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Morning Workouts
« on: September 22, 2003, 01:05:55 am »
 Andrea pushed the button on

her stop watch as Everclear galloped under the wire.  His exercise rider stood up in the

stirrups and began to slow the dark bay down.  His coat was only slightly damp and he was

still running easily.  Which was good, since he'd just breezed the last quarter of a mile

work in 23.8.  Johnny leaned over to see the time.  "You sure about sending that boy off to

face heavy competition or are you just being sentimental over him."

"Come on, Johnny.  You

know me better than to think that."  Personally, she wasn't so sure.  The colt's half

sister Atlantis had come in second last month.  Not a resounding defeat by any means, and

Andrea was confident the filly hadn't peaked too early.  In fact, the defeat made her

slightly happier.  Atlantis had lost before heading into the Baby Triple crown as well.  

Everclear had yet to show any amazing talent, despite being more classicly bred.  With any

luck another month or two would be all he needed.  Meanwhile there were other horses to watch


Rhapsody was out with her head nearly tucked to her chest as she struggled against

the hold her rider had.  The filly seemed to be healing well, but Andrea wasn't going to

risk her in the March races.  She'd run again in April and hopefully tackle the final two

legs of the Baby Triple.  Meanwhile Carbon Copy was rallying to try and hold off a challenge

by Hollywood's Mistake.  The filly was being tested in the March Madness stakes while

Atlantis and Glory got a month off.  Mistake was pouring it on strong, but as they swept

under the wire Carbon still had her nose in front.  Mistake quickly rectified that in the

next stride.  Both horses came off the track prancing, a sure sign that they'd enjoyed their

match race.

Miss Lonelyhearts was being schooled on the shorter, turf track over the

chaser fences.  He had a tendency to take off too close to the base of the fences and Andrea

wanted to make sure that it was worked on before he moved up a step next month.  The colt

definately looked good this year, though, and she was hoping that in a year or two he'd be

ready to sire babies of his own.  It was strange to think of her babies siring


Shaking her head, she handed Johnny the stopwatch.  She'd go check on the new

arrivals and the expectant moms and then go work on the breeding paperwork for an hour or

two.  This time of year she became more or less nocturnal as constant foal alerts kept her up

all night and then she had to be out to the track by 6 to supervise workouts.  A couple of

hours of work and a couple cups of coffee, then sleep she promised herself.


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Morning Workouts
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2003, 11:49:39 pm »
 As the Week was getting

closer to BC saturday where year end award implecations will be on the line, Dan watched his

Star, Belmont Winner, Townsend Phantom Drill his five furlong work n 59 flat.  He thought

that was a perfect time considering his horse will show speed out of the gate.  Dan is

holding out hope that if Townsend Phantom wins and High Flight doesnt fire he could get three

year old of the year.  He knows that the chances will be slim but he is convinced that if his

horse wins the belmont and BC classic in the same year, he is deserving of it.  

As the

Phantom walked back to the barn he watched his superstar look great and turned his attention

to the dark horse in the race, phantoms stablemate Mcjagar enter the track.  Mc Jagar is just

a try till u die typw of horse and he always puts forth the best he can do, if its good

enough come saturday god bless.

Also Agostino Stables is looking for lots of yearlings and

wll pay top buck for them