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Gender Colt/Stallion
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Year Born Sire's Breed Ranking:
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Dam Race Record
Pedigree     Starts
Breeder     Wins
Owner     Places
Height     Stakes Wins
Color Bay Chestnut     Stakes Places
  Blood Bay Light Chestnut     Earnings
  Dark Bay Liver Chestnut     Points
  Light Bay Red Chestnut Produce Record
  Mahogany Bay Grey     # of Foals
  Brown Dapple Grey     # of Winners
  Black Light Grey     # of Stakes Placed Foals
  Blue Roan Dark Grey     # of Stakes Winning Foals
  Strawberry Roan Flea-bitten Grey Breeding Ranking Platinum Silver
Status Racehorse Yearling   Gold Bronze
  Stallion Weanling   None  
  Broodmare Retired Stallion Miscellaneous Famous Real-Life Stallion
  Retired Retired Broodmare   Has A Twin
  Deceased     Set A Speed Record
    Won An Eclipse Award

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