Final Furlong
Oct. 16, 2022 5:42am

Hypothetical Mating

Unnamed Foal Point Given (B/I) Created Created
Created Created
Ch. Home Fries Created Created
American Chance Created

16 16 0 0 0 0 1.50
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Full Siblings GCh. Go Home, Ch. SweetThunderFries
1/2 Siblings Ch. Andarta, Farewell to Arms, Ch. Glacier Peak, Ch. Hazari, Holosuite, Husnock, Ch. Judy Garland, Lights Fires, Ch. Napolitano, Run For Home
3/4 Siblings Hromi Cluster
Sire/BM Sire Addicting Steed, All I Want Is You, Artistic Gift, Bila Shaka, Brackets, Breaking Point, Castañuela, Castle Thunder, Classy lily, Ch. Dances With Wolves, Dapper Magic, Ch. Dora's Point, Double Major, Dune Road, Expensive Protest, Feel The Fire, Folk Dance, Gavilansillo, General Heir, Gift of Fire, Gimme The Classics, Give Me Gold, Give Me The Dice, Give Me The Wind, Givenyoulovedme, Giving Honor, Hold the Cream, Known Bell, Last North, Laudri, Little Money Maker, Luck Addict, Majestic Move, Mistical Mist, Ch. Montalvo, Our Ivanhowe, Out Of Points, Play It Up, Plucky Sunlight, Point It, Point Those Toes, Point Why, Pointed Wings, Previous Number, Séarlait, Sharp Point, Silent Order, Soyouthinkyoucan, Special Regret, Spicy Pirate, Supreme Lion, Sweet Coco Puff, Tame Spell, The Counselor, Tip Your Waitress, Tokyo, Ch. Twisted Point, Vegas Point, Vonn Trapp, Warsec, Witty Party
BM Sire/Sire None

  Point Given Home Fries This Breeding
Color Chestnut Red chestnut Chestnut, Light chestnut, Red chestnut
Height 17.0h 17.0h 16.2h - 17.2h
Race Record Unraced 15(6)-5-1(1)-6(3)-0 Unraced
Earnings $0 $217,000 $108,500
Title (Points) N/A (0) Ch. (197) N/A (98)
Dirt Level Unraced Ungr. Stakes Claiming
Turf Level Unraced Unraced Maiden
SC Level Unraced Unraced Maiden
Sprinter Level Unraced Ungr. Stakes Claiming
Classic Level Unraced Ungr. Stakes Claiming
Endurance Level Unraced Unraced Maiden
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