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Re: Activity Incentive?
« Reply #120 on: May 24, 2011, 05:25:12 pm »
I'm pretty much planning to scrap Activity Points entirely in the rewrite. So that will solve that issue. (I'm open to suggestions for a replacement system, but I think really, if you're active, your stable will get bigger and you'll be more successful anyway, so you don't really need more incentive. Conversely, if you're not that into the game, getting points won't help you much.)

I do like the idea of flagging low-level horses for new members/claiming races rather than creating randomly generated ones - I may see if I can work that into the rewrite.

Not sure on the CW suggestions - planning to overhaul that as well. ;)

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Re: Activity Incentive?
« Reply #121 on: May 24, 2011, 06:02:48 pm »
That's fine about the Activity Points. I found that they were only really helpful in my first year. Maybe you could keep it just for Stables in their first year and, instead of redeeming points for horses, just have them redeem them for FF$ (say $10 per point). That will help new Stables build up their cash reserves a little quicker so they can buy more horses and you wouldn't have to worry about creating new horses. Actually, if you adopt this suggestion, you might as well just give them Activity FF$, so, instead of getting 2 points for entering a horse in a race meet, they would get $20, unless you do it on a sliding scale so they get more FF$ per point if they redeem more points at a time (eg if they redeem 1-25 points they get $10 per point, if they redeem 26-50 points, they get $20 per point, etc).

Anyway, I won't lose any sleep if you did away with Activity Points completely.

BTW - On a different note, did you realize that you have a FF horse that has no name. It is a created 3YO filly and is having her second race in Race 47 tomorrow (she won her first race).
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Re: Activity Incentive?
« Reply #122 on: May 24, 2011, 07:00:24 pm »
For me the idea of creating a horse with custom color and markings is a thrill :) although not very realistic (unlike the rest of the game). I already have my first created - a weanling colt Lovemark and I would be happy to spend all my activity points on this ;)