Final Furlong Tour

Check out the heart and soul of Final Furlong! Features are continually being added, so check back often. Click on each of the images below to view a larger version.
Racehorse Screenshot Enter your horse into races and watch it become a champion
Training Screenshot Setup training schedules for your horses and stable
Workout Screenshot Train your horses with a variety of workout options
Racehorse Comments Screenshot Brag about your horse on its page about its achievements
Racehorse GOT Screenshot View comments from trainers about your horse's talents
Racehorse Race Record Screenshot View your horse's detailed race record
Broodmare Screenshot Breed your mares and wait for your foals to be born
Broodmare Screenshot View foals out of your mares, including name, sire, and race record
Stallion Screenshot Advertise your stallions and set their stud fees
Stallion Foals Screenshot View foals by your sire, including name, dam, and race record
Race Schedule Screenshot View the race schedule for the entire year
Race Entries Screenshot View race entries
Enter Race Screenshot Enter your horses into races
Race Results Screenshot View race results
Nominate for Races Screenshot Nominate your horses to select races
Sale Page Screenshot Buy horses from other members
Auction Screenshot Bid in live, automated auctions several times a year
Sire Stats Screenshot View statistics on the sires available for stud
Stable Overview Screenshot View detailed information and statistics about your stable at-a-glance
Stable Horses Screenshot View detailed information on your horses at-a-glance