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A morning at CS
« on: June 24, 2003, 02:19:15 am »

   Well when I was bored today at work I decided to write instead.  :oops: bad I know but oh

well  :D

It was barely before dawn when Lindsay rolled out of bed wiping the

sleep out of her eyes. After a quick shower and some breakfast the owner of Clover Springs

Stables was out the door, and ready to start the day.

She headed off to the broodmare

barn first to check on Nation's Pride and her new colt Five Second Delay. The mare was happy

to see her and bumped her in the arm awaiting her morning feed.

"Woah there now don't

be pushy. Sam will be around with your breakfast in a minute." She scratched the mare behind

the ears and smiled at the young foal by her side. She was hoping he would be as good as his

half-sister's Nation's Colors and Valedictorian one day. "Only one way to find out." she


She stopped briefly at a few more stalls before heading to the track. Shining,

Midnight Danger, Ladylove, Blue Light, Never High Enough all looked beautiful and had their

foals at their sides.

On the way out of the barn Lindsay touched the silver horseshoe

hanging above the door. There was one in every stable for good luck. Lindsay just had to do

it in honor of a certain series of fiction books, and it seemed to work spreading good luck

around the farm.


"Woah Vally, whoa," shouted out Billy the

exercise rider for Valiant Soldier. He had his hands full of horse today. Valiant seemed to

have recovered from his stakes race and was chomping at the bit as he was being pulled


"Looks a bit firey today huh Bill?" Lindsay asked. "Yeah, still has some turf left

under his shoes from last week... and the wind too." he laughed. He hopped off, and loosened

Val's girth as he lead him to be cooled down after his nice work.

Lindsay made her

way to the rail to watch the horses currently working. There was the new comer Hocus Pocus

being lightly raced around the track. He was lead by veterans Highland Limits and Northern

Luck. Linds always found that two year olds gained a bit of experience racing with the


Highland Grace, Void, and Sunset March were just beginning their warm-ups on

the outside of the track.

Charming Dance was being loaded into the starting gate along

with Affirmative and Secret Willow. They had already warmed up, and came surging out of the

gate. Affy took the early lead, but was quickly passed by the muscular filly and stallion.

Dance wanted to win. She just loves the dirt, like a hog to mud... or is that Void lol...


The filly seemed to be running without starin as her powerful legs and

hindquarters left the other two horses in the dust. She finished several lengths ahead of

Affy and Willow at the wire.

"Good job Priss." she praised the beautiful filly. She

was known in the past for acting up, and had even bucked a bit after her second place finish

in her last stakes race. It was all good. "I'd rather have a filly with spirit than a great

racer with no heart." she cooed to the filly before she was lead off for her own


"I'm off to watch the yearlings," she yelled to Jon, "have to see how

they're doing today as well."


In the ring there was Gord working

one of Nation's foals - National Post. Now he was a full brother to Nation's Colors and

Lindsay couldn't wait to see him racing next year.

Post was being worked on a lunge

line in a circle. He had also been introduced to the saddle. His gaits looked smooth, and his

muscles were slowly becoming more defined and stronger everyday. Soon he would be ready to

run, and next year ready to race.

"Hey hun," Gord smiled while leading Post in tow.

"this boy is sure looking good huh?" he asked. "Absolutely." she agreed.

She followed

them up to the stallion barn where she gave Gord a kiss goodbye and disappeared into the

coolness of the barn. She immediately spotted the familar bay head of a certain retired


"Hey Wage," she smiled, "how's my boy today?" The stallion lifted his

head and eagerly gobbled up the carrot Lindsay offered to him in her hand. She stroked his

mane lovingly and wished that one day he could once again stand at stud.

"Your foals

are doing well boy, maybe one day soon you'll be able to breed again." He shook his head in

reply as Lindsay walked by and on to the next stall.

She visited Rainbow Quest, one of

the best stallions around and leading sire in Canada at the moment. Secretariat bobbed his

head and huffed in contentment when his ears were scratched. Gimme A Shot  whinnied a

greeting as she passed by, and Worth My While showed his quiet side by just reached out to

gently nuzzle her hand.

"Well, time to visit the office and work on finishing the

breeding papers, and plan out finances for the horses next races." she


Lindsay smiled as she walked down the flower lined path towards her office -

for everyday brought a new adventure.