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Author Topic: The Grey Stable 2019 Stallion Roster  (Read 568 times)

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The Grey Stable 2019 Stallion Roster
« on: January 05, 2015, 03:28:48 pm »
ALL stallions are on a First Come First Served basis here at The Grey Stable this year. The only stipulations are 3 mares from any one stable per stallion and only 20 spots are available per stallion. All stud fees are as they were last year. Formal Occaision and Belanso are $5000. Spock is at $15,000. Highland Magic has been retired and new acquisition Silver Wizard is at $5000 as well. No multiple mare discounts but I will reduce the fee to 50% for newbie stables. If you are one of these stables, please PM me after you have booked so I can adjust the price.


The Grey Stable
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