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2013 Foaling Season
« on: August 04, 2008, 05:00:48 am »
Now that the 2012 breeding season, I think it's time to jump start some early bragging on the foals we are expecting next year.

Here is what Tall Oaks is due to have born next year, all have good bloodlines some less prestigious than others but a nice bunch of foals nonetheless.

Jazz It Up x Whirl It, I'm crossing my fingers for a filly but I'll be happy if it's another future stud colt as well given its lineage. This one will most likely be the last Whirl It foal, but if it isn't I have a few choice stallions I'll send her to. Spinning Hill is perhaps the most spectacular Whirl It foal but things may change in the next couple of years if everything works out for her Hope To Succeed yearling. Jazz It Up needs no introduction, the premier stallion at Edgewood Stud and sire of MSWs Major's Flight, Sign of The Times, Jazz'ed, Set It Up, Rocket Fuel, All Jazzed Up, HighlandEnterprise, V is For Victory, Privilage, and Dr. Sweetie. Jazz It Up's daughters Jazz'ed and Jazzanna both have yearlings so we'll see next year how Jazz It Up does as a broodmare sire. Whether colt or filly this foal will be a great outcross for the top lines in the breeding shed after retirement from the track.

Strider x Royalle, my second favorite pairing after the Jazz foal I have big hopes for this foal. Royalle has two winners from two foals to race and this is her third foal by a first-time sire. Her first foal by a first-time sire, Starz Are Royal is the only two year old winner from eight foals sired by Starzen, a half-brother to Strider. It is obvious that the quality for a winner is already there, it depends on what happens three years from now. Strider earned well over ten million on the track and for his stud fee to just be $10,000 considering his race record and lineage it is certainly nothing to sneeze at. His wins include the Donn Handicap twice, Wood Memorial, Canadian Triple Crown, Spectacular Bid Breeders' Stakes, Dubai World Cup, St. George Stakes, and Lonesome Glory Breeders' Stakes. A distinct connection to Gotta Go, and Devil His Due through Royalle's sire Go For Dash, as well as Prince Danzig through one of Royalle's half-sisters this foal will have one superb prominent family with the Go For Dash, Highland Rogue and Seeing Starz blood running through him/her, but I am leaning heavily toward a filly.

Gunningdownromance x Deadly Game, Game is my favorite broodmare and has proved well worth to be the fifteen grand I spent buying her a few years ago from Clover Springs. With two stakes placed foals, one winner and one stakes winner from four racing foals she is slowly developing into her mother's daughter as a producer. Gunningdownromance got the better of Stressed, Nightfight, Robin Hood, and Strider just to name a few during his racing days. This cross should prove to be a good one since the Worth line has been combined with the Patriot Games blood several times but none of the foals produced have raced yet. I'm hoping for a good filly from this cross since I don't need anymore future stallions and my broodmare band is lacking.

Stressed x Last Fling, a rather good cross if not a great one. Last Fling's lone MSW'er Calm Winds has done remarkably well for himself even if he is owned by Final Furlong. Stressed had his best years as a three and four year old winning the Preakness & Belmont stakes, Aqueduct Handicap, Donn Handicap, Santa Anita Handicap, Rallway Stakes, and Stephen Foster Stakes. The resulting foal will probably be a consistent dirt racer at a older age. If its a colt, I'll probably sell him off once he is able to be retired to stand at stud, if it's a filly I'll probably keep her around to freshen up my breeding lines if she turns out to be a good runner.

National Post x Golden Legend, a excellent cross in my mind at least. Rainbow Quest and Black Legend, deadly combination no matter the foal's gender but a filly might be worth more if she proves to be a consistent racer and later on in the breeding shed. National Post is a half-brother to Nation's Colors, Highland Limits, and Africa and had a fairly good career as a racer winning the Preakness stakes, and Santa Anita Handicap. Golden Legend placed on the board in only five of her eleven starts but she is half-sister to SWs Pink Ace, Estimated Prophet, Sea Aflame and SP Admiraless. I'm hoping Legend's ability to produce a healthy foal will come through with this foal.

Cryptic Ballad x Strobe Light, this cross should produce a fine SC'er. Strobe Light was claimed as a four year old and went on to place in ten of her fifteen career starts that year. Cryptic Ballad raced thirty-nine times with twenty four on the board finishes. Cryptic has the better career winning the Joe Aitcheson, Vosburgh stakes, Mac Diarmida Handicap, Independent Novice, Tom Fool Handicap, Sparkford Chase, and Hard Scuffle. I took a big gamble on this cross since neither Cryptic or Strobe have half-siblings and no current racing foals but I'm hoping it'll pay off since Strobe's Magic Glory son will be able to race next year.
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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2008, 11:16:35 pm »
Oooh fun thread!  :D

I had one mare foal last year but this is my first real year breeding. None of these mares have any foals of racing age and most are maiden but I'm still excited none the less.

Worth My While x Summer Day Worth My While has quite a few stakes winners on the ground for the number of foals he's sired and none are unplaced, so I'm very excited for a foal by him. I purchased Summer Day last year in the Mixed Auction. She doesn't have the most spectacular race record, but she snagged a couple wins plus she's silver bred on both sides which isn't too shabby. Summer Day is also a half-sib to 2 MSW's and 1 SW and half-sib to Platinum ranked broodmare Fleeting Beauty. So I'm pretty excited to see what she can produce.

Gimme A Shot x Glorified Gimme A Shot is a nice gold ranked stud. Glorified was a consistent racer and is MSP. She is also by gold ranked mare Guinevere, and half-sib to 2 MSW's and 1 SW. Glorified has a strong female line so I'm hoping for a filly to carry on the tradition.

What's Your Point x Shameka Point Given is one of my favorite real race horses, so I'm pretty excited to have a grand foal by him, even in virtual form lol What's Your Point is unproven at stud, but he had a nice race career and a very reasonable fee. Shameka is a created mare who was lightly raced and did decently. Not much to say for her as she doesn't have any foals of racing age, but hopefully a few will turn out nicely.

I'm Your Angel x Ricochet I love everything about this stud - especially his name (I've already got the foal's name picked out). Plus he's double gold bred with an impressive race record. Ricochet was not the most consistent runner, although I partly blame this on her being stuck in Australia for so long once shipping and NE came into play. She is well bred- by Affirmed and out of Highland Echo by Highland Rouge. Ricochet is also a half-sib to 3 SW's and 1 MSW so hopefully she can throw some talented babies.

Magic Cross x Derby Appeal both of these two are 16.3 + and black so I know this foal is going to be a looker  :o Magic Cross already has some nice foals on the ground so I'm excited to see what he'll produce. Derby Appeal is from created lines so I have no idea what to expect. She was a decent runner though, so hopefully she'll pass her talent along.

As You Wish x Bellicose As You Wish is an unproven producer but you can't argue with his race record or bloodlines. I just purchased Bellicose from this years mixed auction. She is created and unraced, so she's really a gamble, but I love her name. Hopefully I'll get a nice little prospect from these two, but I'll just have to wait and see!
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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2008, 12:24:01 am »
I'm kind of excited about next year because it'll be the first time I have a few babies to look forward too! This year consisted of our first and, so far, only homebred but we are expecting 8!

Dark Continent to Blue Duchess: Picked up Blue Duchess at the Mixed Auction this year for a late baby next year. She doesn't have any runners yet but her first foal, a filly, will be starting next year. I originally had her planned to High Chances but when she got to Cricket Hill I decided to switch to their other stud because of 1) lower stud fee and 2) I'm a big Conrad fan and the name reminded me of Heart of Darkness. He's a new stud with no foals on the ground yet but his sire, Land Ho, is also the sire of one of my broodmares. I'm looking forward to this brown, chestnut or liver chestnut baby.

Strider to Franky's Landed: Managed to snag an August breeding to Strider since Franky, who used to be my only broodmare, foaled in July. Another stud with no foals on the ground but he's double Gold bred and I love his racing record. Now, Franky did respectable on the SC track and Strider never went over fences but he did G1 in Endurance level races and Franky had great staying power. So far I don't have a horse that's very strong over 8 or 9 furlongs, if that, so I'm looking forward to a distance runner in a few years.

Chivalry to London Eye: Despite the fact I like big horses this baby is going to be compact. London Eye herself was never a fabulous racer but then again I had her when I was new and I overraced her a bit. She did win a few times so not bad for my little mare. I like the What It's Worth line from Chivalry and I liked his name. Both are in their first year in the breeding shed so we'll see what happens.

Worth My While to Mojito: Oh dear. Mojito, I feel, was my biggest screw up in the game. She was my starter horse and I overraced her badly. She won 3 times in a row her first time out and set a speed record last year that is still there. I think if I had been a bit more experienced she would have been an amazing mare. Once I realized how badly I had raced her and how much she wasn't bouncing back I decided to retire her, which is sucky because she could have won me a lot of money. Anyway, to make it up I picked a nice, proven stud from lines I loved for her. This stud's first few crops have exploded on the racing scene with a 20% MSW and his 2013 year is huge. I'm excited for this foal.

Foolhardy to Nefarious: A nice 4 year old mare I claimed this year. I think I retired her too early, she could have probably had a nice racing year this year but I really did just claim her to expand my breeding program. Still, it's nice to know she's a quality mare. Foolhardy's first crop hits the track next year so no clue as to how they'll do but another What It's Worth son and an extremely impressive record.

What's Debatable to Regaletta: I claimed this mare this year but she was peaking a little so I retired her early to get in a decent early slot. What's Debatable is, yet again, another Worth's son but since all my mares are from created lines I'm not too concerned about a concentrated bloodline yet. A lot of Stakes activity with his foals.

I'm Your Angel to Shamanistic : A 5 year old mare I claimed this year who had a very nice year last year. She was slowing down so I'm glad I retired her when I did. I'm Your Angel (another Worth's son ) with an attractive stud fee, a nice dam, and a decent record.

And last but not least;

A. P. Indy to Tiger Queen: Yes, I'm footing the stud fee because I have an Indy son I love and I just like him, plain and simple. Plus, I really like this mare. I claimed her unraced as a 5 year old and she ran so enthusiastically for me. I deliberately rushed a bit to get her ten races in but every race she went into rested she cleaned up. This stud fee will kill me a little but I have two nice prospects running in the Breeder's Cup races so I'm hoping that'll make it up a bit. 

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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2008, 02:55:46 am »
Well, I'm just posting to say that I'm skipping the 2013 breeding season. My mare was bred much too late, and it's bothering me. So, I'm just going to have to miss out on the fun for a year.

Good luck to all of the future foals!
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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2008, 04:11:06 am »
Good thread!

After three seasons with only one mare, we've exploded to 14 this year!

GCh Worth My While (S) - Ch Liquid Asset due 12/31/2012
So I'll be starting the season off holding my breath and praying that she goes a day or two late because it was not my intention to have a December baby, oops!  Worth My While is, of course, a son of the gold rated What's It Worth and Liquid Asset is a Black Gold mare.  Both did well on the dirt track so a solid dirt runner would be nice.  Worth My While has been producing very nice foals, so hopefully Liquid Asset's first foal will be no exception.
Possible Names: Liquidity, Liquidate, Blue Chip Assets

WCh Strider - Clever Kisses due 1/1/2013
First crop sire, WCh Strider needs no introduction with his fantastic race record and gold rated parents. Clever Kisses is a stakes placed mare in her own right.  This should produce a huge foal with a good amount of versatility.  This will be Clever Kisses' first foal, and may very well be Strider's as well.  I hope I don't end up with another 2012 baby.
Possible names: Stealing Bases, Running the Bases

ICh What's Your Point - Go Button due 1/5/2013
What's Your Point is a very successful son of Point Given out of a gold ranked mare.  Go Button is a stakes placed Full Throttle mare.  Both horses were successful on both the dirt track and the turf, so this should bea nice versatile foal.  Neither have foals on the ground, and Go Button's foal may be What's Your Point's first foal.
Possible names: Get To It, Ready Aim Fire

FFCh High Chances - Flag Unfurled due 2/7/2013
Flag Unfurled was one of my starter horses and this will be her 3rd foal.  Her first foal, a filly by Point Given, is placed as a 2 y/o.  Flag Unfurled raced only 5 times in her brief career as a 6 y/o, winning 3.  High Chances, part of the Army Laird, has an astounding 29 stakes wins to his credit and stellar breeding.  This will be his 2nd crop.  A nice healthy foal with even just a touch of the parental talent here would be awesome!
Possible names: Chance Encounter, High Flyer

FFCh Foolhardy - Ch Pleasant Surprise due 3/31/2013
Stakes placed Pleasant Surprise, leased from Outlaws Incorporated, has 3 foals of racing age, including a stakes placed daughter by What's It Worth.  Since Worth is retired, Pleasant Surprise visited Foolhardy.  A Worth son out of a gold ranked dam with 21 stakes wins to his name, you really can't go wrong.  I hope this cross produces another quality foal.
Possible names: Fool's Pleasure

Point Given (S) - Redwood Honor (S) due 4/2/2013
Redwood Honor is another Outlaws leasee.  She is by silver rated Redwood Prince out of a silver ranked mare.  Silver all around for this breeding.  Redwood Honor has a winner and a placed 2y/o on the track.  Point Given, well I just love him, and he has some pretty successful babies running around here.  This should be another big foal with hopefully lots of potential.
Possible names: West Point

GCh Worth My While (S) - Five Star Feminist due 5/7/2013
Five Star Feminist is a big winning mare leased from Snowbird International out of created lines.  She went to visit Worth My While and hopefully daddy's talent with rub off on this first foal of Five Star Feminist.  You really can't beat Worth My While for the value of a proven sire.
Possible names: Five Star Effort

NCh Starz 'n' Stripes (S) - Huzzah due 6/1/2013
So Starz 'n' Stripes was gold ranked when I bred Huzzah, but regardless, he is still on of the top producers in the game that is still on active stud duty.  Huzzah is an unraced mare of created lines that I picked up at the mixed auction.  She has two unraced foals on the ground, a yearling and a weanie, so we just went right for the top for stallion picks to see what she'll produce.
Possible names:Semper Fi

NCh Gimme A Shot (G) - Bedroom Eyes due 6/4/2013
Gimme A Shot is one of only two gold ranked stallions currently standing and has sired some phenomenal runners.  Bedroom Eyes is an unraced mare of created lines and this will be her first foal, so just went right to the top of the stallion list to see what she can produce!  Hopefully a real nice foal to follow in daddy's hoofprints.
Possible names: Smooth Talkin', Pickup Lines

Rahy - Frolicking due 6/5/2013
Frolicking is an unraced daughter of silver ranked Those Will Do who is being leased from Southern Cross TC.  She has two foals on the ground, an unraced two year old colt by Rumor Has It and a weanling filly.  Rahy's first crop are yearlings this year.  I love Rahy, got to meet him at Three Chimneys and he is just the cutest little chestnut! :)  So I had to have a foal by him!
Possible names: Whiskey Tango

WCh Highland Bandit (S) - Durable Day due 6/6/2013
Highland Bandit is a silver ranked (close to gold!) son of the incomparable Highland Rogue with an awesome race record and awesome foals.  Durable Day is an unraced mare of created lines acquired at the mixed auction.  She has a yearling filly on the ground by Turn n'Burn but unfortunately lost this year's foal.  Hoping for a big, strong, healthy baby!
Possible names: Timeless Bandit, Durability

AP Indy (G) - Dark Flame II due 6/7/2013
Dark Flame II is a stakes winning, multiple stakes placed daughter of silver ranked Dark Knight out of gold ranked Evening Flame, leased from Gintara Lodge.  Given her race record and breeding, we went right to the top in selecting FF's highest ranked active stallion, gold ranked AP Indy.  AP Indy boasts 30 stakes winners, 19 multiple stakes winners, and 12 millionaires.  Dark Flame II has two foals of racing age, a 3 y/o colt by Turn n'Burn and a 2 y/o colt by Highland Mystery, both winners.  This should be an awesome baby!
Possible names: Fireinthehole

WCh King David - Dramatic Flair 6/10/2013
Dramatic Flair is a multiple winner by silver ranked Assault out of a silver rated mare, leased from Southern Cross TC.  Her only foal is a weanling colt by Highland Laird.  Her best efforts came on the turf, so she will be visiting turf phenom King David who has a plethora of stakes wins and speed records to his name, as well as an Eclipse Award.  His first foals are yearlings.  A nice turf baby should be in the works here!
Possible names: Royal Drama

FFCh TakeMeToHollywood - Tizzaboo 7/11/2013
Last but not least.  Tizzaboo is an unraced mare of created lines recently acquired at the mixed auction.  She has five foals of racing age, with all being winners except for her two year old and one stakes winner.  All her babies have been great over fences, so she took a visit to the awesome 'chaser TakeMeToHollywood.  A son of What's It Worth out of a gold ranked mare, TakeMeToHollywood has 10 SWs, 16 SPs, and 8 speed records on the steeplechase course (not to mention his accomplishments on the dirt!), as well as multiple Eclipse awards.  This should be an awesome steeplechase baby!
Possible names: HollywoodBoulevard

So that's all of them!  We'll be spanning the entire length of the foaling season :)
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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #5 on: August 06, 2008, 06:05:57 am »
I've got 25 broodies for next year.  I guess this means I'm gonna have to start considering selling homebreds before my racing string gets too out of hand.

Some of the highlights:

High Chances x Fleeting Beauty--I'm super excited about this cross.  Fleeting Beauty has 3 stakes-quality horses (MSW Striking Beauty, SW Saturnalia and SP Cowflewoverthemoon) of 4 to race.  I'm hoping Fleeting Beauty crosses well with the Laird line (HC's sire).  I have a filly by Laird (Fleeting Lady) that'll start next year, so hopefully that'll be a preview.  But I imagine that HC had so many good stats that he'll cross well with anyone and anything.

Point Given x Daddys Pride--This is the first foal out of millionaire Daddys Pride.  She's a really well bred filly (kudos to Edgewood Stud on a fantastic job breeding her), and she ran fairly consistently as a 3yo and 4yo.  A really dependable earner.  I haven't got a Point Given bugger running around my pastures, so it seemed like a good idea to send her his way.

Strider x Hollywood Native--Hollywood is out of a platinum mare, and her sire is silver-ranked Alydar.  She ran well for me, earning 10 wins, 3 of them stakes.  By no means a monster, but a solid, consistent performer.  I'm really excited to have her in my breeding shed.  Strider's just sheer awesomeness.  I'm hoping for a healthy foal.

High Chances x Out of Tune--Out of Tune is 1/2 sis to MSW King David.  She lost her 1st foal by Bold Ruler this year, so I'm hoping she'll bounce back and give me a healthy foal by HC.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for another Bold Ruler son to get studified.  

King David x Sacred Hill--1st foal of Sacred Hill, who won over $1 million in earnings, and 7 stakes wins.  She was really talented as a 3yo but her age caught up to her as a 4yo.  

I'm Your Angel x Unconditional--Angel's dam is High Chance's 1/2 sister, so we wanted to get a little more Second Chance in our lines, minus the Higland Rogue lines (Unconditional's dam is by Rogue himself so there will be, unfortunately, no crossing her with High Chances).  Unconditional was a real trouper on the track, and won stakes as a 2yo, 3yo and 4yo.  It was hard to retire her, but this daughter of Cigar has a lot to offer as a mom.  Super excited.

Others will foal.  May post them here.  Exhausted.  Whee 2am.

Other crosses:
Dark Continent x Ask DNA
High Chances x Cherry Flavored
Dark Continent x Cryptorose
Starz'n'Stripes x Daybreak Dawn
Gunningdownromance x Fantasies O'War
King David x Final Tour
Ring of Fire x Go For Glory
Dark Continent x Hoppinonmyhalo
High Chances x Liquid Gold
Dark Continent x Lone Star
Dark Continent x Notanotherhighland
Dark Continent x Nugget
Dark Continent x Romance Me
Magic Glorry x Shattered Dreams
High Chances x Singinintherain
Gotta Go x Steadfast Lover
Gimme A Shot x Symbolic
What's Your Point x Take the Challenge
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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2008, 04:39:22 pm »
I really wanted to wait to start off my broodie band until I had a nice, solid performer, and I think the resulting cross will be a good one.

A.P. Indy x Electrifying: A.P. Indy really needs no introduction. He's a gold rated, Chef de Race sire, with two more Chef de Race sires (Seattle Slew and Secretariat) within two generations. Electrifying was one of my starter horses, and she was a great filly to start out with. She was a consistent runner as a 2yo, 3yo, and 4yo, won 10 races (5 stakes), and won on turf and dirt. She's by silver rated Black Legend by gold rated Electronica, who's by two silver rated parents. I'm hoping A.P. Indy will lend a bit of stamina to Electrifying, who ran mostly as a sprinter, to hopefully get a nice foal who can run over a mile. :)

I am super excited for my first foal!


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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #7 on: August 07, 2008, 03:45:59 am »
Last year was our first year foaling and we came out with six great babies(two created). 2013 we look to have about 15 so far, so a big step up.

NCh. Moonover Boy (S) x Charming Lexie due 3/7/2013
This baby is our earliest one this next season. Lexie is a new mare I just bought this last year from a claiming race. She was an okay runner as a three year old, but really I bought her solely to breed her. I already have a new two year old filly that I bought last year that is sired by Moonover Boy and she is proving to be great, so I just had to have another out of him. I'm really hoping that Lexie proves to be a great producer.

WCh. What's Debatable (S) x By By Birdie due 4/3/2013
So about a whole month after Lexie's baby is born we have Birdie's. Again I bought Birdie solely for the breeding of her. I sort of rushed her into her ten, which many she did well in if rested completely. I have seen Debatable's foals and really like them and really wanted one of my own. Again, hoping that Birdie proves to be a good producer.

WCh. King David x Spectator Joy due 4/7/2013
Well only a few days after baby number two, and a month after baby one. I was planning to breed Joy to King David last year and ended up going with Giant's Causeway instead. I got a beautiful baby from that, our first, she is tiny but I love her. And so I thought that I would finally get the chance and breed Joy to him this year. Joy was never raced, and just had her first baby this year so we're still waiting to see how she turns out. Joy was fifteen days early last year though, so I'm hoping this year with it being her second baby she will foal closer to her due date.

FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood x Prosperous Cheater (B) due 5/2/2013
I bought Cheater last year, at the time she was in foal to A.P. Indy. I was lucky enough to get her for a steal, I think. She gave me a gorgeous filly last year, A.P. Vogue. She was never a great runner in her time, though she wasn't raced very much at all either. However she has had six folas to date, four of which are racers, and only one is not a winner. I love her babies and can't wait to see what she gives me this next year. She was a day early last year, and I would hope for that again this year.

ICh. What's Your Point x Angels Away due 5/9/2013
The next few babies seem to be one on top of another. I bought Angel at auction this year. She was really close to getting her champion title, only ten points away. She was a great runner in her prime, but this year she just wasn't cutting it at all. I was wasting more money running her than anything. I decided to turn her into a broodmare and I really like this stud. He currently doesn't have any foals but I thought he had a great record, lines, and loved his coloring so I went with him. This will be Angel's first foal so I hope it all goes well.

NCh. Gimme A Shot (G) x Won't She Tell due 5/10/2013
Well I was going to breed Tell to Gimme A Shot last year, but at the last minute opted to go with Rumor Has It. I was really looking forward to that baby too because I love this mare's lines, Seattle Slew (silver and Chef de Race)Daughter and out of Rythmn n' Blues (S). Well she ended up foaling 5 days early and the filly was stillborn. I was very disappointed, but that just makes me all the more excited for this baby. This baby will be my favorite baby out of all of them so far. Tell was a great mare while race, but was only raced fifteen times by the time I got her. Out of her two racing foals one is stakes placed and the other unplaced, she only has 3 living foals. Still, I am so excited for this baby to come.

ICh. Ring of Fire x Illegal Runaway due 6/4/2013
So this baby is more spread out from Tell's baby. I bought Illegal as a broodmare. I'm not exactly sure how I got her, but she was extremely cheap. She raced for five years before retiring at six to become a broodmare. She has an okay race record, but I really bout her for her lines, or more for her sire, Dark Knight. Illegal had her first foal with me last year by Major's Flight. She is a gorgeous filly and I couldn't be happier. I really just chose Ring of Fire because I want to get some different blood in my lines, and I really like the babies he has thrown so far, even if they aren't racing yet. She foaled a week late last year so I'm hoping she foals closer to her due date this year.

GCh. Temptation x Rocket 'N' Roll due 7/4/2013
Well I am leasing Rocket from Stonecrest Farm. I originally had her as a racer, and she was racing pretty well. They wanted to turn her into a broodmare when she hit her 10 races though, and for taking her away from the lease early they decided to let me have her first baby. I had considered breeding Temptation to several other mares, but in the end decided to go with other studs, so now I figured I would do him. Nor Temptation or Rocket have any foals racing yet so it's kind of in the dark with this baby, but both have good race records from when they were racing. Hopefully Rocket will give me a good foal, and Temptation as well.

So that's it so far. We will pretty much have at least one foal each month, excluding Jan. and Feb.
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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #8 on: August 07, 2008, 07:59:33 pm »
I love this part! We're expecting 23 next year, so I'll be following some of Cat's ponies to auction with my own, I'm sure...:-D
Although, nine of the mares are over 14, so they may tell me it's 'time to clock out' shortly too...

No Duplicate X Seethingsmyway (by Highland Rogue) - March 31, 2013

I lost the last foal of this cross, so I'm trying again! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Seethingsmyway is a 1/2 sister to NCh. Shesanaturalactor, and her very first foal, Someone Like You, ran a very game second in the Irish Derby this year. :-D

No Duplicate X Bold Move (by Bold Hour) - April 2, 2013
This is an oldie, but a goodie. The foal will be a full sibling to Ch. Not Very Nice, who was a very fun sprinter to run, so I'm hoping for another. If it's a filly, we might be persuaded to part with her (given that we already would have her full sister in our BM band).

Must Be Magic X Leave A Message (by Secretariat) - April 2, 2013

I'm thrilled with how well Magic's first crop is performing; the two I've really noticed have been Star Wish, in the top 10 for stakes wins this year, and Outrun The Wind, qualifying for the Breeder's Cup F&M Turf. So, this looked like a very pretty cross. LAM's first foal is  a 3 y/o this year, and has REALLY taken to SC over 10 furlongs.  I'm excited, and hoping for a filly.

Seattle Sorcerer X Opening Act (by Stage Door Johnny) - April 4, 2013
Here, I'm trying to capitalize on the success of Seattle Slew with Act (i.e. GCh. StageHand), and my obsession with strong female-lines (i.e. Highland Sorceress). And.. possibly inject a touch of precocity.... Her foals run FOREVER, but take some time to unwind those long legs....
Healthy and pretty is all I ask for...;)

Starz N' Stripes X Kiss of Time (by Keeping Time) - April 6, 2013
Full-sibling to stallion, NCh. The Fighting Fifty.  :) 
Her kids also run for a long time, and I'm very proud to say that her own daughter, Whisperifyoudare by No Duplicate has become quite the nice little BM too!

*Whew* Tired, and lunch-break's over... I'll finish later..... :-D

I'm A Classic X Eskimo Kisses (by Romeo) - April 8, 2013
Gotta Go X Ch. Foxfire (by Gallant Fox) - April 8, 2013
Must Be Magic X Rhythm n'Blues (by Jazz King) -  April 10, 2013
Magic Cross X Terlinga's Kitty (by High Bid) - April 10, 2013
Steal Your Heart X Walkonthewildside (by Wild Again) - May 1, 2013
Gotta Go X Ch. Not Very Nice (by No Duplicate) - May 1, 2013
No Duplicate X Hopespringseternal (by Rainbow Quest) - May 3, 2013
Must Be Magic X Love Affair (by Secret Of Love) - May 5, 2013
War Chant X Answer To Me (by Alydar) - May 6, 2013
Gotta Go X Onyx (by The Black) - May 6, 2013
King David X NCh. Shesanaturalactor (by Planet Hollywood) - May 7, 2013
Stressed X Hail To Beauty (by Hail to Reason) - May 9, 2013
Alley Cat X Formal Affair (by Black Tie Affair) - May 9, 2013
No Duplicate X Heroic Encounter (by My Knight) - May 10, 2013
Irish River X GCh. Cigarette (by Cigar) - May 11, 2013
Foolhardy X Firestorm (by Highland Rogue) - May 11, 2013
No Duplicate X Check Please (by Yonguska) - June 8, 2013
No Duplicate X Say No More (by What's It Worth) - July 6, 2013


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2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #9 on: August 08, 2008, 01:47:08 am »
Well I am proud to say that this will be my first breeding season on Final Furlong and I am looking forward to it!

De Aslyum x Stressed This mare is unraced so I'm not really sure what to expect from her. The stallion however, I am very happy with his lines so hopefully the baby will be a nice runner and if its a filly I am looking forward to turning her into a beautiful broodmare with nice lines!

Deign to Win x Temptation This was my first broodmare. I am proud of her running. She earned me a bit of money but unfortunately started to go downhill so I decided to retire her. I am hoping the baby will run like its mama (who won a speeding record btw ;) ) If its a colt I will run him as is to see if he will hopefully have a chance. If it's a filly she will stay until she can be a broodmare.

Paris Grace x Stagehand This broodmare didn't do much for me on the track but somehow I am still very attached to her. (I think its cuz she's a grey). I am hoping her baby will do more for me than the broodmare. If not the baby might find its way into the sales ring.


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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #10 on: August 08, 2008, 05:37:24 pm »
We're expecting 5 foals next year.

GCH. Akhetnaten x Charming Trick  This will be Charming Trick's first foal, so we're hoping for the best for her.

ICH. Ring of Fire x Diamondintherust  Unfortunately, we lost her foal this year, so we're hoping for a better performance for next year's foaling season.

NCH. Cryptic Ballad x Executive Session (G)  We're really looking forward to the coming of this foal. Executive Session is currently our best broodmare, and we're really exited to see how this foal will turn out.

The other two combinations we will be expecting are:
NCH. Gimme A Shot x Icy Honor
NCH. Gimme A Shot x Unbridled Hope


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Re: 2013 Foaling Season
« Reply #11 on: August 10, 2008, 03:33:49 am »
I've got one broodmare for next year.

Echo Park was bred to Alley Cat, and I'm really excited to see what we'll get.  This is going to be her very first foal, as well as our first, so I'm a little nervous.  *crosses fingers for healthy live foal and mare*