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Amy Livingston

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How'd You Do?
« on: March 05, 2007, 07:29:44 pm »
I realize that there's still 44 horses left to auction off but I'm jumping out of my skin to post this. are Shadow Creek's 2yo additions.

Burning Diamond is a gorgeous 16hh black colt. His sire is Ch. Turn n'Burn and his dam is Diamond Corridor. Hopefully this big boy will follow in his daddy's footsteps. He cost me $10,000 which, for me, is a huge chunk of cash. I hope he's worth it.

Scarlet Notes, another colt, is a stunning 16.1hh chestnut. Sired by new stud Red Sunset and out of Sweet Notes, I'm really excited to see how the new Red Sunset lines will affect this young'un. Scarlet Notes cost me $1,000.
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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2007, 07:39:46 pm »
Not to nitpick, but Red Sunset has 9 crops of foals, so he's hardly "new". ;)


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2007, 07:44:35 pm »
I couldn't afford to dump another $100,000 into a colt with good lines (that yearling better run well for me! :P), so I went for horses with names I liked rather than horses with game bloodlines. :)

Robin's Halo is a dainty 14.2hh light chestnut filly by Halos and Horns, out of Robin Red Breast. I paid $2,000 for her. I have a betta named Robin...

Youcallinmealiar is a handsome 15.2hh dark grey colt by Mr. Broad Blade out of Vezina. I paid $1,000 for him. The last time I bought a $1,000 colt at auction he went on to win me $800,000 (and is still running strong!) so fingers crossed that it's a trend... His name reminded me of the Paul Simon song "You Can Call Me Al" so I bid on him. :)


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2007, 08:12:51 pm »
Picked up 2 fillies based on names. ;).  Randomly genned broodmare should be useful later on if they decide to run...

Gingham - a 15.3h dark gray filly.  The gray was just a bonus. :)

Gypsy Feet - 15.0h light chestnut filly.  She probably will be sent to the farm to mature for a month or so before we put her into training. 

I love chances to get fillies for cheap.  I wasn't going to buy and then I saw the prices and well, new ponies!


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2007, 09:12:18 pm »
I seemed to like randomly generated bloodlines for some reason...I've gotten two 2yos so far.

Gone Punk is a gorgeous 14.3h red chestnut filly by Muqtarib out of Punk Alley. Her name made me laugh, and I picked her up for $2,000.

Gossipede is a beautiful little 15.0h flea-bitten grey colt by High Yield out of Quiet Rumour. He has almost the exact same color and markings as my old horse Tony, so I felt the need to get him. Got him for $1,000.

Cryptotrick has recently joined our barn as well. She's a flawless 15.0h liver chestnut filly by Mazel Trick out of Miff Crypto. Also has generated bloodlines but the Blue Team last year had two racers by Mazel Trick, and they were pretty consistent, so we'll see how she turns out.
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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #5 on: March 05, 2007, 09:49:15 pm »
New to the game, I was all set to force myself to not be picky and get the 3 cheapest horses I could...  Boy, was I surprised to end up with 2 fillies  :o and the colt I had my heart set on, each for $1,000...

Kiasport - Red chestnut filly.  Love her name, although it makes me think of the car brand...  Should she run well & wind up as a broodmare, oh, what fun I shall have naming her offspring using tidbits of her name...

Santiago Roja - Red chestnut filly.  Went based on her name (it sounds so exotic) & that she was a filly with no bids yet, not quite caring what color/etc.  I was surprised to see I'd wound up with another red chestnut, so we have "twin" 2YO fillies now.   :P

Swingshift - Strawberry roan colt.  I think his name has the most wonderful ring to it (rolls right off the tongue).  Getting a roan boy was just a bonus!

They're my first purchases in the game.  I can't wait to see how they fare.   :)  It was so hard to choose which horses to bid on, as there were so many quality horses there!  I'm just sure there are a couple I'll be kicking myself later for passing up on...but I'm hoping these 3 combined will earn more than enough to make up for it!
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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2007, 12:00:27 am »
I've gotten two with a bid on one more. So I'm pleased =)

Phoenix Park - 15.1 Red Chestnut (w/a Bald Face :o) filly - As far as I know they are created lines so it should be fun to see what this little girl can to. At the very least she should be a nice little broodmare when she grows up.

Spicy Rizzi - 16.3 Gray Colt - Another one with created lines so unsure of what he'll do but I couldn't resist a name like his. He's a big colt so that may be a good asset in his favor and maybe not. He also happens to be the biggest in the barn, the staff will love this one.  ::)

Both I picked up for $1,000 each. (I spent more sending them cross country lol)

I've also got a bid on a 14.3 Gray (another bald face :o) gelding Hightimeforakiss.

The one I really wanted was well liked by not only me and with my financial status I made the smart choice of not getting in over my head.

But all in all this should be an exciting two year old season  :D


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #7 on: March 06, 2007, 01:54:42 am »
We went to this auction for 2 horses, and what a battle they were...

First is Northwest Colors and although she is created (I actually submitted her through the pedigree page :) ), She is out of one of only 3 fillies to ever win the Kentucky Derby... Winning Colors... and even though that doesn't count... LOL... I love that mare. She a petit bay with minimal white... and I had to pay $49,500 for her (who would have thought)

Second is Arwen's Fate She's a 15.0h dark bay with minimal white, Sired by the retired stallion Dr. Love (B) although he really wasn't the best race sire, he is a good broodmare sire. Siring the Platinum ranked A Reason To Love. She's out of the Gold ranked mare Blues Girl Making her 1/2 to MSW GCh. Jazz Singer. So if she really doesn't do well on the track, I bought her for broodmare potential, and the winning bid was $36,000

As a bonus we actually managed to pick up a third filly... Mom's Gift 15.1h red chestnut again with minimal white... and with created lines (another of my submissions)... She's just a cute filly... and at the bargin price of $1500

We are looking forward to the coming 2 y/o season... we will have 7 2 y/o's starting this spring...

See you at the tracks...


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #8 on: March 06, 2007, 02:34:42 am »
Got 3 with unknown bloodlines...

Excess Heat - A dark bay colt born on April 20th. He stands at 16.1hh so he should be pretty mature by now.

Timely Fable - A brown filly born on March 11th. She also stands at 16.1hh and should be close to mature.

Soviet Nights - A light grey filly born on April 20th. She stands at a lanky 17.2hh. I believe she has matured.  ;)

Glad to get to fillies, if they aren't worth anything as racers you can always make babies! ;D


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #9 on: March 06, 2007, 04:08:09 am »
I picked up three...

Sweetsouthernbank is a filly by Sweethsouthernsaint out of Top Bank.  I like the real Sweetsouthernsaint and I liked the name so I went for her. She's currently 15.2h, light chestnut.  Hopefully she'll be a good runner and a good mommy someday.

Street Doctor - I picked up for his name... I'm currently working on my VMD and we were in the middle of midterms so I picked him, and he just happen to have game bloodlines, which I didn't realize until I had bid, pleasant surprise.  He is by Easy Street (B) out of Miracle Maker (S) and a half brother to SP Corporate Miracle and SW Miraculous Site.  Hopefully he'll run like his siblings.  He's also at 15.2h at the moment and is a chestnut.

Silver Tiara also came home with me.  She is by Silver Hawk out of Senora Tiara.  She stands at a pony sized 13.3h at the moment, so we'll let her mature some.  She is pretty little grey who I also picked out for her name, very pretty. 

I spent a grand total of $5,000 and I'm quite pleased with that.  I picked horses based on names at last year's 2 y/o auction and ended up with SW/SP Ch Rhythmical for $500 so hopefully this year's auction purchases work out as well.

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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #10 on: March 06, 2007, 01:42:52 pm »
We picked up three boys. 

Another Confession is a good-sized light bay colt out of generated lines.  Like most people, I just liked the name. 

Drowning is a chestnut colt out of generated lines.  YAY mystery!

But the true prize was BlessinginDisguise.  This unmarked bay colt is the last foal of mare Dark Victory by I'm A Classic.  We've wanted this colt for a long time, since we're absolutely in love with Dark Victory's first colt, Dark Continent, who's stud qualified.  Granted, this boy cost us 100 times as much as Dark Continent, but I think he's going to be worth it. 

So, pleased as punch.  Absolutely tickled pink.


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #11 on: March 06, 2007, 02:04:46 pm »
I went a different route choosing which horse to bid on. I choose sires I have used in other games. I know it does not translate here but what the heck :P However Cat threw me off I would have put money on her buying  My Cats Meow ;) ;D

Accountess - Private Account x Count Pennies
DOB:   April 15, 2009
Color:   Dark grey
Markings:   Blaze
Height:   14.0h

Change Your Bid  - Exchange Rate x One Quick Bid
DOB:   July 7, 2009
Color:   Liver chestnut
Markings:   Star, stripe
Height:   15.1h

Walks on Water - Northern Afleet x Raysor Lake
DOB:   July 11, 2009
Color:   Liver chestnut
Markings:   Bald face, RF Stocking, RH Coronet
Height:   16.0h


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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #12 on: March 06, 2007, 02:21:08 pm »
I didn't get my initial horses that I wanted as I wasn't going to pay more than $1000 for any one horse, but I got three horses that I am hoping will pay off.

The first is Kickstand Kelli, a 14.2h Strawberry Roan colt out of Kelli Kip and No Prospect. 

The second horse is a horse named Mr. Right.  He's a gray standing at 17.0h.  He comes from Satin Romance and Cygnet, a couple of unraced horses, so he is going to probably truly be a wild card.

The final horse I picked up was Pontif.  He's a 15.1h Blood bay colored horse.  He is out of Pious and Air Forbes One.  I picked up this one mainly just because I love the name.

So yeah, I had a good day at the auctions, and I'm happy with what I got.

Morning Star Farms

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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #13 on: March 06, 2007, 05:38:52 pm »
I wasn't going to bid. Honestly, I didn't want to bid, but it is like some sort of addiction. ;) lol

So, I bid, and I got to wonderful fillies.

First, Leaping Lena - Yep, i put her pedigree in the DB and I named her. I named her after myself( My Gramma's Nickname for me), So i could not very well let someone else own her. Of course, naming a horse after yourself pretty much assures they won't know how to find the finish line, right Jade?

Second,  Bedouin Girl I picked her for her name. I'm quite enamored with all things Arabic/Desert Tribe/Bedouin/Gypsy/Indian(eastern).

So, that's it. I'm only getting 2. If nothing else they'll be nice in the breeding shed when they're done racing.

$23,500 for each.

Annie Black

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Re: How'd You Do?
« Reply #14 on: March 06, 2007, 07:18:17 pm »
Well so far I've picked up two fillies with a third on the way (hopefully).

I got Michelles Flyer by Michaels Flyer out of Pro Hitter.  This grey filly is 15.3 h who was born in July.  She'll be given more time to mature but come July or August she'll be hitting the track.

Next was Xena Princess by Mongol Warrior out of Find My Assets.  This filly I bought because of the fact that I am a huge Xena fan.  This light grey filly is 14.0 h and was born in January.  Hopefully she can live up to her name and kick some but on the track.