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Racing Challenge (Finally)
« on: May 31, 2009, 12:05:39 am »
So, every team now has 6 horses.  I did not go through and hand each team specific horses like I did in the past (i.e. one 2yo colt, one 2yo filly, etc)  I decided it would be more challenging (and quicker for me  >:D) to just let the random script decide, so all I can guarantee is that you should have 6 racers in your barn.

Same general rules apply as in previous years...

- Majority vote is required to enter a race
- Captains/co-captains can do race entries
- Horses running while injured will be penalized
- Captains not entering races that have been voted on (unless the horse is entered in another race or is injured) will be penalized
- Team/member activity is judged on how often your horses race
- Points are earned based on how well your horses do, with extra points being awarded/taken away if other CW-owned horses are involved

Enjoy, and good luck! :)