Final Furlong Hall of Fame

FF Horse of the Year Awards
FF Speed Records
All Top 10 records are listed for pre-2008 and 2008 onward, as real-time allows for many more wins, earnings, etc.
All Top 10 stable records are for 2006 and forward.

Top 10 Money Earning Horses
Pre-2008 2008 Onward This Year (2026) Overall
1. WCh. Highland Raven $6,780,000 1. GCh. Local Haunt $18,297,450 1. Bespoke $7,500,000 1. GCh. Local Haunt $18,297,450
2. WCh. Highland Bandit $6,302,500 2. WCh. All Jazzed Up $18,252,057 2. Bullet Proof $3,624,500 2. WCh. All Jazzed Up $18,252,057
3. WCh. Secret of Love $6,089,000 3. ICh. Spock $16,603,900 3. Church Mouse $2,460,000 3. ICh. Spock $16,603,900
4. ICh. Little Miss $5,587,500 4. NCh. Bele $13,692,900 4. Renowned $1,890,000 4. NCh. Bele $13,692,900
5. ICh. Highland Magic $5,220,000 5. FFCh. Can't Catch Me $13,125,007 5. Blukala $1,800,000 5. FFCh. Can't Catch Me $13,125,007
6. ICh. Highland Pride $4,717,500 6. FFCh. I'm No Fool $13,021,000 6. Lord's Prayer $1,620,000 6. FFCh. I'm No Fool $13,021,000
7. ICh. TakeMeToHollywood $4,447,500 7. FFCh. Loveofthegame $12,989,700 7. Beam Us Up Scotty $1,560,000 7. FFCh. Loveofthegame $12,989,700
8. ICh. Worth The Wait $4,403,500 8. GCh. Northern Invasion $12,953,000 8. Charismatic $1,500,000 8. GCh. Northern Invasion $12,953,000
9. WCh. Worth My Time $4,132,500 9. NCh. Carrowmore $12,724,650 9. Great War $1,400,000 9. NCh. Carrowmore $12,724,650
10. FFCh. Starz Afire $4,115,000 10. ICh. Devil's Walk $12,489,850 10. Subzero Angel $1,250,000 10. ICh. Devil's Walk $12,489,850

Top 10 Stakes Winning Horses
Pre-2008 2008 Onward This Year (2026) Overall
1. WCh. Highland Raven 17 SWs 1. FFCh. Loveofthegame 35 SWs 1. Ch. Jebel Musa 3 SWs 1. FFCh. Loveofthegame 35 SWs
2. FFCh. Starz Afire 15 SWs 2. FFCh. I'm No Fool 33 SWs 2. Ch. Manhattan 3 SWs 2. FFCh. I'm No Fool 33 SWs
3. WCh. Highland Bandit 10 SWs 3. FFCh. Can't Catch Me 30 SWs 3. Galloway Forest 2 SWs 3. FFCh. Can't Catch Me 30 SWs
4. ICh. Little Miss 10 SWs 4. FFCh. High Chances 29 SWs 4. Bit-Bucket 2 SWs 4. FFCh. High Chances 29 SWs
5. ICh. TakeMeToHollywood 9 SWs 5. FFCh. Black Cherry 26 SWs 5. Ready for This 2 SWs 5. FFCh. Black Cherry 26 SWs
6. WCh. Worth My Time 9 SWs 6. WCh. King David 25 SWs 6. B├ęthune 2 SWs 6. WCh. King David 25 SWs
7. WCh. What's Debatable 8 SWs 7. WCh. Drum Major 23 SWs 7. Kojak with a Kodak 2 SWs 7. WCh. Drum Major 23 SWs
8. ICh. Highland Pride 8 SWs 8. WCh. All Jazzed Up 23 SWs 8. Knocknarea 2 SWs 8. WCh. All Jazzed Up 23 SWs
9. ICh. Highland Magic 8 SWs 9. WCh. Foolhardy 21 SWs 9. Papillon Noir 2 SWs 9. FFCh. Foolhardy 21 SWs
10. NCh. KC Wonder Boy 7 SWs 10. WCh. Brigade 19 SWs 10. Ch. Traffic Violation 2 SWs 10. WCh. Black Magick 19 SWs

Top 10 Points Winning Horses
Pre-2008 2008 Onward This Year (2026) Overall
1. FFCh. Starz Afire 1,684 1. FFCh. Starz Afire 1,684 1. Ch. Jebel Musa 126 1. FFCh. I'm No Fool 1,913
2. WCh. Highland Raven 1,453 2. WCh. Highland Raven 1,453 2. Ch. Manhattan 126 2. FFCh. Loveofthegame 1,885
3. WCh. Worth My Time 1,098 3. WCh. Worth My Time 1,098 3. Ch. Traffic Violation 122 3. FFCh. High Chances 1,739
4. WCh. Secret of Love 1,084 4. WCh. Secret of Love 1,084 4. Ch. Maraschino 115 4. FFCh. Starz Afire 1,684
5. WCh. What's Debatable 1,040 5. WCh. What's Debatable 1,040 5. Ch. Dover Beach 105 5. FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood 1,594
6. WCh. Highland Bandit 1,007 6. WCh. Highland Bandit 1,007 6. Ch. Solid Rest 105 6. FFCh. Black Cherry 1,583
7. ICh. TakeMeToHollywood 999 7. ICh. TakeMeToHollywood 999 7. Ch. Maegi 105 7. FFCh. Can't Catch Me 1,575
8. ICh. Little Miss 953 8. ICh. Little Miss 953 8. Knocknarea 91 8. FFCh. Foolhardy 1,515
9. ICh. Highland Pride 802 9. ICh. Highland Pride 802 9. Galaxy 86 9. WCh. All Jazzed Up 1,481
10. ICh. Spectacular Lady 802 10. ICh. Spectacular Lady 802 10. Papillon Noir 84 10. WCh. Drum Major 1,460

Top 10 Money Earning Stables
Pre-2008 2008 Onward This Year (2026) Overall
1. Stillwater Farms $13,448,000 1. Starfish Stables $662,274,375 1. Cricket Hill $21,834,250 1. Starfish Stables $662,274,375
2. Cricket Hill $188,000 2. Littlefield $382,376,650 2. Littlefield $20,293,650 2. Littlefield $382,376,650
3. 3. Gintara Lodge $298,693,125 3. Gintara Lodge $18,572,650 3. Gintara Lodge $298,693,125
4. 4. Cricket Hill $285,187,460 4. Black Storm West $15,957,050 4. Cricket Hill $285,375,460
5. 5. Gant's Farm $259,723,050 5. Coleman Branch $11,618,400 5. Gant's Farm $259,723,050
6. 6. Krajina $247,340,070 6. Starfish Stables $8,823,750 6. Krajina $247,340,070
7. 7. Black Storm West $239,191,825 7. Sakura Springs $8,632,900 7. Black Storm West $239,191,825
8. 8. Stillwater Farms $203,146,650 8. Denoux Stud $8,005,000 8. Stillwater Farms $216,594,650
9. 9. Coleman Branch $162,301,615 9. Generous Bloodstock $5,558,750 9. Coleman Branch $162,301,615
10. 10. Lochiedo Stables $137,270,105 10. Krajina $2,866,500 10. Lochiedo Stables $137,270,105

Top 10 Winning Stables
Pre-2008 2008 Onward This Year (2026) Overall
1. Stillwater Farms 63 1. Krajina 4,174 1. Gintara Lodge 277 1. Krajina 4,174
2. Cricket Hill 7 2. Littlefield 3,743 2. Cricket Hill 237 2. Littlefield 3,743
3. 3. Starfish Stables 3,631 3. Black Storm West 170 3. Starfish Stables 3,631
4. 4. Gant's Farm 3,626 4. Littlefield 155 4. Gant's Farm 3,626
5. 5. Cricket Hill 3,515 5. Generous Bloodstock 114 5. Cricket Hill 3,522
6. 6. Gintara Lodge 3,306 6. Denoux Stud 112 6. Gintara Lodge 3,306
7. 7. Stillwater Farms 2,786 7. Coleman Branch 110 7. Stillwater Farms 2,849
8. 8. Black Storm West 2,628 8. Dreadnought 101 8. Black Storm West 2,628
9. 9. Coleman Branch 2,181 9. Starfish Stables 90 9. Coleman Branch 2,181
10. 10. Lochiedo Stables 1,928 10. Krajina 77 10. Lochiedo Stables 1,928

Top 10 % On The Board Stables
Pre-2008 2008 Onward This Year (2026) Overall
1. Stillwater Farms (275 Races) 44% 1. Kismet Thoroughbreds (912 Races) 60% 1. Cricket Hill (621 Races) 74% 1. New Boston Stables (1,250 Races) 59%
2. Cricket Hill (52 Races) 37% 2. Eleven Racing (692 Races) 60% 2. New Boston Stables (170 Races) 72% 2. Kismet Thoroughbreds (727 Races) 59%
3. % 3. New Boston Stables (1,346 Races) 59% 3. Littlefield (578 Races) 71% 3. Generous Bloodstock (6,522 Races) 58%
4. % 4. Generous Bloodstock (6,522 Races) 58% 4. Denoux Stud (402 Races) 71% 4. Littlefield (16,157 Races) 57%
5. % 5. Littlefield (16,157 Races) 57% 5. Dreadnought (360 Races) 68% 5. Gintara Lodge (13,438 Races) 57%
6. % 6. Gintara Lodge (13,438 Races) 57% 6. Black Storm West (713 Races) 66% 6. Gotapa Racing (463 Races) 56%
7. % 7. Gotapa Racing (463 Races) 56% 7. Generous Bloodstock (423 Races) 65% 7. Eleven Racing (382 Races) 56%
8. % 8. Port Pirie (1,503 Races) 54% 8. Gotapa Racing (154 Races) 65% 8. Port Pirie (1,405 Races) 55%
9. % 9. Denoux Stud (4,484 Races) 53% 9. Gintara Lodge (856 Races) 64% 9. Denoux Stud (4,424 Races) 53%
10. % 10. Gant's Farm (18,114 Races) 52% 10. Coleman Branch (501 Races) 58% 10. Gant's Farm (18,114 Races) 52%

Triple Crown Winners
2yo Crown 2yo Tiara Triple Crown Triple Tiara
Canadian Crown Canadian Tiara Turf Crown Turf Tiara
English Crown English Tiara Irish Crown Irish Tiara
None None None None
Older Crown Older Tiara SC Crown SC Tiara

Breeders' Series Winners
2yo Dirt 2yo Fillies Dirt 3yo Dirt
3yo Fillies Dirt 4yo+ Dirt 4yo+ Mares Dirt
2yo Turf 2yo Fillies Turf 3yo Turf
None None None
3yo Fillies Turf 4yo+ Turf 4yo+ Mares Turf
3yo+ Steeplechase 3yo+ Fillies Steeplechase Breeders

Chef-de-Race Stallions Reine-de-Course Broodmares
A.P. Indy [B/I] 5 O'Clock Shadow [B/I]
Ace of Hearts [I] A Fine Red Line [I/C]
Akhetnaten [I] A Rare Beauty [I/C]
All Jazzed Up [B/I] A Time For Romance [I/C]
Alley Cat [I/C] A.P. Dreamin' [B/I]
Backseat Driver [I] A.P. Valentino [B/I]
Beau Esprit [B] Act the Fool [B/I]
Belanso [I] AffairsOfTheHeart [I/C]
Bellagio [B/I] Affidavit [B/I]
Black Cherry [I] Afterlife [I/C]
Blue Ensign [I] Alittlebitextra [I/C]
Boldness Shows [I] Almost Heaven [B/I]
Brigade [I] Alwuhush [I/C]
Can't Touch This [I] Alylady [B/I]
Candidate [B/I] Ambitious Kiss [B/I]
Changeling [I] American Rhapsody [B/I]
Crystal Rainbow [B/I] Anabelle Lee [I/C]
Dark Continent [B/I] Ancient Honour [I/C]
Doodles [B/I] Answer To Me [I/C]
Double Cross [I] Ante Up [I/C]
Dr. Evil [I] Arabian Nights [B/I]
Drum Major [I] Arcane Maiden [I/C]
Edinburgh [I] Arda [B/I]
Eighteen Karat [I] Arien [I]
First Born Son [I] Artefact [B/I]
Fleet Street [B] As Promised [B/I]
Foolhardy [B/I] Asia [B/I]
Frankel [B] Ask DNA [B/I]
Galaxy's Zodiac [I] Assault By Numbers [B/I]
Ghostzapper [I] Atlantis [I/C]
Giant's Causeway [I/C] Autumn Melodies [B/C]
Gotta Go [B/I] Ayi [B/I]
Government Secret [I] Babbling Brooke [I/C]
Gunningdownromance [B/I] Back For More [I/C]
Harvard Bound [I/C] Back Streets [I/C]
High Chances [I/C] Back to Omaha [C/S]
High On Love [I/C] Backwards Image [B/I]
Highland Bandit [I/C] Baja Baby [I/C]
Highland Burning [I] Bandia an Gealach [B/I]
Highland Laird [B/I] Bank Robber [I/C]
Highland Magic [I/C] Bathsheba [B/I]
Highland Mystery [I] Bay of Biscay [I/C]
Highland Wizard [B/I] Beer Barrel [I/C]
I'm A Classic [B/I] Belawan [B/I]
I'm No Fool [I] Bellona [B/I]
I'm Your Angel [B/I] Beyond Imagination [B/I]
In The Navy [C] Big Bet [I/C]
King David [B/I] Big Dawn [I/C]
Lasting Spirit [B/I] Black Rock Road [B/I]
Lucky Streak [I] Black Spiral [I/C]
Magic Cross [B/I] Black Star [B/I]
Magic Glory [B/I] Black Swan [I/C]
Major's Flight [I/C] Blazin' Hearts [B/I]
Moonopoly [C] Blithe Spirit [B/C]
Mr. Townsend [B] Blu Highland [B/I]
Must Be Magic [I] Blue Empress [B/I]
My Lucky Day [I] Blue Light [B/I]
Nightfight [B/I] Blue Thistle [B/I]
Oscillation [B/I] Blue Velvet [I/C]
Point Given [B/I] Bold Jewel [B/I]
Prince Of Wonder [I] Bold Wench [I/C]
Quarren [I] Bombay Betty [B/I]
Ring of Fire [B/I] Bonfire [B/I]
Rumor Has It [I] Bonnie Kaikamahine [I/C]
Seattle Sorcerer [I] Bride's Choice [B/I]
Simply Heroic [I] Brilliant Success [B/I]
Slew O'Scots [I/C] Bringdowntheocean [B/I]
Sneak Peek [I] British Pounds [B/I]
Stagehand [C] Broken Promises [B/I]
Street Wise [I] Bus Seven Survivor [I/C]
Stressed [I] Cagun Flower [C/S]
Strider [B/I] Camelot [I/C]
Strike It Rich [I] Can't Catch Me [B/I]
Take Me Away [I] Candy Girl [I/C]
TakeMeToHollywood [I/C] Carat [I/C]
Tiznow [I] Carbon Copy [B/I]
Turn n'Burn [C] Catonahottinroof [I/C]
V is for Victory [I] Celebration [I/S]
Void [B/I] Celtic Circle [B/I]
Von Lichtenstein [I] Celtic Glory [B/I]
War Chant [I] Celtic Princess [I/C]
What's Debatable [I/C] Cereal Killer [B/I]
Witness [I] Charades [I/C]
Worth My While [B/I] Charlene [B/I]
Worth The Wait [I] Charlotte [I/C]
Worthy Victor [I] Checkmate Debate [I/C]
  Cherry Cheesecake [I/C]
  Chicago [B/I]
  Cigarina [B/I]
  Civil War [B/I]
  Classic Irish [B/C]
  Clendon Park [B/I]
  Cleopatra [I/C]
  Clever Act [I/C]
  Coco Diablo [I/C]
  Come Out To Sea [B/I]
  Comedienne [I/C]
  Commem [I/C]
  Confession [B/I]
  Confirmative [I/C]
  Consequence [B/I]
  Containment Field [B/C]
  Cosmopolitan [B/I]
  Courtship [I/C]
  Cracked Image [I/C]
  Crafty Lisa [B/I]
  Crayons Annonymous [I/C]
  Cream of the Crop [I/C]
  Crimson Princess [B/I]
  Crowd Pleaser [B/I]
  Crowning Glory [I/C]
  Crucible [B/I]
  Curbyourenthusiasm [I/C]
  Dance For Me [I/C]
  Dancing Starlight [I/C]
  Dark Love [B/I]
  Dark Miss [I/C]
  Darkfall [B/I]
  Date With Destiny [I/S]
  Dawnsearlylight [I/C]
  Dayatthebeach [I/C]
  Debatable Issue [I/C]
  Deborah [B/I]
  Decisive Endevor [B/I]
  Decisive Victory [B/I]
  Detour [B/C]
  Devil's Wench [B/I]
  Diadora [I/S]
  Dixie Chick [I/C]
  Don't Ask [B/I]
  Don't Flush Me [I/S]
  Donnacona [I/C]
  Dr. Sweetie [C/S]
  Dream Time [B/I]
  Dreamboat [B/I]
  Dreamweaver [B/I]
  Dynamic Match [B/C]
  Easy Decision [B/C]
  Elm Street Dreamer [B/I]
  Elune [B/I]
  Elysia [B/I]
  Encore Performance [B/I]
  Endless Flight [B/I]
  Enyo [B/I]
  Eskimo Kisses [I/C]
  Eternal Princess [B/I]
  Etta James [B/I]
  Exclusive Song [B/I]
  Executive Session [B/I]
  Exit Stage Left [B/I]
  Expressway Kiss [B/I]
  Fairly Odd [B/I]
  Fanci Remark [I/C]
  Fantastic Debate [B/I]
  Farewell to Arms [I]
  Fenix [B/I]
  Fightin' The Smoke [B]
  Filly from Chile [I/C]
  Final Battle [B/I]
  Final Salute [I/C]
  Final Tour [B/I]
  Fingerprints [B/I]
  Firefoot [B/I]
  Firestorm [C/S]
  Firmament [B/I]
  Five Star Queen [I/C]
  Flames of War [B/I]
  Flaming Silk [I/C]
  FlaminPossibility [I/C]
  Fleet Goddess [I/C]
  Fleet Hope [I/C]
  Fleeting Beauty [I/C]
  Fleeting Dreams [B/I]
  Fleeting Lady [I/C]
  Fleur's Debate [I/C]
  Flyby [B/I]
  Flying Feline [S/P]
  Forgotten Road [B/I]
  Fortune Teller [I/S]
  Free Laurel [B/I]
  Gatorage [B/I]
  Gefallener Engel [I/C]
  Gilttogo [B/I]
  Gimme Shelter [I/C]
  Give Her A Rose [B/I]
  Given Melody [B/I]
  Glorious [I/C]
  Go For Glory [I/C]
  Go Go Dancer [B/I]
  Golden Indy [B/I]
  Golden Quest [B/I]
  Goldenrod [I/C]
  Gone North [B/I]
  Grace and Style [B/I]
  Grande Finale [B/I]
  Guess What [I/C]
  Guinan [B/I]
  Hard Times [I/C]
  Harvard Holiday [I]
  Hashin Out A Song [I/C]
  Heartless [B/I]
  Heartoftheocean [B/I]
  Heiress [I/C]
  Hello Kitty [B/I]
  Hey Toots [I/C]
  High Enough [B/I]
  High Times [I/C]
  Higher Agenda [B/I]
  Highland Gold [I/C]
  Highland Jet [I/C]
  Highland Madonna [I/C]
  Highland Mischief [B/I]
  Highland Rose [I/C]
  Highland Royalty [I/C]
  Highland Sage [B/I]
  Highland Treasure [I/C]
  Highlite [B/C]
  Holiday Rock [B/I]
  Hollywood Heiress [I/C]
  Hollywood Hopes [B/I]
  Hollywood Memories [I/C]
  Hollywood Mystery [I/C]
  Hollywood Native [I/C]
  Hollywood Victory [I/C]
  Hope for the Best [B/I]
  Hopespringseternal [I/C]
  Hot Brown [B/I]
  Hymettus [I/C]
  Idolized [I/C]
  Ilsaheri [B/I]
  Impact On Tigers [B/I]
  In Due Time [B/I]
  In The Know [B/I]
  Indian Moccasin [I/C]
  Indy Angela [I]
  Indy Bride [B/I]
  Indy Girl [B/I]
  Indy's Lady [I/C]
  Inside Trader [B/I]
  Irish Discovery [I/C]
  Irish Lady [B/I]
  Italy [B/I]
  Jacket Required [C/S]
  Jamestown Lady [B/I]
  Jazz'ed [B/I]
  Jettison [B/I]
  June My Love [B/I]
  Just A Fox [I/C]
  Just For Show [I/C]
  Just My Style [B/I]
  Just Victory II [B/I]
  Justafire [B/I]
  Kamaole Sands [B/I]
  Keep Quiet [B/I]
  Kerowyn [B/I]
  Kiasport [B/I]
  Kickedouttadaclub [B/I]
  Killarney [I/C]
  Kinda Sassy [I/C]
  Kitty's Point [I/C]
  Klondike Nights [B/I]
  Knight's Mystery [I/C]
  Kokoro no Kizu Ni [B/I]
  Labelled Caustic [I/C]
  Lady In Residence [I/C]
  Lady o'Mine [I/C]
  Lady of Honour [B/I]
  Lady Wizard [I/C]
  Last Shot [I/C]
  Laugh Out Loud [B/I]
  Leash [B/I]
  Leave A Message [B/I]
  Legally Bay [I/C]
  Legend Jumper [B/I]
  Light My Way [B/I]
  Limelight [B/C]
  Liquid Gold [I/C]
  Lit de Lilly [B/I]
  Little Bandit [B/C]
  Little Franco [B/I]
  Little Lass [I/C]
  Lone Star [B/I]
  Lonely River [B/I]
  Lonesome Lover [B/I]
  Long Island 88 [B/I]
  Loose Thoughts [C/S]
  Lost Innocence [B/I]
  Lost Memories [B/I]
  Lost Without You [I/C]
  Love Affair [I/C]
  Love Signal [B/I]
  Lucky Fox [B/C]
  Lucky In Love [B/I]
  Lucky Lucky Lady [I/C]
  Lupe Valez [I/C]
  Madam President [B/I]
  Magic Crystal [I/C]
  Magic Girl [I/C]
  Magic Rose [C/S]
  Make Me A Queen [B/I]
  Makin' Mischief [I/S]
  Malibu [I/C]
  Mamboquincy [B/I]
  Margaritaville [I/S]
  Marie de Guise [I/C]
  Mark My Word [B/I]
  Martini Rossi [I/C]
  Mary Hill [B/I]
  Maya [B/I]
  Meter Maid [I/C]
  Midnight Return [I/C]
  Minaret [I/C]
  Minor Infraction [I/C]
  Miraculous Love [B/I]
  Miss Hollywood [B/I]
  Mistress [B/I]
  Misty [B/C]
  Mondaymorninchurch [B/I]
  Monterrey Beat [B/I]
  Mood Ring [I/C]
  Moonlight Wonder [I/C]
  Morlita [I/C]
  Morning Magic [B/I]
  Morning Star [B/I]
  Moving Statement [I/C]
  Mumbojumbo [I/C]
  Musical Gift [I/C]
  Must Be A Mystery [I/C]
  Mutual of Omaha [B/I]
  My Lady Fair [I/C]
  My Valentine [I/C]
  Myoldkentuckyhome [C/P]
  Mystic Vision [I/C]
  Myth [B/I]
  Napoleons Waterloo [I/C]
  Native Highlander [I/C]
  Naval Romance [B/I]
  Never Been Kissed [I/C]
  Never High Enough [B/I]
  Neverland [I/C]
  Nicci [I/C]
  Nightshade [I/C]
  No Telling [I/C]
  Nolanda [I/C]
  Nonchalant [B/I]
  Northern Sister [I/C]
  Not Listening [I/S]
  Notanotherhighland [B/I]
  Nouvelle Riche [B/I]
  Oakley [B/I]
  Obvious Assets [B/I]
  Odyssey [I/C]
  Oh So Proud [B/I]
  Oh So Sharp [I/C]
  On A Dare [I/C]
  Onyx [B/I]
  Opulent [I/C]
  Oscuro Arco Iris [B/I]
  Out of Tune [B/I]
  Outoftheblue [B/I]
  Painted Desert [I/C]
  Passin' Sandi [B/I]
  Pegasus Pride [B/I]
  Pendant [B/I]
  Pennysurprise [B/I]
  Perchance to Dream [I/C]
  Phoenix [I/C]
  Play My Game [B/I]
  Play Those Tunes [I/C]
  Political Affairs [B/I]
  Poltergeist [I/C]
  Press Your Luck [B/I]
  Presto Slew [I/C]
  Priceless [B/I]
  Pushin Buttons [B/I]
  Queen [B/I]
  Queen's Champion [I/S]
  Question Authority [I/C]
  Rahy's Star [B/I]
  Raise a Fleet [B/I]
  Red Diamonds [B/I]
  Red Flyer [C/S]
  Red Sand [I/C]
  Red Smoke [B/I]
  Rings of Saturn [B/I]
  Rising Star [I/C]
  Risk Away [B/I]
  Robin Redbreast [I/C]
  Robyn's Slew [I/C]
  Romancer [I/C]
  Rose Gloss [B/I]
  Rosebud [B/I]
  Royal Dove [B/I]
  Ruby Rocket [I/C]
  Runaway Princess [I/C]
  Russian Blue [I/C]
  Sacred Dancer [I/C]
  Sacred Hill [B/I]
  Sailor Venus [B/I]
  Saturnalia [B/I]
  Savethebestforlast [B/I]
  Seattle Rockette [B/I]
  Secret Magic [B/I]
  Secret On The Wind [B/I]
  Secret Signal [I/C]
  Secret Society [I/C]
  Secret Word [I/C]
  Set the Sails [B/I]
  Shesanaturalactor [I/C]
  Sheza Belle [I/C]
  Sheza Dreamer [I/C]
  Silent Turn [B/I]
  Silver Sunlight [B/I]
  Skip To Glory [I]
  Slew The Night [B/I]
  Slew's Beauty [B/I]
  Smiling Bubbles [B/I]
  Smokin' [I/C]
  Smooth Operator [B/I]
  So Unbelievable [I/C]
  Somethininthewater [B/I]
  Song of the Sea [B/I]
  Southern Treasure [B/I]
  Sparkling Diamond [B/I]
  Spectacular Lady [I/C]
  Spectacular Queen [I/C]
  Spectacular Silver [B/I]
  Spectacular Star [B/I]
  Spectacular View [I/C]
  Spinning Hill [B/I]
  Spirit Away [I/C]
  Spring Storm [B/I]
  Steal the Show [I/C]
  Still of the Night [B/I]
  Stolen Gift [B/I]
  Strawberry Wine [B/I]
  Subzero Justice [I/C]
  Summer Morning [B/I]
  Summer Romance [I/C]
  Summer Rose [I/C]
  Sun Spot [B/I]
  Sunbird [B/I]
  Sunday Best [I/C]
  Sunset Girl [I/C]
  Sunset Prospect [I/C]
  Swan Song [B/I]
  Sweet Sayings [I/C]
  Sweetest Slew [B/I]
  Swirling Silver [B/I]
  Tellthecaptain [B/I]
  That's So Funny [I/C]
  Theatrical Lady [I/C]
  Thinking of Dreams [B/I]
  Time For Triumph [B/I]
  Tiz A Prospect [I/C]
  Topaz [B/I]
  Tothemoonandback [B/I]
  Townsend Glory [I/S]
  Townsend Victory [B/I]
  Trail of Smoke [B/I]
  Try To Catch Me [I/C]
  Twilight Embers [I/C]
  Unsubstantiated [I/C]
  Untamed Horizons [B/I]
  Valedictorian [B/I]
  Voodoo Cocktail [I/C]
  Wanderlust [I/C]
  What's That About [I/C]
  What's Your Story [I/C]
  While We're Waitng [B/I]
  Whirl of Delight [I/C]
  Whirlagirl [I/C]
  Wild Highland [B/I]
  Wild Streak [I/C]
  Willing to Please [I/C]
  Win M All [C/S]
  Wind of Miriah [B/I]
  Winning Class [I/C]
  Winterhart [B/I]
  With A Fleurish [B/I]
  With All My Love [C/S]
  Wonder's Luck [I/C]
  Wonderful Dreams [B/I]
  Worth Her Oats [B/I]
  Yogita's Pride [B/I]