered, "Not again." Amy just smiled and lowered the ramp. She disappeared inside and brought out a handsome grey gelding. Misha gasped and said, "He looks just like... It can't be... No." Amy smiled and led the gelding over ot her sister. "Misha, meet Highland Snow. He's a 7yo gelding by Highland Rogue, out of Snowcapped. Out of 48 starts, he won 7, placed in 6, showed in 5 and got fourth in 3. Snow has been in 18 stakes, won 1, placed in 2, showed in 2 and got fourth in 2. Not bad, eh?" Misha nodded, dumbfounded. "How could we? Money? Highland Rogue?" Amy replied softly, "He was being sold for a meager $5,000 and I couldn't resist. Also I knew that Rogue was your favorite stud ever." Misha continued to marvel at the gelding while Amy led him into his new stall beside Malibu. The filly bobbed her head and touched noses with the newcomer. Amy removed Snow's new, leather, engraved halter and put it and the lead shank away. Then she turned his automatic waterer on, brought a bale of hay into the stall and slid the engraved nameplate into the slot on the stall door. Once she was done, Amy gave the horses one last pat and went outside to bring Misha back to the land of the sane.


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Re: Expansion
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Lol XD Sweet! Congrats on buying your new horse, and great job with your writing! I love all the fabulous description ;D

Amy Livingston

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Re: Expansion
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Thanks. There might still be pony there for you to buy. ;) Real cheap for a good horse. lol.