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« on: April 02, 2010, 06:35:38 pm »
Race 1
Plutus, Out of Sight, Canaryinacoalmine

Race 2
Crucify My Love, Critical Whirl, American Pharaoh

Race 3
Notachanceinheck, Galaxy's Zodiac, Ariverneversleeps

Race 4
Idolized, Calamarain, Hurricane Success

Race 5
Spinning Halo, Lonely Magic, Malevolence

Race 6
Coronation Street, Kissing Point, Run It Up

Race 7
Echo of Battle, Chameleon's Rose, Scrambled Egg

Race 8
Play It Again, Hypersonic, Jettability

Race 9
Dawn's Bandit, Valkyrie, Magic Fantasy

Race 10
Mulligan, Gabriel, Billionaire

Race 11
Blackster, Clever Rose, Classic Flower

Race 12
Hail To Victory, Pure Zen, Sorcerer's Time

Race 13
Lone Black Wolf, Only The Lonely, Sulu

Race 14
Wizardly Lady, With All My Heart, Summer Games

Race 15
River Rapids, Dashing Flight, Monday Morning

Race 16
Tickled Pink, Kimbo, Everyrosehasthorns

Race 17
Dash For This, Princess Leah, Northern Breeze

Race 18
Teardroponmyguitar, Times of Glory, Deep Blue Sea

Race 19
Try for a Halo, Long Rain, Our Polly

Race 20
Perfectly Fleet, Classic Edition, Willing to Mine

Race 21
Harvard Hope, Silent Lady, Whirligig

Race 22
Fleeting Spirit, Selfish Love, Last Act

Race 23
Moonless, Jet For Gold, Thespian

Race 24
Southern Flower, Waiting To Happen, Sor Tequila

Race 25
Indecent Proposal, Somethininthewater, Sparkle

Race 26
Neptune, Edge of Reason, Blushing Blogger

Race 27
Tempting Magic, Flying Advance, Lady Ironsides

Race 28
Rare Bear, I Knew I Wood, Sky Chances

Race 29
Tuscaloosa, Dream to Reality, Hollywood Cigar

Race 30
Bold Silhouette, Major's Insight, Jet Lag

Race 31
Callie O' Mally, Starfleet, Colors Surround Me

Race 32
Across Enemy Lines, Cross Your Fingers, Knowing Glory

Race 33
Momo, Enticing, Renessme

Race 34
Fanci Fire, Worth Your Faith, Northern Way

Race 35
Bonesman, Secret Arts, Heatseeker

Race 36
Winning Shot, Crowned In Dreams, Bold Promise

Race 37
A Certain Romance, Crazy Fast, Sorrow's Soulmate

Race 38
Ace of Hearts, Madly Yours, Keep The Beat

Race 39
Unluck E, Fifth Avenue, Secret Magic

Race 40
Golden Tomcat, Silver Sky, Date Doctor

Race 41
Flower Petal, Fleet Risk, Fatal Fallacy

Race 42
Midnight Bandit, Slew's Pardon, Udaivilas

Race 43
Not Listening, Ring The Alarm, Natagora

Race 44
Glittogo, Soft Whispers, I'm A Goldenn Girl

Race 45
Stellar Love, One Lucky Soul, Fast Fool

Race 46
Spectacular Love, Pretty Woman, Nightfury

Race 47
Southern Starz, Silent Miracle, Dark Before Dawn

Race 48
As You Please, Gilded Saint, Son of the Beach

Race 49
French Kiss, Basalt, Townsend Fire

Race 50
Dock Of The Bay, Malibu, Shades
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