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How'd You Do? 2012
« on: December 08, 2008, 06:18:51 pm »
I was going to wait for someone else to make the topic but since four weanlings and a yearling followed me home to my stable I thought I'd kick off this year's edition (and my very first Foal Auction) by bragging about them!

The Romantic West, formerly known as Brigade Commander, by Mr. Prospector-Ch. Legendary Lady, by Black Legend is a dark bay weanling colt and a nicely sized handsome fellow. I've been watching him for months; he cost a cool $27,500, by far my most expensive win of the five. He's also growing like a weed; at the beginning of the auction he was about 11.3h, when I bought him he was 12h, and now he's 12.1h and now a few hours later he is 12.2h. Goodness, what a growth spurt!

Next is my biggest win, Fleet Admiral, a weanling son of the Black-Secret Fleet, by Count Fleet. He's a very handsome big black colt at 13.3h(now 14.3h) and cost $19,500. I'm high on him because the Black Stallion series was what got me into Thoroughbred horse racing and I've been wanting a son of the Black for months. Plus I've also been watching him for months so I was happy to bring home two of the three horses I really wanted.

Ship of the Line, by Lord of Atlantis-Tripoli Treaty, by Red Sultan, is a blood bay weanling and one that I created right after I read a book about the founding of the U.S. Navy. I'm thinking about changing his name to Six Frigates. He was $6,000. He stands at 11h.

The only filly I brought home is Sundance Kid, a daughter of Flame On-Sunshine Fish, by Lord of Atlantis, a dark bay weanling, and another horse I created. She's "related" to Ship of the Line but we'll see if either of them have any talent. Her name was originally Mola Mola, for the enormous sunfish. She was $4,500 and stands at 13.1h.

Last but not least is our one new yearling, a 14.2h tall grey colt now named The Silver Cooper, by Man o' War-Kimolass, by Eskimo King. He is a half-brother to Ch. Iglesias, who defeated my stable's Ch. Leave A Note earlier this year, so I'm not sure what my sentiments are concerning him. He was $23,500. His name is a play on Marvel's Silver Surfer and CNN's Anderson Cooper.

RC Bee has spent a total of $81,000. A bit pricy but we are very happy with our results.

How did you guys do?
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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2008, 09:47:49 pm »
Well, I never seem to buy any fillies at auction so I was pretty excited when I actually got one.

Catching Rain (NCh. Boldness Shows-Blues Girl, by Dixieland Blues) - She's a bay yearling filly, and a pretty big one at that, standing 15.2h. Her dad seemed to be pretty mature as a 2 year old, so I'm thinking she'll take after him. Rain was my most expensive purchase, costing me $30,500.

Posthaste (Count Fleet-Cee Me First, by Cee's Tizzy) - This little chestnut colt is a lot smaller than Rain, standing only 14.0h. His half-siblings are all winners on the track, so I'm hoping he'll turn out to be a decent allowance/low-graded stakes runner. He was only $12,000.

Encantada (Skimming-Amiranda, by Gentlemen) - I spent a few days waiting for this filly to finally be sold. She's a little 10.3h chestnut weanling out of created lines, so she'll be a surprise when she hits the track. Not sure why I wanted her so bad, but I finally got her for $20,500.
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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2008, 11:13:39 pm »
I came home with all boys-All Grey (go figure) or Black-$9,000 for 5 horses is pretty good :)

Secrets Sprung (formerly Gipsy Hill) is a decently tall weanling-11.0 hands. He's a cute lil dapple grey with a bald face from created lines. We brought him home for $1,000.

Player At Heart is an 11.3 hand grey weanling also from created lines. He has a star, snip and rf cornet and a rf sock.

Spinning [debating changing his name to Lucky Spin] is a 14.2 hand grey yearling with a snip and markings on 3/4 legs. He is also a created baby :)

Strike Over is a HUGE 16.1 hand grey yearling from created lines and a cute blaze.

Finally our only black baby is Zuper Two our smallest boy at 10.1 hands, still decent for a baby. He is nearly all back except for 3 small cornet/ermine marks.
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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2008, 12:08:12 am »
After losing several horses to other bidders, we finally came away with 2 pretty bay horses.

The first to make it home was the 12.3h bay weanling The Fighting Foxx (might change later), a previouly unnamed colt by NCh. The Fighting Fifty (by NCh. Starz 'n' Stripes) and out of the silver ranked What A Foxx (by What's It Worth). His only markings are a cute star and snip. He's got pretty good bloodlines in my opinion (since I'm a newbie) and hopefully he'll run well for us in two years time.

Last to make it home was the tiny yearling bay filly with created lines, Secret Sorrows. She has three markings, a Blaze, RH Ermine, LH Stocking and only stands at 13.1h most likely because she's a July baby. Hopefully she'll mature enough to race next year but if not she always has the third year open for racing.

The damage for us wasn't to bad as only $14,500 was spent on our two purchases but then again, we'd pay more for them if we had to. ;D

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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2008, 01:12:20 am »
Ivy Creek came home with 4 yearlings, mostly fillies (I have a bad obsession with buying fillies), so I'm pretty pleased.  I didn't want to spend more than $10,000 on any one horse (just in case they're a flop), so I was more than pleased to get so many new runners for springtime.  That brings our 2YOs of next year to a whopping 15!   :o

Going alphabetically, Bridezilla was purchased because, well, I love her name, ha.  And she's a fittingly lovely flea-bitten grey with a pretty star and matching front socks, so her name gets an added allure that wouldn't quite be the same in a drab bay or ironic black.  She stands a decent 15.2hh so far, and is of created lines (so who knows what will become of her).  She was one of the more expensive ones at $10,000.

Next is Cajoled Halo, a pretty chestnut with a pretty name and pretty (though not in-game) lines.  She only stands 15.1hh so far, but she's of created lines, so again, no telling what will become of her.  That's ok, though, because she was the cheapest at a mere $4,500.

Perhaps my favorite named purchase is Jovial Chic, a relatively tiny 14.3hh grey gal with white on all feet and a pretty star to match.  She, too, is of created lines, but at only $6,500, I think she's definitely worth the gamble.

And last but not least is the only boy to come home with us (he felt like a lucky fella' in the trailer home, surrounded by 3 lovely ladies), a previously unnamed bay with very little white on him but standing an impressive 15.3hh already.  His sire is none other than silver-ranked Point Given, who has sired a ridiculously high percentage of stakes-quality foals in the game.  His dam is Gone West Grades, a bronze-ranked mare from created lines.  However, from her 4 foals to race so far, one is a stakes winner (Ch. Rule the School, a 4YO mare by Bold Ruler) and one is multiple stakes-placed (Ch. Manifest Destiny, a 2YO colt by Alydar).  He's been tentatively renamed Westpoint after the military academy, but after some research, I've realized it should technically be West Point, of which I'm not sure I'm fond.  Hmm.  If you have any better suggestions, I'm game to hear them.  Anyhow, I think he was a steal at $10,000.
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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2008, 01:37:03 am »
I was really pleased with the ones I brought home, three yearling fillies and a lone weanling colt.

I bid on five right from the start but stupid me didn't look close enough because I totally missed a Distinct Possibili filly and obviously couldn't bid on her. But then I was outbid on one of the other fillies and jumped on her. Newly named Opportune Moment is by Distinct Possibili out of Little Rock. I've been searching for a DP foal after my gelding Unique Opportunity lit up the track this year but unfortunately he's retired with 63 foals. Her dam isn't as impressive I suppose with no winners out of 3 racers but SP and Placed, but her dam is Lady Godiva who I've always liked. I'm hoping for a late bloomer, since that's what Unique Opportunity was. Either way, she's liver chestnut (my personal fav) 14.0hh with an early April birthday but I'm not expecting much in a 2YO season from her. At $22,000 she was a little pricy but I can just barely take the blow this year.

Another filly yearling, newly named Street Cred is a 15.0hh bay filly with a late March birthday. She's got a pretty solid bloodline, Street Wise (B) (Cross Roads (S) and Street Talk (S)) and Native Dreams (S) (Northern Slew (B) and Dreams Never End (B)) with a lot of winning siblings. I quite liked her and got her for $22,500, the most expensive of the night but I feel is a pretty solid investment.

Last yearling and last filly is Neurotic By Nature who is created and has a neat name I liked. At 14.2hh she's blue roan (which is weird because I'm starting a collection of blue roans apparently in my barn) with a lot of white on her legs and has a fairly late birthday. I tend to like taller horses but for some reason I've been getting a lot of under 14hh horses in the stable (two years olds and the like) so at least she'll have some same sized friends if she doesn't grow much more. At $4000 it was worth it.

Our sole boy and sole weanling is named Heart of Darkness, which is my favourite book of all time so I couldn't let him go. (I have a foal due next year that will be named Marlow or Intended, depending on the gender). He's almost totally black but I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. He's 11.3hh all ready and a birthday in April. At $3500 I was willing to buy him just for his name.

All in all, we spent $52, 000 which was as close to our $50 000 budget as we could make it.


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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2008, 01:47:15 am »
Sorrelleaf Stable's single purchase was My Benjamin at a mere $1500. He's a cute light chestnut with a bald face, RF Ermine, LF Sock,  and RH Ermine. A June baby, he stands at 14.1h, the same height as my January filly. He's out of created lines, so we have no idea what to expect from this boy. I'll be happy if he turns out to be a good allowance pony.


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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2008, 01:54:16 am »
Three boys join our merry band of babies:

First is Massive Drama a strapping blood bay colt who, at 14.2 hands already, looks like he's going to be a monster, at least lookswise.

Then, two geldings:

Whiskey Lullaby - I loved his name and coloring -
Fearless Leader (formerly Bold Leader) - a red chestnut.

It will be interesting to see if gelding will help give these guys a boost in their careers from the get-go.

All of them are created lines, which adds to the fun/variety factor. They were $3500 apiece.


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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #8 on: December 09, 2008, 02:03:06 am »
Well we only came away with one little yearling filly this time, but we're saving for other things right now so I was happy with the purchase. We got La Ville Rouge, and yes I know it's name copying but I absolutely love that name. She is by the retired stallion, Highland Mystery (by Highland Rouge(G) and out Silver Myst (S)), who only stood for 2 crops, and hasn't necessarily thrown anything fantastic so far, but then again all the racers are only 2. And then she is out of Crack of Dawn (created lines), a bronze ranked mare whose 5 out of 6 racers are winners, and two stakes placed. She may not have the best throwing dam and sire, but we like her just fine. She is a pretty dapple grey, just like her daddy, with white on all four legs, and she stands at a small 14.3 hh. She will make our 4th filly turning 2 next year along with two other handsome colts, all of the others are of created lines, so we're hoping things turn out for her.
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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #9 on: December 09, 2008, 02:29:42 am »
Whiskey Lullaby - I loved his name and coloring

Eeee I created him! I'm glad you like his name (I named him after the Brad Paisley song). I was sad to see he was gelded already but at least he should keep his mind on his job lol

So far I've bought 3 beautiful yearlings. Still waiting to see if I can snag a couple more.

First purchase was the previously unnamed filly Sunset Strip. She's by A.P. Indy and out of Shining Spotlight and she's a half-sib to MSW Exctionalmiss. She stands a good solid 15.2 hands and is a beautiful dark bay with a blaze - my favorite color and markings! I think she was a steal at 20.5k considering A.P. Indy's stud fee is 60k. Can't wait to get her on the racetrack.

Second purchase was the created colt Cosa Nostra previously named Inmemorium. He already measures in at an impressive 16.1 hands and he's a June baby so I'm guessing he's got a lot more growing to do. I snagged him for 3.5 k which I think was a good deal. As always with creates, I have no idea what to expect from him, but it just makes it all the more exciting.

Third purchase is another create, a filly, Tantalizing previously named Dreams Embrace. She's a stunning mahogany bay with a cute stripe. She's also 16.1 hands and is going to be a big girl. I payed 6k for her which isn't too bad as it seems like the prices went up a little this year. I'm super excited to get her on the track as well.

Hope everyone was happy with their purchases!!
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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #10 on: December 09, 2008, 04:26:55 am »
I think it's safe to say: I'm a sucker for cheap, unproven yearlings.  Also ponies whose peds I created (I let Mr. Benjamin slip by, though).

I needed boys to even out my racing string.  So I walked away with 4 colts and 1 filly all priced below $5,000. 

Trialsandtributes--14.2hh colt, chestnut, $4.5k  I think I named him, I'm not sure.  His pedigree sounds familiar.

No Crying Allowed--13.3hh filly, dark gray, $4.5k.  I know I named this one.  For a January baby, she's pretty small.  I may be stuck with a late bloomer. 

Kiss a Frog--15.2hh colt, chestnut, $3.5k, april baby. Really loved the name (no responsibility for it, though)

Conscientious Thief--16.2hh colt, blood bay, $3.5k, a july baby.  This guy's gonna be HUGE.  High hopes.

Catgotyourtongue--14.2hh colt, mahogany bay, $2.5k, June baby.  My track record with horses with "Cat" in their name is not good (Catlike, Catwoman, Tricky Cat).  Maybe I'll change the name and hopefuly change my luck.  ;-)

Very good auction for us.  Here's hoping that they RUN!

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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #11 on: December 09, 2008, 04:38:46 am »
Went to the auction interested in one yearling and two weanlings. Didn't get the yearling but brought home the two weanlings so I'm not too sad. They each cost me $25,000, which was less than what I had budgeted to spend on them.

The first new purchase was a weanling colt by GCh. Backseat Driver out of Ch. Movie Mistress, who has been renamed Rebel Brother (he entered the auction as Key Grip). His dam is the dam of another horse owned by our stable, a 2-Y-O filly called Commem. At 14.0, he is bigger than some of the yearlings in the auction, and he is almost as big as his half-sister who is almost exactly two years older than he is.

The second new purchase was a weanling filly by GCh. Major's Flight out of Kiss 'n' Tell. She was unnamed at the start of the auction and has now been named Alimony. Her sire was purchased by our stable a few months ago to stand at stud at our farm, hence the interest in this filly.

The "one that got away" was Authorized (not his pre-auction name), a yearling colt by GCh. Temptation out of Ch. Movie Mistress. he is a half-brother to Rebel Brother and Commem. He eventually went for $40,500, which was more than I had budgeted for him. As he went early in the auction, and I was still working on the other two, I decided to call it quits on him and focus my attention (and money) on the other two (hopefully I won't end up regretting that choice).


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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #12 on: December 09, 2008, 06:01:11 pm »
Of couse we couldn't help but snag a few in this years Foal Auction.  The more I try to stay on the side lines the more obsessed I  Anyway we walked away with a very pleasing bunch.  Here they are in no particular order...

I'm Not Blue - She, of course, is a yearling blue roan filly standing 16.3h.  She's created but couldn't pass her up after we saw how she was maturing.

Pistachio - Another yearling filly who measures in at 16.1h.  We absolutly loved her name, size, and coloring.  We'll see how she does next year.

Cash Me In - This is one of our weanlings who we thought looked pretty decent.  She's got some game lines and we were more inclined to snag her since she was by the retired silver rated Unbridled.  Her dam, Back To Cashel, has produced a SW and MSW so we think she'll be a good investment.  She also stands a healthy 12.1h so far.

Nitty Gritty - Here we have a wonderful grey yearling colt who measured in at 16.3h.  He was another one who we felt would be a nice investment especially for the price of $3,500.

And last but not least we decided to snag a weanling gelding since we had such good luck with our last one we got at auction.

I'm Outta Here - He pretty nice sized for a weaning standing 13.3h already and he's a beautiful liver chestnut. 

And that was all for us.  Filled our quota and cashed in at $66,000.  Super happy.


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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #13 on: December 10, 2008, 02:00:17 am »
Battle Hill Farm always looks forward to the annual Foal Auction... some of our best racers have been purchased at this auction... this year we purchased 5 yearlings... 2 colts and 3 fillies... we spent a total of $52,000... So let me introduce the new Battle Hill Farm Foals...

Witch Doctor originally Ashleigh's Will
March 2011-15.0h-Chestnut-Colt
Sired by: GCh. Temptation (Cross Roads (S) x Ch. Calypso (G)
Out of: Ashleigh's Wonder (S) Reine-de-Course (I) (Townsend Victor x Townsend Holly (G) Reine-de-Course (B/I)
I had my eye on this colt the minute he hit the auction... from the first foal crop of  Storybook's recently retired GCh. Temptation, who sired only 2 foal crops in his short stud career... and out of Asheigh's Wonder who is Silver ranked and a Reine-de-Course mare, she is also a daughter of the Reine-de-Course mare Townsend Holly (G)... making him 1/2 to MSW ICh. Prince of Wonder, Ch. Pirate and SP Ch. Final Wonder... Doc comes from a very impressive dam line... I'm really looking forward to seeing this boy run... We brought him home for $20,000

Wolcen Queen originally Quaker Ridge Lady
June 2011-15.1h-Mahogany Bay-Filly
Created Lines
Decent size filly for a June foal... I created her pedigree... it will be interesting to see how she runs... We brought her home for $10,500

Salem Moon originally Glitter Magic
March 2011-16.1h-Grey-Filly
Created Lines
Another filly from created lines... I love greys... so we bought her for color... we brought her home for $10,500

Twilight Vixen originally Unnamed 
February 2011-14.3-Brown-Filly
Sired by: Giant's Causeway
Out of: Folk Art (B)
Twilight Vixen is a petite filly sticking at a mere 14.3h... she may be a slow maturing filly... From the first foal crop of FF's Freshman sire Giant's Causeway... We're excited to have this filly in our barn... we brought her home for the bargin price of $9000 (sire's SF is $25,000)

Comic Book Hero
April 2011-14.2h-Dapple Grey-Colt
Created Lines
I created this colt... Love his name and color... the only reason I bought him.. he is a little on the small side... but he has a lot of attitude... I'm looking forward to seeing him run... we brought him home for a mere $2000

Congrats to all the bidders who won foals... see you on the track next year...


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Re: How'd You Do? 2012
« Reply #14 on: December 11, 2008, 12:35:44 am »
Only brought home one, although I bid on several.

Settled on Whats Worth It, previously unnamed.  He is a 15h son of What's It Worth (G) out of Heroic Lass (S), making him half to MSW Simply Heroic, SW Green Light and several others.  All of Heroic Lass' foals are winners and over half of Worth's foals are stakes winners, so I expect big things from him!  He is a July baby so he'll probably need some time to mature.  Only $65,500.