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2012 2yos to look out for?
« on: December 31, 2007, 04:25:12 am »
Well, it's the annual time of year when I look at my yearlings and scratch my head and wonder how the heck am I going to make space for all those coming 2yos in my barn.  I have 13.  About 1/2 (6 out of 13) are of created lines, so pretty much a crap shoot.  A couple are nicely bred, and a couple I'm not so excited about and will probably be sold.

However, let's sit for a moment, reflect and pick out the brighter hopes.  Who are you really excited about?  Of course, we could be jinxing them as we speak, but that's neither here nor there.

So, who are your stars of tomorrow?  Who have you nominated for a dozen of the special races because you KNEW they were something special the minute you dreamed up/saw the cross? 

Cup o'Joe (Seattle Slew x I'm Yours Joe) is 1/2 to WCh. I'm Your Angel and 2yo winner Whaddya Know Joe.  Him dam is also 1/2 sister to FFCh. High Chances, making this little bugger Bred with a capital 'B'.  We haven't ever run anyone by Seattle Slew, but we're hoping that he'll make this bugger fly out of the gate.  He's got a 25% SW average, with 9 MSW from 67 to start.  Not bad.

Forgotten Road (Cross Roads x Fleeting Beauty) is 1/2 to GCh. Striking Beauty and Ch. Saturnalia.  She was bred to see which Storybrook stallion really was the better man (Saturnalia is by Planet Hollywood).  We're really pleased with the Sunset Beauty line, and hope this baby's going to be a real firecracker.

Somethininthewater (What's It Worth x Symbolic) is the only Worth pony in my barn.  We have a couple ponies by his sons, but none by the great sire himself.  We're especially happy she's a filly so that we can carry on the line, regardless of whether or not she's a dud.

Lonely River (Irish River x Lone Star) is the first foal out of Ch. Lone Star.  We're hoping Lonesome Glory is a nice broodmare sire, as we own another mare by him.  This is also our first River foal.


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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2007, 04:59:44 am »
Heh, well, I don't know if I have any that will be super-special, but these are the ones I'm most interested in watching next year. I have 10 coming up, and these are my top picks.

Aurora (Crimson Lad x Worth My Time): This filly is the best-bred of the bunch, being out of a multi-Stakes-winning, multi-millionaire mare, and being half to Sleeplessinseattle and Ancient Legend. Somehow I seem to have made a collection of Crimson Lad foals for myself, but they have been fun to race, so I sort of have a soft spot for his babies now. ;)

Cheetah (Run For It x Acacian Reality): He's the first foal out of one of my first broodmares, and so really has nothing but sentimental value to go on.

Magic Missile (Crimson Lad x Au Naturelle): Ditto for this guy, though his dam is arguably nothing to turn up one's nose at, being out of Gold-rated mare Dark Magic, and half to MSWs Highland Magic, Candidate, and Making Magic. Maybe some of his damline's magic glittersparkles will rub off on him, then? Hopefully?

One Hot Romance (Satin Romance x Strike It Hot): Another firstborn of an unproven mare, but she is tall and leggy and gorgeous and her sire has thrown some nice runners. We shall see...

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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2007, 03:11:34 pm »
Ooh Cat, I have you beat in the Babies dept.  I have 14 coming up  :o I've decided to lease out all but 7 of them, so here is a highlight of my favorite of the 7 that I'll be racing.

Art Of Life (Secretariat x What A Witch):  I think AoL is likely my best bred baby here.  Secretariat is a well known sire by the equally successful Bold ruler, while What A Witch is by What's It Worth and out of Midnight Magic, who has produced stud GCh. Must Be Magic and now broodmare Ch. Art Of Magic.  This filly stands 15.3h to date with an estimated mature height of 16.0h-17.0h, so I feel she might be a contender about mid-season in those bigger races.  So far her half siblings on the track are Ch. Witching Hour and winning 2yo Smokescreen.

Jade Sun (Starz 'n' Stripes x Yssandra):  Jade Sun is one of my most exciting upcoming 2yos.  This gorgeous little chestnut filly is a full sibling to NCh. The Patriot.  For those of you who were around forever ago, you'll recall that gelding was pretty hot as a 3 and 4yo.  Yssandra's babies, including The Patriot, are all very late bloomers so I do not expect this filly to run well until late in the season.  Backing this theory up is that she stands a petite 14h to date, with an estimated mature hight of 15h-16h (though The Patriot stood only 15h.)  Still, I think that once this filly gets going she will be hard to stop. ;D  Jade's other half siblings include MSW Ch. Lightninginabottle and a super consistent 3yo stallion with stakes potential.

Palace Sorcerer (Cigar x Candy Perfect):  Now, this colt might not look like much, but I have high hopes for him.  First of all I, like many others, have had great success with Cigar 2yos once they get some room to run.  Secondly, the C rated stallion Seattle Slew is a grandsire to both of his parents, making him very slightly linebred for that distance.  This foal has also already reached the lower of his mature heights, standing 15.1h.  Once we get a nice Classic distance for this baby, I think he's going to burn up the track. ;D  Sorcerer has no half-siblings on the track yet, so he'll be the first to represent his young dam.

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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2007, 03:51:02 pm »
Well im kind of still a new stable compared to some but been trying to buy as many yearlings/ foals as possible at the auctions mostly i have created lines that i have i only really have 1 2yo that i cant wait to race

Lone Black Wolf is by The Black x Just One Thing ... He is a 1/2 to Gch Give The Slip and Ch Wild Thing so fingers crossed for this boy
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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2007, 06:38:52 pm »
Well my first homebreds won't be running until next year but I'm still excited for this year batch of hopefuls. I have 11 good looking babies that will be hitting the track this year (including a couple of created lines).

First up is A Mighty Wind who is by Silver rated stallion Affirmed and out of Bronze rated mare Blowin In The Wind.  He is a 1/2 sibling to Boldly Goes, SP Secret On The Wind, MW Soft Whispers, and MW Trade Winds.  He is also a 3/4 sibling to SP Starlight. 

Our next outstand hopeful is Double Helix who is by Silver rated stallion Seattle Slew and out of Gold rated mare GCh.Carbon Copy.  This is a big filly who already stands 16.2 hands.  She is a 1/2 sibling to Corunda, and SP Sixth Day.

Next we have Egyptian Jazz who is by Silver rated stallion GCh.Jazz It Up and out of Silver rated mare Egyptian Pharaoh.  She was born later in the year so chances are she won't see much, if any, racing next year but I'm still excited about her.  She is a 1/2 sibling to the stud GCh.Akhetnaten, SW Ch.Anubis, the broodmare Egyptian Queen, and several other great horses.

Also we have War Powers who is by Silver rated stallion Man O'War and out of Silver rated mare Unknown Powers.  This is another of my big babies who already stands 16.1 hands.  He is a 1/2 sibling to the broodmare GCh.Carbon Copy, MW Dixie, MSP McTaggert, retired stallion Ch.Pentecost, MW Untapped Talent, and Tanafriti.

I can't end this post with out mentioning the other young hopefuls that will be hitting the track in 2012.  From created lines I have Momo (whose pedigree I put in), Sorrow's Soulmate, and Tiz Famous.  The others are Bolero, Justice Served, Mudd Pie, and Studious.


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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2007, 08:19:29 pm »
I have nine babies coming up and one leased from Outlaws, who I'm wicked excited about lol :D

Black Clouds is going to be a late bloomer with a late May birthday. She currently stands at 14.1hh and is supposed to mature to at least 16.1hh. She is by The Black (S) out of Cloud Surfing (B), making her 1/2 to SW Flame Surfing. Cloud Surfing's last foal on the track, 2009 filly They Will Fly is currently a winner, so I hope once Black Clouds hits the track, she'll be as successful.

I think the only reason I'm excited for Blues Baby is because of her pedigree. She is by My Lucky Day, who has two Chef-de-Race stallions (My Lucky Cigar (sire) and Cigar) and a Reine-de-Course dam Miss Hayday, out of Rhythm n' Blues. She's a gray filly currently standing at 15.1hh; almost at her mature height of 16.1hh. She has a handful of winners and stakes winners out of her dam. Out of ten foals, eight of racing age, 3 are SP, 2 are multi placed, 1 is a winner, 1 is a multi winner, and 1 is an MSW/MSP (Lacking Sense). Very impressive! And very reassuring for this girl :)

Bold Bourbon is walking in huge footsteps for his 2yo season. He is by Bold Ruler, who sired our 2009 MSW Amalfi, out of Grannies Cognac. He's just a baby, born June 8, standing at 14hh. Hopefully he'll get to his mature 15.3hh by April. Bold Bourbon is 1/2 to MSP Ancient Dare, so hopefully he'll step up and meet our expectations!

We bought Consequence from Storybook Farms when she was just a weanling. She is by Lonesome Glory out of Black Spiral. She is the oldest foal by her dam, so hopefully she'll be successful (and perhaps make back her hefty price tag? x.x). At 14hh, we're still waiting for her to hit 15hh before racing her. She'll be exactly two once April comes around, so we're looking forward to racing her when the season starts.

Walk the Line is by Cross Roads out of A Fine Red Line, making her 1/2 to MSW Red Smoke. She is almost mature (15hh), standing at 14.2hh. Though we don't know much about her dam (hadn't even heard of her until we purchased Walk the Line), she looks to be a promising dam and we hope the success of her other foals will continue on with this wonderful filly.

As for our lease, Petrified Carrot, he is by Red Sunset out of Gold rated Key to my Heart. At 14.2hh, he will mature to around 15.3hh and most likely begin racing in April. He is 1/2 to SW What's The Point and SW Cigal. His name pretty much pwns all Outlaws names (exception being Scrambled Egg) so we've got high expectations for him ;) Plus, his 1/2 siblings run well, of course...

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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #6 on: December 31, 2007, 09:58:07 pm »
Bam, I love that you love my Food-Themed horses
Take good care of my old stone carrot  :P


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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #7 on: December 31, 2007, 10:03:51 pm »
What can I say? I like food :3 Rofl. Scrambled Egg is priceless. As is PC. I want babies from them!!


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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #8 on: December 31, 2007, 10:26:36 pm »
This year my first homebreds will run. I have 7 yearlings in all.

Think Of Me I purchased at the Annual Foal Auction. She doesn't have much to see in the way of bloodlines, she's sired by Ch. Rumor Has It (B) whose first crop raced this year, don't know how he'll be as a sire yet. Her dam, Come To Me (B) has 7 foals on the ground, all who are of racing age are winners with one stakes placed. Her sire's sire, Planet Hollywood (S) is a chef de race. Her sire's dam, is a mare I own which I just realized, and she's a pretty good producer. ::) Think Of Me is still small, standing only 14.3hh so I imagine she'll be late in maturing.

Accolade I purchased for a hefty sum earlier in February. He is sired by Class Act (S) who's a consistent producer out of Believe Me (S) who has produced 2 stakes winners out of 6 foals of racing age, one being Ch. Romancer who was my starter horse, a very consistent runner, that finally achieved a stakes win later in her career. He might grow a little more, he currently stands at 15.2hh.

Silent Miracle I recieved from the 2009 Color War. He is sired by Sunday Silence (S) who is a decent producer, out of Wonder's Miracle (G). He is by far the best bred yearling I have coming up.

Delaware Bound is my first homebred. He is the first foal out of Delaware Flyer by Run For It (S) whose had success with the few foals he has running. We'll see how Delaware Bound does. He's a big boy, 16.2hh, should be ready for the April races.

Spectre was in utero when I purchased his mother, Phantom Melody (S) so he can't really be considered a homebred. His dam is a good producer of runners, all seven of her foals of racing age are winners including an MSW. He is sired by WCh. Highland Mystery whose first foals hit the track 2010.  Spectre will have to wait a while before he goes to the track he's a July baby and he's small.

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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2007, 10:42:39 pm »
I've got a few that I have high hopes for!

14.0hh Gray Colt
[NCh. Gimme A Shot (G) x GCh. Charming Dance]
Well he's got a fantastic sire, nothing bad about him! Lots of nice stakes running foals. His dam was a SW and MSP, unproven on the track so far. This boy should be a half decent runner though.

Filly's Gone Wild
15.0hh Dapple Gray Filly
[WCh. Highland Mystery x Reason Enough (G)]
Her sire is currently unproven as a sire but he had a fantastic racing career. Wold Champ and multi-millionaire! Her dam is a gold ranked mare making 'Wild' 1/2 to MSW NCh. Barchetta and GCh. Kamaole Sands. She's also 1/2 to many other SW horses and Champions.

I've got some other nice horses but these two probably have  the best bloodlines
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GCh. Ace Of Hearts - Multi-Stake Winner, Multi-Stake Placed, Millionaire
NCh. Sunday Paper - Multi-Stake Winner, Multi-Stake Placed, Multi-Millionaire

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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #10 on: January 02, 2008, 12:07:10 am »
I've got 3 for the up coming year -

Encore Performance Sneak Peak x CrossTheThreshold 14h filly. I purchased this one as she's a 1/2 to my promising sprinter Debut Performance although she's a touch small

Highland Burning Highland Mystery x Dark Flame II 15.2h colt. 1st foal from a stakes winning mare

Western Magic Omaha x Timeless Wiccan 15.1h filly. Purchased as a 1/2 to my original horse and stakes winner Always in Demand also 1/2 to stakes winner Bewitched and the multiple stakes mare Salem

Got hopes for all 3  ;D
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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #11 on: January 02, 2008, 12:08:50 am »
Destiny Star
15.3 hh
Dark grey; bald face, RF sock

To be totally honest, I don't remember how I got this colt at all. I'll have to look into that. He's FF bred, so his potential is going to be a surprise. I'm really excited for him. Hopefully he runs as fast as he is pretty!  ;D
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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #12 on: January 02, 2008, 08:20:32 pm »
I do not have an home bred yet but I have two that I have running.
Equalizer-A 14.1hh(should mature to atleast 15hh) filly out of GCh.Akhetnaten and Ch.Heartach. Her stats look really good and I am a new stable so I am very excited.
I also have a pedigree made girl named Zee-Black.Her color says it all. She's Black. I have high hopes but as I have heard they are a flip of the coin. ;D
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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #13 on: January 04, 2008, 04:49:57 am »
This is about the 4th time I've tried to post this... :-\

First up is Bellona, a pretty 16.0 hand dapple grey filly by Younaguska (unsure if it's a misspelling of Yonaguska or not) out of Leah's Promise. Bellona was a randomly generated auction filly, but we're hoping she turns out to be a solid allowance filly.

Ivy League is a cute black filly out of GCh. Harvard Bound (B) out of Favorite Lady (G). She was a CW prize, and we're hoping that she turns out to be a good one. Her dam has 6 racers and 5 winners, with two MSWs, so we're hoping some of that talent will transfer to Ivy. At just 15.0 hands though, I think she still has some maturing to do.

Morning Waits is another random auction filly. She's a light bay filly by Adios My Friend out of Winter Song, and stands at 15.2 hands. I don't think she'll be much bigger than 16.0 hands, but you never know. We think she'll turn out to be a solid allowance runner.

Last but not least is my favorite only colt, Salmarnir. He's named after one of my favorite songs, which is a spoken word by Underoath of Psalm 50:1-6. I'm not religious, but it's a gorgeous song spoken in Russian. Anyways, Sal is a 16.1 hand dark bay colt by NCh. Moonover Boy (S) by Stormy Subject (S), who, out of 6 racers, has one MSW, 3 SP, 1 winner, and 1 placed. Stormy Subject was a consistent runner on the track in the few starts she had, and Moonover Boy is just fantastic, so we're hoping that Sal turns out to be a good one. :)

Here's to some good two year olds!


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Re: 2012 2yos to look out for?
« Reply #14 on: January 22, 2008, 12:36:46 am »
Its hard to choose, but there are a few that seem, in my mind, to be the absolute cream of the crop:

(Bold Ruler x Sister Sage(G))
This boy has a great sire plus is 1/2 to MSW's Highland Sage, Worthy Sage, Sagacious and Devilish.

Brick And Mortar
(Cross Roads X Doubletake(S)
Hopefully this boy is as solid as his name implies, he's a full brother to WCh.Double Cross. Double Cross didn't mature until he was 4yrs old and I'm afraid Brick might not too but if he's anything like his brother the wait will be worth it...I just hope I am patient enough!

(Irish River x Celtic Princess(G))
This is what happens when you are stupid and hit Breed This Foal without REALLY looking at the combo of genes you are putting together...yes both sire and dam of Epona are out of the same mare, Reine-de-Course Lymerick.  She'll be interesting to race, she could be amazing if she's not too breakable-I've seen recent combos this closely related that have worked out though so maybe I'll get lucky too. I wouldn't recommend it tho and I won't do it again-Epona(name curtesy of Rhi/Morning Star is the name of an Irish horse goddess) will require delicate handling.

Glacier Peak
(NCh.Devil May Care x Home Fries(G)
This filly is from the American Chance(Reine) female line and is also 1/2 to MSW Sweetthunderfries and SW Go Home. DMC has been a great sire so far so this is an exciting combo in this filly!

Mount Rainier
(What's It Worth x Phoenix(P)
Phoenix has given me excellent foals from the begining and earned herself Platinum status. Paired with the illustrious What's it Worth, Mount Rainier should be a wonderful colt. Rainier is 1/2 to MSW's Strip Poker, Ray of Light and Honey Baby and also SW's Seattle Phoenix and SP Colors of Fire.